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Show your Fan Face for the +Dallas Stars​ on your AndroidWear
Get it @
Show your fan-FACE with the Unofficial Dallas Stars watch face for WatchMaker. Designed for Moto360
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I made this Dallas Stars watch using WatchMaker!

Check it out on Google Play!!

#Android #AndroidWear #WatchMaker #WatchFace #NHL
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Wil “Fred” Dobson originally shared:
Today I'd like to provide you a visual of what a 'camp-fire' is in the game of Ingress, what happens to 'camp-fires' and how to secure a portal with well placed resonators. 
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It was brought to my attention that he may have drawn details from my G+ account. At any rate, still ToS violation. I'm not mad because I'm not really anybody, and I am ridiculously cross-faction in my play. Once Missions drops, I will be having a few missions that pop up silently, and the first person to show me a scanner with the mission badge in person gets a prize.

I am also working with a blue agent to create a third faction - a group made up of blue and green agents (in pairs for fairness) - that does awesome field art, takes down obnoxious uber-fields that inhibit game play for hours, and devises cross-faction events.
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Wil “Fred” Dobson

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She did it! After leading in the regional +Ingress scoreboard as an 'Unenlightened', #RunnerChik flips to the other side (to be with her hubby) and then rises to the top of the Enlightened scoreboard! She is officially atop both boards simultaneously!! Yay RunnerChik and +Ingress Enlightened DFW ... +DeCode Ingress how about that? +Brandon Badger
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Very impressive! 
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Have him in circles
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Wil “Fred” Dobson

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Keep swimming +Erin Dobson​ ! You got this! 79 minutes have passed since you hit the water.
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Wil “Fred” Dobson

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My #ingressyeartwo buddy +Erin Dobson​ is doing an #IronMan right now, but she's here in spirit as am I there with her. Happy Birthday Ingress!
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Wil “Fred” Dobson

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IT WORKED! :) We found a microwave with a WAVE Quick-Charge button and gave it a try at work today.
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My android has been doing this for years...
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Wil “Fred” Dobson

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Metal Art "The Texas Longhorn" seen at the Fort Worth Stockyards by sculptor John Lopez Welds 
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Webmaster, Soldier, Martial artist, autodidact, hockey player, Bassist, Actor, Activist. AKA: Just some guy you know.
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An open and vibrant community leadership
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big, clean rooms, and excellent breakfast options.
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Very busy location evenings and after church crowd. Clean location and courteous staff. Early lunch is the best time.
Atmosphere: ExcellentDecor: Very GoodService: Very Good
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Dr. Aman has been a compassionate help in times of great difficulty, and is a pleasant Dr.
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Fantastic alternative to a boring summer. This camp teaches diabetic children to care for themselves and one another. Heavy activity schedule with broad selection of activities.
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