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I found this from +Evo Terra, who you should be following, especially if you're an author.

It turns out that what I mostly talk about on G+ is... you. Huh. Weird.

Make your own here: (But, as Evo says, make sure you select posts and not profile. I also suggest that you go into your account and revoke access as soon as you're done.)
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I was going to say that it looks like I say "you have my but", but that's just silly.
But you have me because my people work.
I wonder if it looks at just public posts too. That would be interesting to see. Also, given your "Don't be a dick" stand - I was a bit surprised that didn't show up prominently. Perhaps there is a language filter or something.
Great, +Wil Wheaton. Just what I need... another 6K circlers today.

No, seriously. What I really need is 6K more circlers, today!

You're a peach, man. Much thanks!
...And my sword. Wait. What's he going to do with your but?
+Evo Terra if you won't want people to circle you, you should stop being awesome and worth circling. :p
When I look at this, I see a sentence: "you like me because something."
you have me, but you like my http something because... why? time should know.
Really, it's because you're so darned bossy.
OK, question for the gathered - how do I revoke access?
why you always talking bout me Wil? we haven't even met! you best not be spreading rumours about me! lol
No need to. Just give it your public profile URL and you need to grant no extra rights!
This happens when one uses "you" instead of "one" :P
It says "fucking everyone" at the bottom :-)
It really ought to ignore stopwords; I get a giant "you" as well (fed it my website, not my G+ feed)...
I'm doing a website overhaul right now and this is a great tool to help the content providers understand their word choices and how they may impact search.
I got a big, giant "YOU" in the center of my "word cloud canvas". I think the "YOU" is by default. No matter who uses this site, the word "YOU" will always be in the center of their "word cloud canvas".
One from my circle got "My" in the middle so that is not technically correct, though it does seem "You" is very common.
It still could be a default system. If your male then "YOU", if your female, then "MY". I don't know if this is correct, but probably isn't far from the truth
Nope, female here. Even says so in my profile.
No, I said someone in my circles said "My".
For me, it's 'de' in the middle. But hey, most of my posts are in Dutch. De = the. There are several equivalents of 'you' in Dutch (je, jou, jij), making it less obvious for one of those to score high enough to appear in the middle.
OK, that eliminates the default theory pertaining to "MY".
I found a giant, scary "FACEBOOK" all along the screen. Is that a curse? :D
I think that it is due to the fact that I post mostly in Italian: is this app dictionary based?
Which is good, because it came across a bit sexist. Just sayin.

I wonder if that would be the same for a lot of non-english posters +Mirjam van Dijk ? It seems very common across the board for most except english to put the in front of objects.
Well, everyone else that posted in this got "YOU", at the time, you were the only one that got "MY". And all the others, that said what they got, said "YOU". So that is why that came to mind as a possibility. Now someone got "FACEBOOK", which is only a curse, if all the words, in your "word cloud canvas" consist of the word "FACEBOOK" and no other words.
I don't know +Brenna Bliss; I've actually seen only 1 other mixed wordcloud (English + Chinese or something similar), and that had 'Google' as the most prominent word.
C Oh
I also got YOU but I'm suspicious because it included the word 'favorite' and I never spell it that way, being British, I spell it favourite. Most of all, I find it very suspicious that it does not even seem to include I, which I am sure I have typed more than any other word. Come to that, the word the should be up front too.
On top of all that, I did it yesterday too and the largest word was MY and I've typed very little here since then, so it should not have changed to YOU if MY was correct yesterday.
"You have my people but we can work something out. Why now? Because if one like me lasts, we can do all."
ok i HAVENT HAD SLEEP AND i aM NEED OF TIME TO CORRECT CORRECT CORRECT.nOT inborn but danish with fantasy boooooring det er lige jer der mangler i min bunke! tjek på detailed
Jeg hulker af grådgrin tårerne triller. Nu går jeg en tur og får frisk luft.ABBA have mercy
+Wil Wheaton I see the subtle message there to the right, Time Lord. "we can get time if going out something"... What are we supposed to go out?!! Internet? The Internet is time travel. Hmm.

Tangentially related, the April 2012 issue of Asimov's had a story about using the Internet to time travel. I think it was called "Living in the Eighties".
Same here. I got the spinning beach-ball of doom for about a half hour before closing the tab.
"Experience Fucking Everyone" - bottom of the cloud. Well, it is May.
I think this wordcloud tool would be even more interesting if it filtered out very common words like pronouns, articles and conjunctions.
There's something very wrong with this - mine came up with a whole bunch of words that I don't use at all, nevermind often enough to be prominent in a worrdcloud. Is it possible that it is taking into consideration comments that people have left on my posts, and not just the posts themselves?
When I look at this, I see "You have my butt".
Wonders if Sheldon Cooper feels the same way... ;-)
I can imagine the violent reaction this program will have if we throw 4chan at it.
Seems to not work under Firefox 12. I get "Read error. Try again later".
+Ceri Oldam I strongly suspect that it's "spell checking" your British spelling to US before doing its analysis. Correcting spelling first makes sense if you consider how badly most denizens of the Internet spell (you don't want 10 different spellings of the same word being counted separately). However, were they to do language detection before starting they could apply the right spelling dictionary and solve the problem.

Edit: This is probably not true. Based on examining the code it simply seems that the word cloud is made up of the content of all your posts and all their replies.
+Michael Turner It definitely takes into account all the posts in your stream (not just the ones you made). That's maybe because we selected "posts", not "profile".
+Enzo Cuciti If that's the case then it's basically useless. My Stream has thousands more posts by other people in it than posts by me. When I choose to make the list based on Posts it should only look at my posts - and it should ignore the comments on those while its at it.
+Darren James It is scanning based on the account - which isn't identified by simple name. So it shouldn't matter that there are others with my name. Obviously, I can't authorize it to access any account other than my own. But that brings up an interesting privacy issue. If it is looking at my whole Stream (rather than just my specific posts) that means it is getting the contents of other users who have not explicitly granted access.
+Michael Turner That's a very good point. Even the profile page includes replies (and it's not obvious that the word-cloud software would be able to disambiguate your content from everyone else's).

+Evo Terra +Wil Wheaton I suspect this means that the word cloud generated is not only the content of your posts but the content of all replies as well.

Edit: The source code that extracts content is here and it doesn't look like it cares about who said what:
Perhaps the author, +Timothy Chien can comment.

One sure fire way to do it would be do download all your posts as a zip file:
[Account settings] -> [Data liberation] -> [Download your Stream data]
This gives you a zip of html files (one file per post you've made).

Now for each html file extract just your original post content by finding the <div> marked with the CSS class 'original-content' and extract just the text in there (note that you will need to reverse the HTML escaping that's been applied to it).

Extracting your replies within your threads would also be possible, but a bit harder as you have to match the right user id. Extracting your replies in other people's thread is, I think, not going to be possible.

Now you just have a simple text file of all the words from your posts which (if you aren't worried about privacy issues) you can upload directly to the word cloud site.

It would be fairly trivial to knock something up to do this mostly automatically given the zip file of post data. In fact there are some word-cloud implementations that you can run locally, so you don't even have to upload your content to a random third party.
Yes she does, doesn't she, +Jordan Read? A shame about the facial hair, though...
+Evo Terra Hey, I don't judge. Or properly determine sex based on name (I know more chicks named Jordan than guys), nor do I look at pictures...I'm so forward thinking. Sorry man. :D
No offense taken, Jordan. I get mistaken for "Eve" all the time.
At first glance I read this as "You have my butt." Does that say something about you or me?
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