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This is the first episode of the show +Felicia Day and I created together for +Geek and Sundry! I'm super proud of it, and I hope you enjoy it.
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You should be proud, seriously. This is excellent entertainment!
Just finished watching. Great game, great show!
Is it downloadable for later viewing?
My friend introduced me to this game a few months ago. I loved it, though the Amazons can kiss it. :/
This is super hard to watch. ugh.
Watched it earlier today. Kinda different. Must see more.
So awesome! So much fun! Thanks Wil! By the way, Sean Plott tonight on his stream remarked at how awesome you all were at the table - and how much this show DIDN'T show how funny you are in real life! :-)
Looking forward to seeing much more of this.
I'm not used to catching something the day it comes out. I clicked around madly to find the rest of the season, only to find that I have to wait! What? No more shows? Must have more shows! I could easily down about twenty of these in a weekend. Please clone production staff and guests and churn these out like sausages.
Loved it... This is going to have me spending way too much money on games, haha. Really the perfect show for "trying out" games, much-needed.
This is the good shit. Pass another bouteille, sil vous plait. :)
I had to laugh. I have my brother Small world underground last night for his birthday. We tried to play but ran out of time before we learned all the rules. Now I'm all up to speed. Nice timing.
So when are you going to play Fiasco on there?
I loved the game, but I think your enthusiasm could sell me on most any tabletop game. (that isn't a challenge). Looking forward to the next installments!
You guys should play a Star Trek RPG. Any version.
Never played, but now I want too
I think I am going to get this game. It looks to be alot of fun.
I really enjoyed it. Well done Wil.
It's the best one EVER! Seriously, I loved it.
Great first game choice! I can't wait for the Cards Against Humanity episode. The entire show will be blurred and bleeped.
Wil, the show was great. I don't know how backlogged your guest list is, but might I suggest one Rich Redman. He has the gamer chops ( and he is a big fan of your writing. Thought I would just put that out there.
Damn you Wil Wheaton! Now I have to get myself a copy of Small World. Who's paying you to build up my board game collection? WHO?
Mr Wheaton, you just made a board game geek a happy man. Loved the format, and was a fantastic choice of a great "gateway" game. I hope this never ends!
GREAT JOB +Wil Wheaton
Almost criminal... I enjoyed watching this way too much! Almost as good as playing!
Production value for tabletop was through the roof good. If you could just keep Grant from roaring in desolation at every turn it'd be golden ;)
A Pepe
Lies!! No group of Gamers stay that focused on a game!! Especially if there is a girl present. LOL Loved this!! Something I can play with my kid. ^_^
I want a departing piece of tape...
That's the best cheesy thing I've ever seen.
Criticism: Font/background color combos on aside info made my eyes cross.

Praise: Everything else =)

Good job. It was even better than I hoped.

Now, if you only ran a contest for 3 mere mortals to come join you at the table... [daydreams].

'Course, you might have to pawn that sweet trophy for the expense, so that's a no go =(
Looks like a shitload of fun...can I say "fun" here? Anyway, I like the game, it's simple to learn which means you can start playing, and hook your friends.
Thank u again!!Мы знаем!!Love It!!
Favorite quote: "kids, gambling is cool, so is smoking!" LOL
Excellent show! I look forward to future episodes!
I am ashamed to admit I have owned Small World for a year but have yet to play it. It's coming off the shelf soon after watching this!
I very much enjoyed that! Thank you :)
Liked the show, and the game looks like fun too. A risk that doesn't take three days of my life to finish.
Can't wait for the next episode. Thanks.
awesome. "receive" was spelled wrong at 8:28
Table Top = Awesomesauce with a side of w00t!
Dude. I enjoyed watching this thoroughly. I hope Small World is paying you guys because this is going to sell a lot of copies. Also, Day9 is one of my most favorite entertainers! Have him on all of the times!!
Immensely awesome! Look forward to the next one :-))
Does Geek & Sundry have link to purchase the game which would give you commission, which would lead to more budget and less lame trophies? Hrmmm?
Looks fun, a mus have for my game room jejejejeje

Game room... sound funny and creepy... bah!
I wasn't sure what to expect, but I really enjoyed the video.
Loved it! Can't wait for more episodes, specifically Settlers of Catan.
this game seems so complicated! but i do like the vid :) lol
Days of Wonder owes you a big favor. I bet they'll put you in a game now.
I would agree with Steven, the color of the text was a little difficult., though I am watching on my phone. I did like the introduction and it definitely gave a great overview to the game. Are the pieces for interest points really that necessary for filming? I found it a little distracting. I also didn't understand the Amazon's special ability. there are other rules I've like to know but I guess it's not important for the show really.

I thought Sean should get to keep the game for winning.... Just make the losers pay for it. Wait, What are the gambling laws in California and do they apply when being filmed?
I never thought you could turn table top gaming into a spectator sport but I watched the full episodes which is pretty impressive considering I have ADD and haven't taken my meds today. Back on point, I loved it and want more.
Very entertaining. Great job Wil.
I have to be honest, I'm not a big board gamer (I don't dislike them, I just don't have local friends that are into that sort of thing), but I really thought this was a fun and entertaining episode to watch. I am looking forward to upcoming episodes. :)
i enjoyed the heck outta this, keep em coming!
This was great. Finally some entertaining videos I can show to people to help explain how cool tabletop games are! The hobby needs more of this! Can't wait for Ticket to Ride. Thanks Wil!
Wow! I was thinking of buying the game, but not sure how to play it... thanks for the tutorial :) It was quite fun watching you guys have fun.. now it's my turn to have fun ... hah
Fantastic show! I want to go buy this game first thing tomorrow morning.
Great show! I had looked into Smallworld before and thought that the game didn't sound that fun, but you have changed my mind. Looking forward to future episodes and future games!
My roommate wants that table. Where did you get it?
This is great. I love how you use graphics to show how the game works.
Can I just say I've never had so much fun watching other people playing a game like this, doesn't matter who was playing. TY sirs [and madam].
Sean G
+Wil Wheaton see you on Big Bang. Great! & now see you have a Game Show. That Totallly Rocks Man. Loved Stand by Me. It was the first Semi Bad movie was allowed to watch. Because what it was about. What a world we lived in then... But seemed more peaceful. Walks in the woods with my Brothers & letting your imagination run free. No internet. Anyway.. back to Reality.
Quite Cool! Love the Show... Nice Work!
Watched, loved, may buy game! Freaking hillarious!
I freaking loved this ep, Wil. You made me want to play this game so much... and when we get to Portland, I will be looking for it.
That was very much fun! Love the trophy!
That was excellent, can't wait for the next episode.
I hope your getting paid by the game companies for this. I to was on the fence on this game, and was not sure my friends would like it. Your show has an excellent format and is very entertaining to watch, however my wife hates you because I went out and bought small world that day. Way to go Will you did the same thing to me with d&d and acquisitions inc. 
Great show, so getting that game for my iPad now.
Yay, Day9. He needs a Trumpets episode.
this was great, man. really excellent.
That was superb guys. I look forward to the next installment of Table Top.
Brilliant idea. I too want to be that famous that I can play board games on youtube :-)
Great! I see Settlers in next on the list, you should do Dominion or 7 Wonders after that!

Overall rating
That was totally awesome! So much fun! Thanks for an awesome thirty minutes of geeky fun! I must try Small World now...
Kori Tk
awesome show dude .... will deffo be looking for more ... :D
I stumbled upon this video while surfing the web on my phone. Now the video is 30 mins long and I could not stop watching it! Loved the players and their commentary, loved the way it was shown, loved the game! Looks like so much fun my fiancé bought it for us to play with our friends! Thank you Wil! Thank you Felicia! Bravo to all involved! Can't wait for more videos!
I love Tabletop gaming and in the past few years have fallen out of the habit. I love this show, it was the closest thing to sitting around and exploring a new game with my friends, something I haven't gotten to do in years. Can't wait to see the next episode.
Super-fun! I think I'm gonna buy that game. If you guys put up a show every week with a new game I want to buy, I'm gonna go broke. :)
I was surprised when the Korean popped out of Mr. Plott's mouth. I guess it's the Starcraft connection.
+Wil Wheaton nice job - i was wondering how watching someone else play a boardgame would turn out - wasn't boring - and now I want Small World.
THAT. WAS. AWESOME! seriously. great show, I thoroughly enjoyed watching that. You guys looked like you were having so much fun, and that's a game I've never seen before but would be delighted to purchase and play at home. Thanks for sharing, and keep up the great work.
I thought this episode was great. I don't play a lot of games, and am excited to see some played and to maybe try some out myself. I especially loved the Trogdor reference. 
Enjoyed the show Wil. Looking forward to the next one.
That was amazing, can't wait for future episodes.
Totally sold a copy of Small World to me, Wil.
Really enjoyed teh show. Now must find Smallworld!
Wow, I love this concept for a show. I and a bunch of my role playing buddies have gotten into a lot of board games because of the lack of time to play other games as an adult. This really gives an outlet for finding out more about these games before purchasing them. Thanks for coming up with this!
Dear Wil, I want to say a most sincere thank you. I've had this game sitting on my shelf for about 3 months mostly because no one wants to listen to me explain how to play it. After just watching your video, I myself feel I no longer need to explain it but instead I'll just make everyone watch you and your awesome crews video before we give it a shot. I can't wait to see what game you pick next (May I suggest Twilight Imperium (LOL)) Thanks again so much! P.s. Pandemic guys really helped!
"and begin conquering ALL OVER AGAIN!!" LOL

that just had me in giggles!
I had wondered "How can Wil cram multiple hours of game into a 1/2 hour show?". The answer; great editing and clever use of graphics. To honor everyone's great work I paused my way through the credits and read everyone's name. :) (even the sponsors ya? wanted to see who was awesome enough to come through for you)
The cheerleading trophy was a nice touch. I got a huge laugh out of that. (and real tape and then taking it back. lol)
Yay! This is excellent! Any plans to do Thunderstone?
Loved that and looking forward to episode 2 :)
i am dying laughing.... I should go to sleep but I can sleep when I die. ....
what does wil say I cant believe i wasted time waatching .... 3d?
Very Awesome Wil. I Just shared this with my Crew.
It's awesome!
I'm glad YouTube has professional, original shows now!
"My strategy in the game was try to avoid the fact that Grant is a dick" LAUGH OUT LOUD #day9mademedoit
This was such an awesome show, great concept and execution Wil.
Good job. The game looks like fun.
Woot! Got the 666th plus ^.^

Great show will. I hope the game companies are hooking you up, because you are going to make them a mint! Your show is already better than the official demo I saw at GenCon last year for Smallworld, and really has me wanting to pick it up!
Great opening show, I am looking forward to the rest. I never played small world before, so now am am interested in getting it.
Iwona K
I love this soooo much xD can't wait to see more <3
Not only a great game (played a few times myself) but a great show. Nice first episode Wil!
I can see that watching this show will become very expensive for me.
Immediately got the digital version. Might consider the physical copy after I put some decent playtime into Rex and my new Dominion expansions.
This was awesome!!!
This is excellent. Definitely looking forward to the next episode!
great stuff Wil, keep 'em coming!
i like this, epsh wen your explaining the whole game Wil thanks ^^ keep it coming ^^
It's been way too long since I last played Smallworld. This clearly needs to be rectified.
I want your play table! That rocks!
I really, really want to play Small World now . . . and the best part is - my gaming friends already own it! Oh, and how embarrasing for you to lose. Awesome show though and looking forward to more.
Small World isn't my favorite game. I prefer more economic games, and less direct confrontation. But I was dying watching this. I was giggling so hard I made my husband look over from his game. Elevensees. Priceless.
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I can already tell that this show is going to be dangerous to my financial health....

I also thought "hey, famous people sound just like us when we play, just funnier voices" haha!
Her name's impossible to pronounce, so I just call her "Thundercat."
All we need now is WotC to let +Wil Wheaton run a D&Dnext playtest in a future episode...
a most excellent show, thoroughly enjoyed it. Apparently we have the same orc voice
Great episode. Small World is one of my favorites!
Nice! :) You guys should cover Mercs.. my husband really likes that game (it's a miniature game).
Dammit, you're going to get me playing table top games again, aren't you? WHEATOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON!!!!!
Awesome show :D - I figure the ultimate 4 person gaming group would be +Felicia Day , +Wil Wheaton , Grant Imahara and myself (It wouldn't be any fun if I couldn't be there :))
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I checked it out more out of curiosity, as I haven't really done any table top gaming for several years.

Yet when you described the game as being a cross between Risk and Cosmic Encounters - and I immediately understood what that meant - I couldn't help but think "Maybe I do fit this demographic." :)
Loved the episode, I fit in with +Brian Swartzfager as in I haven't done much table top gaming since I was a kid other than Chess and Scrabble but that was a cool game you guys played :)
this is a game for the smart people use good luck but its not for me
Great show, now I have to go out and buy small world.
Great game and nice Ipad app of the game also.
Thanks Randall! I didn't even know they had an iPad game. Totally picking it up (and the physical one) now!
Dude. I love you, but you and I would hate each other at the table. You're solid, I'm just an orc bro,
Oh god!!! +Geek and Sundry! is probably the most badass collaboration of badass people doing the most badass fun activities. PERIOD! Once again good job Mr. Wheaton!
This first episode was great man. I look forward to many more like it. Also, damn you for making me spend money I don't have on awesome tabletop games.
That looks like a great game. I like the look of it. I'm expecting it to come onto consoles soon.
I wouldn't expect it on consoles, but it is on IPad
I love this concept. It really shows how fun tabletop games can be and explains the game in the process. Which will encourage people to purchase it and play. Thanks Wil and Felicia for doing this!
I want to play Catan with you!!!!, I did have an awesome idea for a show! You should have a gamenight with the Ladies of the Big Bang Theory.
I thought it was great. The scoring graphics weren't very clear, and the board overviews could have benefited from some basic CGI outlining and colouring to show where each player was (its probably more obvious if you have played the game, but to a novice like myself, it all got very confusing!) Looking forward to the next episode. Hate to say it, but this is the first YouTube subscription I've ever made
I watched this yesterday and loved it! I think the format worked really well, and you had a funny group of people who genuinely enjoyed the game. I'll be using this show to preview new games and see which ones to put on my wish list. Great job!
Loved it Wil, looking forward to more, especially Settlers of Catan.
This episode was amazing. I have only ever played Small World on my iPad. I know want the full Tabletop version to play with family and friends. Looking forward to more episodes.
I am always on the lookout for new board games to play with the family and seeing the game played is a great way to figure out if I want it or not. Oh yeah...and showing how it's played with +Wil Wheaton and others I recognize is awesome!
I enjoyed it and am seriously considering purchasing Small World now.
Does this make it a Game Show? Seriously, loved it Wil! A job well done.
Loved the episode but I have a couple of quibbles of the rules you played by.

1) I don't think in-decline ghouls get to act immediately after going in decline. Only the stout ability lets you do this and it's the other way round: conquer first, then go in decline.

2) When playing berserk, you don't have to declare first which area you're trying to conquer.

Can't wait for more tabletop!
This show is brilliant!! I pretty much went out and bought the game after watching this. It's really fun but I feel that something is missing. It's probably due to the lack of your running commentary. I'll struggle to go on but if you could do the world a favor and do some sound bites I think the world will be a much better place.
a little hamming-it-up goes a long way eh? also.. does this mean i'm now 'hip' ? I've been running board game nights for many years. Has it become trendy>!?
Great show! Not sure about the game, though. :)
that was awesome - loved the drama and the surprise win LOL . Never heard of the game before but now itching to get it and play and conquer all my friends hahahahaha
Mike W
Great episode. Looked like lots of fun but the rules seem about as complicated as the IRS corporate tax laws...
The rules aren't actually that bad, it just seems like a lot due to the abilities of the races and powers. Most of the game is pretty simple math.
I am going to go so broke after buying all these games! You kinda let me try em before I buy em. So thanks!
Why do I have the feeling that this show is going to ruin my "new board game" budget.
damn. I own enough board games already :(
I appreciated the episode. The banter around the table was great and seeing the snippets as the game advanced was cool as well. The surprise ending was awesome! Great job on the show and I now want to break out Small World and play it, if only I had the time. :)
/when I heard about what G&S was putting out, I didn't think I would stick with the Table Top videos and would probably only watch one or two at the most.

However seeing how the first episode was presented, explaining a game for newcomers while playing it in an amusing way was brilliant. I don't usually play board games of any sort but I'm interested in Small World now.

I would love to see what you have next.
Feel like I am repeating myself on various social platforms now (cause I am), but I didn't think I would like this; instead I thought it was great and am looking to buy Small World to play with my eldest son:-)
Every Table top game I have ever played ends in 1000s of penis jokes!
It was an AMAZING premiere show! Both informative about the game and really funny! A+! Great job, guys!
Good stuff, Can't wait for next episode. I will be buying the game.
Great first episode! Now I just have to hope we see demos of Chaos in the Old World and Arkham Horror.
I'm impressed with the show. I remember the board games of long ago. Family gatherings were highlighted by the Monopoly or Risk game after dinner with all the gloating, the badinage, the sarcasm and drama.
Thanks for bringing those memories back.
I see myself spending a lot of my money on all the games played on table top if I don't own them already XD
yes this is genius
This was really fun to watch. Can't wait for another episode.
Wil, I really enjoyed your first episode of Tabletop. When I came home from working second shift, I was able to sit-back and enjoy the game with you and the players and went to bed a happier man for it.
Awesome start and a great way to show off a great intro to a really fun game. Wish the people I'd played it with at GenCon2010, where I first discovered it, we're this much fun! Keep it up!
this game looks awesome you need to play a game against the big bang theory cast
Nice job Wil! I'm tempted to buy this game now too.
yeah wil weaton...your the one in big bang theory arent you?
+lil ashy haha, I suppose he gets that these days :D I tend to think more of star trek.
I want to watch you guys play Clue. And Grant has to be Col. Mustard. And he has to wear a mustache and a monocle.
I've always loved playing Small World. I've only done the Small World: Underworld once but it added a lot more to the game.
really great job! i laughed through the whole thing. really want that gaming table for my place.
Well done Wil. My brother and I intend to get the game. I look forward to the rest of the series, for more entertaining match-ups and great games I've yet to play.
Loved the show - it explained the rules perfectly. I'm seriously going to buy that game now (they should totally be thanking you).

The only comment I have is the cut-scene between each round was pretty much impossible for me to follow.
I really enjoyed this and I'm looking forward to future episodes. Keep up the good work :)
Awesome show. Made we wish I could have watched how the rest of the game played out! Still, loved how this show captured all the essential elements of gameplay, and the banter between all the players.
Nice job Wil. Love the Ferengi shirt.
Ha ha! Brilliant. Has the potential to be the most amazepants show ever! Looking forward to the "Through The Ages" episode. Although that will probably have to be a 4 hour special. :)
Not the game I would have chosen as your opening number. It's a little complex for non-gamers, if the point of TT is to reach out to the non-gamers and show them just how much fun an evening around a game table can be, then they really need to be able to follow the play.

Also, the "interludes" at the end of the rounds didn't actually display the scores did they ? If so, I missed it and it became hard to see who was ahead.

Still, a totally enjoyable 1/2 hour of "tv" and fun to see people I've seen in OTHER contexts act somewhat normal.

Do you have a "no drinks at the game table" rule for TT? 'cause that would totally not work at our house.
I run a game store in Ballard (Seattle) and I think Small World is a perfect game for beginners. I'm not a born gamer and I enjoyed this one from the first time I played it. Well done!
This is way better than boring celebrity poker!
Watching this was more fun than I thought it would be.

I want to see Mr. Wheaton referee a Rock-em Sock-em Robot bout between Mr. Shatner and Mr. Takei.
Okay, I'll admit it: I was really expecting to hate this show. The idea of watching other people play board games didn't sound very promising. But I thought the show was great fun. Nicely done, Wil!
Just had to share that my son referred to this show as a "nerd-gasm" while I was watching it.
It's awesome... But I'm not sure the rules were correctly followed. D:
Day9's first turn - he rolled for capturing the mountain. But the giants only get their bonus when attacking a region next to a mountain they own, so he should have instead rolled for one of the other regions.
CURSE YOU WIL WHEATON! Now I have to go buy this stupid game, because it looks like fun.
Also Loved seeing Grant get mauled by the crazy bitches at the end.
Very enjoyable, great job Mr Wheaton & co. Anyone have any idea on the make of the table they were playing on?
This looks interesting!!!! I love Wil Wheaton's excitement!!!!! and the resto of the players are just back to being children.
Amazing show! Looking forward to Settlers on the next one. I just one a game of Settlers this weekend.
Your show did its job, just bought small world and can't wait to play it. Looking forward to more episodes from you guys.
I'd never heard of Small World, but now I wanna buy it! Thanks for doing this Wil.
Bleeping out “fuck” but not “bitches”? This is the Internet, you know…it’s OK to swear.
Could have done with less editing … there were what, 4 turns played on screen? I recognize that it’s a half-hour show, but still…maybe make an unedited version available too?
was super impressed with this, and better yet, I really want to play Small World now! Looking forward to seeing more of this aspect of gaming. Can't wait to see some Munchkin!
I never thought I'd enjoy watching someone else play a board game, especially when it's not in person, but this is really great. Kudos!
Wow, best half an hour not studying that I could have spent! Makes me actually want to play board games!
I feel like we were playing completely wrong in some areas.
"You can now choose the pillaging . . . OMG, THE PILLAGING ORCS. You don't want the pillaging orcs. They're terrible." Laughed. Hard. And replayed about five times in a row.
This is a pretty interesting idea - I hope it helps improve the tabletop industry. Nice job, man.
Love that game! I will definitely be watching all your future episodes.
This was brilliantly done.
The proof is that I'm moved to play this game.
Gonna share with all my friends. :)
truely awesome, as someone who has played small world before I would like to give major props to the newbs for performing so well their first time around.
I have a feeling this show is going to cost me some money. I just bought Small World.
Really excellent job. The production looks great and the graphics really help. Top notch: keep it up!!
Fantastic! brought me back to my tabletop gaming days. all that was missing was snacks and Mountain Dew! :)
I enjoyed that. +Wil Wheaton has enough personality to carry it by himself but fortunately he doesn't have to when there are interesting guests too. Will be following this one. Kind of reminds me of the Penny Arcade podcasts, except with fewer references to acid pits. ;-D
Love the episode, love the concept, can't wait to see more. Kinda like playing boardgames on the deck of a boat ;-)
Pure awesome.

I didn't think that watching people play boardgames would be interesting. But I couldn't look away, it hooked me dragged me in and after a couple of minutes I felt I was playing along.

Seriously, need to watch this when I'm less intoxicated. Magic is scary when drunk.
This game looks like loads of fun. I had never heard of it.
That was awesome! I think you just invented a new genre. Tabletop-casting ftw :)
Small World is awesome. I like both it and the Underworld version, but my family doesn't play games so I've never bought a copy.
This was fun, entertaining and thoroughly enjoyable. Looking forward to future episodes!
Chris S
This was fun to watch and made me a bit more interested in trying out Small World if I ever get the chance. The episode was a little long, though. Not sure where I would trim it, personally (like it matters); but my wife, who adores you, got bored and went off to bed. I'm looking forward to future episodes. Hope there's Munchkin in the future...and maybe some Star Trek-themed games?
This type of game isn't really my cup of tea, but I found the show to be well done. There was a lot of detail about the ins and outs of the game play that I may have appreciated more were I more interested in the genre.
I had a ball watching you guys play. Glad it wasn't a total sausage fest. Now I'll have to get this game! Looking forward to the next episode.
fun to watch! but, if you're taking feedback, it felt a little rushed (understandably) but some information was lost along the way. maybe show all players standings/info at the same time in between rounds? "pop video" style info during the game? looking forward to the next one!
Fun to watch, and now I want that game! Thanks WW for producing this. Can't wait for more.
Well I've had the electronic version of Small World on my iPad for ages now and I really have struggled to get on with it and found that I was getting constantly beaten rather soundly by the bot players but after watching this I actually now understand how to play and I'm really enjoying the game now :-) Thanks Wil and peeps!
wow this looks like a great game been looking for a new game to play with my son it seems similar to Risk thanks for the idea Wil
That was an AMAZING first ep! Good job Wil!!!!!!!
First Tabletop was F-ing awesome I look forward to More
That was awesome. I'm going to have to find this game.
That was a great first show! I look forward to seeing more! I'm excited for the Settlers of Catan show so I can get my family to watch it (I've been trying to get them to play Catan with me for years).
Congratulations on your first episode of your first web show! It was funny, it was educative. It was great! (and I'm short of words)
It would be awesome to play boardgames with y'all. Will be interesting if you delve into any Fantasy Flight games (Runewars anyone?).
It's uncanny how accurately you guys portray people playing a game - trash talk and everything! LOVED it!
Help me out with this one, Internets. I'm sure Sparks would be down.
i love how (day 9) wins the game!!! i'd love to get this game :)
That has to be one of the most convincing, effective and agreeable adverts of all time. Because that was not it's intent, beyond a desire to showcase games as a wonderful way of being with people.
I agree with Tim Noyce there, as I was not familiar with Small World even though I have seen the box at my local game/hobby/comic shot. I will now be picking myself up a copy and my friends and I shall play it in the near future. What games are you going to have on the show next?
Yep, yep, yep. Love Love Love. More More More. BRING IT.
Gotta have!
Awesome I can this game lasting for weeks... nice!
Comments TL;DR to find out, is this weekly?
@Derek, it's fortnightly.

At Wil: Great show! I'm looking forward to Catan on the next episode. This is how I spend time with my friends too :)

There's a great Game of Thrones tabletop game we play which you might enjoy too. 
Really enjoyed the show. Looking forward to being introduced to some new games (I already have and love SmallWorld)!
That's social gaming! Very enjoyable! :D
I want that game. it looks awesome! Thanks for the episode!
Great video! I knew this game, I watched just for how the video is. Good job, really.
+Jason Rank It was still on sale at Leisure games in the UK at $55 (I have not connection with them other than being a happy customer) if you are in the US your shipping would add $27
You and me both Paul!
Any chance you'll publish a schedule so FLGS owners know what to order? I imagine sales of Small World just spiked, but I wonder how many local sales were lost to Amazon &co. because the FLGS didn't have it in stock.
My eleven year old and I loved this game! We are going to get it for our family game night. thanks for the introduction to something we can share !
I absolutely loved it, really looking forward to the upcoming episodes!
Wonder is I can get the game in Australia. Can't wait to see you Wil on Thurs in Melbourne!
Ray A
I had as much fun watching as I would have had playing. Good Show!
Smallworld is a fantastic game and I can attest to it being balanced with each of the possible numbers of players as there's a specific map for each number.

Can't wait for the next episode +Wil Wheaton
Great show! Love Day[9] of course, and I'm excited to see more episodes (and maybe his triumphant return to battle future champions?)

RE: +Bryan Lott: Smallworld is balanced in terms of players but not always in terms of race/power combinations. For example, Spirit/Stout Ghouls are pretty brutal, as are Merchant Ratmen, Mounted Tridents, etc.
The World's Greatest Husband and I thoroughly enjoyed the show. I love the graphics and the way the show explains game mechanics. Now he's thinking of buying the game (to add to his vast collection).
hello WIL WHEATON, the game is interesting, is it similar to the risk????? tokens can takeover a territory???? it like that???
I think I want to watch a lot of tv shows but I really need to watch all of the Guild.
That show rocks.
And Felicia Day is stunning!
Great show, Small World Underground shows up at our game nights pretty ofter. The version you guys played looks a lot more cheerful and colourful though. Fun game but it can go a bit slow when nobody is familiar with the perks from the various combinations.
I really enjoyed the first episode. Looking forward to future ones.
Awesome! Makes me a little sad though, as I don't get to play board games w/ my mates anymore, outside of some sessions at and, (but they're not the same).
Careful there Wil, you might inadvertently save the universe again, and what would be the point? I mean, it's not as though you're still on Starfleet payroll.
Wil Weaton a new post its been days since you entertained me
cheaters ! Giants only get the token bonus if they control the mountain
When is the next episode? Definitely looking forward to other games to check out.
That board looks alot like the north eastern side of Skyrims map. lol
What a great episode. It reminds me that I have the best job in the world because I get to sell this kind of fun all the time. If you want to check out what the world's biggest game store and its community looks like, you can watch this 5 minute video at The Sentry Box Perhaps we can convince Will to come visit when he and the rest of the Next Gen cast will be in Calgary for ComicExpo in a couple of weeks.
I love this. Really good idea!
I just had a first timer at my weekly game night. He had seen this episode and requested a game of Small World :) It was successful indeed. It hadn't hit the table in a while, it made a good come back. Thanks Wil!
Hi! may I make friend with you? I'm living in Viet Nam. I just see your picture, I like it!
I saw this episode a day or two after it was released. The game looks really fun if you have the right people playing, as you of course did. If you had a group taking it too seriously it might be a bit dry.
I really enjoyed the production. I had never heard of this game, but I ended up watching the whole segment just because I enjoyed the way it was put together. I look forward to more episodes!
Outstanding! Can't wait to see more :)
ok - that game looks amazing... must buy
I went out and bought the game right after seeing the episode. winning. Thank you Will.
If you were a true nerd you'd put your beer on tap for the show...
If he was a true nerd he wouldn't know what beer was.
John E
When is #2? it's been two weeks hasn't it?
Wil, If you are really into games you should check out the GAMA trade show. A lot less panels and a lot more board games.
Very enjoyable; even to someone like myself who's never played a table-top game like this before :)
Will's soundtrack when taking actions during the game are Awesome, if you are not in to boardgames those comments alone makes it worth it! :D
I met David Megarry (Dungeon! board game) this weekend at The Source in ( He expressed some interest in TableTop and said he was thinking about getting back into game design.
Wil; I hope to see you play Pandemic on a future episode now
Watching this was fun but frustrating. Grant with the Orcs wasted them. Pillaging orcs should not be left on squares, he should have pulled them off and continued rampaging. There was lots of squares with only 1 token them like the giants. In the rules you can abandon ares you have already conquered. Pillaging orcs need to be played like Mongols, don't stay in an area, abandon and keep attacking.
It also looks like they forgot to take the 4 attacking amazon off after the attack. She shouldn't have 11 areas, 4 needs to come off so she should have had 8 areas.
Thanks +Wil Wheaton I just bought a game and now I have another one to purchase. I will point my gaming friends to this video to learn how to play so I don't waste my time explaining the rules. Now if you could show off the game Munchkin on Tabletop I would be ecstatic. I am having a hard time explaining that game in a concise manner.
Outstanding show. Would love to know if your gaming table is custom or can be bought. Setting up a game room and would love to have 2! Thank you for all of your hard work over the years! You rock Wil!
As a Veteran of playing Small World it was really enjoyable to watch despite the numerous mistakes and ineffective play of most of the players. Keep em coming!
Small World is great. Nothing could beat my Skeleton Historians.
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