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Created by Tumblr-er Alive Like Me. Feel free to grab this and use it when necessary.
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I'd end up using it 5 times a day!
Love TableTop! I get to see some cool ass games that I never heard of. You should find an old copy of HeroQuest to play!
I haven't seen you on the guest list for #phxcc. Are you not coming this year?
A rage face could come in handy too :)
I will definitely use this and I will use this often.
Magic was not part of Zombie Dice. I think there should be an * next to that victory. He pulled the colors he called out before he drew them from the can! what was that?
I could use this for work. More than I care to admit too. lol
Dude...Could make you a profile banner with
That's what I said when they offed Felicia Day.
Wil, I understand you... And I swear to god this what I'm about to tell is true, a 11 die streak at Zombie Dice.

This gif represent the feeling so well.
Amazing, you can tell that you're saying "bullshit" just from the nod. (I will now trademark "Bullshit nod" and use it to make untold riches!) It's just like the obvious upper-teeth-on-lower-lip "I'm saying FUCK" expression...
Gonna need this tomorrow here in NC I suspect.
how did u create a move picture?
I kind of love the crap out of this.
Thanks for the awesome gif!
E Walk
Awesome gif... also that shirt is a win.
This will certainly come in handy. Thx.
Looks like "This is brilliant."
This was my favorite moment from the episode. I laughed so hard.
This has now become the greatest forum response gif.
Something tells me I'm gonna need this soon. Thanks Will.
And I know the perfect place... #OMGTheyKilledHolly
The eyebrow raise makes it so much better.
Yes. Thank you. :D
Liked the ending with you in tonights Eureka.
Dear WIll Wheaton,
We like you not because of Star Trek, but because you are actually a pretty funny guy! Kudos to you man, I'll keep following ya!
The sound isn't working - I can't tell what you are saying.
Ohhh, you can bet I'm going to use this. It's simple and perfect for many situations :D
HAHA +Barrie Tingle I shudder when I think about Eureka...Know that you mention it, it lasted almost as long as when i Shudder to think about it.
Your Life Model Decoy is very life like
Weird, +Wil Wheaton, not five minutes ago I was silently lamenting the dearth of posts I'd seen from you recently, and blessing you for the philosophy of "Don't be a dick". Then I log into G+ and presto! Here you are. As if you knew. And cared. Water to the parched mind, is your presence, not least in that you are as freely insignificant but companionable on purpose as you are sometimes serious and influential. Kudos.

I am not routinely fulsome in praise, but I sense you don't seek it, or probably much like it, even. So ironically you deserve it all the more. Ergo I deem myself entirely justified in slathering it on.

Hyperbole aside, if you're ever in the area hit me up for a beer. I'll back my claim of respect with a round for ye. And I'd count it an honor.
I already got to use this tonight to describe the utter failure loss of the Capitals.
Can't wait to have you at Phoenix Comicon again! Thanks!
You need to do more of these... You know -- Whisky Tango Foxtrot? Ummmmmm FAIL!. etc.

XD Love this. Gonna save this...too bad it doesn't come with sound. Then, I would use it whenever necessary.
Awesome gif!
I have a question to ask you. More like a favour.
Canada's favourite sketch comedy troop--Picnicface--got a chance to have an ongoing series on The Comedy Network--Bell Canada's version of Comedy Central--but was cancelled after just one season. You may have already seen their work, as their YouTube page ( has almost 45million views.
They have a petition going and are trying to get signatures to send to the Director of Independent Production ( )
I'm not asking you to sign something you don't believe in, but I was wondering if you could take a look at their work and, if you enjoy it, share it around. They could really use a Wheaton Bump right now.
+Wil Wheaton I love how your episode of Eureka ended with you playing a board game. Awesome!
he dropped the f-bomb in that episode too. although, i don't think you can hear it.
My boyfriend and I cracked up watching this. I almost died laughing at this part in particular.
Oh god that's fantastic. Trust me I'll use this every chance I get.
I lip-read... "Let's boogie!"
"Let's bush-hit."
Some posts need a +100 button :-)
1/60466176th chance of rolling that many brains or odds of 1.65*10^8 to 1

The odds of winning the lottery (Jackpot) is only 1.39*10^7
Looks like the most usefull gif on the entire internet :D
Perfect for those moments when nothing mundane will do! Thanks Wil!
Cool! Would be better if cropped :-)
This should be attached to the electronic version of any federal legislation and removed only when it proves itself not to be.
This is actually really funny! :) Thanks!
This would be great whenever Mitt Romney gives a speech. :)
Will do, I know just where it'll come in handy. Thanks!
Wil, tell us what you're REALLY thinking...
Make one like Riker w/ his Beard of Power descending from above, then a flash, and "Wil With It".
This post... is bullshit!! Lol, just kidding.
Is that a Saint Andrew's cross in the back?? WOOF!
Whoa, he gave permission to ALL of us to use this GIF in any way we like. I can ferociously dig this.
Good news and bad news, Wil. The good news is that you've passed the audition without the usually obligatory screen test here in beautiful downtown Pigsknuckle, Arkansas. The bad news is that you're almost certain to appear in an upcoming Zordaan video. :)

I wish I had an audio track to go with it, but that's okay. I'm sure one of crazies around me will be able to perform a fair impression.
Is Will pissed again? This'll be fun! Wonder who's on the receiving end!
I saw this last night, and OMG just today I had the absolutely perfect use case for it!! Could have totally sent it to my boss for something stupid he did!
A low-level demigod among men <3 Your wife is lucky.
Nice!!! Even without the audio, it delivers the message!!!
Are you gonna be at PAX Prime this year Wil? We all missed your grand presence at PAX East... Right up until Paul and Storm had an absolutely great idea for the crowd. Then it was like you were right there with us.
Do you have ANY idea how useful I will find this in the future?
Downloaded and saved for my next tumblr excursion... :P
Thanks for your largess in posting this tidbit. I am sure my wife will find a use for this. Or just stare at it dreamily until she realizes that she is drooling, and then pretend she wasn't.
This is relevant to ALL THE SITUATIONS.
Perfect, with all the wonderful political shit going on, this will be whipped out more then... stuff...
Wish I could load this on my computer at work.
Ok, theres no way for me, a random fan of yours to write you a message, but for your comments section. Wow. That was so sweet. In all your acting, you play the brilliant jerk so well, that we forget you play other sorts of characters too. When Fargo was grieving, and Parrash walked in, I was moved. Then I watched the scene another dozen times. You made Parrash being nice a believable thing, and that is a feat that should be inhumanly difficult. Thank you, and I'm impressed, not because I didn't think you could do it, but because I was amazed at how well you shined.

edit: The dialouge was so snappy, and the writers get the credit for that, but the dialough would have been nothing without your delivery. Such a moving scene.
seems fitting right now (NC, I'm talking about you)
Will is not a Jerk .. just brutally honest .. there is a big difference :0
I lol'd a bit about the thought how in another continuum a certain ensign gives this line to his captain in command answering an order.
Why am I still looking at this? Every time I open g+ now I spend 30-40 seconds just staring at this.
I can see all sorts of uses for this in PowerPoint presentations. And in Outlook e-mails, if Outlook supported animated GIF files, which it doesn't...
I can only hope my beard is perfectly trimmed if I get turned into an animated gif.
three days later, this is still making me smile :)
lol - keep up your wonderful contributions to the world
Wish I could use this at work.
and this is the first time I've ever seen you say that..that I can recall...over, and over, ugh..okay, we get the idea.
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