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For a brief time yesterday, I was the top contributor to the current Humble eBook Bundle.

The current list is way better.
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Your Clown Sweater, much like the Smell of Foul Ole Ron, has developed a cultural preference and life of its' own.
I love to see all these alternative and fair-to-the-customer revenue systems (Humble Bundle, Kickstarter, etcpp.) working out so well. Makes my pirate party heart go all warm and fuzzy.
I gave $30, so I'm not on the list, but my name was "follower of @wilw" since it seemed to be the trendy thing to do. 
I thought that was you. I laughed when I saw Not @wilw trailing you.
I think you need more questionable apparel if it inspires "donations" like this. :)
Love this!   Great collection.   Any chance we'll see some of your books in Humble eBook Bundle 2?
Hah, I saw this earlier today and thought, That @wilw sure gets around.
How does it feel to know that you personally encouraged $484 worth of sales/donations? (I find that pretty impressive, myself.)
Interesting fact: Linux users in Average give the most, Windows users the least...
First I've heard of this, looks awesome, thanks!
Picked up that bundle last night as well. Nowhere near a top contributor but I do like that I have a pretty good idea where my money went.
Does your sweater have its own Google+ account or at least a fan page on facebook? It should if it's that internet savvy.
Heh, it's fun being in the top ten when they're just getting started. I was at #3 for a short while on HB#6 but it never lasts long. :P
I was checking that list last night while I was buying my bundles and it made me chuckle. That's so random it's genius :)
I particularly like that your sweater is beating you there. :)
I donated $10, which isn't much, but I buy every bundle but hardly ever even get to play the games.
That is an awesome list.  (Remembers his dad's birthday and reaches to buy another couple of copies...)
I'm impressed that you have fans enough to drop ~$250 for a joke
At that point,  they're not fans,  they're groupies.  :)
Are they still considered groupies if Wil isn't sleeping with them? Is the clown sweater sleeping with them?
+Tamara Richards I slept with Wil once when he promised he would get me in to meet his Clown Sweater.  Don't trust him.
+Jim Kakalios Yeah, the Clown Sweater has REALLY specific guidelines about who will and won't sleep with it, or even meet it in person. Wil just uses that to get his way; he's little more than a clown tease, I'm afraid.
Dammit, I was gonna pass this one, but couldn't let Wil's sweater have all the fun
Got it! This will give me reading material for a good while.
If I had $1010.10 to spare, I would do it in the name of @wilw's lightened wallet
Ahh  not only does Wheaton have groupies,  his sweater has groupies.  Perhaps this is why Lady Gaga changes outfiits so often?  Does this also mean that Wheaton has the limited wardrope  trope?
+Frank Lazar I actually believe that the Clown Sweater has a signed contract with Lady Gaga that she is contractually obligated to change costumes that frequently. This is why Clown Sweater hasn't settled down, he's a full-on Textile Playa and keeps rotating between all of Gaga's old outfits. This is also why Wil is able to Clown-tease the way he does, since he knows that Clown Sweater is unlikely to ever 'need' human company since he already enjoys all that silken, cottony goodness of more intimate dresses.
( OMFG. Why am I suddenly struck with the notion of a Wikipedia page for Clown Sweater Wheaton .... ?)
+Marcus H. When you have notions like that,  it's usually a good idea to soak your head in a bucket until the notion goes away.  You can start now.   We'll wait here.

So, it seems Wikipedia is no longer available for cultural requirements such as Clown Sweater Wheaton. Fortunately, has no such restrictions. ;)

Please feel free to add me so we can exchange email addy's so I can add anyone who wishes to document the gangsta, hard-edged history of Clown Sweater Wheaton at that source.
Obviously I blame Notch for Wheaton not keeping his spot. Every Bundle, he comes in with 12 hours left and dwarfs everyone's donations with his own.

 It's win-win, sure, but...Ugh, he's such an attention-seeker when it comes to the Bundle.
Wil, I apologize if this is spamming you. I don't know of another way to reach you though. At least, not one that will work. There's a Kickstarter out there that could use a boost, and is possibly of use to you. They're making something called the Keep. Basically, it's a game transportation system. Here's the URL:

Again, I'm sorry if this is spam. I like the idea, and think it deserves a chance. You're one of the few people I know of that would be interested in it, and could give it that chance.
I appreciate the sheer, spiteful audacity of Wil's clown sweater one-upping him by a single penny. Instead of a pummeling, that's like an swift, unexpected punch in the nads.
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