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Happy Mother's Day, moms! 
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Thank you sir! You are a gentleman and a scholar!
Inquiring minds want to know, do you send Gates McFadden artificial flowers? :)
Interestingly - in Germany (where I live) was on May 13, in Poland (where I lived) is May 26
Why, thank you very much! :-D It's my first one. <3
You're incredibly sweet. So sweet that I've just shared a mom-picture with just you. (One of my circles got to see it more than a week ago.)
Thank you +Wil Wheaton. I hope all mom's had a great day. It's big of you to miss some of the King's game to celebrate with your wife.
I'm a Mutha. My I still accept this salutation?
One of the best actors on st tng!
Thanks for the great work there!
I was watching Big Bang today on my DVR, you gave my mother a great mothers day laugh. Glad to hear you love you mother.
Thank you and pass it on to your wife :)
Thank you Wil! I hope you're wife had an awesome mothers day as well!
i wish yr mother to good health very very much and happy everything in life of yr mother.
What was it like playing a serial killer on Criminal Minds? What other shows have you acted on?
+Lisa Thompson Re: "What other shows have you acted on?" Uhh.. Try looking him up on Wikipedia or IMDB, or just search Google for: Wil Wheaton Filmography
+Wil Wheaton Are you referring to 'moms', plural, as in all mothers? Or are you referring to your own mother as "Moms"? Hard to tell these days...
Thanks Will and I am so excited to see you at the Phoenix Comicon in a week. I love your work and the Table Top episodes are AWESOME! Can't wait to meet you in person.
Thank you! It was my first Mother's Day and so far it's the best one! :D Happy Mother's Day to all the Mothers in your life too!
just watched the man who fell to earth...does mom have that one in her old school EFX. you little hooligan.
speaking of mother just received her foreign royalty check for stand by me and asked to no one in particular "I wonder how much Wil Wheaton received (laugh)."

bt-dub: she is credited as the Fat Lady (threw up in her white purse during the barf-o-rama scene)...anyway, she says hi and "he didn't turn out to look at all like I thought he would." Anyway, she has fond memories of you and the other boys.


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