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a laid back guy who is looking to meet new friends online
a laid back guy who is looking to meet new friends online
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please, help save "Fair Use" before copyright nazis take it away from us. 

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On October 2, 2014, a dangerous and nasty line of severe thunderstorms with "Hurricane Force" winds and hail hit North Texas, the line of storms had a history of damage all over the DFW metro area and all of North Texas. Shorty after 4:30 the storm got closer to Campbell and all other cites/towns in Hunt County. And at 4:37, National Weather Service radar confirmed to the staff at the Fort Worth office of National Weather Service (the office that serves our area and the DFW area) that the storm was bad enough to issue a Severe Thunderstorm Warning which ended at 5:30 PM. I took pics of the storm clouds as they got darker and closer to Campbell, as it was to arrive between 4:50 to 5:00 PM. The winds were fierce, while Hunt County missed the bad hail part of the storm as well as the worst winds as it was farther southwest of us in the DFW area. 

I would had taken pics with my new tablet, but I cracked the glass screen and can't get it fixed now as I need to figure out  what I need to do to get it fix, meanwhile the digital camera and old camera phone that is no longer used as a phone were still getting good use as my means to take pics of the clouds. So I took some pics of the clouds. 12 from the digital camera and 11 from the old camera phone.
Severe Weather in Campbell, Texas, October 2, 2014
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Thunderstorms in Campbell, Texas, July 23, 2014:
on July 23, 2014, a line of storms moved in from the north into Campbell area shortly before 7 PM, and the clouds were 
very dark and very impressive enough for me to get my digital camera and my camera phone. i took a few pics of the storm, 
4 with the digital camera and 5 with the camera phone. before the storms came, it was super hot with temps in the 90s 
with the heat index in the 100s. and  at the time, Hunt County was under a Severe Thunderstorm Watch until 10 PM. 
Thunderstorms in Campbell, Texas, July 23, 2014
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On April 21, 2014, during the late afternoon/early evening hours, North Texas was under the threat of severe weather.  And shortly after 4:45 PM, a line of storms started forming nearby in Grayson, Fannin and Lamar  counties, this storm went straight south causing several Severe Thunderstorm Warnings during its southward migration, and by 6 PM, it began to enter Northern Hunt County.  So shortly after 6 PM, I went outside to take a few pics with my old camera phone (which is not being used as a phone anymore as phone services have been cut off, plus I only use it now of days for camera only) and digital camera. I caught a few pics, including one where the cloud looked kinda like a funnel cloud. But I think it wasn’t a funnel, but it wasn’t.  so here’s these pics from the storm from that afternoon. 
Severe Thunderstorm hits Hunt County/Campbell, TX April 21, 2014
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on March 2, 2014, a rare winter storm system hit North Texas, normally early march see one last blast of winter, but this winter is not your normal 
North Texas winter. this was a colder then normal winter in our area that started with a early season ice storm back in early December which was a big
mess and one of the most recent bad weather events. this winter has brought out temps in the teens and close to single digits with wind chills in the negative 
single digit cold during the night hours in North Texas making it the coldest since late January/Early February 2011 where we had a freak winter weather event on super bowl week.
we seen more winter weather this season, which, compare to parts of the Midwest and northern states, we still were warmer then them, but not by much
this winter has seen the jet stream allow the arctic air to dip more south then normal. 

anyway i took some pics of the sleet on the ground in my yard at home of the March 2, 2014 Ice/Sleet storm. this winter will be a winter that will never be forgotten
by anyone in the US. 
March (Winter) Madness: Ice/Sleet Storm March 2, 2014
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on the evening of Valentine's Day 2014, at around 6:10 to 6:30, the moon was starting the rise daylight was turning in to
night time, so i took a few pics of the full moon outside at my home as it was starting to rise on the most romantic night of the year for 
most couples, valentine's day night. so enjoy this piece of valentine's day beauty from mother nature. 
Full Moon Rising on Valentine's Day 2014
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