My best guess: this is a mistake. We'll see Google roll back this change and release a similar one with fewer false positives (whatever the real target is) in a few weeks.

There is no way on earth they are deliberately targeting sites like Seer IMO.

Independent of being pissed on +Wil Reynolds's behalf, I'm also upset that moves like this make the good guys look bad. Google: listen up. Wil's a huge advocate of doing things the right way. Don't make him look bad.
Wow, we don't rank for our own brand name in Google stay tuned guys... Gonne be 100% transparent about it here and keep you guys in the loop...

Wondering why links from places like this can't offset whatever signal is making us look bad in the algo: (link from BILL freakin clinton)

Wondering why

2700 subscribers to our RSS feed doesn't offset this (with Google owning google reader, can't they see real activity on our blog?

almost 200k views of our vids on my channel does't offset this:

Or real engagement in G+:

I think this is all just a hiccup, but lets see where this goes.
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