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Holy shit. 901,000 people have me in circles.

That's just... wow. I don't even.
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That's over nine HUNDRED thousand!
There are 900,000 circles?
Out of curiosity, how many do you have circled?
I thought I was cool at nearly 400. That's über-awesome!
Google suggested you to me about 3 minutes after I joined way back when. I was unclear on who you are. Sorry. Anyway, now's the time to ask us for money.
You are full of awesome, AND nice guy to boot? It should be more....
and on Twitter too. loved you on The Big Bang Theory.@jfreev
Now if one could turn that number into cash lol.
When is your next appearence on Big Bang Theory
ANd have you seen the youtube sensation known as shut up wesley
But it's not a prime number. It'll be even cooler each time your number of followers is prime! :)
I hit 1445 if you Circle me back :D
hmm, i do not even have a mW of followers (milliWheaton)
Are you just now working out that you're Hollywood famous? You're a pretty big fuckin' deal, you know: embrace it.
What is wrong with them. Don't they have a life? lol
I have 92 in my circles, and I read EVERY comment daily, and thats takes an hour and half some days... I can't imagine even doubling that figure let alone over a thousand.
Quite a responsibility. Like being a CEO of a large company or something.
That's what happens when you say interesting stuff :)
well that's cool . I wish you would have jumped in on the hang out that Jerri Ryan had, that might have been fun!
Wow - Congratulations! I have 56 people. Hmmm. I wonder why that is.
Congrats! You now have a mass following of people of varying degrees of geekiness, willing to do your bidding. USE YOUR MINIONS WISELY!
What can I say? your a popular guy.
So what's the prize money up to then?

Well said Derek, Jeri has led the path Wil, your turn next for a Hang-Out, just give us some notice if possible. NOW is fine though LOL
what can I say. I grew up with you since Stand By Me.
I echo, USE YOUR MINIONS WISELY!, with great power comes great responsability, or something.
What can we say? We like you, Wil.
that is what happens when you become highly entertaining
And we are all dying for bowling tips.
discussed this post with 3 people in a hangout.
Of course. We like you and your work!
Go for that cooooollll million.... then ask us all for $1 ;)
A lot of people must like that silver running suit in TNG.
To be fair, about 1/3 of them think you're LeVar Burton.
K Yates
We adore you, Wil. Get used to it.
The hivemind has designated you a person of interest
Yeah facebook has gone now from my life too.
Well, I think they all relate to you... You were a "child actor" now you are just a real regular guy who has real regular opinions... I'm in my mid 30s, a computer geek and watched you on TV, so it's pretty cool for me to be "associated" with you on a more direct level...
Hey... what can we say... we love the King of the nerds...
Heh, exactly one hundred times my own followers. I've reached one centiwheaton.

Edit: I wonder what the distribution of followers is on G+.
Is this number people following you or mutually circled?
I can't believe wil wheaton just said shit!
You make the weebles fall down.
You seem to be a popular fellow. Probably because a lot of people can identify with you as a 'regular guy' who is also a recognizable figure from a very popular TV series. Or perhaps it's your singing that Kitty song to your wife...
If you made it as Wesley Crusher, I wonder how many people will follow you.
Surprise! Yeah, actually this Google+ thing is growing crazy fast. Kind fun, no?
wow, I'm a fan so it makes sense to me. But if I was in your place, I'd be baffled as shit. I can't imagine anyone bothering to follow me, let alone hundreds of thousands. :D
It's posts like this that make putting you in a circle worth it.
that would seem intimidating to me.
except I suspect we are a mostly harmless lot.
I still want to know if your friends are also 'regular' people or if you hob-nob with the Hoi Palloi...
e shep
OK fine, 900,999 people.
That's a non-trivial fraction of the entire human population.
Or you could see it as 6,999,099,000 people who DON'T have you in circles.
You're Wil freaking Wheaton. What's not to like? ;)
I think that grounds mostly on the quality of your posts and not on the fact that you are Wil Wheaton.
Thanks for your contributions (most of them) so far.
Really? I mean really Wil Wheaton? Really?
Holy cow, I wonder how long it takes for you to get that many followers or "friends" on Facebook...
Better get going with those hangouts :)
I have exactly 3 people in my circle. You, Wil Wheaton,, are one of them. Yeah bro, yeah...
i have a cool people are one of 2 people in it...i'm VERY selective!
Yup, I think that rates a Holy Shit. :) I think people like you.
That's just because you're that awesome, Mr. Wheaton.
Hey Wil, maybe we just like you for who you are and not the STNG bit?
besides, I like your work on Eureka much better!
thanks for staying grounded! and come time for your "hang-out" I hope to be there!
Now you know why you are running in circles.
at 1M you will be begin to levitate uncontrollably. Don't be alarmed - but watch your head!
Well, what can we say - you are a pretty cool dude.
That is just a mathematical statement to how great you are.
well, you ARE Wil Wheaton. You're kinda a big thing!
We like you. We really like you. :)
Jay K
lack of friends! and was sucked in by the Soft Kitty post g+ gave me for the day. Worthy advice though :) I've only seen you on the Big Bang Theory, and I like your work. Don't worry, you do come off as a nice guy who's having fun with the part. I wish I could hang arouns a dynamic group like that. I'l wrap it up soon. Do you play MtG? And are there any spare Mystical Warlord cards laying Around?! I thought about doing a trump-style game with the cards mentioned in the game. I havn't checked out the fb version but would really like a real version of the game and cards . All the best, Jay (Australia)
so even if he offered to allow 1000 people to "hang out" each would take him around two and a half years to hang out with each of us.
Quite understandable given your eclectic interests, Wil. That... and you're freaking adorable! <3
I'm guessing if I'm Will Wheaton I'm looking to earn some serious cash from the nearly 1M followers... Just ask Charlie Sheen...
I just followed you because >---^
he follows you. 
Jesus, just ONE perfectly timed and witty comment means nearly a MILLION comments at once. My god, man, a G+ singularity could occur at ANY MOMENT!

I followed you because "sheldon" became your friend!! :D
I want this thread to be +1'd by nine hundred thousand people. Get on it.
I was one of the earliest! lol
Some don't even believe there are that many of us on G+
relax Wil! close your eyes and listen...
"Soft kitty,
Warm kitty,
Little ball of fur.
Happy kitty,
Sleepy kitty,
Purr Purr Purr."

All better now? ;-)
Why not? Many of subscribe just to see what you are going say next. That, and -- please don't get mad -- but you are Wesley Crusher! You rawk dude! I am an ST geek.
and you don't even post boobs.....LOLOLOL
+Derik Wilson: Not true... he's actually replied to ME at least once... no, it WAS me, I don't care WHAT you say!

(whimpers in a corner)
No one has added me. Now I'm sad. Maybe I'll call Sheldon.
That's a lot of people, a lot. but it's nothing compared to my 36!
Not me, nope. I don't. I just HAPPENED to find this post by accident. I was looking up Wheaties recipes. Yup
and of my limited circle count... I see more posts from you than anyone. Hah! Thankfully most are worthy of at least a glance.
I'm tempted to put everyone who replies to this thread into a People who follow Wil Wheaton circle. I'm not exactly sure what I would do with it then.
I don't follow WilW because he was Wesley Crusher.

I follow him because he was also Evil WilW, a serial killer, and is brewer of fine beer.
I guess you must be famous or something. ^_^
chad wilson's right, your pretty cool to follow, your funny and you prove that there are some non superficial people in LA kudos!
congrats, it would seem you are quite popular, and well deserved it is.
Wheaton for President in 2016!
You should start a hang-out. Wonder if it would crash and burn Google to the ground! ;-)
You are in my 'Famous People I Don't Know' circle.
Keep posting good stuff or i'll make it 900,999 ;)
I have him in my `famous people that i tell people i know` circle! lol
I have you in TWO circles. So there.
you're awesome man, these are the numbers to show it even on here
I believe you are your own recursive loop.
i happen to be all of them.
It's good to feel wanted, even if it is 'dead or alive'.
And how many people have you in their circles on Facebook, huh?
I started following Wil because of the D&D podcasts with Penny Arcade. But I have stayed because I highly respect his views, and values as a person. And hopefully someday I can make it to a con to say hello in person. I have a d20 with an ok story for him.
I started following Wil because of The Big Bang Theory :D
+Wil Wheaton You're a good dude and I like your stuff. I'm glad to have you on my feed.
Ok, seriously, you shouldn't be surprised. Your posts are thoughtful and funny, you've done good work, you appreciate the finer things in life (like Ice Hockey) and you are a gamer. If we ever meet, I'll buy you a beer.
You're in my awesome-people-that-I-haven't-had-the-good-fortune-of-meeting circle.
Sheldon's page only has 24830 followers currently. Just sayin.
Mr. Wheaton will u be back on TBBT in current season?? u know to piss Sheldon off to the limit !! :D :P
I chose to follow you because of your posts, not who you are. Many of the things you comment on just happen to be either interests of mine and/or share my same opinion. As far as I'm concerned you're just a normal guy with an opinion.
Don't forget Brent Spiner ripped the packaging of his Wil Wheaton doll, though.. that took cohones...
Joe Cox
That's nearly two thousand miliwheatons!
Thing is you have no way of knowing if you're in their "poopiehead jerk face" circle.
Dang man, you better start getting more interesting! Or at least sing more often ;p
Get about 100K more and you'll be a G+ Circle Millionaire!
wow that's insane.. now if I only had that many lol, I need those on my fan pages lol
That is 901,000 people who like to read and hear what you say. Impressive and scary at the same time. Only 99,000 to go til' 1 million.
dont let it go to your head, dont need you becoming all shatner on us.
I think that's enough circles that now you're a sphere.
What does the scouter say about Wil's following level?
Have you been feeling extra tired lately? Because clearly, you've been going around, and around, and around...
It's because your an awesome and interesting person.
Also, you're famous. Case in point: my five-year-old just said: "Hey, I know who is that! That's Wil Wheaton."
It's amazing what having your name said a few hundred times on a family guy episode well do for your popularity!
Almost a billion people now know "Soft Kitty". Well done.
when you are awesome... it shows :) If I twittered I'd follow you there too :)
So... gonna do something spiffy for circler #1M?
Everyone send Wil a dollar if he promises to do something amazing and interesting with the money.
I dunno, Sheldon might. That whole "keep your enemies closer" thing...
I think that video of you singing "Soft Kitty" is what got you so many followers.
It could just be that he is blown away by the number. Nothing wrong with that...
...don't even [need FB]. Oh wait!?
This is why Google+ is a force to be reckoned with. The full media posting power of Facebook, with the "Following" power of Twitter, and with full transparent control over who sees your data.
You're nearly at two Wheatons here already!
Um lol I don't even know who you are so yay for you! :-P
But Facebook...why? I just left after years of being on the fence about that network so perhaps I'm biased.
david m
You are my toy soilder hero Wesley, I want you to stand by me! Just kidding Will. It's 'cause your so totally mega rad dude!
Just don't make me a Sheldon by not showing up in Calgary AB Canada in April.
+Wil Wheaton I miss your Radio Free Burrito. It helped at my last deployment, I really liked your way of getting your Son to read at night, I started to do the same with my kids and they love reading. Thanks =/\=

If you are still doing them please tell me as I only heard the ones on my Itouch throu iTunes.
That's pretty awesome. Of course it may have to do with that you're actually posting stuff here. I see posts from you and Felicia Day and not a lot else....
You have the inside scoop on many things I like. Besides, you introduced me to Jenny Lawson and Jonathan Coulton.
8 people have me in circles. 'Holy shit!" What else can I say?
It's your fault for posting interesting stuff. YOU BROUGHT THIS ON YOURSELF!
and i added you because of this post. gg n00b.
Trust me, you will hit the million before you know it.
The Facebook thing has tempted me to remove you...
Honestly Wil if it were not for your more recent acting roles such as on "The Guild" and on "Eureka". I probably would not have you in my circles. However your character and you are not that annoying know it all kid on the Enterprise any longer. Rather your don't be a dick attitude while lets face it being kinda a dick, is where I find I enjoy reading your comments.

But WTF Facebook really?? Sell out.
I bet you can make it a cool million.
I didn't know there were that many people using Google+. ZING!
Yury Af
Yeah. Now when you realized,post responsibly!!!
I started to follow +Evil Wil Wheaton 1st, then realized he was following +Wil Wheaton .....oh no look out Wil he's following you!
Jeeze, how many are spammers? I'm not even famous, yet I will probably hit 100,000 by July. Dumb, just because of people I put in Circles.
Wil said he is in over 900,000 people have him in circles - so ya, there are a LOT MORE CIRCLES than there are people - if only for the fact that we all start out with 5 basic circles, and some of us add even more.
I just think it's cool to say I have Wil Wheaton in my circle.
I added Wil Wheaton to my "Dead To Me" circle because I support Sheldon.
Don't get too excited! You're in my "Someone I think I saw on the T.V.", circle. Lol ;-)
<-- Peaks through your patio door windows during diner time wide eyed... Hey Wil..., are you going to eat that??
J Mac
I blame you for hating my Engineering 101 class. Stupid ethical assignment on the Starfleet Academy crash.
Its over 9,000!
Wait, its over 900,000!!!
This is serious!
A million people care about your opinions dude. You're doing pretty well.
Only ~99,000 more until the 1mil milestone!
My sister says you're cool, figured I'd see for myself.
looks like it pays not to be a d*ck ; )-
Dude, your wil f'n wheaton!
I follow because I remember your work in two places, well, three now.
You are in my coveted "following" circle. And you're welcome.
What, you think your posts hit the comment limit in a couple hours because of spam?!
Why not? You're an interesting person!
Yeah, we know... nothing compared to your Twitter.
If you only had a dollar for every circle you were in ...
i think u didn't have dick so that only teasing everyone as a dick
I circled you once Sheldon removed you from his list.
"Soft kitty,
Walm kitty,
Rittle barr of ful."
(笑) oriental kitty
You're a popular guy, Whil Wheaton.
LL Pete
Beware the power of Dunbar's Number.
Love you as you in BBT!!!

I added you because you seem non-threatening and interesting. You're like the name I can drop to other people without feeling like a pretentious prick. "Wil Wheaton posted this thing, and..."
+Wil Wheaton Alice Cabrera (^ a few) is absolutely correct. It seems that you're a regular nice guy. It's a refreshing change from some of the typical big headed full-of-themselves Hollywood jerks (<cough>Patrick Stewart<cough>)
That is because you are wickedly funny, and not afraid to laugh at yourself.
Congratulations, +Wil Wheaton! It's an honor to be part of that number. Are you doing a "hangout party" when you reach the million, like +Jeri Ryan? And/or when you reach the 2 millions on Twitter?
These folks all just want to stand by you.......hahahahahahahaha
Ken M
So cool dude! But I'm not one of them! :P
In other news, there are 901,000 people on Google+.
Just for that comment I'm adding you to my circle.
Don't worry Wil, we just want you to have enough circles to make a ball and play with it!
Dee Emm
Because you're the only person of note who posts anything interesting. Everyone else has abandoned this site, but you are still here making it worthwhile.
Well that settles it... absolutely everyone on Google+ is a nerd.
yeah well, I'm up to 47! so take that Wil Wheaton!
David's right. I don't know why Plus didn't catch on; people are upset about Facebook's privacy policies, Plus fixes the things that are annoying about FB and Twitter, and yet Plus just sort of stagnates.

I don't see any posts from friends and family. I see posts in my area (college town, so there's bound to be a few users), but outside of Wil Wheaton, Leo Laporte, and Guido van Rossum, I don't see anything from people I have in circles. I'm not sure if Guido counts since he's a Google employee.

Apparently it's popular in tech circles that I'm not involved in. Probably not enough to keep it alive, unfortunately. :-(
Sorry Whil. Loved ya 'til you started on with Sheldon. Quirky as he may be, he's killing!!! Go back to your fake phasers and such.


(Dripping with sarcasm)<----for the haterz!!!!!
And yes, that was a family guy reference...
You have to keep your nemesises...nemesi?...close...B-)
Time to turn this baby out, go for the big money with some herbal viagra spam posts!
Makes you wonder if one day there'll be a REALLY BIG hokey pokey... are in my "Awesome" circle even...
why because recommended user list
The milliwheaton has been redefined.
early adopter or g2...
Wow. That's insane? How did you get so many?
L Iorio
Wow. I'm one in almost one million ... still unique enough....once you get to one million I may have to uncircle you. (Just kidding!) Anytime Star Trek TNG is brought up I think of people in this order: Picard, you, Data, then Riker. Or when anyone pukes I have often thought of you. It's nicer than it makes cleaning up more bearable with a giggle. :)
It's probably because you're Wil Wheaton. Just sayin'.
You post a lot when Anne is sick. 
I added you because I love star trek and liked your character in the show.
Star trek? Aren't you a BigBang char?
Will, you do realize every time you post something on G+ it ends up in the "What's Hot" every. single. time. ^_^
"Fire at will!" / "Which one's Wil?"
And you've been added for good reason!
it's because you aren't a dick!
You fall into the category of "celebrities that got more awesome with time". You seem to level up regularly.
seems like good use of "projected viewers" statistic if you ask me.
Because you are awesome. :)
Does that mean you want us to remove you from our circles?
We like you...I wish I had 91,000 people following...granted the majority of us are either Trekkies or simply people that saw you play Fawkes....but still we like you
He was in star trek? I thought he was just that other kid from Stand By Me.
It's because you made peace with Sheldon on Big Bang Theory.
family guy's fault....
Hmmm...and I don't but saw the public post anyway. Wow. That is a lot. The simplicity of your profile message doesn't hurt one bit . . .
Ever since that soft kitty video went viral you've been famous. How's being famous feel?
It's cause your posts are interesting and entertaining. Keep it up! =D
Ah I'm just going through some +Netflix reruns now, you look different Wesley!
Hi Wil, I recently found a series on Netflix called "Ancient Aliens" and throughout the series there is a man who looks very much like you.. except for his crazy hair. At first glance I thought it was you, so even if you don't like the rest of the show you might get a laugh from that part of it. I think the show is worth watching if for nothing more than just a history lesson on ancient cultures and their achievements. Perhaps some of your other followers here would enjoy it as well.
"And how can this be? For he is the Kwilsatz Wheatonrach!"

(I was afraid that would make Frank Herbert spin in his grave, but I think the Dune 'sequels' have him up to maximum RPM already, so we're safe there.)
Rest assured Mr. Wheaton, I have no intention of housing you in a circle, or any other shape geometry has to offer.
Could we rename it a "quantum singularity" or "neutral zone" instead of a circle? I'm not sure a circle is profound enough.
Pam J.
make that 901, 001 ;)
I just saw this in the "what's hot" area and realized I needed to add you to my circles. Here comes a milly.
On your way to a million :)
Being in a circle is much better than a Borg Cube.
so i take it am ur next big fan eeeeeeehhh help me count,lol
I basically added you because you're not a dick... and you're funny, and nice to your wife. Hopefully you won't fall in love with facebook and forget about us here on g+.
you won my heart with your rendition of Soft Kitty for your wife
Your appearances on Big Bang Theory has helped. Love that show & you rock!
I love to see your take on current technical politics. And the fun blogging helps, too. You're just an interesting geek!
+merryl redding I would have to agree - I really didn't watch much Star Trek - TNG (though it was a great show), I also love Big Bang Theory, and enjoy seeing +Wil Wheaton on it. Love that rivalry with Sheldon!
When I found out the entire cast of TNG was going to ComicCon in Calgary, I was all, "Wil's going to be there?!" :)
Go you!

I wonder if your new FB following will reach that number or higher...?

On a side note; That's roughly 900,729 people more than have me in circles!
There are 901,000 people on G+? That's just wow.
well you are really crushing it! Sorry I had to.
Back when I added you to my circles, I very proudly announced to all my friends: "I'm following Wil Wheaton on G+!" because it made me awesome. Now they all follow you too. :) Look at me, being a trend setter. You're welcome.

Also, you are a cool guy. Besides being a super talented writer, actor, gamer, soft kitty singer, husband, father, and internet lord, you are just so... personable. I'd like to imagine that if I ever met you at a con, you'd totally remember it for at least 24 hours.
What's with the language? Let's keep it clean.
and the byproduct? You'll never read this...
Clearly, Wil Wheaton underestimates the awesome that is contained within Wil Wheaton.
I think, the only reason why I don't like you, is because of the Big Band Theory.

Not really... but ya.
You are loved Wil! But I would keep my eyes on the gang over at Robot Chicken...they may have it out for you over there on Williams St...LOL
don't know why, you peaked in 1986 dude
Haha, you're a popular guy, Wil. Who'd guess that? :-)
it's partly my fault. by partly i mean whatever 1 out of 901000 is.
And you don't even have the same... let's say, great rack of advantages, as Jeri Ryan :-P
i guess you could say YOUR OVER 900,000!!!!!!!
Nate Todd
That's everyone on Google+!
Your awesomeness knows no bounds. I read to my boyfriend some of what you said and he was happy to hear that someone is actually smart and not ignorant. In short: You're the fucking Man, Wil Wheaton! I grew up watching you as a kid and I'm thrilled to know how smart you are. DON'T censor yourself, DON'T change what you believe and DON'T give in to fucking morons. I applaud you!!
thought you awesome ever since Star Trek!

I recently noticed you in "Big Bang", the back'n'forth between you and Sheldon has me in tears every time. your Tabletop is also Fantastic.
I don't do star struck often, Michael Palin [gabbled at, thanking him for many years of laughter and tears when I was walking through Plymouth town centre and noticed he was doing a book signing and thought what the hell probably the only chance I'll get], Nigel Planer [sniggered in awe at and shook his hand backstage at some festival when I was a little kid when he was doing Neil] and probably, if I ever met you, you would have a similar effect on my other wise normally operational brain. It's always the ones who seem so damn normal and just like my other friends that do it to me.
I'd be more than happy to hang out, prove to you that I'm plenty worthy of your circle.

Wait.. that didn't come out right..
If it's true that you only need 1000 True Fans to succeed... well, you're there. Exponentially.

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