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YES! This really needs to be A Thing. Make it happen, Internet.
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I'm quite surprised its not already a thing.
LOL! I'll contribute to this and spread it around the interglobe.
To be fair, it is really hard to impress Spock
Potential for awesome.
And now it's going to be shared on my stream four or five times...
Would it be right to put spock looking at this post?
make the spock a .png download on the site and it will WIN
Would be better with a disapproving Wesley Crusher. Make it so.
I'm impressed. I'm definitely impressed with this.
Given the science of optics, Spock's placement is most illogical for proper depth of field.

Those who have seen the real video footage on Youtube, they know that couple were stormed by riot police prior to this scene and boyfriend is comforting his crying-and-in-pain girlfriend
Pon Farr strikes at the most inopportune time.
I liked "David Bowie is disappointed in you" better.
Damn you Wil, I didn't have time to get sucked into a new meme.
Is this going to be the new 'Sad Keanu'? lololol
Must have spock.png to make. Too lazy to make my own :D
It would be criminal if that wasn't a thing.
Can someone photoshop him looking at our government?
I think it's totally awesome that Spock was even more unimpressed with the Vancouver hockey riot than most of Vancouver was :D
"That green blooded son of a bitch. Its his revenge for all those arguments he lost." - Leonard H. McCoy (Rest in Peace DeForest Kelley.)
+Jose Gomez +1 for the days TV could talk in that manner.
i would say "where no man has gone before" but i am sure that is not likely...
Spock needs to refill his Prozac prescription or drink a whole lot of Arcturian Fizz out of an Orion slave girl's navel, stat!
That is classic. A lot can be done with that... Cute you and Nathan made it onto the not impressed.
Made a contribution. Kinda a gimp n00b so, we'll see.
Wonder if Leonard Nimoy is going to tap you on the shoulder when he sees this...
fantastic. It would be illogical to not make it a thing.
I'm stealing Spocktacular, Andy. yoink
Thank you.
I especially like the round part at the top of the legs.
+Alex Zee You make it sound as though it was a horrendously traumatizing thing for the couple (Scott Jones and Alex Thomas) and that people should be ashamed for making light of it. From the interviews I've read, they've been more changed by the spotlight thrown on their kiss than the riot itself: Alex has said: "We’ve had a great six months, so it’s kind of amazing that there was someone there to take a photo of that and capture that." So...

Spock is still not amused. :P
He's already overloaded... it's broghten.
They really need to replace that cop with a Cylon from the classic 70's series.
They're creating life, Jim, but not as we know it.
"It is not logical that I am not on top."
Wow, just posted on FB and got a impressive window, they are being flooded with Spock.... Hope they were talking about Spock is not impressed.
+Chris O'Regan That's totally him in the infamous clown sweater!

(I'm also embarrassed at my shoddy Photoshop work!)
Oh, goody. I know some people who would love to contribute to this. Thanks for the link.
That is one godawful sweater. I am not impressed.
This is amazing. I'm ON IT.
Oh wow! I will do my duty. Repost! (not the swordplay kind, the... Never mind. I'm on it.)
Spock may not be impressed, however, I am
He looks more like he's sulking here, perhaps at being left out.
Awesome page! I bet, though, that Spock still might not be impressed :D
Someone needs to mix this with Nyan cat....
He is not impressed, but he can't stop staring at it. The guy's butt must be a train wreck.
I scrolled through those pics, I like how someone used your Felica Day and photobombing son pic as spockisnotimpressed shot. Very funny.
I think the guy kissing the girl should be Captain Kirk.
the caption should read "leave the horny humans alone, their copulating"
I have made my contribution and am awaiting moderator approval.
I like it, but I think there were a few in there that even Spock should be impressed with
That was a terrifying clown sweater. I think Spock was wondering if it was going to come alive and KILL YOU.
I say it becomes a weekly thing. Like Caturdays. How about Not Impressed Sundays?
Guy: "what's the problem, I saved the hot girl?"
Girl: ...Um...there's 62 other people in that building!
Spock: "I want a hot girl too"
I have seen this mentioned everywhere today! But here first!
I like how Spock is not impressed with your Clown Sweater, Wil.
Play with the contrast and color balance on Mr. S a little and then it will be a thing.
Spock would not be impressed.
Make it so... Late! (perhaps I should read other comments before I comment) #Facepalm
Pretty safe to say that it's happening.
How is THAT not impressive? Spock has crazy high standards.
Wil Wheaton starts a new Internet Meme!!! LOL
When the Sad Keanu mashup happens, it will have jumped the shark.
Oh, and now I see it happened fifteen hours ago. The memes, they 'splode.
FYI, I keep logging into google+ to see your posts alone. Still waiting for everyone I know to leave FB
Love the "Spock is not impressed by Wesley's new Holodeck program"
Wesley doesn't have time to program the holodeck. He's too busy saving the Enterprise... again.
Awww. G+ Providing me with endless entertainment.
I like how some of the posts are showing as having been made 19 years ago. I wasn't aware that tumblr had been around that long. :D
Question: Is that "new holodeck program" a piece of fan art for "The Guild" with +Felicia Day, or is it official promotional material?
this is a thing, and it has been 34'd already... both with ghey pr0n and george costanza's "the timeless art of seduction"
+Alex Zee you misspelled "crying and in pain girlfriend who was in the middle of a riot and for some reason didn't expect to get beat on by riot police"
Just add it to the memebase.
Working on a couple of versions this weekend...
Man, Spock really gets around!
rumor has it that today is Will's birthday. If so, Happy Birthday.
I'm probably late to the party with this comment, but is it just me, or is Spock checking that guy's ass out?
As long as ABC doesn't try to make it into a tv show like "shit my dad says".
You did it now, Brian. Stay tuned for "Shit Spock is not Impressed With", coming this fall on ABC!
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