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Website Design, SEO Optimization Expert, Social Network Websites, Social Media Products,
Website Design, SEO Optimization Expert, Social Network Websites, Social Media Products,


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How to Setup a Website Using WordPress from start to finish in a day!

Simple, step-by-step instructions showing you how to start & make a WordPress website. Without a doubt, WordPress is my favorite CMS for building a web site, partly due to its ease of use and flexibility. Part of that flexibility comes from its ability to get high rankings in Goolge search in no time at all.

Using WordPress to build your own website is one ot the best choices your making today. Lean more about how to make your own website click the DOWNLOAD VIDEO TUTORIAL image and watch a short video we have created and follow the instuction provided.

It consists of the basics which include everything you will need to know about wordpress.

Learn how to complete WordPress tasks like the experts who charge $1000’s of dollars.
Learn how to set up and configure your blog without editing PHP, paying for inadequate and costly plugins.
Learn how to fully customize, backup and protect your wordpress installation.
Learn how to unlock the benefits of social media integration and search engine optimization.
Learn how to improve user experience, make it mobile friendly, and transform it into a lean, mean marketing machine!
Learn how to speed up your site with advanced features like caching, image compression and the list goes on.

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Learn how to setup a WordPress Website In A Day

SEO Guru training courses are designed specifically for a novice or beginner – someone who needs a website, but is not really sure how to go or who to ask. In our 1 day (8 hour) wordpress workshop tutorial you will learn the skills of creating a masterpiece you will be so proud of learning the process step by step:

Registering a domain name
Setting up Web Hosting & login to Cpanel
Set up email accounts
Installing WordPress
Configuring WordPress
Creating Pages and Posts in seconds
Choosing and Customising a WordPress website theme
Installing WordPress Plugins
Set up social networks

You will be feeling at the end of the day proud of yourself, and creating a fully functioning WordPress website, and the skills and experience to be able to extend, update and manage it yourself with ease.

Also included is 1 years web hosting 2 years domain registration (.com,, .org,). You will also receive a training video tutorial to download so you can follow the right steps and build multiple sites in the future.

Download Setup a WordPress Website Video Tutorial
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How To Get Instant First Page Rankings On Google?

I have spent the majority of my time as an SEO Expert. Whether it was helping other companies or building my own sites, at one point in time, I ranked for some of the most lucrative keywords on Google at number 1 and 15 years later im still number 1.

Unlike most SEO gurus, I didn’t spend years learning the skills its basic public knowlodge from Google experts they do this. I was able to rank well on Google within a few minutes for many of the terms to date.

How To Get Instant First Page Rankings On Google

My Secret So, how did I do all of this? By building legitimate links nope total waste of time.

Don’t get me wrong, like most SEOs, I have bought text links. In fact, I probably bought over 7 figures worth of links throughout my SEO years. The problem with buying paid links it cost lots, however, is you’ll rank really well in the short run, but, sooner or later, you will find your page lost on endless pages in Google under that search term you need.
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