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New Art Project I have started that requires everyone to go create something! Click here for more details!
Find the Art in Your Life I am looking to create a Tumblr page of everyday art created by anyone and everyone! This art does not have to be “perfect” or fit society’s standards of what is considere...
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Art Like a Child’s first entry!! :D  #art #create #handmade #lifeisart 
Art Like a Child’s first art entry by the beautifully creative Lindsay!! ““ I bought local, hand spun, hand died mohair and have decided to make a infinity cowl with a new stitch that I’ve never done...
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Now this spunds like a great idea. Maybe Canada can try this...
The government is trying to reduce food waste by 50 percent by 2025
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After my morning run I sat and drew in the sun on my patio. I think I might try to draw squirrels next LOL!!! :S ~ This is part of an ongoing project called Art Like a Child that encourges people to...
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Fly With the Dreamers Hustle With the Doers  ‪#‎wisdomwednesday‬ ‪#‎create‬ ‪#‎lifeisart‬ ‪#‎inspiration‬
I am a collector of quotes from online, books, poems, etc. Over the years I have made my own art quotes that I print off and stick to my wall or make my background for my computer/phone. Quotes have power to change your point of view, to empower, to excite, to sadden, to pull you off into new direction. So, I thought that I would share some of my art quotes and other digital art projects that I have made.
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From NYC to London to Mumbai, a beautiful, interactive feature on Maptia that explores how today's cities are evolving – with stories by Sony’s Global Imaging Ambassadors and Panos Pictures. Plus, share your own story of a changing city and submit to the #FutureofCities Storytelling Award.
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Art is everything and everything is art. I love that there are more and more discussions and people coming out and stating that art should not be elitist, something trained for only in a class or d...
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I have been easy with trees
Too long.
Too familiar with mountains.
Joy has been a habit.
This rain.
― Jack Gilbert
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Love living in #Kamloops as I can work on my art projects outside all morning/everyday  before the other 9-5 job. So lovely, warm & relaxing :)
#create   #beautiful   #lifeisart  
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SO much love for Elizabeth Gilbert! If you need inspiration and a positive, creative person to follow, make it her. Here’s her facebook
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+Outpost Magazine I absolutely agree! Passion is contagious! 
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HELLO BEAUTIFUL! #SoulfulSunday #livethegoodlife #LifeIsBeautiful #lifeisart #enjoythday 
Step one: Head here and download for free
Step two: Read and re-read to remind yourself!
Step Three: Share the Love! 
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I love looking through +National Geographic  photos. So much inspiration in one website!
Every day, our editors select their 12 favorite photos recently uploaded to Your Shot. See their choices, then check out submissions from the rest of the community.
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Kamloops, British Columbia
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Landscape, Travel & Lifestyle Photographer
I have been toting around a camera documenting my life and the world around me since a I was a teen, but, It wasn’t until I purchased my first digital camera (nothing against the disposables I was buying from the local pharmacy!) that I thought this could be my dream job!! I mean, what could be more fun than running into Bison while hiking, wading through snow up to your waist to get the best shot, waking at 4am to catch the sunrise and meeting the most amazing people while traveling. Mother Nature puts on quite the show, and my vocation is to attempt to capture it. I hope that Wild Roots Photography & Artwork grabs your imagination and takes you into the wild. Travel to a snow covered forest silent and surreal, or to feel of the ocean winds rolling across the water coming home from distant places. I hope you feel the unbounded sweep of the prairie crop or the sense of grandeur from a mountain. 
Welcome to Wild Roots Photography & Artwork.
~The Art of Life Wild and Free~
I also run a blog where anyone can submit their artwork! Go read about it here
I'm reeeeeally good at standing behind a camera. Then sometimes taking a great picture.
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