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World War Z is my favourite audiobook of all time, and I was really looking forward to the film adaptation of the book ... but after watching this trailer? Not so much. It looks like they licensed the book and then just slapped the name on a generic zombie story.

Seriously, get the book or the audiobook (or both) and read them. They're really fantastic.
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The trailer looked half serious and half 'the mummy' with Pitt as Brendan Fraser
It really does seem to be missing the point. This seems like it might as well be "I am Legend: Brad Pittier"
Rumor has it they had a brilliant script by JMS (of Babylon 5 fame) and threw it in the bin.

So yeah, what should have been dawn of the dead by way of Ken Burns is 28 days later by way of Roland Emmerich.


They're is a really good chance they are going to seriously deviate from the book in a bad way
Yeah the audiobook of that was incredible. I can't stand zombies, and would never have read the book, but someone gave me the audiobook and I was hugely impressed. 
Smart man is smart. Same with you Wil. Sure, they'll have Battle of Yonkers... but wtf is this mess? Hollywood screws up again!
It makes me think of I, Robot.  It had (almost) nothing to do with the actual book, but it was actually a perfectly good movie on its own.  It's obvious the WWZ guys didn't go the book route, but hopefully it will be fun for what it is.
Looks good but not like the book at all. In the book the world feel apart slowly and the walkers were not fast runners. I might need to read the book again but this trailer doesn't feel like the book at all. 
I don't know the book, so I can't comment on how much the film deviates from it. And how bad that may be.
But from this trailer, the movie looks pretty amazong anyway with a pretty fresh take on the Zombie idea. I haven't seen anything like this in a Zombie movie so far, and I have seen A LOT of Zombie movies...
So, I'm looking forward to the film. I may read the book or listen to the audio book - but only afterwards!
plus, why does every trailer now have to do the Inception
I plan on not thinking of this as the book made into a movie but just a movie with the same name. That way I might enjoy it. 
+Michael Winkler Watch 28 Days Later or I Am Legend or 2012, this is exactly like that.. it is not a "fresh take". do yourself a favor and look up the book, you won't be spoiled because this movie is nothing like the book. 
Remember kiddies, 28 Days Later did fast zombies first!
It makes people look like a bunch of ants. I always thought we resembled ants.

What the hell is this.  First they butcher I am Legend and now this.  Shameful.
Waiting for cable. The book was awesome.
The script had a number of rewrites and more filming was needed. It didn't test well if I recall correctly.
Haven't read the book yet, but after getting the recommendation, I will see if I can find it in some bookshop and read it over christmas.
Thanks, I'd prefer  to support the local bookstores first, then online ;)
What the book captures is the political 'head in the sand' lacking acceptance of evidence, government disinformation, and slow response that allows zombies to gain a huge foothold. It takes a long time before things hit that tipping point. Would that really happen? Who knows.

I like the idea of a rapid infection. It ramps up that 'Oh sh*t, things have gone to hell' factor 10-fold. It's perfect for a movie. 

Note another popular zombie drama (Walking Dead) with the slow shambling type, things had fast forward to the decline of civilization. Rick wakes up in a world that has suddenly changed. We didn't have to sit through episodes of stuff unraveling.

Loved the book. I understand the departure from it for the movie. Hope it's a fun movie.
Zombies again? Is it gop that had frightened the fantasy do much these days?
The book is GREAT. That usually means I don't want to see the movie. Don't be messing up the books I love, Hollywood.
Hi +Julie Schippnick. I know both movies you mentioned. They are nothing like this!
I wasn't talking about fast Zombies. Sure, they have been done before.
What I meant with "fresh take" are the "Zombie-avalanches", the ant-like behavior and the war-scenario. That hasn't really been done in a movie!
Most Zombie-flicks usually follow a small group of people who encounter Zombies. They either portray what happens at the start of the outbreak or only show events later in the post apocalyptic world.
This film seems to look at how the military really would try to cope with a situation like this. They wage a war against the zombies, which hasn't been shown in a movie so far. So it is a fresh take - for a movie...
+Michael Winkler Yes, they are exactly like this. Look up about all of the re-writes, and then look up what the director says about this movie (they are completely disregarding all themes and motifs that made the book amazing), and the director even mentioned 2012 as inspiration. This film is World War Z in name only, thus making this a farce. 
From the World War Z Wikipedia page.

 The screenplay was written by J. Michael Straczynski, with Marc Forster directing, and Pitt starring as the main character, United Nations employee Gerry Lane. Despite being the draft that got the film green-lit, Straczynski's script was tossed aside, so that production, which was to begin at the start of 2009, was delayed while the script was completely re-written by Matthew Michael Carnahan to set the movie in the present, leaving behind much of the premise of the book to make it more of an action film 
It's the most epic-scale zombie movie ever.  It is what it is.
+Julie Schippnick Think return of the living dead got that one. Oh, and zombies wanting brains too.
Yeeeeeeeeeahhh...kinda what I am thinking. willing to give it a shot, and maybe hoping for a part two. the book is one of my favorite reads of all time. the audio book was effin` amazing. looking forward to the new audiobook, if only for The Fillion.
+Julie Schippnick, as I said, I don't know the book, so you may be right about how they probably butchered the original story.
But from just this trailer, it looks like a pretty cool movie about zombies that shows things, that haven't been done in a zombie movie so far.
And 2012 is not a zombie movie, although Woody Harrelson sure looks like one and the other actors act like zombies... ;-)
I will watch this movie unprejudiced and hopefully enjoy it. Then I might read the book or (more likely) listen to the audiobook and maybe enjoy that even more.
I was nearly an extra in this. I'm glad I didn't bother now.
+Michael Winkler Did i say 2012 was a zombie film? NO. The director of THIS FILM said they were trying to capture the feel of films like I AM LEGEND and 2012. This film is nothing like the source material and they admitted they are ignoring the WHOLE STORY from the book and making up their own story. This film shows NOTHING NEW. You want to see Zombie stories done right? Watch The Walking Dead. you want shit? Then watch this. 
we've had post apolocalyptic before. we've had zombies before in almost every conceivable scenario. The intersting thing about the novel and the audiobook is it's done like a biography, inspired by Studs Terkal. The entire Narrative is told in "first hand accounts" from "survivors" of the great zombie war. it's not just one person, and you get this sense of how everyone involved makes it through this ordeal. there is no real central line through the narrative save for a timeline from start to finish, but somehow it all stays connected.

the movie unfortunately seems to have lost that central vision, and is looking more and more like just another zombie film.

it's not how I would have done it, but I'm no movie guy.
Wait a minute, Is this a Movie Adaptation or Based on the book? Because it's two different thing.
+Julie Schippnick, this film shows modern war action in the context of a zombie outbreak. That is NEW! Please correct me if I'm wrong, but there has not been any zombie film showing that, especially not at this scale!
I honestly don't care that this film is nothing like the book!

I like "The Walking Dead" very much. But it is just another post apocalyptic story with slow zombies, so nothing new. It is a well told story though.

You don't know whether this film will be shit, or have you seen the complete movie already? It may not be like the book you like, but separate from it, the film might be a nice zombie-action-flick. Nothing too deep, but good popcorn entertainment with some visuals that have not been shown in any ZOMBIE-film before.
Not read the book (but I feel like I should now) but the movie looks ok - nothing more.  I guess it will be fun but it looks very much like a lot of similar scenes repeated and a lot of crappy CGI from that trailer.

One thing - with that many Zombies they don't need to be that fast.  Zombies are either need to be really fast and just a few of them or lumbering monsters but lots and lots of them.  Both fast and plentiful just looks a bit silly.
what would have been cool, hire the crew that did, say, Cloverfield and get all the shakycam "actual" footage or "found" footage for stuff like Yonkers, and Cape Town, etc. but then also hire the guys from all the history channel documentaries to do the bulk of the movie, including "reinactments" with staged interviews.
A faithful adaptation of the book would have no narrative cohesion at all as a film, so taking specific ideas (the battle of Yonkers, etc) and then extrapolating an individual's experience following that was probably the way to go. I like the fast moving zombies.
CG crowds seem to be the new big thing...
+Dave Peterson Maybe for an HBO series? The book is quite long and dense. I think they just take the easyest way to film the story, using a single character to move it from place to place around the world. It doesn't feel like the book, but... I like it. I'll see it, no doubt.
Gez H
Yeah looks utterly generic. I suppose it'd be a big risk making a big hollywood blockbuster type movie with the original story though. :( 
Agree looks absolutely horrific.
+Andy Channelle it would take a skilled director and a good writer to make it work. but the Narrative of the source material would survive. you could actually split it up into a couple of films.

+Enrique Esturillo yeah but think something maybe band of brothers style. I used to spend a lot of otherwise boring afternoons off mainlining the history channel. it would be awesome and hilariously ironic to see Mark Hammil in and interview chair talking about Yonkers while fuzzy photographs, and reinactment footage were interlaced with "actual" news footage and cellphone cam footage, and the like. it would be brilliant if someone could pull it off.
I am just going to rename the movie in my head and forget any association with he book that I enjoyed so much 
I remain optimistically hopeful, but realistically setting my expectations low.  Still, Brad Pitt in a zombie movie? I'm down with that.
My different thoughts when I saw this trailer
1. This is a parody
2. This looks pretty cool
3. I have now seen the entire film
"Screenplay by David Lindelof" - So, what did you expect? SCNR
From imdb FAQ.
Q: Is this film based on a book?
A: No, while the book and movie share the same name the movie in it's current state is only resembling the book in name. The plot is completely changed from post war report to prewar prevention.
+Christian Jog then why even call it "world war z"? might as well call it generic zombie movie #34,572
Been looking forward to this for a while now. So I have high expectations. Maybe that's the problem. 
I love the book and at first I was angry about the trailer and its hysterically fast Zombies. But at second thought: I will watch it and give it a chance, before I pre judge it... And no: I don't agree with the "standard zombie flick" opinion. It is the first one with a huge budget ;) ... So let's see... (btw. I think they got inspired by the "Gathering Dead" series from Stephen Knight with the zombie piles and the living dead falling from roofs in masses) 
Woooo i started crying just by the trailer !
Zombies rule !
I'd get the audiobook, but only if it was read by my favorite audiobook voice guy +Wil Wheaton 
Note to hollywood, zombies do not move like Usain fucking Bolt
The zombies could run like the Flash for all I care, as long as they kept the same intent as the book: a post-zombie war account from multiple perspectives. 
I agree with the Wheaton in all things mentioned. If you must watch the movie, read or listen to the book- its fantastic.
Why have I never heard of this beforw
pretty much.  They take everything nice and unique about world war z and just cram it into another meh zombie flick
rolls eyes great more zombies! /sarcasmoff
Wake me up when the zombie fever is finished.
Makes me wonder if a human pyramid of that size is actually possible? Sure ants can do it but their bodies are proportionally far stronger than ours, I don't think it would scale up.

I dunno.  It seems to hew to the spirit, if not the specifics of the source material.

Before WWZ, all the zombie stories were about a small, ragtag group trying to get away from the zombies; the story used to end as soon as the humans got back in touch with the government forces or whatever.  WWZ kept the story going after that point, asking, "hey, what exactly does the government do with the remaining zombies?"  This trailer seems to do that; it's a story not about escaping the zombies but dealing with them.

Granted, there are a lot of differences from the book.  But honestly, that's to be expected.  It's a book where a LOT happens.  You can't really turn something that dense into a less-than-two-hour movie.
+Wil Wheaton I completely agree with you. I knew there was trouble when they delayed the movie for almost a full year to do reshoots. And at San Diego Comic-Con Max Brooks wouldn't talk about it, all he said was they paid for the rights and they'll do what they think needs to be done. I tried to explain the plot of the book to someone who just watched the trailer. They stared at me blankly and said "Is there another movie coming out about that story? Because that sounds like a completely different story." Oh well...
This was exactly my thought process watching the trailer.  Sigh. . .on the bright side, there is a full unabridged audiobook in the works!
I think it might work if Brad PItt were to die early on in the movie.
The book wasn't about Hollywood Celebrity action people surviving a zombie apocalypse, it's about average people doing what they could to get by and survive.
Unfortunately, I don't think they'd have the cajones to do what I just posited. 
June 2013 :-( That's seven more months....
Woah. Zombies should be slow and clumsy (just my opinion. Then you can escape the damn things!) . What on earth were those piles of people all about. Loved, absolutely loved the book. This... Does not look like the World War Z I imagine! The book was about the people and the situation. This film is about mad action. But I guess that's what people expect at the cinema these days. Shame. 
Got to agree with +Wil Wheaton on this one.  Not only does that not look like the book, but the zombies look like they are also of the fast variety, which the zombies in Max Brooks' books never were.

Looks like a case of name buying.
Flame wars on World War Z... Marvellous. 
Yeah aparently another movie I will NEVER watch. I own both the book and audio book version. The writer is brilliant and I see NO way they could come close to the original.

As for Brad Pitt yeah less then 5 minutes in a actual crisis situation survival rate...we could only hope the movie is the same.
I find myself wishing for the zombie apocalypse to arrive just to prevent this film's release.
Well, it might not really be WWZ in film form, but it doesn't look like it's necessarily a BAD film in itself.

So I'll take your advice, Wil, and pick up the book - but I may also be going to see the film, too.  :)  I'm a sucker for Zombie Apocalypse stuff, anyway (mainly for the story; not so much for the gore).
I haven't read the book so far, but I like the trailer because the zombies are fast. It never made any sense to me that zombies live although they died/are dead/are decayed, that they live contrary to extreme injuries but are always slow and always dumb.
I think it looks like a decent Zombie Film.
But it doesn't look like it is going to have anything at all to do with the book.
The Book would make an excellent HBO Miniseries IMHO.
If they change the name it can be a decent zombie movie.
I love the book, personally. And I would have loved it if the movie had gone in the same direction: A documentary of a fictitious war. Of course that wouldn't sell nearly as well as an action movie, so I never expected Hollywood to go that way and never expected to really like this movie. The trailer doesn't even get the horror aspect of a zombie apocalypse across, let's hope the movie itself does. It does look like a decent action flick, though. Just not like World War Z. And also... The zombies looked kind of fake... When they were swarming and really fast, they looked really, really fake. Not like something that used to be human and should still move like a human at all. I've seen better special effects in much cheaper movies. 
Pat G
Um yeah not like the book I read or listened to. +Ezequiel Gallo has it right change the name and it could be a good movie just not WWZ 
Wow, didn't see a single scene in that trailer that made me think of the book. Clearly they wanted to make a zombie movie that had a recognizable name, but fans of the books probably won't go out to see this.
Have you done "Ender's Game"?  Awesome sci-fi novel which is actually in post-production and coming to theaters next year.
World War Z is one of a very few situations where I think you should both read the book and listen to the audiobook. The audiobook is abridged, and thus you need to read the entire book, but the performances in the audiobook are astoundingly wonderful, and the casting choices are hilarious in and of themselves.
Cory D
Although it does look cool, it comes across more as an "infected" genre of movie more than actual 'zombies.
Running Zombies. In a movie made from a book where Zombies do not run. Yeah, screw you very much Hollywood.
That was the plan from the start Wil. I was excited to hear they were making a movie and then found out it was not following anything of the book and i \quit.
Danny S
I think JMS's drafts have been long abandoned (I recall reading him say as much). From this trailer, it doesn't look anything like what I know about the book or JMS's version of the story. They /did/ do a lot of reshoots.
The sad thing is that the movie looks like it could be good. It's not shaping up to be WWZ, but it looks like it could be a decent zombie action flick. 

Something I totally hate. Starship Troopers was a fun film but it was nothing resembling the book apart from vague nods and references. All of the Daniel Craig "Bond" films to date were great spy thriller action films, but to me and my wife they didn't have the flavor of being a proper Bond film. Skyfall seems to take us back to Bond being Bond but the ones before that were Bond in name only. 

If you're going to licence a book for source for a film, why not do it justice? Why not make it a decent film version of the book. LotR and the upcoming "The Hobbit" is a wonderful example. They took most of the book, only removing the really slow and the bits that made little sense (Tom Bombadil) and making some timing changes as to which scene was shown in what order. Which considering that there were multiple story lines, it didn't matter if you showed a scent with Merry and Pippin before you showed one with Aragorn since they were all happening at the same time. 

Harry Potter was another one that was a decent nod to the books. The first film was almost dead on (as far as I can tell only cutting the scene where Charlie Weasley picked up Norbert) and the rest of the books while were a bit more heavily trimmed were at least true to the core and vital elements of the books. 

So like the rest of ya, I'm going to be torn. Torn between wanting to see what looks like a decent zombie action flick and not wanting to see it because it looks like it's stolen the name of a book that would have stood on it's own as a film without having to @#$% with it. 
Agreed. The book had a fantastic story and got me back into reading after a long dry spell. The audio book was even better. The trailer really crushed my hopes for what could have been.
What the hell... what kind of zombies are those?
What the... And I shit my self when I see zombies that simply 'run'.
Ok first we had slow zombies, then fast zombies and now we have wave zombies... whose silly idea was that.
they ruined the whole premise of the book. it is post-zombie invasion, documenting individuals experiences. now brad pitt saves the world?? i call shenanigans!
Never having read the books, by the trailer I think it could be a nice action movie. Not sure about the wave zombies but still...I'll get the audiobook to get an idea
the reason why the book is great is that it is a very realistic scenario of what might happen to people, nations, and families. this movie is a puff action flick with no resemblance to the book. read the book! it will creep you out. i read Pride, Prejudice, and Zombies afterwards to calm my imagination....i needed a good zombie laugh after that.
The book was awesome. Another good zombie series is The Morningstar Strain. I'll see the movie but I won't expect it to be faithful to the book.
yes great book....this looks good but it is not world war z
The book was awesome. Another good zombie series is The Morningstar Strain. I'll see the movie but I won't expect it to be faithful to the book.
Despite what anyone may say about the World War Z trailer being a horrible shitfest of running CGI zombies that makes I Am Legend look like early Romero, I can take solace in knowing that it'll have a great story.

I mean, it's not like it's been constantly rewritten, scrapped and open-ended throughout all stages of its production, right?

I felt the exact same way watching the trailer and I had such high hopes for this movie...
I haven't see any World War Zness about the trailer, but I love it.  Figure it might not be a 'Bayean give everything away in the trailer' thing maybe?

And the Audiobook. Brilliant.
Not read the book, the trailer looks good to me but now i will defiantly get the book.
Wow, there is nothing about that that says WWZ to me.  Hell, if I didn’t know what it was about I wouldn’t have even guessed zombies.  It looks like they are trying to go for the actual event rather than the look back that the book was.  I’m very disappointed.  I’m sure it will be just fine as a zombie movie - but that isnt WWZ.

A professer at a college near me uses the book as an example of how to write down and oral history - seriously.  This is just tragic what they are doing.
I sometimes feel like I'm the only nerd on Earth that didn't love WWZ. While I like the premise and the writing style, there were a lot of small irritating things that added up to a bucket of sand in the gears to me. From forced pop culture nicknames (Megs, Sandlers), to questionable inclusions (f-cats), to the ridiculous lengths Brooks went to to make zombies a serious threat, to the sheer crazy incompetence that had to be tagged on the military in order for some of the battles to work out the way they did, it just all felt off.

Of course, the movie is structured to eliminate what things I thought actually worked, so...yay?
Wait, I thought zombies were how we have been getting away from vampires and warewolves.... and before that, it was witches and wizards...
I'm hoping Brad Pitts part in the film won't be as big as the trailer is making it seem. I loved how the book drew from multiple views during the event, if they take that away this really is just one more zombie movie.
i am so very disappointed too.  The filmmakers had a chance to make an awesome mockumentary and using flashback/memory sequences to spice things up.  It would have been very cool and unique.  But instead they went for same old same old.
+Alan Irwin Not likely a Hollywood studio would stump up the cash for Brad and not put him in every scene they can.
I am a huge fan of the book and was worried straight away when I heard they wanted to adapt it to the big screen. I couldnt imagine anyone being able to capture the enormity of it into a small 2 hour film. It seemed they scrapped trying to do the book justice and wrote an entirely different story fairly early in the production from what I remember of news blurbs.
I couldn't agree more.  World War Z's format would have made a better TV show (probably on a premium network).
O BOOOO!!!!  World War Z was such a cool book!
Terribly disappointed.  The book was an interesting twist on the whole zombie genre but this is just Hollywood BS.
All I can think about is that stupid perfume commercial.
This is a horrendous let down.  This could very well be a new low for book to movie adaptations. 
I agree, Wil. The book was one of my favorite reads. This trailer is nothing at all like what Max brooks intended the story to be at all.
Never listened to the audio book version, but the book itself was a fantastic read. I do remember hearing an interview with the author on NPR not too long ago, in which he said he had had very little to do with the movie. Could be why it seems to be deviating so much... Oh well, Hollywood's loss. 
I concur. This may be an okay zombie movie in and of itself, but it is no World War Z.
Plain and simple, zombies shuffle and groan (even in wwz) they don't sprint, and scream!!
I like the visuals, but honestly disappointed that it isn't about the book. Just a title. I've got the audiobook too and it is brilliant and easy to get engrossed in. The voice acting in it is superb too!
For everyone defending the Walking Dead as to how much better it is/will be from WWZ? Keep in mind they've deviated from a  LOT of stuff in Walking Dead from the original graphic novel. A lot. Some characters never made it past the first day or two, some were never included, complete changes to the story, just... a lot of change (and in all honesty, due to how graphic some of the scenes would be if they were left in? Yeah, I think for the sake of keeping our lunches down that may have been for the best.) 

Sometimes movie and TV show adaptations work flowing perfectly from the book, sometimes it's a concept and they run the complete opposite way. I haven't read WWZ yet, but I'll give both versions a chance before I judge too harshly. Though my gut tells me I should maybe just consider this a fun/gory/Hollywood zombie movie and not relate it to the book in any way.
The only problem I ahve with the audiobook of Workd War Z was that it was abridged, and some of the awesome one-shot stories never made it into the audiobook.  Other than that; WHOA GODS is it so good...
for someone who hasn't read WWZ book, that trailer looks pretty sick.
I have to say I'm going to reserve condemning the movie; I might have to just ignore the fact it's got WWZ on the title and  just give it "Zombie Flick" status so it's watchable without bias.  Olympic speed zombies again....the book clearly states Romero zombies with limited cranial capacity. So if you don't want  to spoil the movie for yourself, don't read the book.

BUT, I highly suggest listening to the audio book so you can hear some fabulous actors telling the tale of the survivors of WWZ and then reading the book so you can get a feel for the emotions portrayed.  Also several parts were left out of the audio book for either time or continuity sake.
Adam A
Ugh. No more zombies, plz.
While I haven't read World War Z (yet), I do find the "rapid global infection" part of this trailer really frightening. More so than the hordes of flesh-eating zombies.
All I have to say...if you are going to make it a completely different story it deserves a completely different name.  While it may be a good, or even great zombie movie, it is set for huge criticism by using the name of the book.  At this point in time they can't even really call it "inspired by".

World War Z could easily be a new television series.  Each week could be a different story.  Start by scripting out the stories from the book and if it does well you can add stories from other people. Huge potential there but making a movie that does not even resemble the book and then calling it by the same title to attract the fans of the book is a HORRIBLE idea.
I don't know, looks awesome to me. I like the look of angry, aggressive zombies that actually could catch you...
This appears to have nothing to do with Max's book, except zombies.   His book was personal stories working together to tell the whole story.  This is just "OMG!!! Zombies!!!" 
Nonononononononono. While the movie may turn out to be good, it is sad that they have taken the name for its marketability and then completely changed the story. Not cool man, Not cool. I really hope Brooks reads the fine print on his future contracts before signing away his right to stop such a mangling.
It's not the best trailer to show off the book, but I could pretty easily see it as the introduction to his character, followed by short stories where he represents the person telling each story. I remain hopeful.
I completely agree. I felt the same way after watching the trailer last night. It disappointing that they would ruin a good story. 
Try Patient Zero by Jonathon Maberry sometime.  The audiobook is well produced and goes on sale on audible once in a while

basically James Bond meets horror with a science twist
Te Audiobook was amazing! And the people they got to read for it?! Tooooooooo fawesome!!!
Yeah...and I dunno about Brad Pitt.  The guy is getting old and worn out looking.  :)
"Despite being the draft that got the film green-lit, Straczynski's script was tossed aside, so that production, which was to begin at the start of 2009, was delayed while the script was completely re-written by Matthew Michael Carnahan to set the movie in the present, leaving behind much of the premise of the book to make it more of an action film." From Wiki.
I've said it elswhere but: You don't make a movie out of this book. You make a big-budget Ken Burns style faux-documentary series. That's how you do the book justice.
The book is on my current list of reads, working on the clockwork century series by Cheri Priest which is an awesome "zombie-ish" series. So coming into this trailer fresh I can say that it looks like a disaster flick with Zombies and I'm down for some of that shit! As for butchering adaptations goes, look no further than the Hobbit, a book I can read in three hours is being split into three movies clocking in at almost three hours a piece. Seriously? But are you gonna go see it?
The book is 100 times better than the audio book, but only because the audio book doesn't have all the stories.
but, as far as audio books go, it is the second best I've listend to.
(the best was a recording of The Hobbit, done with a full cast by BBC Radio)
After reading WWZ and hearing they were making a movie, I knew instantly that there was no way the movie could resemble the book in anything but name.  The book's storyline is just far to convoluted to be screen-written. 

The trailer still looks cool as hell and I'll go see the movie.  If you haven't read it, go get it and get to it!
Might be entertaining, but it looks like it has nothing to do with the novel, World War Z, which was written in a vignette style, with no singular hero, and featured shamblers not zoombies.
I loved the book... but not sure about this movie...looks like "2012 with zombies".
World War Z is absolutely fantastic, I actually ended up with 3 copies of it because gifts. 

Not so sold on the movie either - I'll almost certainly see it, but I'm not getting my hopes up.
I don't get the whole zombie thing. 
Always watch the film first if there is one. You will usually enjoy the book just as much. It doesn't often work the other way around. 
I will be there to see it!! Its a different twist from the slow dumb zombies!!
"one man can save the world"? Sigh.  It was supposed to be after the war.....
I was waiting for all the zombies to form into GIANT MEGA ZOMBIE!
Yeah...haven't read the book, but the trailer looks a bit cheesy. Guess I'll have to stop by the bookstore today.

Yes, I'm one of those people who still buys actual books. I still prefer the feel of holding a book and know that Barnes&Noble can't come to my house and take my book back the way Amazon or Google can with the ebooks.
Agreed. The book was awesome. This trailer makes it look more like Die Hard with zombies. While that's not necessarily a bad thing when taken by itself, it's a disappointment compared to what it could have been if it were actually based on the book it's named after.
i quite like the trailer. so, if i'd read a book now, i'd probably not like the movie... so i'm gonna wait i guess. 
I like The Walking Dead's take on the slow/fast zombie. They're slow alone, but can become fast when stimulated. But these WWZ zombie are over the top.
I agree - I've probably listened to the World War Z audiobook a ton of times, and I am not holding out any hope that the movie will be any good :( 
When I heard the description of what hey were doing with this "adaptation" of the book,almost two years ago, I felt a bit ill. This is truly a HUGE missed opportunity to make a memorable zombie genre film. I'm sure the film will be fine, but it's not WWZ.

I don't approve the idea of judging a movie by its trailer. The only thing you can really get from a trailer is production value and sometimes a glimpse at the acting quality.

I don't even approve the idea of judging a movie by how close it follows the book narrative. The best film adaptations come into being from the director/screenwriters taking certain liberties with the story and adding their own vision to the new medium (exhibit: David Fincher). Otherwise the overall feel of the original story is lost. Strict book -> movie conversions invariably come out excessively dry due to pacing incompatibilities.
I loved the audiobook. I listen to a decent amount of audiobooks, as it makes commuting more interesting than listening to music, or talk radio, or the news, and the quality of narration in World War Z was the best I've experienced in the format. The trailer doesn't look like it relates to the book in any way, save for the title and the presence of zombies.
James R
+Paul VanMetre To each their own. Most movies I've seen, the trailer give a decent representation of the tone, composition, and quality. Sure, it doesn't give you the full plot or storylines. But I, personally, can also see if I'm interested in seeing a movie with the cinematography and stylized look of something like "300" versus something more grounded in reality of the Christopher Nolan Batman movies.

At least, that's how I feel about this trailer. I don't like it for the feel of the tone. I'm not even looking at it from the view of an adaptation from a beloved book (I haven't read it).
It's "I Am Legend" all over again...
Couldn't agree more. It would have been much better if it was done in a documentary or found footage style.
I wouldn't write it off just yet, +Wil Wheaton, trailers lie.  The Fight Club trailer was dismal, and that ended up being the first book-to-film adaptation that I think outshone the book it was adapted from.  Even if Z does fall a bit short, the zombie hordes are acting like fire ants, which I find perfectly horrifying :-)
That looks absolutely nothing like the book. Not a single recognizable bit, not even in one frame. Immensely disappointing.
+James Raynon , You described almost exactly what I summed up as "production value". Value, in the sense that I meant it, is more than a number of dollars that was spent on CGI or effects. The exception I would take would be "tone". I've seen plenty of tone misrepresented by trailers (not always, but often enough). Rapid-fire scene cuts and music styles not found in the film soundtrack are the two most common devices for this distortion.
Fast moving zombies are ridiculous, and not scary. I guess I'll wait till this is on DVD and for now pick up the audio book. 
I haven't read (or listened to) the book, but the perspective of "Brad Pitt making the 'adorable' Zoolander Face he makes in every film Vs. the Giant CGI Snake Made out of Zombies" does not look appealing to me.
James R
+Paul VanMetre Tone may not be the most accurate word to use. Perhaps the look and style "feeling". Whatever word you use, it doesn't matter if it's rapid-fire scene cuts of music styles, I can easily decide that I like/dislike the visual tone of a Tim Burton Batman vs a Christopher Nolan Batman. Two very different visual tones and atmospheres that I can easily tell by the trailer which style it is.

So, for me, it's perfectly valid to judge a movie by it's trailer. You may not get the whole story, but you can't say that it's wrong (at least, in my opinion).
The audiobook is truly amazing. It has a full cast and is something my husband and I listen to again and again.
With you on this, Mr. Wheaton. I love that audiobook -- my husband and I still use "Don' worry, everything gonna be all right" as code for FUBAR. That movie looks like it's... well... "gonna be all right."
did u know that zombies are excellent climbers FUN FACT
Dude you should check out the book the audio book is abridged and misses out some really good stuff. Reread the book, it's the right thing to do!

Ps. I share your disappointment in the look of the film vs the feel of the book. :-( 
I could not get more than 20 minutes into the audiobook, it was too scary and depressing. :S
I was so seriously disappointed when I saw this trailer. Show me the Battle of Yonkers. Show me rouge Chinese submarines. Show me blind Japanese samurai, and the Redeker plan, and quislings, and frozen zombies in Canada. Or at the very least, give me the zombies that Max Brooks dedicated an entire field manual to describing. I don't even know what this crap is.
+2 for correct affirmation of the Audiobook's awesomeness.   -1 for the FAIL of an adaptation.  Balances out for you, I guess. ;)
cry That is not WWZ.  Complete fail.
Doesn't look like any zombie movie. These zombies are freaking running and climbing!!
+Wil Wheaton It's like how The Walking Dead is a great comic, a great game, a bad TV show.

[EDIT] Anyone else think that the pile of zombies on the splashscreen looks like Starship Troopers when they're getting invaded by bugs (right before Dina Meyer (Dizzy) and Michael Ironside (rasczak) die)?
The book is fantastic. I was puzzled by the zombies to be honest, but look at the sheer volume of them. Not sure about a cinema viewing for me, more a blu-ray release I think.
I view this as the zombie version of I, Robot, or as I call it, Will Smith Versus the Robots.  This isn't the film World War Z, this is Brad Pitt Versus the Zombies.  The later are enjoyable, the former are full of nerd rage.
Yeah just don't see zombies rushing buildings or streets like a heard of ants... 
I haven't read the book yet, so to me the film looks AWESOME!
World War Z Movie : World War Z Book :: Starship Troopers Movie : Starship Troopers Book.
I'm not impressed.  I see some of the generic plot points from the book, but the point of World War Z is it's a recounting of the first days, not a single point action story.  Should have named it something else.
I own both the audiobook and the novel, and I've ALWAYS held this belief that if you were to do the story any justice at all, it would need to be done "Band of Brothers" style. Small narrative before the flashback action.  How hard is that to do?!?!?! When they announced the movie, I had my hopes up, but they were quickly dashed from the small set reports that I was reading on AICN.  
Seriously, how hard is it for Hollywood to stick to the source material? 
Having read the book, and knowing of the upcoming movie, I'd always been of the thought that World War Z would have been best if it were made as a multi-part (maybe 5) miniseries on TV. Perhaps even made by the same team as The Walking Dead.

I picture a mini-series where we, the audience, travel with the interviewer to meet with the survivors of WWZ and as they recount their stories, the scene would shift in a flashback-esk style to the actual event. Very close to how Brooks does it in the book. It would slow the pace of the show down though, so horrible idea for a 90+ minute movie, but great for a 5 part mini-series.

That's what I think they should have done. Sadly, its rarely about properly treating the story and more about milking us fans. I'll probably go see it, but with no expectation that it's anything like the book. I'd've gone to see this movie even if it wasn't called WWZ. I just like zombie flix... even bad ones.
Without any knowledge of the book it actually looks like a decent movie
Man, if I was Max Brooks I'd be screaming at my agent after seeing that trailer.
Loved recognising all the bits at the start of the trailer supposed to be in America that were actually filmed in Glasgow, Scotland!
Reality never quite comes close to the full imaginative world that the mind can create.
They screwed up by not following the book. Shoulda called it something else. 
ZOMG!!! So many zombies they act almost like flowing water moving everything out of their way. Tho brad pit looks like white trash with that longer hair. 
Disapointing, looks like the campy resident evil movies.  It looks nothing like the books.
I've never read World War Z, but after seeing the trailer, I have to say as long as it's a GOOD zombie movie, you can't really complain!
Neat, although "Tell the kids I'm coming back." less reassuring in a zombie movie.
All CGI zombies look like they were cut and pasted from The Mummy.
I notice movies where the main character is a father seem to hook me ever since I had a kid. Add to the mix that through what looks like the first half of the movie he's trying to protect his family and I'm on the edge of my seat. If there were no kids, I may have been completely disinterested.

Has anyone else found this to be the case with them?
Loved the book, I should go read it again.
The only audiobook I have listened two twice...refuse to watch the trailer...
Yeah... one less movie I have to see this year. I don't know why the fuck they bother to buy the rights to good books, just to shit on them like this :-/
I haven't read the book so the trailer looks good but I did see a movie called Air America with Mel Gibson that was based on a book called The Raven which I had just finished reading. Helluva book and I was surprised the movie was based on it but when I watched the damn thing it had nothing to do with The Ravens or Air America in the book. It's something the less scrupulous types in the business do to attract audiences by misleading them. It's sick and stupid but there's not much you can do.
Damn, I hate the fast moving zombies... 
The similarities between the book and the movie are striking - by their absence.
Jay Cie
The director didn't even touch the book did he.

But seriously I read that he wanted to make a film with Jason Bourne but got the license to WWZ.

Oh and this is one were the audio book is far superior to the written word. Each character shines in the audio book were in the book book they are all a bit grey. IE they are all written the same but the performances of different actors and actresses differentiate them.
+Stephen Brandon Exactly! You can only do WWZ justice as a series. It needs time for the stories to breathe and let the big picture unfold. Still, I'd hoped they would have at least tried with the movie.
Am I the only one that is convinced those are not zombies at all? I am not sure what they thought the Z stood for...
I completely agree! and they're not even the right kind of zombies! WWZ zombies don't sprint/jump/climb. Epic fail.
I've listened through the audiobook at least a half-dozen times. possibly the best epic zombie story I've ever "read".
Why the hell are the zombies moving like they are ants propelled from behind by invisible water??? Jeez, they are TOO fast. And the weird upwards tower of the dead just seems odd. But I will see this because the book is awesome.
Apparently I have to read the book
It looks like a disaster movie with zombies standing in for water...
That looks amazing. Not just another zombie movie. Give it a chance.
Every time you name a movie after a book with completely different storylines, a unicorn cries.
I thought your audio book of Ready Player One was the best!
That book.was so good it actually gave me nightmares and made me scared to go outside at night. Excellent read
Never read the book or audio book, but the trailer looks horrible... The zombies toppling over eachother in ever other scene looks horrible.. Clearly they thought it was a cool effect when making it, but it looks stupid and horribly fake to me...
Wow, those are the fastest zombies ever.
I was horrified when i first saw this trailer!

I would love to see the book in the hands of tv Series makers from HBO! Not this shit.
Ever notice in general, "modern" zombie movies or shows are all but ditching the concept that zombies are needing to feed on brains and focus on the consumption of just flesh? Just an observation. 
I couldn't be more tired of zombies, ghosts, ghoulies and all other supernatural bullshit if I tried. How about we get back to creating some positive stuff with real science fiction instead? I mean, who says you can't create gripping and action-packed movies without having to completely abandon reality and the laws of physics? 
Zombies moving and working together like ants? Eh.... Not buying it.
I haven't even read the book yet and this...this looks terrible. Even just the trailer itself is really poorly done. If people didn't know what World War Z was, it wouldn't even be clear this movie was about zombies. Definitely won't be watching this in the cinema. Think I'll just read the book.
+Wil Wheaton depending on which audio book version you read, it's missing some good chapters that the book has. You may want to
read the book anyways which will only add to a great experience. 
Agreed! It like they missed out on a HUGE opprotunity to use a different storyline style. I am dissapoint.
Yeah, this is why I didn't want a film version. If you've read (and, like me, loved) the book you know it would never film well in that narrative structure so there would necessarily have to be a major alteration to the story. Based on what I see here, it just looks like typical Hollywood cynicism latching onto a respected name in order to drive interest. That said, if we can ignore the misuse of the title we may find that the film stands up on its own quite well. I'll reserve judgement. 
This move looks like a stinker. Speed-Zombie-Wave? Seriously?
Why are the zombies so damn fast?!  WHY?!  Red bull?
I saw the trailer yesterday - they filmed the scenes(can see in the the trailer, where Brad Pitt was sitting in the car and the garbage truck smashed through all the queued traffic) in Glasgow (Scotland) - you would never guess it wasnt New York... cleverly done
+Will McCullough - or we could have formed this opinion all by ourselves and WW was just confirming what we already thought. Fancy THAT!
I love the audiobook and recommend it to everyone. I am really excited about the additional recordings they are making for the unabridged edition.
yeah, seriously it looks nothing like the book at all, it does look like a decent action flick but the title is just way way off, they even could have made one narrative story and inter-cut interviews, 'inside man' style.
Im glad i wasnt the only one thinking that it looks questionable. Should have sticked to the book.
Wait a minute. Audible's audiobook of World War Z is abridged! iTunes doesn't have it at all. Are you saying you recommend the abridged version? Or do you have a source for audio of the entire book, +Wil Wheaton? Thanks.

(I've listened to ~300 books on my iPhone, but not one was abridged.)
I loved the wWZ book. While this looks like it'll be an engaging story, it doesn't look like WWZ. Zak wasn't fast in WWZ. They were Romero style zombies. Still, it might be interesting to see the Battle of Yonkers. But the fact that Max Brooks has already panned it during the initial stages it doesn't exactly fill me with hope. Based on the trailer it looks like a Brad Pitt ego stroke movie ala I am Legend for Will Smith. I love both actors sure, but I don't think that's WWZ.
The book was interesting in passing, not uniformly great, and the movie looks to be the same.  I don't really understand the unqualified "love" for the book.
Brooks should be embarrassed for letting this happen. 
I'm going to do what I always do with books made into movies. I watch the movie, I enjoy the movie, then I read the book, and enjoy the book. You just can't enjoy the movie if you read the book first.
I agree. I loved the book but have no desire to see the movie at all.
Looks s**t to me...... tsk tsk
hell to the yeah. cant wait to see it
I don't understand what happened. Max Brooks doesn't write zombies like that at all.
I'm not a huge fan of zombies.. they creep me out big time.  But I happened to pick up WWZ at the bookstore once and couldn't put it down- not because of the zombies, but the psychology and sociology.. the cause and effect that the author imagined and expressed so well.  Perhaps the trailer wasn't a good representation of the movie, but I didn't see any of the things I loved about the book present in the movie.  Just a famous face and a stream of bodies that you can't even really tell are zombies!  They certainly move too fast to be zombies.  Very disappointing.  I didn't know about the audiobook, though.. thanks for sharing that.  I'll have to check it out!
I agree. Having read both the Survival Guide and WWZ, I was less than impressed with the preview. What was special, and hilarious, about the books was the "realism" with which he presented the classic zombie. Doesn't appear to have made the transition to film at all. I'll save it for Redbox night. 
I'm sad to see that this was agreed to by Brooks as a film.
It looks like Brad Pitt in "I AM LEGEND: THE PREQUEL"
OH NO! I had high expectations.  Such a good audiobook/book.
Beat part of trailer was seeing Philly. My hometown being destroyed. Will keep my son up for nights if he sees this trailer. 
They weren't FAST ZOMBIES in the book! D'oh.
It has zombies, a world, and what looks like some sort of battle (possibly a war) in it.  It looks nothing like what the book described.
the only thing I recognize from the book is the collection of vessels at sea...oh, and zombies.  Still looks worth viewing (ahhh trailers, they can be deceptive)
but it's only 6 hours!!!  probably a bad guideline but if I don't know you and your work and you're less than 12 don't even get me to slow down....this isn't 1952 and the general readership is far more advanced in what they'll accept in a book. minutia, a whole score of major characters and even more than a few primary characters.  reader's digest has made a killing making long books and telling them in 6 pages...I hope authors don't keep doing the same I said may be a bad guideline but I don't pay $113 for a lunch either.

PS: not saying you've done any of these things just saying I love zombies and am holding out for a nice long REALLY good one that'll give me awesome character development as I really don't think the genre will have the depth as say books with magic in them and I might get bored pretty quick with how the subject can be handled.
I'm sorry but that looks awesome!
hahaha......expecting it 2013 in Germany....I only have to wait 6 month :)
It looks like a fun horror movie, but it also looks NOTHING like what I would expect from the adaptation of the novel. That is one of the most terrifying books I've ever read.
+Wil Wheaton Hey Wil, was the audiobook every in an unabridged form or do you have abridged form?
THANK YOU. This looks like an interesting zombie flick. But World War Z it is NOT.
+Wil Wheaton The trailer triggered me to read the book. It's OK, but i don't think it's great. Due to the structure it probably made a great audiobook.
You're right, Martin, the audiobook was fantastic. The format was immersive and they used very good voice acting, including Alan Alda and Mark Hamill. You'd probably enjoy it a lot more in that format.
The book was great.  There were a number of times reading it where I got sucked in by the format and it felt like history instead of fiction.  The movie looks generic. Can't say I'm surprised but I am disappointed.
I'd be more willing to support a kickstarter zombie project if they knew how to spell "witch." 
lol that preview is ridiculous. What a fail for the book. Well that happens
Yeah, the book never had anything about super-fast zombies that move in air like a school of fish. It's a shame that a book that was about telling a very human tale from the perspectives of many ordinary people is being turned into yet another vehicle for a square-jawed action star.
Zombies can't run or climb ontop of each other, let alone run faster than any living human in the world or climb better than any acrobatic team in the world. This still looks like a cool movie, but...logistics fail. 
I'll still end up seeing the movie, of course...
I am waiting for rental. Have no interest in paying $11 to see this in the theater.
"If"??? Someone needs to kick Raemonn out of the cool kids club house.
Right, well I am completely unfamiliar with the book but the trailer looked entertaining enough. I'll probably get the book and then wait to read it until I've watched the movie. I did the same thing for the Bourne Movies on a friends advice.
The book was outstanding.. No idea what this trailer was about.... Hmmmm....Bet I am going to be disappointed again....
agreed.  I was so looking forward to this and when I heard Brad Pitt was involved, I assumed it was going to be kind of great (fight club, etc), but all I see is FAST zombies...not included in WWZ, or other Max Brooks offerings.  (spoiler:"tell the kids I'm coming back" a zombie)
Interesting concept. It must be difficult to write a creative story like this one that doesn't resemble a half a dozen other. Kudos. I thought it was interesting.
Max Brooks did this well, but was able to take a previous novel and apply the same blueprint to teh zombies.  World War Z was inspired by The Good War, an Oral History of World War II by Studs Terke.  That book won a Pullitzer Prize.   MAx gives full credit to the concept, but I think some people forget where the geneology of this book comes from.
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