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Hey look! I have a new T-shirt.
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Didn't I see that he has a G+ account now too?
Hands off my mancrush, My First Beard!
Yes!  And now he has the Google verified logo too!
LOL .. awesome.  He really had no idea he would become a cultural (internet) meme/icon.  

Now we need Bobak RoverCat, and Bobak toilet paper.
He and another Nasa Engy were on NPR's Wait Wait this past weekend
Totally just added +Bobak Ferdowsi to my Star Trekking circle.  Now I have actors who have portrayed fictional space explorers and real life space explorers.  Geekdom complete!
So... does the hat mean more epic bed head? ;)
You really are a merry fellow  I am happy to follow your g+ thread 
Damn you, Wheaton!! I want that shirt. I want it right goddamn now. I'll wait. taps foot
Will you wear a T-shirt that has moving video, like 30 seconds of video. They are working on creating them now.
It's Ferdowski. Bobak "Starhawk" Ferdowski. 
Well I added a letter but you get the idea. 
I thought it was Sylar...for a second...
Want!  :-)
We were actually trying to decide if the NASA mohawk guy had been to defcon and got his mohawk there (the timing would have been about right.).
+Judy Lemieux he commented early in his new found fame that he gets a new hair-do for each new mission.
+Wil Wheaton Awsome shirt that hat means 1 of 3 things you are (a) going golfing (b) going beer drinking or (c) golfing and beer drinking :-)
You also have a hipster hat - what's up with that?
Except, well, he's not NASA, he's JPL...
I'm pretty sure the hat is called a scally... not "hipster hat"
Hey, "Mohawk Guy" has a name.

I don't know what it is, but I'm sure he has one.
Nice. Mohawk guy will likely Squeeee wih delight. +NASA 
This could all get pretty weird for mohawk guy.
Really Wil? Distorting the image just to give yourself a slimmer waist line? Oh, and the T is cool too...  ;)
Bobak "Mohawk" Ferdowsi! That shirt is tits. Myself I'm more of an Adam Steltzner rockabilly/morrisey hair kind of guy.
can we have an honest chat about the beard?  The hat can stay.
had a colleague at an long dead NASA satellite mission shave its name into the back of his head, EUVE.
+Sheldon Cooper is already burning this image :))
This is my goal. I want to do something awesome enough to make people care when I say "I have a new T-shirt."
Awesome work in Stand by me, Star Trek Next Generations.
So, are ya gonna adopt the hairdo?
+Wil Wheaton tell me more about that hat. Lookin' good! And yes that T-Shirt is NASA-wesome.
I really want to see you wearing a Bazinga! T-Shirt. Just Saying. :-)
I'll have you know Will, I work with your doppelganger. Let me know if you are interested in a side-by-side comparison photo to judge yourself.
Evan --
Why does this guy (er...Mohawk guy) get a t-shirt, let alone a damn fan club?  Yes.  I'm kind of jealous.  
Mr. Will Wheaton, did you have a role on Star trek with patrick stewart you were the doctors son, if that is you wow, looking good
If I was Bobak I would immediatley put on a Wil Wheaton shirt to complete the circle of life.
+Christine Peltier Yup, that's him you should check out his profile that's how I found out. Star Trek: The Next Generation by the way.
+Wil Wheaton, Somehow, you make idealizing someone work! Nice shirt!!! and still sportin' the beard!
I vote we call him "Starhawk".
Azai I
GYM! use it.
Who is the man on the T-shirt? And why does he have stars in his hair?
Can I have for me one too!! Please!!! 
Wil your beard is sending me hypnotic suggestions from Starbucks. Yes... I do need another Mocha Venti with whip!
At least you're not showing us the NASA Mohawk Briefs/Boxer set that came with it. Again, Thank You! ;-)
touring with the Aston Martin today?
Way to go. I, personally, got a kick out of the Asian with the shaky hand.
Who cares about his name "NASA mohawk guy" is wicket memorable!
Is the poor guy even paying attention to his online social media right now? Not sure I would.
Whats so hot(hawt) about it. This chap must have paid 20 - 30 bucks for this Tshirt, which is just a basic 1/2" rib collar tshirt with a print that would cost less than 3bucks to manufacture.
HAHAHAHA. Ok, wow - I guess Wheaton 1, Ferdowsi 0.  
That is a fantastic hat! green with envy
Whatever takes the focus off your hat!
whoa you look like 1 of my drunk Irish friends smile
Today I got three stars shaved into the side of my head... F YEAH BOBAK FERDOWSI! 
I don't know what's cuter, Mr. Wheaton or the shirt.  
Archrival of Sheldon Cooper :D
That T is really great.And of course you too....smirks
I'm not gonna lie; it makes me furiously happy when you get a little fanboy about things. I guess it's nice to be reminded that I'm not the only one out there that gets really (sometimes, ridiculously) excited about random things. 
Not sure what's more epic that shirt or your beard
buahaha. My old man kept commenting on that guys hair all through the broadcast lol.
I can't wait to see you at GenCon!!!!!!!!
The stars really make it special.
it look nice and you also look cut
geez, if I was that mohawk guy I would be so stoked right now. You completed a paradox , Wil. Good job. 
oh my god, you have a new t-shirt and that's enough to have 191 comments ? fans are really stupid
Well done for "stupidly" adding to these comments.  Fans like to connect with people they admire and respect.  Wes... I mean, Wil is certainly someone I admire and respect.  I almost never comment on this page, but I felt this warranted a response.
And you got a new kilt as well. Looking good mister!
You can't even find Bridgewater Lake
What ever happened to that gorgeous girl ?
+Wil Wheaton Want! Who said geeks can't be cool? I'm talking about Mohawk guy, not your good self...sorry!
Kinda' looks like Shane from The Walking Dead. It even has his puffy earlobes.
Most amazing shirt ever. I have got to get one of these.
That's awsome! Where can I get one?
Hat tip to you, Sir.  Thanks for calling out the science once again.
Is the hygiene group thing a joke? Hey if they clean beards I would definitely stop there next time I am in Uganda. Your beard looks pretty clean. Since you have grown it out it's hard not to look at it. It's probably just me. ;)
... and a lot of barrel distortion.
Morning Will! Love that new shirt!
nice T-shirt,weired hat
Oh damn! I want mohawk man on my chedt too!!
ei Wil eu tenho uma foto que  parece  com você e seu amigo  kkkk  vou postar 
Oh lord.  In about 5 years it will be at the bottom of a Goodwill bin along with my 1980s Franky Goes to Hollywood shirt.
boys and their t-shirts (eye rolling while smiling, while looking at my hubby's and my t-shirt collection)  ;)
when the picture wasn't loaded, I thought you had A T-shirt with the print “Hey Look! I have a new T-shirt!” also not an bad idea right? ;)
where did you get that hat? mug a golfer again?
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