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Super jealous of Hardwick, who is at ROFLCon right now, and got his picture taken with Chuck Testa.

On the other hand, I'm going to Staples today to see my beloved LA Kings possibly complete a sweep of the Blues to advance to the conference finals for the first time since 1993.
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Little did Wil know, the Kings had all been stuffed by Chuck Testa.
.... Wait, they're playing the game at Staples? In that case, Here's hoping the Blues end up crushed under a pallet of toner.
+Wil Wheaton Unless I missed it, you haven't told us how your weekend away went. Was it good? Did you enjoy it? Any anecdotes?
You bought the LA Kings?
Crazy to think the Kings are in position to sweep and get to the Conference finals. Have fun today. It's going to be a great & fun game.
I read that you were going to Staples as going to the office supply store, not Staples Center :P
Having the Kings knock out the Canucks in the first round doesn't feel as bad now that they are pulling off a great sweep in the second too. Still not a fan though--Go Coyotes!
Really? All I get at staples is paper and pens. neato!
Oh, Staples Center... for a minute there I thought there was going to be a hockey game in an office supply store.
Kings and Blues are my favorite teams; the only two NHL franchises where I've gone to their home games. I was hoping the Blues would do better, but I'm excited about how well the Kings are playing and hoping to see them take the cup!
(Crossing my fingers for either the Lakers or gasp! the Clippers to advance as well. Los Angeles: City of Champions!)
Go Kings! We are all very proud of them and what they are doing this year and playoffs. 
Hardwick? Nope, Chuck Testa.
Enjoy!! My team, the Islanders, didn't even make the playoffs but I"m watching them nevertheless. I just hope there's a season next year as I don't trust the people involved not to turn the CBA negotiations into a battle of egos to the determent of the game.
My envy is boundless. I am still trying to work out how I can sit down to watch it. Go Kings Go!
I bet he didn't actually mean to get his picture taken with Testa.
"You thought that you took a picture with The Nostalgia Critic. NOOOPE. Just Chuck Testa."
o____o If you do happen to go to Staples, please come to the one in Hollywood. =D (I'm there M-Th)
93, the year Gretzky DIDN'T get called for a high sticking penalty he totally should have and ultimately led the Kings to beat the LEAFS, denying us an epic LEAFS vs CANADIENS final ;(
+Brian Gilbert That would be the Staples Center in LA. Been there, passed it many times on the train.
As a bruins fan i do have to say L.A. Captain Dustin Brown is a monster in these play offs, I'm rooting for the Kings all the way. St. Louis should be happy to make the playoffs this year, much less get to the 2nd round. considering they are still a relatively fresh team so the future looks bright for them. Gotta love play off hockey :-)
The Kings look like the team to beat this year. Sadly, I'm fearful that my Predators' season won't last beyond tomorrow night. Go Kings!
So you just push the "Easy" button for that?
Yeah, I can't believe the best team in the playoffs is about to get swept by the shittiest. At least I can watch the Cardinals with a 6 run lead.
I look forward to watching the eighth seed beat the top three seeds in the West (after the 'Yotes eliminate the Predators). Go Kings!
Mr. Wheaton, for the last day or so I have been trying to find a way to contact you, because I am a n00b at the internet this is basically the only way that I have found. For this I apologize. I was wondering if there is some channel that I could go through to get an autograph and/or head shot from you for my fiancée's birthday. She has had a "crush" on you since she was a girl watching TNG. I tolerate it because she accepts my crush on Felecia Day. I understand that this is an incredibly tacky way of asking but it would totally be the awesomest gift ever... short of a holodeck with my own custom porn program. Creepiness aside, I would be ecstatic if you are able to contact me though G+ or facebook.

Thank you.
In fact, Mr. Wheaton, every woman and a scattering of men between the ages of 30 and 40 had (has) a crush on you. This is from a very scientific poll (I'm a scientist and I asked some people, then made up the rest of the data). Just go ahead and autograph one photo for each of us. That'll be easier.
I admit, I have had a crush on Wil since I was about 7 years old. I liked him back on TNG, and I like him still now.
with the wings out I've decided to cheer on whoever is playing the Blues, so go KINGS!
I liked him since Stand By Me. Still one of my favorite movies. Actually if it weren't for going to see him at a convention in Philly I would not be into Star Trek now. Thanks Wil:)
John E
Hehe Wil Wheaton.
BTW - I was just introduced to The Guild - BRILLIANT!!! LMAO - you were just thrown down a flight of stairs and beaten senseless by the waitress, in the last episode I watched!!! CLASSIC! I hope this sort of entertainment from you, and Felicia Day continue!!!! Thanks for the enjoyment!
Count another Bruins fan who wouldn't mid seeing the Kings win it all. The reputation that Boston hates LA is over-hyped. We only hate the Lakers. The Clippers, Dodgers, and Kings are very likable.
Great win by the Kings! I only saw most of the third period here in Germany (it's late here) but the Kings are for real! Whoever the Kings get next (Nashville or Phoenix) should be very concerned right now!
Chuck Testa is a great dude. It's a pity it's the last ROFLCon, we would have loved to have you there!
omg Chuck Testa is a legend!
Personally I think you got the better deal :)
I know your pain, just last weekend my buddy just got his picture taken with some celeb over here making me super jealous. For some odd reason though I just can't quite put my finger on the name of that celeb who was here in Calgary a week ago...
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