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The Android app Reddit is Fun was banned by Google and taken out of the Google Play Store, because it has "sexually explicit material." I guess Google will be taking all web browsers, cameras, video players, and message apps out of the Google Play Store next, right?

This is ridiculous. Google needs to fix this, immediately.
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Wow, that really sucks. I use that app all the time. I really hope that can get appealed.
Erm... Google, you do realise that it's stuff like this that make Apple total douches? Besides, sexually explicit material is hot.
Fer Pete's sake, half the apps I see for sale in any store have the words "Babes" or "chicks" or "Hot girls" in the title....
I didn't think Google censored the market?
Mike Bean
wow, you ever just get the feeling that we as a culture are just way too repressed? Like anything that's even six degrees separated from sex is taboo? Can we draw a line somewhere please? Are pencils sexually-explicit because they can be used to draw pictures of genitalia?
David H
So why do they have music with explicit lyrics? Sounds like a double standard to me.
Google Images is going to have to be taken out of google. It has sexually explicit material.

Same with web search.

And the USENET archives

The Internet is for PORN.
Google being all Evil-ly again...
Wow. I'm sure glad I grabbed the recent update for this app. What a stupid decision.
David H
Google... the Wal-Mart of the internet...
Thought it was only Apple that didn't allow "Sexually Explicit Material" on their devices...
I'm only on the internet because of boobs. By google, Apple and Facebook. Time to decentralise. 
Stupid removal of app is stupid.....bad Google is bad....
Silliness - none of the material available via the app is unavailable via the mobile web version of reddit. Why would they ban this? My web browser is a gateway to far more explicit and disturbing material! The app merely offers the links to reddit in a more easily read and organized fashion. Total silliness and uncharacteristic of Google.
I'm only here because of the way Stewie says "Wil Wheaton".
There's this thing called the "Internet". It's on my ohone. I hear it has NSFW content. Maybe Google has heard of it?
Why are they making morality-based judgments like this? Technically, any app that allows the transmission of information from one human to another can carry "sexually-explicit" material. You might as well close Android down - since people often use their phones for sexually-explicit purposes! And Google Search, and Google Reader, and a whole host of other apps Google makes. All of them can, and are currently being used to transmit sexually-explicit material.
Ging De
The scary part is that they'd do the same if they had 99.9% Market share of all app stores (desktop and mobile).
They might as well turn off my droid right now...
I, for one, applaud this bold move by Google. I could have accidentally seen boobs and been sent to hell. Thank you Google and god bless you.
From some of the comments, it seems that the 'sexually explicit' ruling might come from the specific inclusion of certain reddit destinations in the app.
If I am understanding it correctly, that would be like a browser that has default bookmarks to sexually explicit sites?
Its most likely due to the new auto-generated list of sub-reddits feature that was recently added, which means users could see NSFW content without necessarily wanting to... so although its harsh to just ban it, it makes a bit of sense. Not everyone wants to look at it, they could probably get it back in the store by disabling it by default and warning users when enabling it. Calm down people...
I wonder is that why it stopped working for me the other day? Well that sucks.
Shun all the religious extremism in all its forms! shun! Shuuuuuuuun!
The app still works on my phone.
NSFW content exists. Get over it, Google! Grow up a little and realize that the Internet is populated by ADULTS who happen to have ADULT desires. People who don't want to be exposed to NSFW material should be intelligent enough to be able to avoid it on their own.
Don't we trust or Google overlords to know what is est for us and to protect us from all the 'bad' stuff out there?
I'm quite surprised by this move... Google's been so big on keeping things open, and then to turn around and do this? I think they'll realize their mistake and restore it to it's rightful place on the Play Store.
Meh, you want this, just download the app. Shame for the developer as some only look for apps on the Google Play Store, but thats the good thing about Android, you do have other options in where to get apps
Idiotic. At least, unlike in iOS, you can still install it on your phone...
Ging De
+Wil Wheaton I propose we bomb all google apps with 'inappropriate content' reports. Especially Google Chrome :)
Sadly, I can only imagine that someone with score to settle flagged the app as "sexually explicit" even though it's nothing more then a Reddit API reader. Thankfully, it looks like the software is only banned from the store, and not being force-deleted off of phones.

Congrats everyone! RiF is now a limited edition app! When it comes back, I hope that talklittle conciders making a gold icon for those who survive the great Google Goof of 2012!
I'm standing by... let me know when we launch...
In all seriousness the major differentiator here is between capability and intent. The app is no different than Safari in that it has the capabiity to deliver NSFW material.

I would contrast that to say, a theoretical reddit/r/spacedicks app the sole intention of which would be to deliver the most horrifying material directly to the user.

Honestly, I think that both should be allowed, but in this case the app seems pretty harmless and no different than any other content delivery system which could, potentially, expose you to bewbs and send your soul to eternal fiery torment.
Reddionic is still on the app store. I never used this Reddit is Fun. Does it offer different functionality?
come on Google.. that's such and Apple move... LAME
Joe Tee
find another store?
But wait! I thought Android was an open system that was way better than iOS because of it's openness blah blah blah etc.
Whenever I update Opera for my Mac, iPhone, or iPad, I get a "contains over-18 content" warning. It's kind of funny and honest all at once.
What are their reasons to singled out a single app when the content is provided by users?
+Manny Otero RiF is only blocked on the store, but the APK can still be downloaded and installed, or picked up from any of the other stores. It's more of an moral issue that a harmless reader is blocked for something that can be said for many other more intentionally explicit apps out there.
I have a feeling this will be just like the middle finger fiasco. Everyone blamed google and it was just users reporting it that brought the ban...
Uh, I updated Reddit is Fun yesterday. Google didn't take it out, it was changed to Reddit is Fun Lite and Reddit is Fun Golden Platinum, and, both are in the Market as we speak (type). The name change made it look like it was removed, since there is no Reddit is Fun (Plain Vanilla) anymore. At least that's the way it looks here.
BTW - All those that are running in circles and screaming, please, continue to do so. The word circlejerk does come to mind.
I'm not an android user. What is the difference between Google Play store and the normal Android Market?
Not having used the app I wonder if the issue is simply what subreddits are included in the default view. In other words, could the app have /r/gonewild or other subreddits set up as a default? I use ireddit on my ipad touch and the browser for my other devices but my subreddits on the ireddit app certainly have unsafe content. Considering that Apple tends to be more draconian (at least by reputation) I have to believe that it is something like this occurring.

That and the fact that this country is full of puritanical dickheads of course. That's the other reason.
I agree. Reminds me of how a South Carolina school deemed Ender's Game pornography last week.
Also, NSFW is listed in the available subreddits, so, I doubt if it has anything to do with censorship.
+Michael Facente i think you're right...
Maybe the app hasn't got an age on it on Google Play? All the reddit apps on Apple's App Store are rated 17+ with exception to one 12+ app.
Come to think about it I think that browsers on Apple's store are 17+ too... looks ... yes they are
Ender's Game is porn Ralph. Demosthenes is a harlot!
+Tom Wroblewski The original post was from the developer; I think it has been taken down. I can't see it.
I think the removal was for unsuitable content and
it is my assumption that the app was probably distributed with a content rating as "for everyone"; yet can browse adult materials.
Wouldn't they have to ban Google, too?
+Andy Reeves I think the issue at hand is that countless other apps, many of which come preloaded, can also browse adult materials. Web browsers most obviously.
+David Breece I think they would; but the Google applications like Chrome come with a content rating. Did reddit is fun ?
+Andy Reeves Thanks, I didn't see the developers post. I held the Reddit is Fun update because of comments made about it on Reddit. When I saw it was updated again on the 18th, I figured the broken parts were fixed, so, I updated it last night. No problem, except for the new name. Interesting, I just did a search for it in the Market before I made the first post, and it is there. Searched for "reddit is fun" and got 2 hits, Reddit is Fun lite and Reddit is Fun Golden Platinum. Strange that it's there for me but not you.
+Zachary Bullough Can't you stop those apps from loading with an age restriction? Or remove them before giving the phone to a child?
+Wil Wheaton The issue is that it will display links to sexually explicit material without the user actively pursuing it. In any of the examples you gave the user must wish to find sexually explicit material.
+Andy Reeves There are apps that can restrict access to other apps for this reason, but it is not done natively in Android.
+Ken Pietro ah ok. I'm more familiar with iOS restrictions. Not had a mess with Android restrictions (and now know).
I know that on iOS if I set the age to, say, 4; that all the apps rated above that simply disappear off the home screen and it bars downloading apps that are more mature than that.
Maybe that should be on Google's checklist; I can imagine having that native would be a seller for parents who want a family tablet.
+Manny Otero It is. The app can be installed, just not via the store. The Play Store is meant to be a safehaven, but unlike iOS, they let you install apps from elsewhere.
+Ken Pietro there are ways to install apps on iOS without jailbreaking from the safari browser. But I believe they are limited to web based apps and inherit the 17+ rating from safari...
But, i know, tat isn't the same as Android's truly open market for apps
Edit: Updates to these apps also bypass Apple... I just checked an old app I had and when I opened it it updated and got a new icon and magic stuff etc
+Andy Reeves I did the search on my Droid and my Market has been updated to Google Play. Can someone else with an Android phone try the search? I can't be the only one seeing it.

Wait, just did the search again, this is weird, now it's not showing. How long has it been since I first posted? Now I'm only finding Baconreader. I'll have to save the apk, just in case. I wonder if Google Play was working on a cache before?

OK, now "I" can start screaming and running around in circles, geez, I'm always late to the party.
+Tom Wroblewski I'm sure when the NSFW links are removed; or the app gets a content rating that reflects the links to adult material, then it will be back and mighty.
lol @ all the blind rages here. Google should be allowed to regulate what is in their app, it is ridiculous to think otherwise. Just as this dev thinks he should be able to display whatever he wants in his app. All he has to do to meet the req is hide the nsfw links until the user manually adds them. Ofc, if he doesn't want to remove them he doesn't have to and he can just show users how to install it without Google Play.
i wonder if g+ hangouts will detect boobs and put a black bar over them
that's probably what the mustache/dogface/reindeer feature is being developed for
Google doesn't prevent anyone from installing anything they want. This is their store so they can moderate it how they choose. This is hardly like Apple controlling what apps you are allowed to have.
sounds like G+ having its Steve Jobs moment.
At least it's trivially easy to "side load" apps on an Android device. Essentially, one check box in the settings and "here's the link to download it on your phone".
That's ridiculous. While the Play Store shouldn't be a free for all, a browsing app shouldn't be censored like that.
Shit, I love that app and use it every day.
That's probably my most used app. Now where am I supposed to get my sexually explicit material...? In all seriousness though, it's like banning a web browser, what the fuck?
well that's just ignorant!! any app could be used for 'pornographic content'.. people need to grow up for crying out loud!!
Diode is supposedly the same thing with a new name?
if reddit web app added a content warning it would probably not be an issue.. kinda the "the developer is not responsible for the content, only supply access to an existing database. All of humanity has access uncensored access to database content. you have been warned. " sort of thing.
I use BaconReader, which still seems to be showing up (for now). But that is ridiculous.
I have Baconreader on my Logitech Revue (Google TV) and I was thinking this earlier. Why Reddit is Fun and not Baconreader? I'd love to hear Google's reasons (as would the developer of Reddit is Fun).
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
First the privacy update debacle and now they kill one of the best apps on the market? lame Google, very lame.
I hope you all don't believe that was the actual reason the app was taken out. There are tons of apps like 1000 sex position which has way more explicit content and are still up and running. I am sure this was to promote a different app.
P.S.: You people at Google are starting to dissapoint me more and more. First with your Customer Support (nonexistent) and now with this? Very lame and be sure that if you continue this way you will lose more than you could win by being part to such nonsense.
Wow... just... wow... Words cannot describe how disappointing this is. This is the kind of move I'd expect to see out of Apple, not Google.
Reddit agrees with your Nicholas, that's why they took JB down. This is the message on that page now: "This subreddit has been shut down due to threatening the structural integrity of the greater reddit community"
Well, they should definitely ban this! And the web browser - it can be used to access "sexually explicit material" as well! And the Gmail app too - you can send and receive "sexually explicit material" in an email! You should also ban the text messaging and Google Talk apps, as you can share this content in there too.

This is a stupid, stupid move by +Google Play and +Google . The app takes the content from the web and puts it in a format for a smartphone. People are going to do whatever they're going to do with it...the app can't be liable for that.
When did this happen? I dl'ed it two days ago.
Not that I am for sexually explicit material, but shouldn't they have just put filters for content into the market instead so those that want to can see this stuff and those that don't don't need to? Just like the filters for the GOOGLE SEARCH? I mean come on!
+Dana LaBerge This has to be because of Gone wild subreddit...although I don't think the posts display unless your logged into Reddit
I'm still able to log into it and see all the nsfw stuff. Maybe it just doesn't work if you don't have an account
I just bought this yesterday and reflashed my phone today, no wonder I couldn't find it!
WTF... I've had this app on my phone (AND paid for) and now I find out that there is porn on it? Here I thought it was only cat photos.
This kind of crap was why I boycotted Apple. They'd better damn well put it back.
Are they going to ban the Tumblr app now, too? Google Reader? Seems like a rather arbitrary decision on Google's part.
Good luck with that; Nymwar did nothing if not prove that Google is deaf to its users' cries. :(
I'm afraid Google may be cleaning up, trying to look good to it's real target - China :-/
I have the Reddit is Fun app, and it was still working as of about ten minutes ago when I last tried it. I'll be highly annoyed if it stops working in the near future due to Google politics.
Even if it isn't in play you can download the APK or get it through another app store like Amazon.
i like this is perumal,i want to seen
I guess Google really have caught up with Apple.
However the solution is simple HTML5 - No more app stores needed - This wrenches control back to the users of the web rather than letting Google, Apple, Microsoft et al creating small enclaves for users of different devices.
Wow! I just snagged this two nights ago for the first time. Been using it hardcore for two days.

I'm pleased with my timing, but angered at Play >:| (that's my serious face, so you know i'm serious.), can anyone tell Google the meaning of the word "hypocrisy", and then explain to them the meaning of "open", "censorship", et al? When certain fruit company pulled such stunts, people were screaming blood. Huh.
I have to agree. I've got no personal interest in a reddit app, but banning a reddit app for being "sexually explicit" kinda makes an awful policy. And it does seem lile Apple gets hit much harder for this stuff than Google does, and pretty much anyone else as well.
oh no, not google too now... holy shit people can handle some pictures they might find shocking (which i highly doubt in the first place)
I'm pretty sure I liked Google because they WEREN'T Apple.
If they think that's sexually explicit, they should see my Tumblr feed. LOL.
and don't forget to block youtube!
You are all ignorant. It's Google's policy for their app. Sure, browsers can access porn, but your browser doesn't have a preloaded bookmark that automatically sends you to porn. Google realizes that some people like you would whine, so when they acquired Android they made sure to preserve the ability to install APKs. This is like deleting a program's download from the Chrome store but not disabling the .exe from installing the program on the computer itself. It's like banning the sale of porn in your department store, but still selling the DVD players that play it. You can get to it if you REALLY want. Google the Reddit Is Fun .apk file and stop whining.
Oh yes! Brilliant!

Random dodgy app download and having to "Allow Unknown" sources and the associated potential implications.

Perhaps you are a bit ignorant then? Not that the whole issue didn't get blown out of proportion a bit, but still, pretty dumb suggestion to just Google it.
+Peter Edwards Obtaining the APK from the developer is the same as getting it through the store. It is absolutely ignorant to assume the Play Store app would be any safer. "Allow Unknown" sources must be checked to install apps from the Amazon AppStore. Is that dodgy? Get learned.
+Peter Edwards Also, PCs have the ability to install programs without needing to check an "unknown sources" option. This isn't a security issue.
I installed the .apk from Reddit's site. Google MIGHT have a point, IF they didn't have a LOT of stuff in the app store that isn't exactly rated PG. The stuff in the Reddit app doesn't have anything more pornographic in it that doesn't already exist in the app store, from what a I could find in a casual browse through.

Frankly, I would have found porn easier with my browser than with the app. There's got to be some other reason Google decided to pull it than its ability to access pornographic content. Maybe the developer pissed them off somehow?
+Doc Wilson Exactly. Because you're looking for it. Even if someone with intent searches for porn in the Play Store, the worst they'll find is apps that might show bra-and-panties shots or something that might be found on a billboard. The "porn" apps are merely named that to attract clickers. The difference with RiF is that it actually contains pornographic content because it scrapes Reddit without sufficient filtering. I have a wallpaper app called Wallbase from the market that scrapes 4CHAN'S wallpaper boards, but the app developer made sure that there were filters to keep 4Chan's pornographic content from entering HIS APP. He knew what it took to keep it in the market and to protect his users. If they want nude wallpapers, they simply can't click an option in his app to get it. They can go to the wallbase website to do so, though. That site isn't linked to by the APP or the Play Store.
And it's not "MORAL POLICING" if Google still leaves you ABLE to access it and install it. They're creating a product and don't want that product to be viewed as a porn app store with a few useful tools and fun games sprinkled in. The internet is largely pornography. What makes any of us think the Play Store and App Store wouldn't be if there was free reign of content?
Wait... hold up. How many USERS flagged this app before some automated system kicked it out? Seems like unless Google makes an official statement about the takedown, it is simply responding (automatically) to users flagging the app as inappropriate. Humans will probably monitor the appeal process and it will likely get reinstated.
Google's straight-up ripping of the Apple App store with this policy. Maybe Apple can sue and force Google to not remove porn or link apps?
Wow Google is usually really good about this stuff
I'm guessing trolls bombarded the flag button
LOL, yes that sucks about the censorship but c'mon, there's probably (literally) a million other places to look at porn.
I just want to point out that they still do not censor sexually explicit material from their phones or OS. Just from their market. Example: It took me less than a minute to download Reddit is Fun from Aptoide, and I happened to notice it was also in Appbrain. If you want the program for whatever reason, use another market. Easy Peasy.
+Ken Pietro wow... angry then?

Assuming that someone will get it from a legitimate source is questionable. Many malware / trojan apps are out there purporting to be legitimate. Perhaps instead of your initial rant you could have provided the direct link to the dev's page to highlight your point? Your response was about as useful as the censorship rants.
This looks like it will be resolved, he's reissuing the app, removing the NSFW stuff from the default subreddits.
Oh no, this slope! It's so slippery!
can't forget there's an app for a fetish social networking site on the store, wonder when they'll get to that
should we ban google for being teh ghey?
Yet, they didn't ban Bacon Reader or other Reddit apps. That makes no sense.
I get sexually explicit material when I'm not even looking for it! It's thrown in our faces at every possible chance then some nancy tries to take it away again.
That's OK, Apple's app store proclaims that SSH is an adult oriented program.
I guess my doorbell is sexually explicit, as it loudly proclaims "DING DONG" when someone pushes the button.
Wow. They just talked about it on All About Android, and I was going to get on the Play Store (what a stupid f**king name) to install it when I got a free moment.
Don't forget they need to remove links to Google and G+ because they can have explicit material.
Google's getting crazy; they've probably grown beyond the point of controlling it, the way they run things.

I got my AdWords campaign pulled for unexplained reasons. Oh, sure, they say there's a separate email. It's not there. It's not in spam. Apparently they don't like me using keywords like "ruby" and "python". "android" is OK even though I've never written a word about it, but my most popular post was about Ruby.

Reddit is Fun wouldn't load properly on my phone anyway (HTC Sense). BaconReader seems to work better.
John E
I never had Google down for being prudes. What's wrong with a little sex anyway?
+John E I think all tablet/phone companies went down this "no p0rn," "nothing offensive" path. It started with Steve least his Biography says it did.
John E
Pff. Jobs is a poxy git then. I think he's not alone in that weird old country that he came from though. Americans in general have a strange, catholic-tinged puritanical view of sex and porn. It's especially strange since 99% of the world's porn is made there...
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