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Will Murray (Willscrlt)
I design, develop, network, photograph, write; enjoy art, computers, diverse culture, science, travel.
I design, develop, network, photograph, write; enjoy art, computers, diverse culture, science, travel.


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Good information about rip tides and how to deal with them safely. They don't need to be deadly so long as you understand how they work and how to escape. The bit about elephants getting dragged out to sea by them--that was amazing. Size doesn't matter against a force of nature.
Spot the rip tides: save lives from a silent killer on idyllic beaches

Despite the numerous awareness campaigns, the deaths due to being caught up in rip tides/currents show no sign of abating.

Everyday, we hear about drowning of individuals in the sea, completely unaware of the danger, spotting of which is not really rocket science. The experienced swimmers have been among the victims.

Last year, five members of a family died on an English beach, having been caught up in a rip tide in front of hundreds of onlookers, who couldn't rescue them.

Recently, a pair of elephants were rescued by the Sri Lankan Navy, when they spotted the former in the sea - having been caught in a rip tide. So, size does not matter when it comes to facing this danger.

Experts say if you are caught in a rip current, the first piece of advice is acting against your instinct - don't try to swim against the tide and exhaust yourself, in the false hope of reaching the shore as quickly as possible.

Keeping calm while swimming parallel to the shoreline, they say, can save the lives of many from this disaster.

More on this is here from the experts:


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U.C. Davis Fall Commencement on 12 December 2015 featuring Stanislav Pribytkovsky

My good friend Stanislav (“Стас”) Pribytkovsky invited me to his graduation at U.C. Davis. He graduated with honors and majored in Computer Science. I sat with his parents, brother and sister-in-law, and another close friend of Стас and his wife and son.…

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Leland Stanford Mansion SHP One-Minute Video Tour

I created a one-minute video tour of the beautiful Leland Stanford Mansion State Historic Park in Sacramento. I used several photos taken by my father, Dave W. Murray, as well as some photos I took. I hope you enjoy it!

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Blog & Tips: Recovering from a Windows 8.1 System Refresh

Something happened to your Windows 8.1 computer, right? You saw the option to “Refresh your PC without affecting your files”.  Your computer assured you that “[i]f your PC isn’t running well, you can refresh it without losing your photos, music, videos,…

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So where are people supposed to legally pull over to look at a map or answer a mobile call? And why does SF take up an entire lane for busses and taxis? So glad that I never drive in the City. If I can't get there by train, bus, and walking, I don't go there. :-)
If you ever drive or park in San Francisco, watching this video may save you a $75 ticket. (H/T +Robert Scoble))
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