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I don't think I will stop on the side of the road for police any more. They can follow me to a parking lot somewhere.
A suburban New York man was convicted Thursday in the death of a police officer responding to a crash on the Long Island Expressway even though the officer was struck and killed by another motorist.
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+Sheri Melton Send me an email :)
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What am I doing these days? Growing my tomatoes, peppers, and herbs. Improving my cooking skills. Walking my dogs daily. Sitting in the garden each evening with a summer drink with my lovely wife, dogs laying on the ground beside us and listening to fine music. Life is good.
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Why do I no longer trust the police or respect them. Hmmm!
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William “Bear” Bottoms

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Program streaming is advancing :)
Photoshop Streaming allows Chromebook users to run image editing app from a browser
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Technically, its not relying on the Chromebook to run. All of the processing is done on the server side and the display and controls are streamed to the Chromebook so there is plenty of horsepower available.
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William “Bear” Bottoms

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I like it more than anything else I've tried...turns YouTube into a great music player
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+John Heckendorn I am on stable.
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Well my Chromebook is just ticking right along. I've archived my Chromebook and Windows files on my bearware website. I've been into healthy eating and maintaining my weight.

Black Rice, Bosc pears, Date sugar, sprouted grain breads, prunes, steel cut oatmeal, low fat soups, hummus, lean meat, black or red beans, sweet potato, potato, berries, nuts, bananas, avocado, hummus, salsa, Greek yogurt (Fage 0%), chia seeds, salmon, popcorn, apples, peppers, dark chocolate, green tea (Teavana), quinoa, eggs, spaghetti squash, red lentils, cinnamon, broccoli, asparagus, cauliflower, celery, zucchini, watermelon, broth based soups, low fat milk (Fairlife), low fat cottage cheese, low fat yogurt, green smoothies et al.

I use MyFitnessPal to record everything I eat and keep the ratios;s so easy when you eat the right foods. Bearware is now dedicated to that quest.
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You know what?


Show Washington that we are tired of what Republicans and Democrats have been shoving down our throats while they destroy the country we all grew up in.

Vote for Donald Trump!

Who cares what he does in office. He certainly can't do any worse for this country than what the status quo has done...stripping away our rights and our Constitution and selling us out for big money and the special interest Lobbyists.

It's time for a change alright. Show Washington that we have lost respect for them for good reason.

This is the best and only chance I have seen to really send a message to Washington that this is a country for the people and by the people.

Vote for Donald Trump.

Do you know of a better way to show Washington that they are not serving our interests? 
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Food for thought more like it. Look at the polls. If you are happy with the direction this country has been taken with both Republicans and Democrats, I imagine you would find it ironic.
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How do you survive in today's climate? Sara Bareilles says it best:

It's not always been so, but it is the most important now. Be brave and say what you have to say - honestly. Speak up!
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William “Bear” Bottoms

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"If you want something more than a tablet, the cheapest options are undoubtedly Chromebooks. These are basically the least expensive laptops you can find, and while we're working on other guides for Windows laptops, we're going to start with Chromebooks."
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William “Bear” Bottoms

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I haven't commented in a while, well...because everything Chromebook just works. 

However, my son just got a Windows computer and wanted my help. After making an image of his fresh machine, and telling him about the pitfalls, backups, reimaging, security tools, updates, portable tools in lieu of installed etc, I think I became ill...
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Occasionally I get roped into troubleshooting on one of my wife's Windows machines and it usually involves updates, installing, uninstalling and rebooting, followed by more updates - and it all takes 15x longer than it should. This CB revolution needs to accelerate.
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Better than Adblock Plus and Disconnect:
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Hi, William!
I'll try it and compare it to AdBlock.
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William “Bear” Bottoms

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An extension that warns you when you visit a site that is affected by the Heartbleed bug.
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2 comments (CHROME)
Chromebleed Checker je trenutno teče v ozadju.
Ta preveri, če je spletna stran, ki jo trenutno uporabljate prizadela Heartbleed hrošča.
To orodje je razvil Jamie Hoyle. 
Temelji na odlično delo Filippo Valsorda.
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I got the pan fried fish and it was superb. My wife got the steak and taco soup which was also superb. I've been to Honduras many times to visit friends and this restaurant's food and atmosphere made me forget that I was in Baton Rouge. It was a wonderful authentic meal and atmosphere.
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Great biscuits, sausage gravy, scattered hash browns with lots of options, chicken fried steak, and the menu has plenty of egg options. The meals are very good and consistently prepared and reasonably priced. The down side is service is poor and you have to ask for butter, cream or jelly and wait for it if they haven't run out. Your food is not always served together. Be ready to aggressively grab the attention of a waiter for coffee refills. If the service was better, I would give this cafe 4 stars. It's still my favorite choice for breakfast in my area. I don't mind being aggressive for what I want.
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2 reviews