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I like it more than anything else I've tried...turns YouTube into a great music player
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+John Heckendorn I am on stable.
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William Bottoms

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I am not impressed with the newest Chromebook releases even though we have seen a bit larger screens and better resolutions. It is still a backwards step considering the Haswell chip sets.

That is not what is needed to make a significant difference.

I still consider the HP14 the best of the lot though even it is not enough to make me upgrade from my Samsung series 3. Nothing as of yet today is.

What will lure me to upgrade? The current best processor is the Haswell. Samsung 2 is nice but no just isn't significant enough for me. Dell - nope. Asus - nope. etc etc etc.

A Chromebook with the Haswell chip set or even better, better screen resolution, a cellular radio and a GPS radio will do it...nothing less.

If you buy a Chromebook today, as I said, I would still recommend the HP14 with cellular.
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+William Bottoms The ManPack looks interesting as I carry lots of stuff when I'm on the road, and often even in town.

I also understand how an LTE Chromebook could replace a phone. We'd all be better off time wise to spend more time accomplishing and less chattering, whether voice, Text, email, and especially "social," like Twitter, FB, and, yes, G Plus. That's one reason I turned off most notifications on my phone, and limit my own "social" to GPlus, which itself can be a black hole of time.

Still, when I'm at the store, it's nice to be able to phone home and ask if we need milk . . .

I used my Sam Arm (v1) with Google Voice to make calls on WiFi. Worked. And certainly picking up voice mails on the computer is great. But I'd presume the 3g speed on mine would be stressed by voice. Thus LTE.

And there carrier matters. I use and really appreciate T-Mobile on my phone, but 25 miles from home I have only voice, no data. The Verizon 3g on the Sam has much better coverage, it's just far slower than my LTE Nexus 5. Wrap up: if you always are in LTE range AND can get by with all your calls you can't answer when the lid is down going to Google Voice, the solution you have adopted could work well.

Onrushing train: Google is going to make big changes in Google Voice, and they may disable how you're using your CB as a "phone."

Skype is apparently still not an option on CB. May be others that are, and there's a hope Google's changes could improve instead of kill GV.

By the way, my Androids are trouble free, reliable, and can do anything my CB can. Just a matter of an external keyboard.

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William Bottoms

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I searched this community for mentions of the Disconnect 2 extension and my search didn't return any. It's actually a pretty nice extension as I have used it for about a month and it lets you visualize and block the otherwise (2000+) invisible websites that track your search and browsing history.

I don't normally like the idea of blocking advertising from most sites as much free content is provided for such a small price to pay. I do like to see where some of my data is being sent so I can be the judge however.

Disconnect 2: Faster, more private, more secure browsing
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William Bottoms

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+George Fromtulsa My feeling on the Samsung is that it's great you bought it at a certain time. It would be crazy to buy it now, unless at a spectacular bargain. I think most reviews come from a perspective of advising a prospective buyer.

I kind of wish I'd known about Chrome earlier, so that I too might have enjoyed Samsung series 3!
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William Bottoms

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I've used Google Voice since it became available. It is spectacular - if you have a USA number.
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I've always loved GV. I've had it since before Google bought it while the service was called Grandcental.
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William Bottoms

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An extension that warns you when you visit a site that is affected by the Heartbleed bug.
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2 comments (CHROME)
Chromebleed Checker je trenutno teče v ozadju.
Ta preveri, če je spletna stran, ki jo trenutno uporabljate prizadela Heartbleed hrošča.
To orodje je razvil Jamie Hoyle. 
Temelji na odlično delo Filippo Valsorda.
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William Bottoms

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What happened to GPS radios in Chromebooks? I mean it was there or nearly so in the beginning.
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There's a difference between a bruised ego and being annoyed by an incessantly incorrect accusation.

Yes you want GPS so obviously I'm technically wrong in saying "nobody" wants it. But equally obvious is the fact that it was a commonly used exaggeration.

I suppose I should have said "very few people want GPS"

Seriously tho, you asked "what happened to gps in chromebooks"

I offered my theory. You didn't like my theory. My bad?

If there really IS gps and it's just not enabled then we are in agreement that that is just silly. My guess is the manufacturers put it in there but ChromeOS doesn't support it for some reason. Unless the manufacturers disabled it themselves but then why even put it in there? 
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William Bottoms

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William Bottoms

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I love +Autodesk for their work. I wish they made a light video editing tool with basic functionality, that could run offline similarly to Pixlr Touch Up.
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