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"How 3D printing could launch swarms of self-replicating rich men's pricks into space."

That's my friend Warren, everyone. Ask him about the Godzilla thing sometime, if you dare.
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"rich men's pricks" - isn't that redundant?
3D printing is an extraordinary opportunity. We're already printing cells, learning the mystery of LIFE, and HOW IT WAS CREATED, and we're able to save lives. If you think biology is incompetent, I'd love to see you get tuberculosis, the flu, AND tetanus, + diphtheria. No biology? Haha, see you dead. You people are lucky we know that biology is good, and we use it. If biology is incompetent, don't go to the doctors office for a shot, or antibiotics. Just saying.
+Rachelle Greene Well ... an artist's conception of said bits perhaps.

I am certain that, for example, Hugh Jackman's naughty bits would fetch a substantial price.
There will be plenty of unauthorized copies of various celebrities private parts floating around the Internet. What do you think Dolly Parton's equipment would fetch?
I think its necesary to judge the readers for the best marketing, isnt it???
And if I were rich ... why would I wish to replicate my penis? A little artificial scarcity goes a long way.
So is this going to be like the running joke when 3D Printers are hooked up in offices like Fax machines are now?
"Printed meat would be ethical meat, as nothing has to die in order to make it. The one drawback being that cultured meats of any kind tend to have textural issues: they’ve not been stuck to anything alive that can flex and secrete into it, so they’re kind of limp and nasty and may have to be artificially “exercised” by mechanical systems or electroshock therapy. A fine printed steak would have convulsed under electrical torture many hundreds of times before it reached your plate."

Won't someone please think of the fake meat!?! lol
OK, I almost didn't read it because of the title, but dang, that's cool.
Grady S
Of course,You know where they are all headed towards?
+Adam Orama fuck yeah is all i have to say about that one. People take it for granted, but that's okay, science is forgiving.
So the old KISS Plaster Caster is just a thing of the past. psst. Don't tell Pamela Des Barres.
Wow.  PETA offers a million bucks for faux meat, and yet some people still want to spin it as a negative.
+Rachelle Greene : I've got a couple 3d printers. Send me the 3d model and I'll send you a.. er.. package in the mail. It can only do about 10 inches long but it can also do about 10 inches wide so... (edit: wow.. that came out creepy.. I'm not that creepy. really)

I'm surprised +Wil Wheaton doesn't have one of these printers. They're not that expensive or hard to use and he seems nerdy enough. And you can (if you want) print more than just pron with them..
+James Britt With some of the shit PETA carry on with, is it any wonder we're so negative about them?
JT Vega
So he is making T1000 penis I wonder if Skynet still in effect? 
Haha! This is redundant, but funny!
Great - soon First Life will look just like Second Life....
"That's my friend Warren, everyone."
You can recognize a man just by his space-born printed 3D penis? You really are friends.
New item on bucket list: Become that old man.
btw, totally plan on 3D printing soon. Being an AutoCAD guru doesn't hurt.
+Steve Bottoms Of course. It was more of a joke for us old folks. ;) IF women are still making plaster casts of a rockstars penis ... oh .. that would just be sad. :)
Im having a ridiculous case of deja-vu right now.
This needs to be worked into a sequel to Flesh Gordon...
Rule 34 by Charles Stross - all of the above and more is covered in the backdrop of the near future the characters are living in.  And printed purple spam dildos.
You're friends with Warren Ellis?? That seems unfair.
Those scary people at Harvard engineering 'biocompatible robot flesh that can bond with human tissue and directly access the body’s electrical system' are my idols. The dawn of wet-ware can't come soon enough!
Sounds like they need this in Gattaca 2.
3D printing is expensive right? I mean the raw materials aren't cheap. Luckily some men may have more "economic" penises! ;)
Listen, if we're going to do a self-replicating cock in space, surely it should be a replica of John von Neumann's!
So, in summary. "Don't be one, print one."
+Adam Orama I agree with this, totally. I don't think biology is incompetent at all! I believe god created life with all of these mysteries to be discovered. He simply created Adam, and Eve, and life, and made something extraordinary. I believe, though it says not in the Bible, that God wanted us to discover this.
I wonder how did Adam and Eve deal with the dinosaurs.
Who knows! Maybe there were humans! They were wiped out in the flood, and all others besides Noah and the creatures in his arc.
+John Zoran I'd say archaeologists have a pretty good idea. Ask them how many remains of humans from 65-230 million years ago have been found.
Kudos, Mr. Ellis. Many people don't think of these sorts of things, so it's good that you do. Someone has to.
They printed parts of a gun, none of which had anything to do with containing the force of a bullet going off.
+Henrik Danielsson I am completely aware, I used to be Atheist, just  trying to put it in a religious view (I'm new to the church I'm in, haha, I believe much in science, so I put it in a science friendly view.. :P). If I were Atheist, I'd be blabbering on about this topic.
ok... does anyone else see the most fantastical part of this article? get past the snickering about penises and you might be scared a little about what the dude did that Asimov warned us that computer intelligence might soon copy. "...took a current-day standard 3D printer (which tend to look like dodgy breadmakers), took it apart to see how it worked, and then used it to print the parts to make a massively larger 3D printer, which he then used to..."
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