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And people want to give this scumbag the reins to our country?
This article explains how Romney's "business" works. He buys a company with borrowed money, then gets the company to borrow more money to pay off the initial loans and also pay huge "management fees" to himself. Meanwhile he spends as little as possible on actual operations. This keeps going until the company has so much debt that it can no longer survive. Then Romney dumps it, the company goes bankrupt, and the folks who made the last loans don't get their money back.

Am I the only one who sees that this is just a Ponzi/pyramid scheme with different labels on the participants? Why hasn't Romney been prosecuted for multiple counts of conspiracy to defraud?
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I didn't mean it as a "Dems vs Repubs" thing, +Ben Cholkas. Just that this particular guy has a history of being incredibly unethical in his business dealings, and that people should not expect him to suddenly grow a conscience if he's put in charge.
That's sort of a pyramid scheme in business form is it not?
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