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Did G+ roll out some new "invite everyone you follow to an event" thing? My feed is completely overwhelmed with "everyone's invited to XXXXX event" notices, and I'm having a hard time actually seeing posts from people I'm following.

Oh, and the spammer scumbags have figured out that they can make an invite to an event that's nothing but spam. 

Is there a way to opt-out of event invites from people I don't follow or have circled? Is this yet another thing Google rolled out without thinking it through clearly?
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There's something in the settings, but apparently it's all or nothing.
It's a known problem with G+ Events which just launched today; I hear a fix is in the works.
You can opt out of email notifications in your settings. Not sure about notifications in general. Google just rolled out events and people are playing a little too much.
So you're not coming to my pet monkey's bris? 
Yes they did - it's part of the developer conference going on now. As far as opting out of invites, not sure how to do that yet.
also, you can turn them off in google calendar.
Yes, go to the gear icon at the top, choose settings, and scroll down to set your Events notifications suitably.  You're getting hammered for obvious reasons -- hasn't been bad for peons like me ;)
Yes, google just rolled out a new events system. Other then the spam it looks pretty cool.
That seems like a pretty big bug. Have you tried choosing just the circles you want to appear by selecting them with the tabs at the top left?
I've heard rumor they can be deleted but I'm not certain, my mobile app hasn't gotten the "event" memo yet. 
What? Google overlooked some detail? Scandal!
Yes, you have to kill notifications in the settings for Events.
I got a page overlay when I logged in just now for G+'s new event functionality.  I actually thought I had a virus for a second, because Google never does page overlays...
Yup, I was puzzled to get invited to something from someone I had no clue who they were.
Not a way to stop them in your feed yet I don't think, but to stop them cluttering up your calendar, do this:

In Google Calendar Settings - 4th Menu option from the bottom, set it to the option you desire =)
Need an option to allow events only from those in defined circles.  
They introduced the ability to create events and everyone went batshit crazy over it in typical G+ fashion.
Apparently on the settings page too if you scroll down you can turn off the email notification for it.
If you find out, let me know too.  It's doing my head in.
Ugh. It's just people playing with the new "toy". But they do need to do a "mute post" like on normal threads.
Yes, apparently an "improvement" that was not well thought out
It's likely just a growing pain of the service, where, perhaps by default, the new event invite is set to remember your most recent "Share" preferences, which is likely Public for most people.
What, you mean you're not coming? You arrogant bastard!
+Wil Wheaton You can go into settings and change your notifications to "my circles" only. It should calm down in a few days then you can change it back.
Are there things that Google rolls out that they do think clearly about?
Yes you can opt out and looking for the link now :)
Well, I'd like to try a not shitty event and see how the whole thing works. Instead of mindlessly bashing it for being new.
Oh Google, quit shoving new features in my face and work on the ones that are already out that don't work so well. 
Yep - if there isn't an option I guess there will be soon ...

If you made a circle with just the people you want to see - when viewing that circle I would guess that would get rid of the invites from the +'s you haven't circled? Should help filter it a bit?

not had any intites so I can't check myself !
I think they have been to focused on the Q and the Nexus 7.
So far, Google has been a lot more responsive about such things than Facebook... which is why I closed the Facebook account.
1. went to calendar
2. My calendar (on your left)
3. Settings
4. General
5. "Show events you have declined" : No
6. Automatically add invitations to my calendar: No , only show invitations to which I have responded
Does the "Who Can Send you Notifications" in the Settings for Google Plus cover Events?

Obviously you should switch that off of "everyone", but +Wil Wheaton has probably already done that.
GPlus with its Getting Started page and now Events is getting a bit intrusive.  I've already been using GPlus for months and it's still giving me a Getting Started page? puh-leeze sigh
I think I need to check my business page for that then.
You can maybe contact +Denise Ho at Google to ask about that.  I'm sure celebrities can have some sort of block or something like that.  Good luck with it Mr. Wheaton.
I havent seen a single one of these yet - so either I'm Billy No-Mates, or no-one on my feed is using it.
+Wil Wheaton You can disable the email notifications, but I cannot see a way to control which notifications appear in your stream.
+Matt Steiner Thanks for replying. I just want to say, "good luck; we're all counting on you."
I'm hoping we can ALL have that setting. The ability to choose which of my circles can send event invites would be a great start. And then be able to mute them after replying no. 
Not the most pleasant thing to wake up to, is it? Hopefully my friends will get over the gleeful "let's make an event" phase before I have to get out my banhammer. 
They need to put an option in the "Who can interact with you and your posts" section of the account settings. "Who can invite you to an event"
Yeah, seeing the calendar on my phone suddenly fill up with events that I haven't accepted...not cool.
I only saw that once when I first logged in but then again I don't have that many associations on here.
They launched it a couple of hours ago. It seems like a good concept with a less than pleasant implementation.
Clearly they need a slider for Events. And maybe a few controls to completely turn off invitations from people not in your circles.
I am automatically unfollowing anyone that pushes an event.  Wheat from the chaff.
they are getting more like Facebook every day!
I haven't set up events yet.  I said no thanks when it asked me if I wanted to check it out.  Then again I don't have nearly as many meople in my circles as you.
Show events you have declined:
Automatically add invitations to my calendar:

I just set these both to No, hopefully helps.
Google put a lot of thought in it, actually. Look it up, it was just announced and released during their IO event today. People are just excited about it. It will pass and people will start using them appropriately. 
the ability to invite friend to events is a main reason for FB users to choose FB over G+. Users want it. They also want to be able to do the Happy Birthday thing so they don't actually have to put any effort into wishing someone Happy Birthday. 
I definitely want the ability to block/ignore invites from folks not in my circles, and to be able to choose which circles I get invites from. 
Events > Settings > Who can send you notifications? > Your circles
I'm sure the mess will be cleared out at some point. Hopefully sooner than later.
+Wil Wheaton Check under SETTINGS->Google+->Events ... should give you the control you need.
+Matt Steiner How about keeping everything confined to the events stream, as with games? Invites from your circles can still show up in notifications.
Turning off event notifications will prevent the feature from ever being useful to you in the future.  I encourage you to wait a bit a see what happens.  I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.
I've only been invited to one event... and I created it... ;_;
Ha! Sucks to be famous and awesome doesn't it!

Okay, not really, but as a nobody i've received absolutely zero invites to anything so far, so i can at least pretend for awhile that being unnotable confers some small advantage :)
I found some settings inside of Google Calendar itself.  I haven't checked G+ settings just yet.
+Gordon Wells Excellent idea. Games invites and event invites are pretty obviously the same sort of 'thing' (other people wanting to involve you in something to which you may have expressed no interest). So they should be treated with the same set of controls.
+Matt Steiner How about it?
it's the new "Events" button on the left side of the screen; apparently inviting everyone invites everyone in your circles, which means all you celebrity types are going to be inundated with invites to parties from your followers.
There is a slider that lets you control how much you will see on your homepage. Each circle has one of these slider. 
Sadly, the XXXXX event was a horrible mistake. No one's sanity survived the additional two X's.
It literally just appeared on my G+ page this afternoon. Much to my surprise, even MENTIONING someone in the event apparently invites you... which means, when I hat-tipped you for "don't be a dick" I contributed to your noise level, albeit completely inadvertently.

Sorry about that! But your point re: Google not thinking that one through -- still valid.
When you have a friend that's trying to arrange game night, G+ events are super cool. When you're famous and people can spam you with invites, it's less cool.

Have you tried not being famous?
Go to the top of your Google+ feed, click on the gear icon drop-down, choose SETTINGS, then customize the option about who can send you notifications.  Hope that helps!
Also, spammers should eat **** and die. :)  Just saying.
+Wil Wheaton, I'm afraid it's the latter. It's not only your stream that is flooded. The point is, that you get all the invitations people send out to "everyone" as long as you are circled by them and not the other way around.
Guess we have to live with. 
There are no events appearing in my stream, all the public events are confined to the Events tab. Those events to which I've been invited have appeared in my notifications. I take it some people are seeing them in their main stream? If so then that's probably a bug.
I'm seeing it in my main stream too.  Notifications would be better (as would circle control).
I'm just glad that they finally did some sort of integration with google calendar.
Yeah, I don't think many people realized the ummm issue of events. I totally sent a public one and it emailed everyone.... 
You're not the only person to have noticed this. Linus Torvalds was on about earlier too.. must affect people more famous than me :-)
I created an event for my circle of IRL friends. They do need to fix though asap. Now if only I can figure out how to change the calendar events I create go to. My birthday dinner != work.
Can't let facebook hog all the social network faux pas this week. I'm not seeing any in my stream but I've seen complaints from multiple g+ celebs so +Wolf Weber probably has the right of it. No doubt it will be adjusted.
Wow, I'm not important enough to receive spam?  I'm so sad now.
I'm also seeing them in my main stream. Hopefully they quickly add an option to "only show event invites from people in my circles" AND have it set to that by default.
Sadly, it also looks like any event to which you are invited is also automatically added to your google calendar. 
Same with me. I was forced into trying out the new events thingy like everyone else. Which is of course a bad idea
I've tried sending feedback on this, but the feedback seems to break if I'm not at the top of the screen, if a new post comes in. So I sent feedback about that instead. 
How to fix:  Go to the Calendar app (black bar at top of screen) then click gear, settings.  On the settings screen look for "Automatically add invitations to my calendar" and "Show events you have declined" to set these according to your preferences.  You can easily set both to "No".
Probably a case of somebody not thinking something through.
Click your cog, go to settings, then scroll down to notifications. Un-select the Events stuff if you don't want it. That's all I did and no more invites =-)
+Wolf Weber, there are also settings on the Google+ screen relating to Calendar events.  You may need to tweek those too.  In fact, I think it is a good idea to review settings screens once in a while.  Things show up there on a regular basis.
I think it's a lame idea, it needs more control. What if I was having an adult girls only "toy" party... I wouldn't want everyone in all my circles being invited to it! It needed more/better tweaking before it was released
Rebecca, we would want to know that!
Psh, no one invites me to anything.... :-(
I agree with +Brenda Curtis , events are the main reason I was using FB. Someone from Google has said they are working on it (on this thread). I was going to suggest that the "Events" system, the way it currently is, could be used to create a petition to place a number of controls on it, by inviting Google in to the event :). People then have a central Event to whine and complain about it :D.
+Rebecca Henderson Or Paris Hilton invites you to her birthday party. I mean, there's just some things I don't want my friends to know.
Saw the notice, but nothing after that.
G+ will never be able to compete with facebook.  They need to stop trying.
Yup! go into settings, Google+, notifications, and uncheck everything for events. It at least will slow them down.
Apparently it's a bad time to be a celebrity on G+.  Linus Torvalds was so peeved he said he might leave because of all the unwanted invites. 
@ +Jerry Pickett yes because FB will rule the "business", just like Apple did - in the 80's. There should always be Challengers, otherwise there would be no innovation, merely stagnation and/or abuse of "power".
Who needs beta testing, we'll just fix it in production.
My apologies @ +Wil Wheaton for mentioning the A Company, it could lead to discussions by "soapbox" people for and against the corporation, which was not the intent. I just used it as an example.
Yup Google I/O keynote this morning announced new Google+ even invites & more this morning.
I think that maybe you need to remind people that are only your G+ friends to not use the "all" circle on their invites.  I mean, I'm contemplating making one for my birthday party this weekend and only a few people are going to be circled in it.  All it takes is a little forethought on the part of the people setting up the invite to keep from spamming everyone else on their G+.
You mean we're not allowed to invite you to our birthday parties?
Only Sheldon can invite him to birthday parties.
Google was a happening place today.  Some really cool things should be hitting the market soon. As for the event invites, it does seem like everyone was shouting out to each other at the same time today.  Luckily the events are over this week.
Yeah, followers should not be able to post anything to someone's timeline.  The whole idea of circles is that you aren't supposed to see anything of theirs in your stream, unless you have added them to your circles.  The timeline posts should follow the same pattern.
You're just a popular guy Wil, everybody wants you to come to their thing.
Well, my party is going to be the bees knees because Wil Wheaton is on the invite list. sarcasm
its going to be overwhelming at first, but when people settle down it will be ok.. its actually the only thing that was missing from facebook, so lets give it a bit of rejoyce shall we :)
Are you sure they're not all just from +Sheldon Cooper with a bunch of sock puppet accounts? :)
What kinda idiot peon would be so presumptuous to invite +Wil Wheaton to their random event? That's just lazy , disrespectful, and a good way to get yourself blocked.
most of the issues surround event invite volume should be fixed.  let me know if you're still having problems.
It's driving me up the wall. I have to scroll through a bunch of that just to get to the real posts from my circles. Hopefully the fix that soon.
Ah, it is occasionally good to be nobody,  I see no invites... foreveralone.jpg
who is this guy? is he famous for something??
I love that the majority of the spam events I have been invited to only have "Are you going" options of "Yes" or "Maybe" available... apparently saying "No" is completely out of the question.  
I just didn't opt in for the events thing at all- yes it's sitting docked at the side (with lots of other things I never use), but there is no content swamping me down with useless garbage- from how bad it seems, it's almost like someone from Facebook is telling G+ people 'hey, you should totally do this!'
I tend to "X" out immediately anything that pops up without my encouragement. 
#ImJustSayin  This is a great new feature and freaking everybody out just hurts innovation at Google.  Is anyone here "paying" for the services here?  I'm not.  I'm grateful for Google and I'm cutting them some slack. #EndOfRant  
I'm with Jack. We pay nothing for this. We're users, not customers. Fleas come with the dog.
I turned off email notifications a year ago.  I get about 50 total per day ..  I just scroll through them and scan for those that deserve my attention.
thx +Phil Simon 
You wonder? I just looked at events and who to invite and the only name popped up was yours as "frequently contacted" :-P
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