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Wild As The Wind Skincare & Essential Oils
Pure Essential Oils ♥ Deeply Healing Facial Oils
Pure Essential Oils ♥ Deeply Healing Facial Oils


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Great article +Sidney Stevens:

"8 face oils for smoother, healthier skin"

Have you considered writing about blended oils?

The Wild As The Wind FACIAL OIL No. 2 Anti-Aging Ultra is a blended oil with quite a few of the oils you mention in your article :)

#healthandbeauty #beauty #skin #skincare #healthcare
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Check out this review of Wild As The Wind Skincare & Healthcare on Google Maps #OnGoogleMaps
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Dermal Defense Ultra

FACIAL OIL No. 7 is the Wild As The Wind dermal defense facial oil, which has been blended to treat difficult skin conditions, like Eczema, Acne, Rosacea and Psoriasis. It will help in supporting and improving the appearance of all dermatological conditions.
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The FACIAL OIL No.2 oil blend is the ultimate anti-aging, mood enhancing, hormone balancing, skin repairing, glow inducing serum on God’s green earth! In short, Facial Oil No.2 is nutrient oozing super skin food!



"I love this oil, and it has done wonders for my age spots on the side of my face. The smell is divine.

Where can I purchase some more for my daughter in law, and also myself in Bristol where we live?"

Alison, Bristol

"I started using Wild As The Wind’s Facial Oil no.2 a couple of weeks ago. I had high hopes that my nearly 50 year-old skin would be improved, but the product entirely surpassed all expectation!

After daily use before bed, this facial oil has significantly helped to even both the tone and the colour of my skin – soothing some redness in my cheeks – and leaving my face looking and feeling much younger and healthier.

I found that it was readily absorbed after cleansing and left no greasy residue, it has even been successfully used it as a daytime moisturiser! My skin feels significantly better hydrated and nourished, and the smell is divine..!"

BD, Bristol

"I have been using Wild as The Wind face oil for 8 months now and the difference in my skin has been amazing. I am 44 and I developed middle age spots (having never suffered as a teen!). My spots have totally disappeared and my skin feels fresh every day. Not only that, but I am not buying any moisturisers or cleaners so saving lots of money and saving the waste from packaging and plastic that most modern cosmetic products seem to come with. I would thoroughly recommend the face oil to anyone (and I use it on my body too!)."

Sonya, Wedmore

"I am loving your oils… especially the No 2 oil, which I have been using everyday… they work really well with the cleanser, so I’m excited about them!"

Sophia, Chipping Sodbury

I’ve been using the oil daily and it continues to give my skin a healthy glow and my skin is lovely and moisturised

Well done on making some marvellous natural products.

Sarah, Wells
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The legions of biting bugs, ushered in by the recent beautiful weather, have prompted me to make the first batch of Wild As The Wind Insect Reppellent... <3

But, necessity being the mother of invention, this years formula is quite the powerhouse of healing forces!

(I fell, and for the first time in approximately 38 years I had scabs on my knees!)

In fact, the Wild As The Wind insect repellent has assumed a new name!

Anti-Fungal, Insect Repellent & Salve...

But, by rights, it should be called Super-Charged Anti-Bacterial, Antibiotic, Hand Sanitising, Dandruff Curing, Anti-Fungal, Insect Repellent & Salve, with a few other claims in there as well! Hahaha...!

As with all of the Wild As The Wind products I have given the Anti-Fungal, Insect Repellent & Salve a complete write-up on the Wild As The Wind website, including a full list of ingredients so that people can make the formula themselves <3

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Anti-Fungal Insect Repellent & Salve

How can something be an Anti-Fungal treatment and an Insect Repellent as well as being a Salve for insect bites? Well, the truth of the matter is that many things can’t, but the Wild As The Wind Anti-Fungal, Insect Repellent & Salve can!
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Wild Digital have just added +ReadingPack to: Best Content Discovery Tools Compendium

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