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Founder and Director of Marketing at Blogger Sidekick


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Do you run an eCommerce store or plan to launch one in 2017? What would it be worth to you if you could 3x your traffic in a short period of time?

In this article we share a short-term traffic case study from an eCommerce business. They managed to triple their traffic in three months, all with the power of effective content marketing.

The reason we're sharing the tactics and results of this case study are because we know that eCommerce stores have unique traffic needs.

Every online business “wants” more traffic, but for an eCommerce store it’s literally your lifeblood.

Without traffic you can’t sell products, and without selling products you can’t grow and flourish as a business.

#contentmarketing #ecommerce

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FlypChart: An all-in-one marketing calendar to plan, collaborate and execute marketing campaigns via BetaPage

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A well constructed content strategy alone is NOT going to guarantee you results.

As Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf famously said: “We could leave our strategic plan on an airplane, somebody could pick it up, and it wouldn’t matter. It’s all about execution. It’s how you hire… how you inspire.”

That sentiment, whilst contextually relevant to the strategic direction of a multi-national corporation, rings true for any small business trying to win at content marketing.

With the endless amount of information available online, for free, to ALL of your competitors… Your plan doesn’t really matter that much.

Nothing you dream up is going to be significantly unique any more. It’s probably been done before.

But that’s only half the story…

The reality is that only 30% of organizations consider themselves effective at content marketing. And those that document a strategy tend to perform better.

Your content marketing strategy is not just about blogging, it's not just about social media, SEO, or email marketing… Because content marketing needs to be all of those things.

Effective content marketing brings together the best tools, tactics and strategies in online marketing and it delivers you high quality leads time and time again.

A well put together content strategy looks at the entire journey of your customer from stranger to premium recurring client, and all the bits in-between that influence that journey.

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Are you excited to hit the ground running with your new blog?

Ready to avoid years of struggle, straining and striving?

Follow these 11 beginner blogging tips to fast track your way to success.

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Do you know exactly how to promote your blog posts effectively? Or are you swinging for the fences?

Instead of marvelling at your traffic, shares and comment numbers; you are stuck scrambling to get your next blog post up and scratching your head at the measly results you see on the front end.

A few Tweets and a couple of emails won't get you any traction like they used to. Your audience is suffering from content shock and to breakdown that barrier you need to get your hands dirty.

The results may look fancy, all those nasty vanity metrics like social shares and positive comments. But content promotion has a dark reality – it's a grind. There is nothing in the slightest flattering about it.

If you want your blog to get noticed you need to hustle, hustle, hustle… And then when you think you've done enough, you need to hustle a little bit more.

Someone once asked me how I got so many social shares on my blog posts, and my answer was simple:

My team and I dedicate a whole day to promoting each post.

Once they heard the work that was required to get results, they were much less interested in making it happen.

There's no trickery. No magic. No "inner circle".

It's just flat out hard work.

How about you, are you willing to dedicate those sort of man hours into getting results?

Over the years I've tried just about every tactic there is for promoting a blog post. And today I've collated them all into one big list.

Should you use all of these tactics every time you hit publish? Absolutely not.

But if you want to see genuine results from your content marketing efforts you will need to test, try, experiment and innovate with a big selection of these. Then pick the combination that works best for you.

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Is your content making a solid return on your investment?

It’s not always possible to clearly measure how much money content marketing efforts make, when compared with how much they cost to produce and distribute…

And it’s difficult to track what content leads to conversions.

That said, with some smart calculations, it’s possible to work out how well your content is performing and what financial success it’s having.

The key is to track the right metrics.

The most important conversion metric that should drive everything you do in content marketing is sales.
If your content is drawing in a load of traffic but it’s not leading to conversions or sales, it’s not meeting your needs.
The problem is that it’s not always easy to tell what content leads directly to sales, which can make it hard to track your most useful materials.

As it’s not always possible, it’s important to focus on metrics that can point you in the direction of understanding how financially useful your efforts are proving to be.

To do that, you’ll need to take a look at a few key metrics that’ll help build a better picture of how your content is contributing to the important things in your business.

This post breaks down which numbers you should be keeping an eye on, as well as how you can use them to track conversions and measure sales.

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Have you ever tried to build an internal team of blog contributors in your business?

It’s hard work…

When things first kick off they usually start with a bit of momentum. You get together with the marketing team and muster up a content strategy.

And then to get things started you run a kickoff meeting with the whole office (or at least the experts you’ve earmarked to contribute).

The first few weeks start well… Employees are excited to put their face to the brand and help you generate some online buzz.

But then reality hits.

Before long the new car smell wears away and everyone realizes how HARD it is to produce high quality content.

So people start slowly disrespecting your deadlines…

“Sorry, I had a client call me last minute and I couldn’t get it done”

They know your soft spot, because clients always come first, right?

Then things start to spiral out of control. Deadline after deadline gets pushed back until finally you just stop talking to each other about it.

They know it’s awkward, you know it’s awkward… but the three tonne pink elephant in the corner of the office just keeps standing there, and no one is writing a blog post!

In this post I have put together a list of 13 effective ways you can motivate your team of internal blog contributors and not one of them involves a monetary benefit to the employee.

We have used each of these tactics with our premium clients to:

• Create excitement for employees to contribute to the blog
• Build unstoppable momentum for the content strategy, and achieve FASTER results
• Remove the culture of missing deadlines, and instead build a backlog of consistent blog content

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Do you want to grow a crazy-big email list?

The most effective way to convince people to sign up for your email list is to deliver highly targeted and super-specific lead magnets that provide so much perceived value, prospects have next to no choice but to opt-in.

As a general rule, the more tailored your lead magnet is, the better it is going to convert.

But how do you come up with lead magnet ideas that are going to convert?

I’ve put together a master list of 40 different lead magnet ideas you can use right now to start converting more visitors into leads.

You may like to bookmark this post and whenever you’re stuck for ideas, come back and flick through the list for some inspiration.

#leadmagnets  #CRO #leads  #conversions   #emailmarketingtips   #email   #listbuilding  

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Have you ever struggled getting an ROI from Facebook ads?

Organic reach on Facebook has plummeted to a staggering 6%, so it's no surprise that over 90% of digital marketers are investing in Facebook ads.

But it's not as easy as it looks, you can quickly churn through budget if you don't effectively design, position and target your ads.

This blog post offers a shortcut to a better ROI from your Facebook ads.

It lists out 35 compelling Facebook ad examples from companies with big budgets, and lots of advertising experience.

The companies in this list have done the hard work - and spent the money - on testing ad formulas, design elements and formats to run Facebook ads that deliver results for their business.

After analysing hundreds and hundreds of successful Facebook ads, we have put together a list of 35 winners, plus an analysis of the key elements that make them all successful.

#facebookads   #facebookmarketing   #facebook   #SMM   #socialmediamarketing  

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One of the biggest problems you face when trying to rank your content is that everyone is shopping for keywords in the same place, and subsequently everyone is chasing the same search engine traffic.

What usually happens is, you come up with an idea for a piece of content, go to Google Adwords and check to see what the best keyword is for that topic.

Then you create a blog post or web page about that keyword. It's not a bad strategy.

The problem with this keyword research method is that EVERYONE is doing it. (Including your competitors)

How good would it be if you could find hidden keyword gems that your competitors had never heard of? Keywords that would help you compete for rankings and traffic with underdone and outdated content? Keywords with little to no competition?

Yea I know, those questions are rhetorical – it would be totally awesome.

But instead of dreaming about it, I figured I'd do something to help you out.

I went about collating every single keyword research tactic I could find.

And it's left me with this ultimate list of 35+ keyword research methods you can use to find high-performing, low competition search terms.
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