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Google Home going for $147 on Catch at the moment. 

FYI Optus will be bundling the Google Home with 24 month plans for an extra $10 a month. 

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Liking the new Google search results UI. Rounded sections/images and coloured links again. 

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Not sure if newsworthy, but Optus is having major mobile data issues in Qld at the moment. 
Edit: might just be Brisbane, but their network status website says QLD (with a broken link to the issue feed...) 

Is anyone else finding manually updating apps from the Google Play Store is going really slow at the moment? The update will download fine, but will just sit at 100% for ages. It's happening for me on multiple devices, accounts and networks.
My Tab A eventually updates them after a huge wait but my 6P won't seem to do it.
Possibly something going on with Play Protect/Verify Apps process? 

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Oooh baby 
Something everyone has been wanting for a very long time has finally come to Nova Launcher. Read the article below for the details!


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More instant apps are rolling out. I just clicked a link that my wife sent me and it opened in its own instance. 

Please add transparency to the new rounded search bar like you have on the standard search bar. 

Had this annoying persistent banner at the top of Hangouts asking me to pick another app for SMS. I thought if I switched to something else then switched back it might go away. Nope, now I can't select Hangouts anymore. Was hoping to ride it out to the end 😢
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