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I ... I can't believe this actually happened. Thanks, +Koushik Dutta!
+Wil Wheaton Recovery

Tonight, +Wil Wheaton was trying to root his HTC One and failing miserably. He was able to get recovery installed, but couldn't figure out how to get Superuser installed through recovery (some issue with mounting, blah blah).

Tough bootloaders call for an even tougher recovery. I'm proud to announce the new Wil Wheaton Recovery. Wil Wheaton will offer to root your device if root access is missing.

Will Wheaton Recovery is a limited edition recovery, exclusive to the HTC Ones (AT&T + Tmobile) and Wil Wheatons. Enjoy!

Download Wil Wheaton Recovery and flash it with fastboot:

Boot recovery, then just reboot back to Android once in the recovery menu. Before recovery exits, it will automatically prompt you to install root if it is missing.

Once rooted, just install Superuser off Google Play. It will finish off the rooting process:
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+Wil Wheaton  Out of curiosity, are you on Sprint or AT&T/TMobile? That may be why you couldn't mount stuff. I haven't released a proper Sprint version yet :(
Ha.  Epic.  That appears to be one tough recovery.  Nice job, Koush.
Andrew B
Root access - ENGAGE
I need to get an HTC One just to use this. 
"Somebody get this kid off my bridge.  And, off my phone, too!"
Human language doesn't have the necessary words to express how cool this is.

/me is still too chicken-shiat to root his LG revolution...
Talk about a case of "ask and your shall receive".
My first thought: very cool. My second thought: how long until this gets a DMCA takedown?
Wow, makes me wish I had one of these phones and knew what they were discussing. I feel like such a curmudgeon with my Virgin Mobile Samsung flip phone.
Brian Salter
Now that he's on the phone, ask him about his Data plan.
He should've called it the Crusher recovery though!
If at first you can't root, Troy Troy again!
Another triumph for free Enterprise.
The trick is it works, but only after 40 minutes of script and 3 commercial breaks.
"Riker?  I don't even know her.  And, since when are you Japanese?"
Glad we avoided years of HTC One In Exile.
+Wil Wheaton   you have an HTC?  have you tried the game Ingress yet?
Words cannot describe the awesomeness of this.
<Insert funny Star Trek pun here>

Oh, Parrish the thought.
Riker: "Wesley root your android!" Picard: "make it so!"
It must be strange to have your character slowly take on a life of itself, slowly becoming some kind of meme.  Although it helps that Will is so active on G+, which kind of stirs the pot of activity.

Power to us nerds!
Will it work on Sprint Ones, +Koushik Dutta   
I don't do the root thing typically but anything I can do to get rid of the GUI and stupid BlinkFeed, I am willing to do.  I'll probably find someone who knows what the hell they're doing to do it, but want to know it will work first.  Call me a paranoid scaredy-cat.
Wow almost spewed my tea all over my tablet reading some of these comments! ROFLMAO! on the subject of I have a LG marquee through sprint that my husband and I cant get to root. Anyone know how to get mine to root? Lol
Sheldon is going to be super jealous LOL
Now you just need a GPS spoofer called "The Traveler" and the build is complete.  ;)
Once again, Wesley Crusher saves the Enterprise!
Props.  Some celebs would see something like this and lose their minds.  You keeping your sense of humor = +3 respect points.
Soon it will be a story on some websites.. Fan created android recovery for Wil Wheaton 
Now load Dragon Assistant and turn it on to listen for the prompt "Computer!"
I was considering getting a new phone today. Then a man walked by and said I could get a phone from the future. So later on I get to update to a [redacted]. Should be interesting.
you are King of the geeks
Hopefully Koushik Dutta won't get a C&D from CBS (who I believe owns the rights to the TV series) over the use of Wil's image.
I can picture a tall, thin HTC exec waving his fist helplessly into the air and yelling "Wheeeaaattooonnnnnnnnn!"
Now we need a Guinan root, which doesn't actually root your phone for you, but serves you an interesting beverage while warning you about what happened when one of its people tried to root their phone.
And a Worf root, which, if the root fails, lets out a guttural yell to warn other dead phones that yours is about to join them.
And, of course, a Q root which will root every phone in the known Universe but yours, just to irritate the hell out of you.
And to complete the set, a Reginald Barclay root, which doesn't actually do anything but runs a VM inside your phone's OS which secretly makes fun of you.
The Picard root will root your phone, while delivering an important social message.
Successfully rooted htc one on Telus using the AIO package 
Needs more options involving dilithium crystals and warp bubble geometries.
The Riker root will just run porn simulations involving your mother and your therapist.
Guess im going back to CWM.. I had trouble flashing it originally for some reason and TWRP worked fine. Something else to add to my busy schedule tonight, this is awesome. 
This is simply AWESOME.  I am soooo jealous on several fronts!
Sounds really great and you have something to be proud of too good one.
I still think the nanites were to blame.
The Worf root would exclaim " Perhaps today IS a good day to root !" 
And the Binar root will root your phone and install Cyanogenmod without your knowledge or permission, and then say "... you ... might ... have said ... no."
The perks of being you. Your nerd cred is well earned, and we know it. Consider things like this to be an acknowledgment that you're never without friends, help, or fans.
Wil, could you ask the internets for a cheeseburger next? I'm kinda hungry. 
don jon
You got stripes man :)
That's why I'm anxious because of Ubuntu for Phones or Plasma Active, two truly GNU/Linux distributions!
And the Troi root, which wouldn't know a system folder from a Verteron particle ... but will feel your pain.
I'm holding out for the Clown Sweater Wheaton Recovery.
The Tamarian version:

+Wil Wheaton "The Beast at Tanagra", "Shaka, when the walls fell", "Zinda, his face black, his eyes red"

+Koushik Dutta "Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra" "Temba, his arms wide"

+Wil Wheaton "Sokath, his eyes uncovered!"
"Aye, Cap'n ... your bloody phone's bricked and I dinna kae hae lang it'll take to fix it!"
"No deity was involved, Mr. Scott. It was my cross-circuit to selector B that successfully rooted the device."
I'm sorry Wil, I'm afraid I can't do that.
Is there also going to be a dual-boot version called "Stand by Me"?
Nice background image in this app lol!
How were you able to to this without reversing the polarity of the deflector dish?  It defies physics.
Su S.
Nice! I wish I could have my face on my rom manager!
Almost makes me want to get an HTC One, so I can have the Wil Wheaton recovery. Lucky.
Man, you must really be smiling about this.  Congrats! :)
hehe happens to the best of us  :)   

Great to see you are human  :)
JT Vega
+Wil Wheaton will someday have his face on his own App and maybe on a new Xbox 720.
Wish I had an HTC one to try it hahaha. Shows how much the Google and Greek community respects you. Keep up being awesome! 
I want to know if Wil plays Ingress.
This post and all the comments are just a big word salad to me... 0.o
 (I'm feeling a bit like the Sheriff of  Eureka)
Where's the create unstable warp bubble option?
Despite being able to do far more than a communicator ever could for Captain Kirk, I have what is now referred to as a "dumb phone."
top geek cred to get your own branded fix app.
This is why Android Rules! Awesome work, Koush! Thanks for sharing, Wil!
Perfect, I'm getting one next week. 
That's just great (Plus: I laughed so hard...) - so now you can enjoy your Wil-Wheaton-unlocked phone :)
Should have used one of his Bed Head morning pictures, would have been even better!
I watched Encounter at Farpont last night. You sure were young then, Wil. I hadn't remembered how Picard was supposed to be so uncomfortable around kids, but I was suprised at the bridge scene, and how much more emotional it is looking back and understanding the relationship between Jean Luc and Jack that we find out later. I was wondering, were you told back then about what was going to come out?
Does it display technobabble as it boots?
Thus proving why the internet is awesome!
Rob M.
Awesome that Koush hwipped this up for you.
That's just too awesome... It's good to be the Wil!
+Wil Wheaton the Internet is like your genie in a bottle. Ask it for a baby seal sandwich next!
May the 4th be with you!

Oh, wait, wrong show....
And I only came here to see why your name was in the change log... 
You, my friend, are indeed loved. Oh, and May the 4th be with you.
"hello computer.... Hello Computer"
"um, that's a mouse, use the keyboard"
Man, makes me wish I played an unpopular ST character... :->
... but if you use face unlock while wearing a red shirt the screen explodes.
Omg, I'm so getting an HTC for my next phone
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