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A cat found resting at a Church's car park. Half an hour more before the 3pm Good Friday Mass! 
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Fell asleep in the pew again! 
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Met my G+ buddy +Daniel Foo for lunch. Just a 12 minutes drive from my office! Got a ChromeCast too thanks to +Ivan Yudhi (hey how am I going to pay you, I thought it is via Dan?!). Can't wait to try it out tonight.

#snapseed #nexus4 #singapore 
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I tried a few times.. Pretty good. They also have Indonesian movies which is pretty cool. I didn't recall having to pay anything though. Just had to sit through the ads.
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Oh. Orchard Road. I can hardly recognize you these days.

#nexus4 #snapseed #singapore 
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Looks drawn. 
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Marvel Heroes' Don't Fear The Reaper Event Starts Now!

Of the few free-to-play online games I have played, I have got to say #MarvelHeroes  is pretty innovative in creating events after events that have a different feel to each other. On top of that, #gazillionentertainment  is improving the game and adding new content in a breakneck speed. Amazing.

If you are aware of the latest ARPG scene, Diablo 3 has just released a new expansion called Reaper of Souls. And so, the creators of the original Diablo team now the creators of Marvel Hero have come up with this not too subtitle event title. I chuckled at the humor when I first saw it.

Anyways, finally we have recruited enough players into our local supergroup (or guild) that we are able to 5-man a cosmic terminal - the hardest content right now. Check out the buffed loots thanks to this event. My entire screen was full of rewards!
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I saw 4 Odin Marks +Wilfrid Wong 
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Found this signage outside the subway entrance inside the airport. I wonder if visitors would know what it means by looking at this sign.

Answer: Mass Rapid Transit

#singapore #snapseed #nexus4 
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More like "Must Repair Track"...
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Have him in circles
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I think I am in love. OK. After watching this video, this is what a mutant feels when taken over by the phoenix (3:06). Now I can so relate to the lyrics ... If only her hair was red ...

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+Napes Uber I think it is a one off thing! But if you are referring to this artist, there is plenty of her in other videos too, with similar theme! 
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Today is a really warm day here in Singapore. My buddy +Daniel Foo took me to a food center near his office. We had clay pot noodle (oh yes, it is like adding oil on fire). And it was delicious! On our way back, we passed by the railway track and I took a picture with my phone.

#singapore #snapseed #nexus4 
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+Elias Mårtenson Haha. I hear you. I think tradition of that dish aside, the heat can be overwhelming. 
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What a car plate!

This morning, I was sleepy and slow. When my wife giggled at the car in front I was like, what's up? She pointed at the car plate and I was like, bomb? Bob? My wife exclaimed, "Boobie!" I still didn't get it so I went, boob? She then went on and repeated "Boobie!"

Then I got it. And I couldn't stop myself laughing. Oh right. Boobie! I wonder how much the driver has bid for this plate number.

#snapseed #nexus4 #singapore
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and that person didn't have to personalize the license plate?  cool!
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Upcoming Marvel Heroes Patch Featuring Dr. Strange, Black Panther Rework, Legendary Item Redesign, and More

(Look at the extra stash space and the enhancement to the supergroup interface!)

From the Test Center, I have taken a quick look at Dr. Strange. First impression is that he does packed with a lot of visually pleasing power. A fitting for a sorcerer supreme. I still haven't quite studied his design right now. I may share more when I get down to it.

Also because I am distracted by the much anticipated Black Panther rework. The king of the jungle finally gets some love. Or shall I say ... queen? Coincide with this rework is the release of his enhanced costume. We get to play Shuri - the queen of the jungle who also shares the title Black Panther in the comic world. As expected, she speaks with an accent.

Black Panther rework is interesting. In the initial phase of testing, I have picked a melee build, which is very much what this hero does right now. They have buffed the hero with better passive, an added claw melee physical attack as requested by the fans, and also added a rogue-like treatment to the existing melee energy attack. What intrigues me is the new range build option. They have converted an existing range power into basic, added more crowd control and AoE option. Looks like that is how I will build my hero. The only reservation is that range build is not opened up till later later. And looking at the current set of unique design, much is still based on a melee build.

Also much anticipated is the legendary item review. General feedback is that these items were designed prior to the DPS review. And that Gungnir - the crit build legendary item - has become the de facto choice for hybrid build and more. So the developer has listened and buffed up most of the legendary items (curiously Gungnir also gets a small buff). I am still waiting for the hero attribute redesign. Norn Stones - currently untouched by this review can either be meh or great.

#marvelheroes   #gazillionentertainment  
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+Wilfrid Wong rfrf
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Amazing follow-up to their debut, I have always been a fan of The Pretty Reckless. I put on her album on repeat in my car. And my wife asked if she really sings like this or does her voice get heavily processed in the studio, I guess she does sing like this (see link below for a live recording).

It is hard to imagine a voice like this comes from such a tiny body. +Mark Lim , check out 2:06 - that makes a wonderful superhero costume :)

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+Mark Lim In a good way I hope!
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