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Just a little pre-PAX reading, with a +Stone Brewing Co. Saison du BUFF by my side.
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Have you played much Savage Worlds already, or are you just taking a look at it for the first time now? It generally sells on its "Fast, Furious, Fun" promise.
I've been hoping to see a one-page Savage Worlds game on Table Top! Also, I'm a big fan of Stone's Russian Imperial Stout. A growler of that will last me the weekend. My neighbor is Stone's water manager. Did you know long term employees get to take a case a week as a benefit? Nice.
I've really been liking Savage Worlds in it's latest run of refinement.  I hope to play a game with it some day soon.
Have fun! My son and I couldn't get tickets due to timing this year so we will hopefully be able to continue our tradition next year again. PAX is such a blast.
You should play the Shaintar setting for that set of rules.
+Dean Montague , you and a ton of others. A lot of my traditional group couldn't go this year because of how fast the tickets sold out.
Savage Worlds is an excellent choice.
I picked that up at GenCon. Third copy of Savage Worlds I've owned.
Saison du BUFF is one of my favorites and hard to get in my area. So jealous right now! :)
+Marshall Cain yeah it was a tough year and the vendor change mid sale didn't help. This was the last year before my  son heads off to college and we were both looking forward to it. We will hopefully be able to do a future one.
That is quality right there. My all time favorite RPG.
I want ti get my hands on the full sized Deluxe, but it seems to be nowhere
Huh.  I have heard of Savage Worlds, but barely even that.
Great system. I've found it quite versatile. 
Make sure it is Savage Worlds Deluxe and it is a framework that will flexibly support any genre trapping you drop on it. A surprisingly fast beer & pretzels pace with a complexity and richness of story driven character development. The rules allow for great contributions to the collaborative narrative by the players. 
Love Savage Worlds! For all but fantasy, it's my fave system. For fantasy I prefer Lamentations of the Flame Princess (basically AD&D 1st edition)
Savage Worlds! A worthy choice of reading material.
We finished our growler of Saison du Buff last weekend. (On the side of a hill in the deep forest green) It was a wonderful memory of a glorious San Diego vacation. (Tracing a sparrow on snow-crested ground) I am so grateful that there are brewers like Stone in this world. (Blankets and bedclothes a child of the mountains) 
I am not a cool enough geek to be going to PAX.  ALL of our friends are going many that we had to cancel our regular sunday Game night for next week :(
+Wil Wheaton should get an encounter suit, like the Vorlons on Babylon 5. For cons and such...
After all these years, the word PAX still weirds me out because of the G-23 Paxilon Hydrochlorate.

we're in their homes and in their heads and we haven't the right
magic the gathering by any chance?  lol
+Wil Wheaton Savage Worlds is a nice system, enjoy the games. I'm currently loving The One Ring for Fantasy genre gaming and Bulldogs! for the Sci-fi. I can definitely recommend those systems.
may I recommend more of that beer to make the game more lively.
Big fan of playing Savage Worlds.  Especially the Deadlands variant.  Gotta love Wild West with ghosts, ghouls, and all manner of bizarre steam punk and supernatural things going on.
Sounds like a concept of a LSD user. I never got into those head tripping type games.
I love Savage Worlds. I'm running a Mass Effect game and playing in an Avatar (benders not blue aliens) game using the Deluxe rules right now.
Savage Worlds is one awsome system. Not to lite, and not to advanced.
But I must say that Dread RPG has the coolest system, Jenga : )
PAX? - I just looked this up....WHY haven't I heard of this before?  (oh I remember, I was jobless...)  I suppose it's too late to get out to participate in this thing, then huh?    A road trip might be fun from the SF Bay Area...hmmm
We are just about to start a Deadlands game in this system.
+Lewis Nowosad PAX sells out in like 10 mins. ITs sorts of ridiculous at this point, like the SD Comic con.
+Johnny Montgomery I've been playing a bit of Deadlands Reloaded now (some con games and a few one-offs)..great system, I'm sure you'll enjoy it!
Love Savage Worlds. Playing a bi-weekly Hellfrost game here. 
i just discovered the Saison beer style, and I love it. Great summer beer. 
Savage Worlds is my favorite system ever, good choice.
I've been playing it for years. In general Ifind it to be fairly flexible on setting, very quick on character building, pretty good with combat (sometimes it suffers from a big baddie needing/only able to be taken down with a big hit). This system will likely not appeal to those looking for heavy crunch or tactics. Overall I enjoy it but as with anything I can get tired of it at times.
Is that a more generic system like GURPS?

(Flamesuit on, not insinuating a quality comparison!)
Good choice +Wil Wheaton . You should supplement your reading with Savage Darwin's World. :-)
trying to learn the system. I'm having issues with resolution a bit..I'll assume I'll just to read it again. 
In general, is it a target number system? goal based? and if it's goal based, I can't find the rules for how to set the target numbers for difficulty of actions. again, it might come from not RTFM enough. 
+Shan Wolf Target number system, roll high. You won't find rules for setting target numbers because the target number is always 4. Exception: melee combat where the target number is the defender's Parry score. Instead of adjusting the target number you assess +/- penalties to the die roll. The skill level is reflected by the die type. Most skills descriptions and the combat section cover what bonuses and penalties to assess.
+Shan Wolf Also, typically the target number goes up by +2 per difficulty. So, for ranged attacks, 4+ at close range, 6+ at med. 8+ at long.
Wil I don't know if you keep track of all the posts you get, but I am going to throw this out there anyway.  I am about to embark on the joy of homebrewing.  I have my bottles saved, will be picking up supplies later this week and brewing my very first batch over the Labor Day weekend.  As a homebrewer, do you have any nuggets of advice, words of wisdom, that you can pass on?  Cleanliness is next to godliness, I have that one, but any recommendations on a good "first beer", things you would have done differently?  Any advice is welcome!
You, sir, lead a pleasing life.
I've been interested in getting Savage worlds, but from what I've seen, can't tell if there's a difference between the Explorer's Edition and the "normal" (both Deluxe) other than the physical. Is there one?
+Chris Clarke The Explorers edition has been updated with errata, but that's apparently the only substantive difference.
I painted the cover to that book. I was also on the early design team for the first ed, AND I'll be at PAX ...sooo if you have any questions...
Beer + Savage Worlds. Now this is a world worth living for :D
I's a great system. Before I checked out Savage Worlds I mostly ran setting specific games like Dungeons and Dragons and Dark Heresy. A universal system like this really frees up your creativity and Savage Worlds is pretty well written.
Yeah, nice combo between cruchiness (skills, feats, powers...) and speed during play (low book-keeping, minions rules).
Picked up one of those at Gen Con as well.
Ian Roy
+Wil Wheaton : I just finished enjoying the Dogfish Head variant.  Damn!  That was a good beer.  Probably Top 5 for me.  Heading back to the store tomorrow to get the Victory variant and hoping they also have the Stone variant.
Dang, mention once what an awesome game Savage Worlds is on a public spot like this and a GAZILLION people start adding you to their circles to advertise whatever is is they are hawking related to it. Now I'm starting to see some of the drawback to Google+. Yes I can ignore them, but it's like filling your email with spam. Very annoying.
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