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I love this. I once got an order from AHS that had a drawing of the Enterprise and Sheldon Cooper saying "Bazinga!" on it, and thought it was the coolest thing since forever, because of reasons.
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You killed my father. Prepare to die.
I should get my wife to do something like this as an etched glass set.
Amazon gives me smiley faces! And they're just for me. SHUT UP! I'M SPECIAL!
That's great reasoning... they should use that in court: " He's guilty because of... reasons"
This would make a very...interesting Yakuza-style tattoo.
I will have to point out to Sheldon one day, that BAZINGA* is not valid in Scrabble, but BIZNAGA is.
+Wil Wheaton Cool Drawing. BTW finally saw you in TBBT The Creepy Candy Coating Corollary. You really put Sheldon in his place on that one... Good Job!
The guy on the right looks like Don Knotts from The Incredible Mr. Limpet
AHS is just all around awesome for homebrew supplies... and apparently kick ass drawings. Gotta love those guys.
You know, I don't own a TV so when this whole "Bazinga" thing started I thought that, somehow, through The Big Bang Theory, everyone had suddenly discovered Ginga Reppu Baxinger ( バクシンガー ), which I will admit is overlooked and has awesome music for a super robot show. (Oh, and it has space biker gangs and Clarke-style terraformed planetoids.)

Then, tonight, I looked "Bazinga" up on YouTube and was disappointed when I discovered it was a catchphrase that was supposed to make little to no sense out of context.

...And that's why I can't be normal.
Why does this make me think "Bass to mouth"?
Crips vs Bloods, the eternal struggle...
That's the reason for drawing.
S. Moo
Bazinga! }:-)
NCC-1701E v's Dr Cooper? My money would be on Dr Cooper!
It's the little, unexpected things that make life fun :D
My brother in law is one of the shipping managers there. Awesome place!
Ah Is that what that is Sheldon And Will :)
Being a home brewer is not just a hobby, but a way of life. BTW nice drawing of the Beta's the shields and swords are a nice touch.~XD
gotta love AHS. Their double chocolate stout convince my wife to not only let me keep brewing, but got her interested in helping.
i love Dr Lynard but i dont know his last name
Marissa - Sheldon's roomie is Dr Leonard Hofstadter. HTH.
oh right. i i i just forgot. i knew it was Hof something
lol funny i jsut watched the sheldon and wil episode today from big bang theroy. was funny xD
soooooo.... umm...  don't get me wrong, I like The Big Bang Theory, but more importantly, what kind of beer are you brewing?  

nevermind..... I read back  a few days ago..... figured it out.  Happy Homebrewing!
WHEA-TON!  My friends are at the Origins Game Convention.  Please let them get a pic for me.  If not, I might have to go all Sheldon Cooper!   LOL  :)
Totally reminds me of the king fish that helps Lemiwinks on South Park ;)
Damn... I was drinking hot coffee as I read the "Bazinga!" part... I chuckled into my cup... and burnt my face. "DAMN YOU WIL WHEATON!"
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