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+Min-Liang Tan Gamespot says you guys "teamed up" to do a giveaway of a Razerblade gaming laptop. Are you aware they are skirting US law by the way they are running the giveaway? Please make them fix it.

+YouTube Stop spamming in e-mail. Despite going  out of my way to opt out of all youtube e-mails you still send the occasional one. What part of DO NOT EMAIL me don't you get. Why even have that option in the preferences if you aren't going to respect it.

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Win a Samsung Galaxy S4  and Prize Pack from Otterbox and Android Headlines Click here to enter -->

Please +1 and Reshare

#Android    #GalaxyS4   #samsung   +OtterBox +Samsung Mobile USA 

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It's Giveaway time!

We are giving away two Bem Wireless Speakers! The giveaway starts today and ends on Friday at 11pm EDT. 

Please +1 and Reshare this and let everyone know!

#android   #bem   #wirelessspeakers   #giveaway   #androidgiveaway  

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