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Blocks have long taught children about physics and math, but what if blocks could also help kids learn how to code? Project Bloks takes coding off the screen and puts it into the hands of kids →
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Has anyone ever had issues with Session.getActiveUser().getEmail() not returning the a user email?  I have a webapp "form" that uses it and out of roughly 400-500 submissions, it has failed 5 times.

Is there anyway to use dependent categories with csvFilters?

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New in Google Calendar on the web

Today's update to Calendar on the web brings a number of time-saving improvements:

Get event updates without refreshing
Google Calendar now displays changes to your calendar—such as new invitations or event updates—as soon as they happen. Now you don't need to refresh to make sure you see the latest changes.

See selected calendars without scrolling
For those of you who have more than a few calendars listed in “Other calendars”, you can now see at a glance which are currently displayed. The calendars you’ve selected to show will move to the top—so you don’t have to scroll through the whole list. Learn more: 

Browser back button support
Tired of the ‘Back’ button in your browser not working? The Back button is now supported and will bring you to your previous view or date in Google Calendar.

Check out these new features the next time you're at

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My teachers like Google Lit trips that use google earth.  We are piloting chromebooks and would like to use Google Earth.  Is there a way I can use google Earth on the Chromebook  or can I add the plugin through the Admin console?  If so where?  thanks

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I want this for my driveway!

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Looks like a good start... 

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For those that are wondering, Google Apps Domains that are on the Scheduled Release track, will get the new sheets in the coming weeks.  Until then, there is no way that they can use Add-ons.
The all new Sheets--coming to a spreadsheet near you

Back in December, we invited you to try out a faster, more powerful version of Google Sheets ( Over the next few weeks, everyone on Rapid Release domains will automatically be upgraded to the new spreadsheet experience. Look for additional features like multiple cell selection, easier hyperlinking, and Add-ons ( to name a few. 

The new Sheets will be rolled out to Scheduled Release domains in the next 4-6 weeks. Stay tuned in the upcoming months for details about upgrading existing spreadsheets to the new Sheets.

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Posting here in case someone can help....
Has anyone else not received access to Google Enterprise Connect (GEC) yet?  I have submitted my information using the form that +Jordan Pedraza posted and the form from the website using both my personal google apps account ( and my school account ( 

+Jordan Pedraza Any chance you can look into why I don't have access yet?  All of the mailing lists have gone quite (not sure if you have killed access to them yet) and I feel like I am missing out on current issues.
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