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This is the trailer for my show on +Geek and Sundry, Tabletop!

Think "Celebrity Poker" meets "Dinner for Five" and you're ready to experience a new kind of web show that pairs notable celebs with must-play tabletop games. Hosted by actor, co-creator and fan favorite Wil Wheaton.
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When trying to load the video in G+ I got 'An error occurred. Please try again later.' :(
Can't judge a book by it's cover. I'm sure the show will far exceed the trailer.
Looks promising ... Wish it wad sooner than next month though ... :-)
Will wheaton , The great villain of The big Bang theory..
Will you be playing Mystic Warriors of Ka'ah?
Just make sure you guys play some Twilight Imperium, and Agricola.
Are you guys gonna go old school and play some Risk or Monopoly?

If you end up playing Risk, may I suggest a costume theme? Age of Enlightenment/American Revolution/ Napoleonic Era?
Joe Tee
how about something completely original, i'm just sayin
+Wil Wheaton Where are you filming this? I'm a tabletop gamer serious enough to play competitively at the World Boardgaming Championships every year...
Awesome. You need to get Chris Perkins and the Acquisitions Inc guys on there and playtest D&D 5e. :)
This just makes me realize how happy I am that I recently figured out how awesome you are, Wil. Basically you're my new idol.

Plus you love Rush too!
Such a great idea. Very much looking forward to this Wil.
I will watch this SIMPLY because I do not see Felicia Day as being involved. #thankGod
Will Day[9] teach Wil how to be a better board gamer? Can't wait to see that one.
SO jealous that you get to play with Garfunkle & Oates!
Looks great ! (I'd watch it just for Colin Ferguson (Eureka)!)
Celebrity table-top hosted by Wil Wheaton? I haven't seen anything that nerdy since... ever!
I am super excited! It looks like tons of fun. But any chance we can watch a D&D game being ran?
OMG! What id day9 doing there, this is no StarCraft!
Hope to see you play some cool indie games -- hopefully get a little exposure for some really great games.
Subscribed. Looking forward to it.
I'm so looking forward to this! I love running board game nights with my friends, and doing this would be monstrously enjoyable!
setting the intern on fire, does sound like a great idea for a show lol
Heard Felicia Day talking about this show on Game On this past weekend, and I can't wait for it! There are some great tabletop games out there that don't get nearly the attention they deserve, and my friends and I are looking forward to hearing about new ones we should try.
Seriously hope there's an episode featuring Robo Rally, will be the funniest damn thing to ever grace my television..
This show should have been titled "Game of Pwns" :D
Any chance of you playing D&D with the PA and PvP guys?
Will there by chance be a Flapjacks and Sasquatches episode or mini-sode (since it is a fast game)?
Great idea, Wil. I miss Dinner for Five. 
OMG Beth Riesgraf AND Felicia Day in 1 episode?!?! Awe. Some.
My group of friends love tabletop games. Personally, though, I'd pay to see you play Aye Dark Overlord.
I'm sure you've already got enough episodes filmed for quite a while, but one suggestion: 1000 Blank White Cards. Seeing what a bunch of creative folks come up with playing that would be greatly entertaining.
I loved your episodes of Big Bang Theory!!!! You are hilarious. However, I am the next generation of Wesley Crushers!!!
1 is just not enough + for this idea. I have dozens of games you could borrow. You guys should play Descent, Arkham Horror, Blood Bowl, Space Hulk, Tannhauser, Twilight Imperium, Agricola, Munchkin, Dreadfleet, Tide of Iron... IDK, maybe some of those too weighty for a quick internet video. Prolly mostly euro games huh?
Ooh, Arkham Horror is really cool, but yeah, it does take a long time to play.

Of course, he could just split a game across multiple episodes if it was awesome enough. Or edit out parts where it started to drag.
I can't believe how many people I had to block just now for spamming or being dicks.

It just makes me appreciate the 99% of you reading this who are awesome. Thank you :)
As they say, +Wil Wheaton , you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it not be a stupid asshat.
Show looks like great fun and I can't wait. :)
see he made up with Sheldon Cooper and now his career is alive again :P
+Wil Wheaton I have never, EVER used this word before. But I feel this calls for me to break the glass on its secure storage center:


Did I spell that right?
Wonder if they are going to have Sean Day[9] Plott on the show at some point, that would be awesome.
Only person I recognise from all that is Colin Ferguson. Then I looked up who Wil was, you do not look like you did in Star Trek :)
This definitely looks fun and funny. I'll play your game, you rogue, and subscribe.
I would love to see people play Catan because I want to see if other people scream 'you fucking whore, give me brick' as much as I do.
Mmmmmm. Coool. When's it coming out in Australia?!
Would love to see you play Time's Up or Cards Against Humanity
I saw 2 famous Youtubers. FinalCutKing and Garfunkel and Oates.
Sheldon loves him now, hates brent spiner :-)
Is that an Emissary Table?
oh yes some you tube things leave me wanting also better luck next time olivia"""
Can't wait m'good man. Felicia already gave the head's up yesterday to subscribe to the channel, so I am ready to check out what you talented bunch have to offer; all the very best in advance!!
i saw u on the big bang theory u were awsome @ it
+Mark Clews Yeah, it is! Geek Chic did all of our furniture for the show. The chairs they made for us were the most comfortable things I've ever sat in, and they were solid wood. Amazing.
I discussed this post with 3 people in a hangout.
Awesome! Darn, now I'll have to look at the chairs :D
I'm voting for a game of munchkin, maybe mix the pirate and spy decks so you can play booty impossible..?
Did I see Grant from Mythbusters playing Small World there? I think this represents an intersection of too many of my geek interests for me to pass up.
Great call on the Geek Chic table. I play at them every year at BGG Con and they really are everything they promise to be.
Annnnnnd, my life is complete.
Excited to watch a show all about tabletop gaming. And I see Grant being a guest of this show. Nice!
As a boardgame-enthusiast that isn't able to throw game-nights that often as he wants to, I really look forward to this :D
+Wil Wheaton Looking forward to it. Oh and by the by, thanks for showing us that not every child star turns into an insane basket case, Been following you since you were out running a train with Jerry. Good actor, cool innovator.
Ben H
Hi Mark Durham
I watched Felicia Day's videos. She's so awesome.
Ok, that was hilarious. You got me. I've never subscribed to a channel before but you sir, have popped my youtube channel cherry.
I know that I've said it before, but you need to get a real job before your brain has atrophied beyond recovery. This is one more example. Ever considered doing good rather than doing fun? It is really quite satisfying.
Bruce, doing fun IS doing good. Besides, you've obviously missed the plethora of research in recent years showing that engaging in things like board gaming actually has a positive effect in the brain (i.e. reduces the risk of dementia, alzheimers, etc.)
I love it already. But please I haven't seen Sasha but don't set her on fire. Neil Mcneil sounds burnable though.
Damn Bruce... The air must be thin that high up on your horse. Leave the circle, you are no kind of fan.
For some odd reason, I can't wait for this to come on. Something to look forward to every other Friday! Thanks +Wil Wheaton
Looks like it's gonna be a woot. love to see the line-up...munchkin quest, zombies! wrath of ashardalon, etc.
This had better be a comedy spot! I can so see this being hilarious as long as it doesn't try to be a "serious" show like so many "reality" shows.
Play to the goofyness!

Run with the feeling of yes-I-know-reality-TV-shows-suck-and-this-is-sort-of-a-reality-show-but-its-also-a-spoof-so-we-don't-have-to-pretend-this-is-faux-reality.
No one subscribe! NO ONE! Burn interns...burn...
I enjoyed the episode where Seldon got tricked by Will Weaton thinking that his grandmother died, but turned out to still be alive. The part where Sheldon shouts to the whole universe Weaton was super funny.
My bad, I thought that this was The Big Bang show. My mistake.
I will watch! For many reasons, I missed out on the whole board game thing, other than the family standards (Monopoly, Mousetrap, Candyland, Splatt!), so it will be interesting to see what I've missed.
So I spelled his name wrong by mistake, there's no cause to make a big fuss about it Frosig.
Dinner for Five was my favorite talk show format ever; I'm always surprised it's not more well-known.

Also, Celebrity Poker Showdown was my favorite of the poker shows, precisely because some of the players didn't play expertly and thus there was a contrast that even laypeople could follow.
That will be the most awesome thing I've seen in my life. I will tell my kids about this. Every single day!
Dacia M
This looks like so much fun - I can't wait!
Subscribed to Channel, just waiting for the laughs
+Wil Wheaton this is excellent. Thank you for bringing great board games to the masses. When are you going to play Carcassonne?! I am ordering a set for Japan when I get back to port!
Dear +Wil Wheaton, you may want to re-examine the tags of the video... they mention a certain... "fantasy" ;)
I am looking forward to this. =)
Did I see Munchkin? So silly... can't wait
I have to admit. The channel sounds cool. It's all the cool shit the Scifi errr SyFy channel skipped out on in favor of wrestling, and Shark verses mega lobster movies.
I can't wait for this to start! It's like you took a few of my dreams and made them into a show for Youtube. Seriously, are fans ever going to be able to win a chance to appear on Table Top? Because I would enter.
Grant Imahara and Sean Plott on the opening episode?!?! How can you ever top that? Well I suppose if you had Kari there... and... yeah.
I noticed you guys playing Last Night on Earth in the trailer. My friends and I played that a few months ago! We clearly did not have as much fun with it as you guys - can't wait to hear the opinions on the soundtrack that comes with the game.
Grant Imahara from Myth Busters!!? It just got more awesome ;)
you should do like a weekly or monthly drawing to have a viewer come and play the games with you... and since it was my idea, well, it's only fair that I get to be the first player... Just sayin
For a second I thought this was being taped on the set of Paddy's Pub. You and a drunk Danny DeVito would be amusing.
I am actually very excited about this!!!! I saw Colin Ferguson and Grant Imahara and I saw you guys playing SmallWorld, one of my very favorite board games EVER!
When I tried to describe this to friends, they looked at me like my face just fell off. But, I have a burning desire to play these games and, since it's apparently a huge hassle to get more than 3 people to commit, I must live vicariously through Wil and his friends. Thank you, sir.
Subscribed, and looking forward to this show as well as some of the other shows on this channel.
Wil Wheaton, are you conscious of your eyebrow lift? It's wonderful, and you do it often, I was just curious if you're even aware that you're doing it.
You freaking had me at Day 9 + Wil Wheaton. Please release that one first.
I feel think this show should follow "Big Bang Theory" or be on Adult swim! Next I feel like, "How do I get on the show?"
I've been word-of-mouthing (!) this like crazy! I LOVE dumb board games. Are you going to review Space Pirate Amazon Ninja Cat Girls (SPUNC)? PLEASE review SPUNC! Please read a letter saying I said to review SPUNC! It's the most drop and roll funny game I've played.
I saw settlers of catan in there!!! Nice!!!
Loving the Settlers - also, any chance of Carcassonne?
+Wil Wheaton - Thanks for doing this. It's mega-awesome. Here's hoping the copy of +Misspent Youth that found its way into your hands at Gen Con winds up in season 3 or 4.
Hmm... Wil Wheaton or Tom Vasel which hates Munchkin the most? Would be great to see Will on DiceTower and Tom on Tabletop!
Can I be on your show? Please? I promise to bring edible treats!
Okay but you have to play talisman at least once.
i want spend one day with u
+Wil Wheaton this looks so fun! Would love to see you play Arkham Horror, although that would probably be a multi-episode event. Actually anything would be fun, except Robo Rally -- can't stand that one. Are you working with +BoardGameGeek on this?
I'm definitely watching this...and then forwarding the episodes to my husband in hopes of restocking our game closet.
Could this be a better time for nerd-dom?? In addition to having so many awesome sci-fi/fantasy shows, books and movies square in our wheelhouse you're getting cool things like Comic Book Men with Kevin Smith and now tabletop gaming with Will Wheaton! Just awesome
So it Come Dine with Me with a game board thrown in, cool.
WIll you play Ants In The Pants? I'll definitely watch for Ants In The Pants. Maybe even Don't Spill The Beans.
Can't wait for Geek and Sundry!!! May it be a huge success! I will be a dedicated fan! Great job! Happy to see people embracing their inner geek!
Awesome! Should crossover w/ Kevin Smith's Comic Book Men. lol! Any TBBT guests?
So how does one get an invite to appear on said show and play a game with you Mr Wheaton? BTW, slight technical hitch - I'm in New Zealand, but I'll happily accept airfares and transfers as my appearance fee...
great show! really enjoyed it! didn't know there are board games this awesome. more power on the show!
Watched it end-to-end. Good show Wil! It's a good way to present a board game - I feel like buying it now, and I understand enough of the rules to know how to play it. So many board games come out of "the same box", and you have no idea what you're buying. 10 thumbs up!
sorry not for me!
Suck my fat one, you cheap dime store hood.
+Wil Wheaton would likely be an amazing captain in the old Steve Jackson microgame title WarpWar... I get the feeling he's got a good poker face.
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