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Will Hawkins
American Patriot - Oath Keeper - Be Prepared
American Patriot - Oath Keeper - Be Prepared

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PROOF: Something Very NEFARIOUS is Going On At You Tube and Google, This is what happened to us

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America in Crisis - Secrets Revealed is being moved from the deep state of Google to

This is the link below, Please join us to stay informed. See you there.

Our hope is that this community will peak your interests and keep you informed.

Please be sure to check the Daily Stream for the latest updates prior to posting so we don't duplicate the same story/source.

We look forward to your comments and posts.
Who really controls the Media, Congress, and the White House?

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This is why we are no longer at Google - You can find us at

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I have been here since 2003
I am being censored so bad that I am leaving the Deep State Google
You can find me here
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New Social Network in it's Beta stages -
Please come join me at this new Social Media Group
Uncensored by the deep state

Minds is an open source social networking service, headquartered in New York City. Elements of the global hacktivist collective Anonymous showed initial support for Minds, based on its foundation of transparency and privacy.

More information here:

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The Economic Crisis Will Hit This Summer, Banks Will Crash,Currency Won't Exist: Bix Weir

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Greg Hunter-Weekly News Wrap-Up 3.10.17

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Is the Pentagon Preparing for Martial Law in America?
part 2

The U.S. military plans to take over America by 2030. According to “Megacities: Urban Future, the Emerging Complexity,” a Pentagon training video created by the Army for U.S. Special Operations Command, the U.S. military plans to use armed forces to solve future domestic political and social problems. Yet, as John W. Whitehead explains in this episode of On Target, what they’re really talking about is martial law, packaged as a well-meaning and overriding concern for the nation’s security.

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