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Trying to use the tasker plugin, how would you send the ctrl+a d special keys for things like screen? In the plugin you are only provided the default Android keyboard.

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*There is No Place Like Home*

Good to be back ;)

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#AOKP  JellyBean Build 1!

We feel it's time to release our first official Jelly Bean build!

If you'll notice, the number of devices we are releasing this for is extremely limited. These are just the devices most of us daily driver, so they have gotten our attention first :). Over time, more will get added as things slow down and as we get some device maintainers.  

Unfortunately, any change log here would be useless. This is JellyBean build 1!  Go explore. Please do not post any bug reports yet. We will let everyone know when we're ready to accept taking reports again. If you really like, you can always look at recently merged code in our Gerrit instance.

For those asking for some sort of a change log, below is a list of some features found in jelly bean release 1.  There can be no change log as we have nothing changed yet ;)

Features you will see (but not limited to) in this build:
Notification Toggles
Lockscreen tweaks (no custom targets yet)
Navigation bar modifications
Custom kernel performance options
LED colors
Notification wallpapers
Phone ringer modifications (Flip call to silent, silent/vibrate when headphones are in)
Plus more!

PS: We add new features each day on our Gerrit instance if you are wondering when something will be added, or if anyone has submitted it, that is the place to go.

#Android #JellyBean

Release page:
Maintainer application: Gerrit:,n,z
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The State of AOKP

We've been a bit more quiet than we've meant to be lately, and decided it was time to catch you, the user, up with what's going on in Team Kang Land.  

   We hope you've been enjoying our nightly builds. If you didn't know we had nightly builds, we're very sorry. We've been posting them on
 Several of you have reported problems there - problems such as extreme slowness and the builds downloading with the wrong file extension on your phones - these problems are being worked on and we expect them to be resolved.  If your device doesn't seem to have as many builds as some of the others, it's due to unforeseen issues we had with that particular device/build for that device, we promise we are not playing favorites!  

Now, some announcements....

   First, a ‘build’ is coming.  We’re getting very close to an official, non-nightly JB build.  Just throwing that out there with no ETA to let you know that it is a real thing that will happen, pretty soon.

Second, a new IRC channel for support has been created - join #aokp-support on Freenode for any questions you have regarding the use/problems you encounter with the ROM.  We realize that #teamkang can get a little hectic (and lets face it, caustic) sometimes, but that’s the place for irreverence - #aokp-support will be strictly business, and will have rules enforced.  All of that is ‘in progress’ right now, but soon will be there for you, with friendly Team Kangsters and fellow users there to help you get your AOKP questions answered.

Third, we are currently working on a major revamp of  We’ll soon have a wonderful new site that will be more streamlined and useful!

Fourth, we have a renewed sense of community - expect to see more of us on the usual suspect social media and forums!

Finally, we are seeking device maintainers!  Here are the rules for becoming a device maintainer for us: 

“Maintainer must:
~be in “good standing” with the community
~be comfortable with gerrit/git
~submit clean, easy to read code
~keep the device they are maintaining “up-to-date” until at least the next release of Android (big release: GB, ICS, HC, JB)
~submit original work, or at the very least keep authorship of all commits not written by the maintainer

Final decision will be made by a vote.” 

If you’re interested, please hang on to that interest - we will begin taking applications sometime shortly after we release build 1.

That about does it; may the Kang be with you!  Hope this has been enlightening!

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+Koushik Dutta Just was wondering if I could get a bit of your time. Trying to port CM9 to the rezound, but no one seems to have the vendor repo needed for everything to work. In your opinion, what is the best way to get all the proprietary files needed to compile properly. Any help would be much appreciated.
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