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Have a go - it's free and my friend (somehow) created this App.

Hi there - I finally watch the XboxOne release event and wow that machine is impressive. But to be honest, I'm looking forward to it more from a general user and the ability to make my TV a Smart TV! This saves me upgrading my perfectly good 46" 1080p for another 3-5years before 4K is the norm and with the introduction of universal gestures hopefully this will make life much simpler when using all tech and not just the X1 (is it too early to call it that?)! 
What's everyone else's thoughts? Will you be using this mainly as a games hub or a media centre?

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Fingers crossed for new iOS!
Apple has confirmed that its WWDC 2013 keynote will take place on Monday, June 10, and it's expected that the company will discuss the new version of iOS at the show. Are you looking forward to finding out what Apple has planned for the next major iOS update?

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Finally had a chance to review this video. This is what I've been wanting the 360 to do! 
Pushing the all-in-ONE product is brilliant; this means I don't need to upgrade my TV until 4K TV's are under £500 for a +46" (minimum). Plus, they mentioned universal gestures - finally! This will make it the norm to use hand gestures for other devises, hopefully.
And the fact that I'll be able to plug my cable lead into the console and it works better than my TiVo, this will make life so much easier, but also natural. Personal TV is also what we need; there is so much medium out there that it's difficult to know whats on, trending and to remember to record the game! And with real time updates for fantasy football - I'm in!    

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I miss this week!

Question to the group - which would you prefer; new iPhone6 or a big overhaul of IOS?

Personally, I feel although its great phones are getting better day by day, I think there needs to be a big push for Apples software to be updated, mainly with the home screen and the use of widgets! When I commute to work in the morning - I want the home screen to already have; todays weather, my tasks, meetings, who won the game last night, is my normal tube running later, friends birthdays and the list goes on... It saves having to go through all the apps I've for something I feel should be already available. And as we treat our iPhone as our best friend (I live a sad life I know), you would have thought it would start to learn what my typical daily habits are. The notification bar is good but limited and its not available in the locked mode. Thoughts?

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I don't see why Apple would produce a smaller mobile, unless the recent rumoured Apple Watch is in fact the iPhone Mini...? 
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