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Pretty sure this is advertising (or spam), disguised as an event invitation.

Is this just a spammer douchebag gaming the system?
Is there a way to not see these things?
Or is G+ putting stuff like this onto our pages the same way Tumblr is selling space on the radar?
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Pretty sure it's just spam.  Can you report it?
Rob Bob
Wil, its all about the money to most humans.
Google+ has decided that only celebrities need to see these sorts of ads.  It's a new feature for folks with more than 100k followers.

David H
I believe that you can turn off event notifications.
Tom Scott
Events > EventName > Actions > Report Abuse
Not sure, but I would guess a spammer.  I don't get Ad like items in my feeds.
Good question. I would like to have a way of filtering the what's hot as well. Hopefully they will hear the complains.
+Kevin O'Quinn I didn't see a link to report the page. Did you? I may have just missed it because of reasons. Oh, wait. Never mind, I found it under the [ACTIONS] menu.
Can you go into the invite and block the invite owner? 
Report it for sure. I just saw a different one in Public Events.
Wouldn't it just be easier to ignore it? 
+Tyra Banks has also been inviting me to some events .... would be tempting if it wasn't just promotion for her show!
That's an event someone invited you to. Maybe you didn't get notified, I have a similar thing for an even friends invited me to the same weekend actually on the right-hand column.

Unfortunately, I'm not sure whether you can block it or not...
Will Whe[...] jk.
I have not received any invitations like that. 
"Bad news for Wil Wheaton, though, because even though event invitations from people outside your circles will no longer be added to your calendar, anyone in the Google+ world can still invite you to their party — and Google doesn't plan on changing this." From:

In that article it explains the "fix" would be to disable the email notifications. I just ignore invites.
I was hoping that would take longer before G+ try those sad resources. 
I've gotten a few spams in my gmail. From Google+ and yeah - all of them were designed to look legit and one of them tried to insert itself ON my Google+ as a 'hot pick' or some shit? ~is disgusted~
Possibly someone else invited you, so G+ isn't spamming you, but someone on your list is.
Adam A
I thought you couldn't see events not posted by people in your circles? Seems if you chuck the right people, you should be rid of that bullshtink.
Facebook has similar issues.  If you get invited to an event, you can receive all sorts of notifications and things on it, even if you don't click on the event and RSVP.
Or maybe someone just really wants you to join the cruise man!
Don't have very many people in my circles and even fewer that are active. My accounts are private and I went out of my way to turn such 'sharing' filters off. so I don't know if this slipped under the radar or WHAT - but it was a 'notification' from Google+. Scanned the visible portions and axed it before opening, so I don't even have full details. If I don't know 'who' is emailing me, I generally try to avoid. Was probably a screw up, but still...UGH.
I hope you'll let us know when you find out the answer, Wil.
I get events from google daily, but that might be the google+ page in my circles. At least, I hope so.
The only events I get is from My Brewing circles and so far they were all good and real.
Hmm never saw that for an invite that I did not accept ...
It could be from the first days of events, too. Any event you got invited to got on your calendar those first couple of days.
Maybe they just really want you on there cruise, cause you're awesome.
I suspect marketing in general, but whether by design or by intention, I am not sure.
These things were popping up on my account and there was a way to turn them off. I was just going through the account settings, but couldn't find it. Was there something near this "announcement" that would let you edit how often you see them? I think I remember it popping up a slider that you could use to adjust how intrusive you want them to be. I turned it all the way off.
Free cruise! You just have to spend an hour listening to us talk about how much money you can be making by following the easy instructions you'll never receive and then spend $400 to sign up to be an IBO for our pyramid scheme and meet monthly sales quotas for 3 years. ;)
Wil, I'm afraid your first instinct is correct. Google+ still hasn't implemented a way to control who's allowed to invite you to events, and until they do, these will keep sliding under the radar even if you've disabled notifications from people not in your circles.

You're pretty popular on here, though. Maybe if you complain loud enough, something will get done about it.
This may or may not be spam, but the idea of a Geek & Sundry Web Cruise, like NRO does every year, only with you guys instead of Jonah Goldberg in a speedo, is both awesome and hilarious.
G+ group listing all companies that advertise like and and boycott them.
It is spam. Don't touch it. Don't even think about it for the very thought of it will sully your soul to it's very core.
I got invited to an event in an old beat up van.  It says "Free Candy".  Seems totally legit.
So...on the topic of spam....check out my amazing, you-can't-live-without-it thingymabob!!  
+Sam Hutcheson The cruise you're looking for is JoCo Cruise Crazy! I go every year, and it's AMAZING.
Will there be a TableTop tourney on this year's cruise? There should be a TableTop tourney on this year's cruise.
Looks like spam.

I always over look those links and emails. 
Don't now where the spammers got the data but I have been getting spam saying it is from Mr. Wil Wheaton recently.
The general consensus is that Google released Events too soon or failed to realize how many events a person would get. So I don't think it was done on purpose but it was surely a big screw up.

Hopefully will get events privacy/notification settings soon
+Andy Ihnatko mentioned this type of spam on his podcast recently. He contrasted Google's security booboos (born of innocent belief that no-one would exploit a feature for evil) with Facebook (your security settings have been reset because we own you).
Mz Maau
For what it's worth, you can manage events and who can send you invites through your Calendar settings.
Don't like it don't go look turn the channel, if it is scumbags every get on them Quit buying their BS, whatever it is!!!!!
Is Wil new to the Internet?? Has he turned his ad blockers off again? I thought he was hip and with it, apparently not. These last few posts of his are quite comical.
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