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Quite like the effect of this, multi-layered and a bit enigmatic, nice reflective quality also. Well done. (if you like tag the photo itself to +Monochrome Arty Club) 
So much interesting details. One could spend a lot of time looking edge to edge. Thanks for sharing. (Seth)
Thank you +JR Snyder Jr and +Seth Mayer thanks to both of you and to +Monochrome Arty Club. I appreciate the time you guys take to look at all the photos in depth.  I'm still somehow unsure about the difference between tagging and hashing, but I did try to add tag just now
+Will Hammer By tagging the photo itself with +Monochrome Arty Club it appears in our album and we are able to then comment directly from it and it appears on our page. We have to search for the hashtag (which I don't mind doing) but the photo can't be added to the album by us, the content provider (you) have to do that. Thanks for your contribution to the theme!
Thanks +JR Snyder Jr -- I should know this by now, but your explanation finally clarified it all 
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