Ra's al Ghuul as a religious figure, the Joker as an anarchist, anti-religious figure, Bane as a military dictator. Nolan said that's the case, and I want to expand it. The series is the development of Western civilization.

The crime families before Batman appears: the decaying Roman Empire, a great city turned into chaos and poverty through complacence and corruption.

Ra's al Ghuul: Jesus and the early christian cults. Hidden in the shadows, oppressed, feared, tried to make big changes with the system.

Joker: The Gauls, Saxons, Celts, Franks, and other barbaric, warring tribes with no real binding ethos.

Bane: The Dark Ages and the early Catholic Church. Rigid, devoted to the ideals of the early Christian cults but mutating them to serve their own interests. Pulls enough barbarism of the tribes to bring everyone together and get the power the cults couldn't.

Batman's "death" is the Renaissance, with the elements of the three stages swept away and the city ready to move on to something beyond chaos and faith.
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