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When I played #dungeonsanddragons  as a kid, I always wanted to be a magic user, not because it was easy, but because it was hard. I died a lot in those days of d4 hit points and three worthless levels of cantrip spells before you got to do anything, but when a wizard survived and got powerful enough to melt goblins with fireballs... boy, was that awesome.

I don't play as much as I used to, and I haven't even run a game of my own or played in a regular campaign in a couple of years, but with the recent release of classic modules as PDFs, I feel the itch to run Basic or Player's Option rules... you know, for kids.

If I was going to play, though? I think I'd have to be a barbarian or fighter now, because I have fallen in love with the #d12 . It's such a beautiful die, and it just doesn't get any love at all (that's why I chose it for #Tabletop ). I know it's kind of weird to choose a class based on what kind of dice you'll be rolling, but it's where I find myself at the moment ... and I'm really okay with that.

...Hmmmm .... this makes me think that a +Geek & Sundry show where I run a classic D&D campaign using Basic rules -- maybe a modified module or series of modules or something like that -- for six or eight episodes would be pretty awesome.
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Tony Love
One of the best ways to learn old school gaming strategy is to die...a lot!
Oh that would be so awesome. My D&D were just talking about this very thing recently, how good it would be if you did a D&D series! You'd have some excited viewers here in Australia :)
I find that for most games with wizards, warriors and ranger types, the wizards start weak but end up very powerful
The words "Keep On The Boarderlands" still give me goosebumps from time to time... ;-) 
If I was still living in LA I'd want to play, either as a fighter or magic user.
I would watch that, you need to run the ones based on Alice in Wonderland. EX1 and EX2 Dungeonland and The Land Beyond the Magic Mirror.
I love the d12. That's why in Marvel Heroic Roleplaying, Galactus has a whole ton of them.
Same here. Whenever my friends and I would play, I would invariably gravitate to the mage because of the complexity of spell-casting and utter alien-ness of playing someone who could conjure supernatural powers. Haven't played in about a decade and I miss it a bit, though games like SKYRIM scratch the itch for me.
I would watch the hell out of that show! I've been interested as to which version of D&D you preferred since you've said that you don't want to play D&D to consult tables or calculate THAC0, but to tell a story with pencils, paper, dice, and friends.
Count me in for that idea on table top! That would be great for reminiscing and teaching new comers alike!
Where do I subscribe to that show. Sign me up.
I run D&D Next playtests on Caves of Chaos module ( part of "Keep On the Boearderlands" ;) ) in Greyhawk setting - this is what is called true retrogaming! ;]
I scanned in my old Basic rules just so my kids could read them without me cringing at how they turn the pages. ;-)
I must admit I have chosen classes & equipment for that reason. Also never forget the d4 is the deadliest die... underfoot. 
Savage Worlds is a really easy to learn system without as much calculations as D&D.
Now that's something I'd watch upon release each week ;)
I'm a dwarf warrior type.  Just something about a dwarf getting bombed on ale and swinging a big freggin' axe!
You have to be much more clever as a low level magic-user in D&D.  There are a lot of really wicked, helpful things you can do with cantrips and a Grease spell if the fighters will listen before they charge down the hill :D
+Wil Wheaton Make it Pathfinder and I'd be even more interested. They also have a noobie box set and combat is a bit less complicated. 
D12 is the most perfected die. Smooth, round and full without being too much like the D20 (I have had a ten year love for the D12)
I feel the same way about D12s and the whole reason I'm making a RPG system for it.
You should include a lot of the people who have geek & sundry shows. Patrick Rothfuss from Storyboard and Felicia Day would be great fun to see. :-D 
Oh dear Mr +Wil Wheaton: please do a D&D run! More people need to get back to this game. And I love playing magic users too (or rangers). Have managed to not kill one for over a year now, damn she comes close often! Have been listening to the Nerdpoker podcast for a few months now to ease the time between games. Now there's a few people you could play with +Brian Posehn 
I would watch the bejesus out on an all-RPG Tabletop.
Do Tomb of horrors with players named after Ready Player One. At the end, make the players Joust.... Circular references ftw
Please make this happen! Will totally watch it. Basic d&d for the win! 
I too would watch the ever loving crap out of a DnD tabletop.
I haven't played D&D in atleast 18yrs..but somehow just reading that made me wanna go dig through old boxes looking for character sheets......:)
I'd watch it. It's been something like 15 years since I've played a D&D campaign. I don't even remember how it's done. It would be nice to watch a campaign to get a feel for it again, so maybe I could join up with one of these g+ campaigns I've heard about. 
I'd watch it. It would be cool to watch how someone from way outside my circle runs a campaign.
I'm grabbing a basic set in pdf because I really want to play with my kids. My oldest is in 4th grade and that's when I first played so I am looking forward to bonding :-)
You ought to start a campaign right here on Google + and have everyone download the pdf for the campaign. What could be more turn based than that.  You can DM it right through the comment section here. Then each player can chime in as needed. If you'd ever want to give it a try I'd be game.

Just a thought.
I always liked to play a monk. Lots of low level dying but later you could mom with your bare hands. ..:-)
Some big names in fantasy publishing got together for old school #DnD  as well. Link!

There was a recent event just last... month, I guess? My connectivity is spotty and I can't find it. Anyway, there was a charity auction to play with the authors. Very cool. 

I wish they'd release the early game books along with the modules. 
It'd be awesome!
Also it would be interesting to see it played with kids, adults, kids and andults mixed.
Would certainly watch that. Just been getting into Pathfinder myself (my first tabletop RPG ever - late I know) And I see what I've been missing out all this time.
That sounds like a great idea. I am new to D&D having just started playing 4th Edition a few months ago, due partly to you +Wil Wheaton . Some students asked what D&D was and I offered to learn how to play so I could teach them and hopefully teach some group social skills at the same time. So early on I stumbled upon the videos of you playing at PAX during the celebrity games. Seeing ow much fun you guys were having, I jumped right in and am now learning how to play and be a DM all at the same. 
My problem is finding a regular group that is going to stick around long enough to play a good length campaign. Suggestions for fishing around for fellow gamers? Even if just to play once a month.
There is baldurs gate enhanced edition for iPad (Android coming soon). Dual classing is all the rage. Can barbarian dual into a thief? For a little Conan action :)
I would most definitely watch you run a campaign
In the Army we used to have a DM that created the most wonderful dungeons.  We were studying electronics and he made one that was based on the schematic of a trainer we were studying in school.  Changes in sexual preference when going through a rectifier, one way passages for diodes, growth in transistors, specific damage going through resistors, etc.  Those LC loops were a biotch!  Awesome stuff.  Especially when the realization of what it represented was.
That would be a fun watch! Also you could possibly work in some kind of contest (or just open entry) where you DM a game with fans via a Google Hangout. I've been playing weekly games of Aberrant with people from all over the country that way for the past year and it works quite well.
Good on you, I've never followed those games so I can't expand on what your doing but the thing is that you are finding those things that you love and that gives your life meaning and purpose and that gives you the true value of who you are and what life is. Games can give you insight into you and to life as anything else can and your not worried about what other people are thinking about you while you play the game that satisfies you. That's an important thing to do because your true happiness relies on you following the things YOU love and not what other people think you should love. You are being you and that has real value and you lose that value when you start doing things that others want and not what you want. You want to cooperate with others of course but you can cooperate with out giving away who and what you are. Good luck with the game and have a great time.
In my day, the highest praise for a player was simply: "He survived the Tomb of Horrors."
I was always a magic user too, but eventually I gave up and switched to playing elves so I could wear some damn armor and use a weapon if I had to.  I wanted to be Gandalf, not Glorfindel, but what are you gonna do.

Later on, though, in one of the best campaigns I ever played, I had a character who'd dropped out of magic-user school and never even made it to first level, but through clever use of cantrips he managed to con everyone into believing he was a wizard of great power.  That was big fun.
we're tossing around the idea of Temple of Elemental Evil now that my players can get copies of the core books again. 
My troupe are playing 3.5 rules, and I'm taking them through the Sunless Citadel.  They are mostly beginners so it's taken a long while, plus we only play every now and then and had a two or three year long hiatus.  A couple of players moved interstate, so we now play with them over Skype.  Works well :)
I'd watch that! I had a terrible introduction to D&D but I've always been interested.  I would love to see a basic rules version!!
Sounds like a great idea for a Geek and Sundry show, Wil. I'll definitely watch it.
I haven't played since they switched over to version 4.0.  My favorite characters were from AD&D.  Angawen, a cavalier for the Unearthed Arcana rule set, and Admetus, a Fighter/Cleric/Magic-User.

I miss playing.
+Wil Wheaton you should do a celebrity charity game. X hundred or so dollars to join, and we the audience put money on one or more players based on how long we think they will live (per episode basis). It's fun And helpful!
I've never played D&D but I've always been a bit interested in trying it out. Would it be possible to play it on a Google+ hangout?
Jeff, D&D via Google+ Hangout is really easy and very fun. I'm in a weekly game that uses it and it's great. There's a supplemental addon/website called that really helps with it.
Can I recommend the Pathfinder Beginners Box. It's 3.5 and comes maps and cardboard minis.
I used to play back in HS and just after, and think about those days often.  :)  Good times.  Haven't been in a game in over 20 years, but love to get into another AD&D (Third Edition rules, of course) again.
My favorite tabletop episode was you playing Fiasco. I would love to watch you play more RPGs. 
+David Vetter, is your group open to having new players? I'd like to try it out sometime.
My wife introduced me to Dungeons & Dragons back in 1979 or so.  We were both 19 at the time.  I remember lots and lots of weekends spent playing until the wee hours of the morning, and runs to a local sub shop for sustenance.  We haven't played in a long time (over 20 years for me), but sometimes I reminisce about those wonderful games.

I've yet to find a computer based role playing game that I enjoy anywhere as much as i did D&D with dice, graph paper, and a few good friends ;)
You know, I just translated a scene from a certain forthcoming novel where you actually are running a very special D&D session ... I don't know if I should mention anything more at this point ... probably not ...  
I would watch that show every week and clamor for a second season.
Check out the Basic Fantasy rules too...feels like 1st ed D&D but with a few of the cleaner rules from modern systems. (d20 instead of THAC0)
Really Will, #d12 ? You mean you didn't enjoy rolling the stat bonuses for Strength? The 2x #d10 rolls for when you roll 3x #d6 for your Strength and you get 18 and as a Human or Dwarf (which I played mostly cause I am one.) and you could get a Percentile bonus on your 18 Strength? Ah those were the days, playing Version one of the D&D rules. :) Thanks for the memories. Been a while since I played myself.
+Michael Allen check out for local D&D groups on, its how I got back into D&D after almost a decade of not playing. Three years on and I'm still gaming regularly.
Hey, at least you had cantrips-- when I was a kid you threw your one Sleep or Magic Missile and you were done for the whole day.  Kids these days have it so easy. :-)

More seriously, I'd totally watch a D&D episode of Table Top or even something separate as a series.
People at /r/boardgames have been waiting for you to do that. What are you waiting for? A TableTop miniseries for D&D would be amazing
I always liked to play characters with real limitations, like Paladins. My pals always seemed to choose Chaotic Neutral thieves because it basically meant they could do whatever they want... I got a lot of joy playing characters that had restrictions. 
Tina W.
When I started playing D&D I went for bards and rogues. I liked having a high charisma and lots of skills. When I started getting into larp with White Wolf games that trend continued. Highly social characters that tend to be all around useful. Now I'm starting to play around with awkward brutes and it is a lot of fun to be able to run at things without thinking first. It gets me in trouble, which means I have to work harder to get out of trouble and that has been making my role playing rather rewarding.
Also - Basic D&D is my second favorite iteration of the rules (just behind 2nd edition).
Just do not play D&D. There are good RPGs out there =) I prefere Earthdawn 3rd Edition, SR or SIFRP. All three with better rulesets and world descriptions.
A hearty yes to that idea. I've seen what happens when you play DnD in PAX, so I can't imagine this not being total win.
Maybe even expand it out? Do different RPGs as seasons? A season of DnD, maybe pull out Vampire the Masquerade, heck, find an excuse to run Call of Cthulu!
I also haven't played now for years, but I still have a copy of the original E. Gary Gygax white boxed set in the attic, along with all my orignal AD&D books.  And dice.  Lots of dice.
A mini-series on Table Top like that would be great.
Going to go ahead and weigh in with a "please, please, please do this on Tabletop." That would be awesome.
My first ever RPG character was the cleric Szamon in D&D. I just say " Dragon Mountain" and " Castle Bernstein" +Wil Wheaton 
The d12 has always been my favorite die.

I always played an MU too. Or a Halfling.

I'd watch you running or playing a D&D campaign.
Evan W
Wil!  Please do that!  Maybe it could have some sound effects thrown in kind of like the DnD episode of Community.  Just a thought.
Ray L
Oh you must definitely do that!!  for all us 1st ed folks that have forgotten what it was like... :)
I've got to say that, while the Magic-User was hard, I always thought the rogue was harder.  You had poor armor, only slightly better hit points and you didn't have fireball to back you up.  By the time you were mid-level, everyone was better than you.  You could hide in shadows but the wizard could turn invisible.  You could find and possibly remove traps but so could the cleric with a quick spell.  The only thing you had going for you was the backstab and, even then, the conditions had to be just right.  You couldn't go toe-to-toe with anyone. 

Tactically, though, if you did it right, you were a god!  That made it a challenge.
I loved the mages of all sorts for exactly the same reason.  It forced you to play in a clever way, until you were strong enough to rule all that is before you.
Make sure you use a weapon that does d12s for damage, too!
Yes, that would be awesome. Make it so!
I always preferred it because magic is more fantastical than other skills. I wasn't interested in abilities that someone (albeit not me) could do in real life. I still play magic characters to this day.
I know so many people that want to try D&D but don't know where to start.  Table Top/Geek and Sundry would be a great place for a special series of some basics.
Very Awesome.  I would watch it.
You're an animal, Wil Wheaton.
Artwork please. Love the show idea and character artwork is a must IMO. Doesn't have to be animated. When I played D&D, I played with 2 graphic artists, a filmmaker & a mathematician. Spoiled is not the word for it. Today playing graphic RPG's is a lot like playing D&D with those guys back in the 80's.
or play remotely with a hangout.  Google would probably even sponsor it.  I haven't played in forever.
Dodecahedrons are the best. I'd watch that series though. 
Who doesn't love the "magic missile" spell!  I went and got the Stater Set to play with my son.  They have totally screwed up the game grinding it down into obscure skills overload.  Those old school pdfs will be used to put a new young mind through the joys of role playing!!
As much as I love D&D, what about some other system like Shadowrun or something? I know Shadowrun is doing a huge push this year with their new edition and multiple video games coming out, there's also the new Star Wars Edge of the Empire coming out. Those other systems might not have great support for d12's though.
The d12 is like the redheaded stepchild of Dungeons and Dragons dice. It just doesn't get enough love.
d4, d12, bah! Roll out the d30!
I would definitely watch that whole series of episodes!
Hey, +Wil Wheaton , in case you may be interested, Wizards of the Coast is now selling products on again. Not just 4e stuff, but classic material from all the way back in Basic!  If you're serious about running something from back then, you may be able to get it on pdf.  If not now, maybe in the near future, as more WotC products are coming.  :)
Get a good dungeon master, maybe with a PC to show photos, music, have a good story. Make it less about the game mechanics and more people will play.
That would be an awesome show and would definitely inspire other people to play. Go for it!
Oh boy would that be cool, not for the game play, but for the running banter.
This would certainly be interesting. I wonder who the guests would be.
Please run this! I want to watch it!
I still have the full 5 box set of D&D. Regrettably, I never actually played much of it, simply because it was hard for me to find people to play with. When I finally found people to RPG with we played first edition Shadowrun (Good Times!) and AD&D instead :). Hmmm.... I would probably watch a G&S Non-Tabletop show. I think it would confuse a lot of non-RPG'ers though.
Yes please put it up on the channel
I think a D&D campaign for Tabletop would be brilliant.
Please. Please. Do this. Please.
The d12 needs more love. This is why one of the RPGs I have in development only uses d12s.
Play Munchkin some time, its more random and a helluva lot of fun with 4 or 5 people.
I'd definitely watch this.
Thief/Magic User multi-class character was my favorite back when...
I chose a middle ground of 3rd edition sorcery. At first I hod in the corner like a feeble gerbil. By level 13 I ran that shit.
"Cantrip" that's a word I've not heard anyone other than myself say in many years. I now use it in regard to website programmers who program fancy features on websites that look cool but serve no functional value or business purpose. 
Craig B
I'll echo others and say I love the idea of a +Geek & Sundry D&D show. I think it would be awesome!
That would be awesome!  Wow is there an echo in here?  I would live to see that happen.
Okay, 166 comments is just tl:dr, so I'm not gonna look for it; I can only imagine someone's suggested this already, though. 

Do a D&D Geek & Sundry show, but what might be cool is playing and filming the session, then acting it out. Find someone to play each character (not the players themselves, preferably). The dice determine the story and we get to see the story as an adventure.
Wil, you should do a Geek & Sundry show with a different roleplaying system each season. I'd love to see how some other great people play, and learn some new systems. Keep up the awesome work- we love you.
+Will Spreadbury, I looked. You're the first to suggest it. I did think about the acted thing but I was thinking of "Farador" at the time, not of suggesting they play act the characters.
If you run, I volunteer to play.  :)  It's been way too long since I've had the chance to play D&D.  I miss it.
I just finished running 4 dungeon-crawley games at a local con using a bastardized home brew version of basic D&D and we had a blast. Lots of crazy random stuff, riddles, wishes, and monsters ripped from sci-fi, horror, and fantasy movies.

I'll bet you could get WotC to support your show if you used the new D&D rules they're publicly play testing right now.
The most feared and deadliest thing in D&D was a lvl 5 mage - that just got fire ball :P
I always played a band-aid box myself. D&D, Werewolf, Rifts, Cthulu, Little Fears, Shadowrun, etc, didn't matter. I loved playing a healer. 

I used to play for the sheer creativity of the friends I played with. I found when I played with other groups people got on my nerves too much to bother, especially when it was too easy.

We used to campaign twice a week or more, losing much sleep but not missing it. We drank too much soda, ate too much pizza and started with a carton of smokes that was usually gone by the end of the night.

We came up with some interesting characters, and some nicknames from some of those years that have stuck permanently. Much to my chagrin "Faerie Orc Lady" is still following me around from a D&D campaign played in 2000. 

Still, I miss the good old days, when gaming was really gaming. 
Wow, haven't thought about D&D in forever! Ran campaigns for decades in many different worlds back in the day. GURPS, Forgotten Realms, Dark Sun, Ravenloft, The Masquerade (Vampires, I think)some Mech based ones and probably more that I can't for the life of me remember. Thing is, I never got to be a character, I was nominated to be DM/GM when I was a kid and just never stopped. All my friends got attached to my stories and I learned to really enjoy running the games. Don't have people in my life that like it anymore, but I have RPGs on my PC and PS3! Happily traveling through Ni No Kuni at the moment and I can honestly say Pencil and Paper roleplaying was the foundation for all the great RPGs I get to play today! :)
Always a MU for me when I had a choice.  Nothing like being in a room with a deep trough around it fighting orcs, and a gust of wind spell at just the right time has the head orc falling into the trough and drowning. :)
I'd watch that series. I'm new to D&D, but I do enjoy it. I'm still learning and trying to get a handle on how the game works, so I would really enjoy watching you run a classic campaign.
+Renee Annette in truth, mechanics should never be too important to roleplaying games. It really should be about ideas, interactions and fun. That's not the way it works out mostly because many players (GM's included) are competitive and want to control the game too much.
Multi-class Wizard and Rogue = Win. Granted, I started with 3rd edition, so rogues were a lot more useful. (Also, my conception of 2nd edition rogues being useless is mostly based on the uselessness of rogues in the 2nd edition parody "Hackmaster")

But yeah, starting with a shite ton of skills and a good amount of spells and the ability to learn more is great.
I always loved playing magic users, too, because you really had to think to put those cantrips to their best use...but I agree that the d12 has a certain aesthetic appeal.
+Wil Wheaton I assume this is going to get buried but if you like #fiasco  and you want to add some of that story telling peanut butter to your D&D chocolate you cant do much better than #dungeonworld . There is a pretty vibrant community for this recently kickstarted game and its a shit ton of fun. +Sage LaTorra can attest.
Why the cantrip hate? Snip will fuck a guy up!
At my almost 6-year old's request, I just started running a 1983 red box D&D game for him (I said he had to wait until he could read and write well enough to fill out the character sheet).  It's been a lot of fun so far, brings back a lot of memories of DMing for my younger brother when he was about my son's age.
Cantrips were pretty awesome, I thought.  I don't know if it's still in the rules, but the old Unearthed Arcana cantrips included one for temporarily transmuting metals into other metals, and let me tell you, even if it only lasted a fraction of a second and could only affect a small amount of metal, you could really mess with an opponent by turning parts of his weapons or armor or tack into mercury.  I'd take that over magic missile or charm person any day.
And in general, ruleset regardless. A massive +1 to the G&S show idea.
I DM with a group through Google Hangout every week - join us! We need a wizard!
Adam A
AD&D or Second Edition though. Those other rules sucked. Precisely the thing that killed my interest. Instead of doing the smart thing, keeping Gary on board and just making more modules and source books, they had to revamp the whole frickin thing.

Hasn't been remotely interesting since.
I would watch your d&d game on Geek and Sundry.
You know who else liked the dodecahedron? Pythagoras. Weirdos, the lot of you!
My favorite was ALWAYS the chaotic good half-elf Ranger. I played years of campaigns as him, but gave him a break here and there to get into other characters for fun... the dwarf warrior or halfling thief were my other favorites.
If my buddies and I started a game up again, I'd go back to the Ranger because its ingrained in my gamer soul.
Id watch that... As long as it isn't the abortion that is the 3rd or 4th edition
Please! Help us other fantastic parents bring D&D to the children who need it so 
I'll play with you Wil. Just let me know when and where.
I played a halfling monk for years. They can hit ANYTHING, but can 't do a lot of damage. Was funny. 
I've always wanted to play D&D but none of my friends are into that stuff and I don't want to join a bunch of weirdos that will take it too seriously. I want to have fun with it. 
I only got to play D&D shortly in high school and I had no idea what I was doing, I pissed off my DM by doing things that didn't fit in his scope of the quest. Oddly enough he never just struck me down to teach me a lesson. I really miss playing the game but can never get a group together to play.
D&D & AD&D were a big part of my childhood. Miss those adventure filled & carefree days. 
Chaotic Neutral Fighter Mage. Go BIG or go HOME
Agreed. Loved the magic user! Part of the myriad of reasons I love Skyrim. You can be a fighter until you're strong enough to switch over to JUST magic.
I will be on the lookout for the show!
Same boat, haven't played or run a game, let alone a campaign in years. Would totally watch that
I'm running a pathfinder game in a few weeks, just finished with a group on an epic adventure.
Why does imagining +Wil Wheaton in long dress robes and a wizards beard seems so natural to me? :D
We just had a discussion tnight where on of the players was bagging on Magic Users and stating why anyone would play one over a Cleric.  His reason was that low-level Clerics can fight and cast spells, whereas the low- level Magic User is a poor fighter and after casting their few spells, they are practically done for the day. 

Pathfinder allows Wizards to cast 0-level spells indefinitely, and I argues that they can still cast Ray of Frost or Acid Splash.  My friend argued that he could do the same with his sling as it never runs out (not so true unless you have unlimited sling stones).  Yes, Wizards are weak at low level, but if they survive to higher level, it pays dividends later.
Id still be playing if I had friends here that would play with me..

One reason to love the #d12  is that it is one of the Five Perfect Solids. In fact, it's the one perfect solid that represented Aether, or the Cosmos, as it encompassed all other solids (according to Plato).

Now, for a long time, knowledge of the #dodecahedron  , that's #d12  to us gamers, was forbidden because it represented knowledge of the cosmos.

In case your latin isn't up to snuff - "cosmos" is a shorthand word to describe everything that can be known about every universe.

So, in a way, to be fond of the #d12  is to be fond of the knowledge of everything.
Will always love being an assassin, even though they use the boring d6.
I would suggest doing a side special of DnD, but try to keep a regular pace of table top outside that. TableTop has done a lot to gather an otherwise unlikely crowd to tabletop games. I would hate to see 2-3 episodes in a row turn people off to good gaming.
A whip using bard has been my favorite build I've done so far, and a D&D Tabletop run would be fantastic!
I always played Thieves, Clerics, and Monks. I still have all that stuff somewhere in the closet. You've made me want to dig that stuff out.
I <3 the d12, and I think that playing Basic D&D on Geek and Sundry would be fantastic.
I would PAY to watch that.  Even if there's no TPK.

Instead of a series of random modules, why not make it epic and do Pathfinder's Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path, now that the anniversary edition is available?
I thought you said catnip spells the first time I read your post. Then I re-read it and it made more sense. ;)
i was playing D&D earlier today as a Ranger/Wizard hoping to become an Arcane Archer. SOOOO MUCH FUN!
I remember reading that the Barbarian has a d12 hit die, and the greataxe deals 1d12 damage in D&D 3rd, solely to justify the existence of the d12.
I'm surprised there isn't some sort of televised d&d tourney. I mean, if poker can make it on tv why not this?
When I played AD&D we were on arpanet all text and yes we used 12 sided dice. Roll for hit, roll for damage if hit. We made up some wild adventures as the limit was our imagination. 
I play as a DM for my kids, and usually go for the meat shields.  They insisted that I play a character with them.  I look at meat shields as kind of boring, and I play them so my kids can survive the encounter, and I don't have enough fantastic abilities that I outshine them.

But it does feel good to stand toe to toe with the Monster and exchange blows.
Try leveling up an M-U without cantrips and only one spell in memory.
There was a saying in my old dnd group. Someone playing a mage had to hear it very often: ' Run, for God's sake run! And if you stumple you will die from the falling damage.!' :) Miss those times... D12 is a nice dice ^^ - it is nerdy, but it has to be.
Having you involved in a tabletop RPG on Geek and Sundry seems like it would be very popular.  Should it be D&D or Shadowrun?  I think with Cyberpunk 2077 coming the Shadowrun and Cyberpunk game genre is getting interesting.
The important thing is, if you find yourself getting angry, frustrated, or annoyed, you should change what you are playing or who you are playing with. It is a game, it is for FUN. Remembering that has kept tabletop enjoyable for me for a long time.
Oh, man. I love the Penny Arcade podcasts so much. I wish you, Scott, Mike and Jerry could get together more often and play like you did in the second adventure. Seeing you and some of your friends play D&D on Tabletop would be just as fantastic.
Ron Neo
One of the more memorable D&D games are when the players did some really creative and funny stuff, almost like what happened in the D&D episode of Community.
Yes. Please do this. You could run it using the D&D Next Playtest rules. Kill two birds with one stone if you know what I mean. Pretty sure they would endorse it.
My one problem with tabletop was that it was cut for a TV time slot - around half an hour. I would love to see a complete, turn-by-turn version with the time dilation and cuts. Show us the f-bombs, the table flipping and everything else. Several "episodes" per game would rock.
That would be a cool show, especially to show it to people who don't get what RPG is!
Still hoping You will be able to do 'normal' TableTop in the future though.
Bring Jerry Holkins, Mike Krahulik and Scott Kurtz and I'm sure it'll be awesome.
I would give up my job just to play! Wait. Let me think about that a bit more.... Yes! Yes! I totally would! There is just something about Unearthed Arcana that rocks. Just ask Vin Diesel.
In forum discussion leading up to the release of HackMaster 5e, the developers said that the d12 was being used for initiative simply because it didn't get enough love. 8o) The game is designed to feel like classic D&D but with totally original mechanics, and does it with flair. They now offer a free version with pre-gens in place of the character creation rules and even have a free mini-module available, so you can literally try the game out for nothing.

We're mostly a GURPS group and I don't actually like class-based games, but HackMaster 5e is second only to GURPS 4e in my list of favorite trpgs. That's how awesome it is.
Will, I agree it is sad how few times you need to use a d12 when playing AD&D.  Let's see if i can remember when it's needed... long sword damage against large opponents, hit points for the barbarian class, and maybe occasionally for determining how many opponents you're facing.  Can't think of other uses.
I used to encourage the use of the d12 at every opportunity. If anyone knew that it was called a dodecahedron  they got extra XP!
Oh yeah, I remember it well:
Being a magic user was hell at low level!
If your DM was nice he granted everybody max Hp for level 1, which meant 4 for you.
Otherwise you had a fair chance of ending up with 1 or 2 HP which meant every bunny could kick your ass! Constitution Boni was not for mages.
But it changed when we reached level 5 and finally got spells like Fireball and Lightening Bolt!
Hah, take this Kobolds! 5 D6 for you and all your friends!
Ok, Roleplaying is not all about killing things but when we were young it was much more important than today and it was incredibly satisfying to finally kick some serious ass.
I'm still playing an Mage though AD&D has been replaced with GURPS and my Character is more into wisecracking than kicking asses but still there are those situations where he can show off with his magic.and sometimes blast some badguys to oblivion.
Or as Vaarsuvius from 'Order of the Stick' puts it:
"Good roleplaying does not preclude fireballing their asses."  
You should check out #malifaux , it's pretty nifty actually. and if you have the stat cards you can play on #Vassal  even :]
I would watch i have always wanted to play propper dnd as opposed to the nwn/baldurs games on pc
I would watch that show. And I'm happy to see in the who has plussed this that my son supports the concept as well.
I'd love to watch that! By the way: It's the same with me - I always wanted to play sorcerers and such, nowadays I much prefer Fighters, Barbarians or other "Tin Cans" - but I still like them smart, although a really stupid character can also be very fun to play ;)
Real men play pathfinder these days. And by real, I mostly mean old :)
Oh yea? My old fellas are still playing good old Gurps on a medieval Name-of-the-wind-like set.
You could call it Tabletop: XP eXtended Production
Don't blame you. Hated D4s all my life - stupid die that doesn't roll :)
I would totally watch that. Just started a campaign with some friends. I haven't played DnD in about 15 years, so I ended up going Monk to avoid easy deaths, but I still get some options besides "Hulk Smash!"
I've dealt more damage to myself by stepping on d4s then they ever did to my enemies in a game!
Reading this post and all the comments makes me realize how many grew up with D&D like myself. Seems like today's kids are missing out on so much by replacing PNP D&D with computer games. I'll never forget the marathon sessions I played, gathered around a kitchen table with friends.
Basic Rules this year, and then in late 2014 maybe #dndnext  will be ready for an episode or two? Maybe #Fate or #DungeonWorld  while we're waiting? For now, the double-episode season finale with #darpg  will suffice. Yaaaaaaaaaaay!
In the UK, the closest I ever got to D&D was the RPG board game "Hero Quest". I played quests as a barbarian but practically became a demigod because I was fortunate enough to have gained pickups of both chain mail and plate armour, as well as a magic artefact that actually gave me the same magic rating as the elf character (when originally it had been 0). Happy times.
Hero Quest was the best many of us could get until we found a D&D group!
Perhaps we can do a game over Google+

Anyone game with that?
Love for the d12:

The Dodecahedron: My sides are many, my angles aren't few. I'm the Dodecahedron, and who are you? 
Milo: What's a dodecahedron? 
Tock: If I'm remember correctly, a dodecahedron is a geometrical shape with twelve sides. 
The Dodecahedron: See for yourself. I only use one at a time. Saves wear and tear. 
+Pocholo Talaba yes, I have played several games over a G+ hangout, also used for games to great effect to. Almost as good as sitting around the table :-)
Two friends of mine independently designed their own D&D-like rulesets just as an excuse to use the underappreciated d30.
Hey +Wil Wheaton try The Legacy of Heroes!  It's based on the D20 Open Gaming License and aims to capture a lot of the classic D&D stuff.  The player's guide is now a free .PDF download, so you can take a peek and see what you think.  The D12 would only be used for weapon damage rolls, but that includes the greataxe, greatsword, lance and longbow!  For the two-handed melee weapons, you get to roll two D12s and take the highest!  How's that for D12 love?
I agree, you should do six to eight episodes on D&D.
Yes please. I have always wanted to see The Game played. :) 
will I loved watching you play with acquisitions inc. I would totally watch you play on a show
I would LOVE to see a Geek & Sundry show watching a campaign you're running or playing in. Loved the Acquisitions Inc. stuff with Gabe and Tycho. Please make this a reality... D&D is so under represented in the Geek & Sundry world right now!
Keep on the Boarderlands all the way man! Barring that some second edition love would be good. The Slave pits of the Undercity comes immediately to mind. 
Back before 4e, I was getting burned-out on 3e, so I ran a Basic D&D game (Moldvay edition) with some online friends and it was refreshing to get back to that (I started with Holmes edition BD&D).

Also, there's a hypothesis going around in cosmology and astrophysics circles lately that says that the universe is shaped like a d12... and the freaky part is, if you were to fly out of one face of the die (say the 12), you would actually be flying back into the die from the opposite side (the 1)! 
+Wil Wheaton Does anyone remember the precursor to D&D ?  
I was introduced to it when it was Greyhawk back in the 60's,  by my friends British parents.  I saw that they re-released it as a campaign for D&D several years ago. Spent many hours around the table roiling dice and dying horrible deaths.  Boy do I miss those days.  
I know I would enjoy watching that with my little one +Wil Wheaton we can't host games because she doesn't have enough friends that are "geeky" enough to form a decent party...
Woot!! started ad&d back in 82 the player handbook with the thief  daggering the demon statue's eyes  huge ruby gems  still give me chills up to these days ... and  I too cherished my  only magic missile, after that it was dagger time^^.
Yes Wil, that would be much more than awesome! Please, Felicia, Kim and all the other +Geek & Sundry staff, make this a reality!
If you love d12s, and you loved wizards ... why not put them together in the same character?  Play an UNDEAD Wizard ...!!  Hahahaha!
I would watch the hell out of that episode.
a episodic D&D campaign would be awesome. I would definitly watch it.
I'd watch it. I dont get time to game anymore. But if i could game vicariously through your game. I'd be all over that. Listen up wizards tm throw sponsorship this way !
PICK ME PICK ME PICK ME! We just wrapped up a two and a half year long campaign that my husband was running, and our friends have all scattered to play other stuff.  I miss the D&D =(
I've always been a barbarian. I have a few of them in Diablo 3. I played a half-orcish barbarian in Neverwinter Nights, and I prefer the dumb-but-visceral characters in most games.
I'm in love with health pools and regen. (I have 4 end-level WoW Feral tanking druids too)
Jay Cie
I'd watch.

AP's are a fickle thing, but get some good people on there with good editing and they are my favorite form of entertainment next to playing myself, and well. . .
I remember being a pre-teen when my Dad brought home Chainmail and later D&D (the three booklet first edition which I still have). Loved the game then, and the Giant\Drow modules were fantastic - probably my favorite adventures ever. It was really a different game back then with so much left to the imagination, which is why it's been really hard for me to maintain interest as the game has become more rules and numbers bound with each versions..
Who would you get to play?  Chris Hardwick?  One of your sons?  Kevin Smith? Jose Whedon? Oh the possibilities ...
I really enjoy your exploits with Acquisitions Incorporated. I'd love to see a similar series.
Glad to hear that d12 is getting some love! My three year old is a big fan of the dodecahedron! :)
You should definitely run that game!
Jay Cie
Oh and IMHO the D14, D16, D18, D30, and the D7 Shouldn't be the black sheep of gaming.
Back in 85, I created an awesome D&D game in Turbo PASCAL. I stored all the code on 3 5.25" floppies and was able to load it in a Trash-80 & it even worked on an Apple IIe. I used the Big Rule Book (Dungeon Master's Guide) as the template for creating the code. I took me a long time to write all that code, but in the end it sure was worth it. Someone stole out of 3-ring binder in my high school and I never re-wrote it.
I would love to see a D&D show, similar to what you did with the Penny Arcade guys.

If I had my druthers, it would be a stand alone show with each season being a different campaign with the same characters, all the way to level 30 and a full on battle against somebody like Orcus.
That's awesome, I play magic at all usually, and always gravitate towards barbarians and sometimes fighters.
I will lean toward wizards or sorcerers when I feel like there are dice I don't use often enough.
I am actually really surprised G&S hasn't taken a page from Dead Gentleman's "The Gamers" series. I would love to see more stuff like this. The Gamers (Part 1 of 5) (FYI you can support these dudes by buying the gamers on amazon. Its cheap)
I would LOVE to see a D&D campaign run by Wil. Please keep this in mind and make it happen.
I remember I had a young boy magic user. The gm rolled a pseudo dragon for my familiar. I had a staff and knife with a backpack and some tunic etc. I don't think I made it past level one. Now a days I play a lore master in lotro and life started out with a stick and raven vs goblins lol.
D&D was always big on the periphery of my social circle in college, but I never got a chance to see what it was all about myself. I'd for sure watch this.
Count this as a +1 for playing D&D through a series of episodes.
That would be pretty awesome!  I support this idea. :)
Tony T
I still get my D&D fill with those legacy games like Baldurs Gate, BG2, Icewindale etc...But I'll never forget the 12-15 hour days sitting around the table just for one level of advancement on my Paladin.  
If you did that my daughter and I would watch religiously, just like we do with Tabletop.
Whatever happened to that campaign you were running for your son and his friends?
I watched the guys from Robot Chicken do something like this. It really just proved that I need to game more.
This would be an excellent series! My teenage son and his friends just recently started playing D&D using my 2nd Edition rulebooks and resources. They convinved me to DM a campaign for them. It was spectacularly fun. My husband even joined in. Now if I could just get my daughter interested.
I would contribute to a kickstarter for that
The idea of running an actual D&D campaign in several episodes is awesome, please do it! And I would suggest using the basic set rules, the red box set of old. Very simple yet everything you need for a fun game.
Josh D.
I'd tune in to that.
If you haven't checked it out before, the Harnmaster system lends itself to excellent play by play recounting due to the nature of the tables.  Mostly D10 and D6 though.

Either way it's by Columbia Games and I encourage you to at least google image search Harnmaster Table.  No levels in that game, which makes players act a bit more cautious.  A "high level" warrior can still die due to a spoon to the eye with sufficient force.
I left my D&D buddies behind in Lastcity, and I miss it/them more than I can express. PLEASE run this show! I would love to live vicariously through someone else's campaign.
I started D&D in 1974 I still have the Frist Box set. And the Frist Monstal Manual sold ir Oregon. In my World I Have Dragon Riders  Skin Walkers Evail Paladins (Think of the SS in WW2) ect  Let get a game Going
I cannot give you enough "+1" for this idea. Generally because i love D&D, but also because i always wished you would play D&D at a yt project since you started Tabletop. (Btw, i really enjoyed the PAX live D&D games).
Fun dodecahedron facts: The dodecahedron is the only Platonic solid to use a non-tessellating face polygon (cubes use squares; tetrahedrons, octahedrons, and icosahedrons use triangles). The dual of the dodecahedron (formed by drawing pyramids on the faces and drawing new faces around the tips of the pyramids; alternatively, interchanging faces and vertexes) is the icosahedron, also known as the venerable d20.
I would watch the everliving hell out of that, Mr W. I mean, I only got to play D&D once, and that was with some kind of 4th edition complicated rules. Funny thing is, I was the last one left alive and I managed to hurt a dragon enough to make it try to decide whether or not it respected me enough to eat me or not. Turns out - Not so much. ^^
you should invite some of the old TSR/WOTC developers on to play with you :). Have Ed Greenwood run the game!
If you really love a d12, take a look at Scorn The First Book of Pandemonium.  Pretty much the only die you need.
Will, what do yon think of DnD 4th and 5th Editions?
Im sensing a strong nerd presence in this sector.
Legends of Grimrock sometimes can scratch the itch. But it's like 2nd edition. 
Was just getting ready to say do a table top on geek and saundry.
I would totally watch that!
I will try to put my excitement about the afore mentioned possible show in a precise and formal manor in which the idea fully deserves. So with that in mind I must say OMDFG I want to see that Geek and Sundry show! Thank you for you time and I look forward to the next table top and possibly another show of yours mentioned above. Thank you
I still love wizards.  I feel that it is the one class that truely forces the player to think and plan for the adventure before kicking open the doors of the dungeon.  Things have changed a lot over the years, but Wizard will always be my favorite class.
Please, please, PLEASE make a D&D show!  D&D Next is going to be great for new players.
  Game Empire in Pasadena has at least one game running almost every day... you know, in case you were looking.
Come to Vegas and we'll totally hook you up with a game!
Add my voice to those saying go for it! :) Ahh the good old days where a fireball solved all your problems :)
I still have my lucky 2 d10 from runequest played every day in my 20s, would love to see a table top spin off that has D&D but with your creative and technical team the potential for fun would make it insane. I'd take a sabbatical from work to die there ;-) I'm thinking of the great RPGers I used to play with whose characters had back stories, favourite foods, wacky personal habits and models or drawings showing outfits and weapons, fun times.
I played my first game of D&D two days ago :) PS: I am 28, totally missed the boat during my childhood years! I can't wait to run my own campaign! 
A quickling runs past you, closely followed by a magic missile.
I would LOVE to see a D&D campaign style show. I never get to play anymore, but would enjoy campaigning vicariously through you!
Is the d12 really needed? Its only got two more than a d10 and yet its 8 away from the venerated d20.
Wonder how classic d&d would work via a google hangout? Only ever played a couple of times half a lifetime ago but would be willing to participate Wil.
I miss the really old modules, when AD&D was simple.  Just a few basic classes and Tolkien ripoff races.  No lizards and such.  I still have original modules from when I was 10, single color covers, blue ink graph dungeons.  Actually playing never quite lived up to imagining playing.  The Keep on the Borderlands and In Search of Adventure.  But I never liked that Wizards slowed down the party.  That part always sucked.
Hey guys, I spent my 3 spells, so I'm a third wheel until we all take a nap together.  Oops, an orc looked at me.  Drag my corpse back to town so I can be raised, or just toss my body down a ravine.
wil i agree i am 11 and i run games like D&D 1e and labyrinth lord and pathfinder and AD&D i started at 8 it was a good time waster and a lot of fun and i am a big fan of wil wheaton in the big bang theroy and star trek
I can't tell you how many times I've watched the acquisitions inc. videos. DO IT!
Subscribers could enter a drawing to guest on the show, maybe. 
One of my fiance's coworkers was talking about starting up a game... Maybe I should try to get in contact with him. I've always wanted to play, just didn't know anybody to play with. :-( 
I played AD&D a long time ago, but found that GERPS was way better.... until I discovered Live Action.  Now THAT would be a show.
I found an original boxed set of D&D 1st edition very cool
I searched G+ for "kids" hoping to find a new circle of friends or selection of interests, and instead I stumble across somebody I already follow. hehe
J Gould
Make it so! Hurhurhur
1d4 hp made it dangerous to be around a kitty cat. They could claw you to death! :)
Oh, that would be awesome... I hope you do!
As a side note, you're a clue in today's Joseph Crossword!
I miss playing the old D&D game. I wish I could find a group I'm my area but it doesn't look good. At age 42, the kids that play now are probably thinking... Are you serious???

I find Wil a great narator. If you ever decide to start narrating audio books for D&D stuff like the forgotten realms, you would Definately have a listener here!
We still play (I actually started D&D recently with my husband and some friends. I was more a WW player.) We play among adults. Playing with kids would just be weird.
I dug out my old Basic D&D stuff to run a game for my sons last summer. They really enjoyed it, and I look forward to running a longer campaign for them again soon.
You wanted to play a magic user not because it was hard but because when you hit the mid-teen levels or so you became the most incredibly powerful class.  Come on, be honest, we all did!   :-)
I love 2nd edition AD&D but I'm forced to play 4th with my buddy and his younger brothers and friends
I'm feeling Druid or Ranger lately (and I've always liked plying gnomes). They're good compromise classes, d8+spells... Hard to go wrong.

I started with a gnome bard/barbarian cross-class. She's still one of my favorite characters I've ever created.
+Joshua O'Rork It's beautiful to see youg people playing DnD today even if it's 4e (which I like in a different way). After the campaign and when they are more experienced be the DM and introduce them whatever you think is ideal. It's just awesome that they're playing DnD and not WoW or CoD.
Hi Wil. I just wanted to say I love your acting in The Big Bang Theory and would give some advice about acting. Because i'm wanting to audition for The Walking Dead.
I would definitely watch a show where you run a D&D campaign
I would definitely watch that. A must do.
Dodecahedron. The word's graceful. 
I would definitely watch that!
Because of this post I'm trying out dungeons and dragons, so far it's pretty awesome!! Thanks Wil Wheaton!!!
That would be really cool. Never played that sort of game, but the Dragon Age on Tabletop has been fun looking.
If you like dungeons and dragons you should play Dungeons and Dragons: Online. I can help ya out some. Free to play but you can only access certain area's unless you buy the others. I play and I am on the server Ghallanda. 
Best reasons to play a Wizard in Dungeons and Dragons :  Transmute Liquid, and Polymorph any Object :D   
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