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I want to change the Google Account associated with this G+ to something different.

It looks like it isn't as easy as just going to accounts and changing the Gmail account (because doing it that way makes all kinds of KISS sense, I suppose ;), so I'm exporting all of my posts and things with Data Liberation.

If I import all those things into a different Google Account, will it screw everything up? Or will it just change the Gmail account associated with my G+ thingy, and it'll be seamless for everyone else who circled me?

Strangely enough, Googling for an answer hasn't been helpful.
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Oh, don't wake the F*- and T*-Dragons!
Let us know from this end how it goes! You're a pioneer.
Been there and decided it was not worth the trouble +Wil Wheaton I screwed up everything and need to abandon the whole idea. I am not that bright but it was more effort than I needed at the time.
Jon Dye
Google was pretty clear about how your google account would be permanently linked to your G+ page once you linked them.
+Wil Wheaton I believe you are a high enough profile user that if you asked somebody nicely at google, they'd help you out.
this G+ account does seem to be a little non user friendly.
+Brian Rose I know this isn't your department, but you might be able to direct him to someone who can help?
This probably comes under the general heading of "don't cross the streams". I predict you will be less than pleased with the results.
Good luck. I'm afraid I'm fully expecting you to blip out of my existence. sob ahem Sorry.
Jon Dye
naw, you just gotta read the notices they give you.
What's the worst that could happen +Wil Wheaton? We have to re-circle you? That could be........challenging.
Kind of like:

$man man

...lots of stuff but no good stuff!
It will almost definitely screw things up. I moved from my account to my vanity domain and basically ended up starting over. That included calling in a few Googler favors.
The problem is that G+ IS your Google account. So is your Gmail account. Google will assume that everything with that account is you and nothing else is you... I guess they could make a special solution for you... But short of that, the only way is to tell people to circle that other account instead.
My experience, and I could be wrong, is that the G+ account is forever associated with the Gmail you used to sign up with it. I changed my Gmail address a few months ago, and when I registered the new address, I had to re-signup for G+ and re-circle all my friends. Pain in the rear, to be sure, but I couldn't find a solution that didn't involve burning the old account and building the new one on its ashes.
Jon Dye
It seeeeems like someone is worried about their personal gmail account getting hacked.
BA Kohl
When they released google+ for custom domains, they mentioned an account migration tool, but it never showed afaik. I think the best solution is to share your current circles with your new account, add them all, and then use this account to direct all your followers to the new account.
Jon Dye
yep +Chris Wood, it's permanently linked. and there was a rather large notice when anyone linked the accounts saying that the link was a permanent one.
Brian L
g+ has seemingly been sold as little more than an identity service, and your gmail account is very much part of that identity. It's not /supposed to be/ like facebook - facebook is a social service, not an identity service. least, I suspect this is the line of thinking that you'd run in to if you called google customer support with the question. :)
Jon Dye
they'd also say "didn't you see that large notice when you linked your accounts?"
You must consult the all mighty .py files.
Time to call in some favors.
You could make a Wil Wheaton (celebrity brand) page. That could be controlled by any number of gmail accounts.
I don't think it's strange. My real life identity isn't as strong as my online identity. ;-)
Well hope this won't screw up being able to follow you.
Googling for problems with google products and devices is not at all helpful. What I would suggest is announcing your new account, giving us all a few days to migrate, then deleting this G+ account.
If google can't answer your question it means there is no answer for this problem :D.
Nope. Data Liberation is export only. No import.
I got rid of g-mail, because it was putting every conversation I had to g-mail & it wasn't including my comments (half a conversation).
But I think there is a way to control your account settings via dashboard.
BTW I forwarded all the gmail I wanted to keep to my real e-mail, which is also a bogus name (don't want to mix spam w/ friends & family; have several email names that act like circles) before I cancelled it. Then after I cancelled it, google invited me to use g-mail again (probably would be a different id, but since you are probably using this for PR & your writing, does it matter).
Hope this helped.
Nothing says you can't create another G+ acct or change the name & photo on this one if you want your writing separated from your acting PR.
It seems like it would be a simple fix, but thinking about Google's whole "Online Identity" policy, it probably isn't possible.

Right now, they assume that your Google account represents your identity - basically your Google account is YOU. This is your email, your documents, your calendar, your social circle, etc. What you're wanting to tell them is "I'm not me anymore, that person is *points*"

In reality, it's kind of stupid to act as if everyone only has 1 account and they'll never want to get a new email address, but it totally goes along with Google's ideology.
Did you try the second page of Google search results? I know it's probably not there... but sometimes you get desperate...
Pretty sure everyone will have to re-add you. Your identity (Gmail) and G+ are very linked.
Don't you have some sort of magical underground network where you can just get-it-done(tm)? Like perhaps an old looking red phone that you can pick up and just immediately be in contact with Sergey Brin or Larry Page? Because this is how I've always pictured your life... ;)
Google does not want people to jump identities willy-nilly.
well, it lets you associate gmail accounts, it should let you associate emails to a g+ account and make that the default.
I suspect everyone will have to manually circle you again at your new account.

That's the approach I took when I cut over to my Apps for Domains account - there didn't seem to be any better way at the time to deal with it.

Good luck :/
+Scott Jordan lots of people do it for privacy. And Wil IS famous. He has the right to autonomy for non-acting stuff, like sharing w/ family & friends. I got 2 IDs, simply because I had one for igoogle & another for youtube, before they merged. I haven't used the 2nd one yet, but it's there.
It's a PITA to re-import but it can be done for the most part if you're not afraid of some editing of text/xml files because sometimes it seems there's no other option but to do so.
Short answer, it will "screw" it up. No data will be lost, but especially your G+ posts won't show up in the proper timeline. Changing the backend googel account associated with your profile is difficult.
New account + multiple posts stating "Circle Teh New Accountz!" with a link to the new G+ Profile.

Post 3-4 more times, at a different time on different days.

Post to new account

Stop posting to old account

Post more to new account

Do a regular post to old account to confuse people

Stop posting to old account, permanently.
Not sure that I've seen a Data Liberation 'Import' option anywhere. It's been a while since I tried, but couldn't find it.
I just tried to change my email address and it wasn't going well. So once I established a new account I got cold feet (didn't want to screw the whole thing up) and deleted the new account and will keep the old email address.
+Wil Wheaton I'm so curious, why do you want to do this? I can think of many reasons to juggle accounts, but none of them are possible for you. For better or worse, your name is owned by the public. If you wanted a private account here, you'd make a new profile with a nym and you wouldn't be publicizing it.
Sorry that I cannot provide support to your issue, earlier today I posted an "open letter" to Google about the Maps' raw material which I need for Logistics Services.
So this group therapy is growing.
I wish you good luck, would be very interesting to read about the outcome.
Thanks in advance.
+Pam Burrows That's the whole point of circles. You don't need two accounts because you can directly control who sees anything you post. If you only want something to go just to family & friends, post it to those circles instead of public.

All the tools are built in for celebrities (and everyone else) to have one profile that can safely interact with everyone and anyone.
You can add a secondary email address to your account. You can then sign in with that account.
A better way to look at it may be: How do I change the Gmail account associated with my G+ profile? Meaning, leave G+ alone and have Gmail do the switching.
I have a solution for you, good sir!
First, you'll need an 80's relic that can pull at least 88 mph on the straight.
B: You'll need to install a quantum flux capacitor.
Fourth: Power that bad-boy with 1.21 gigawatts of electricity! (I recommend random bolts of lightning as they're so plentiful)
-i: ???
Last: Profit.

That should take you back like an '85 DeLorean to fix this silly little google thing.
While your back there, please persuade the Beiber's to use birth control.
His. Name. Was. Wil.

Don't split the Google+ account.
Would think it's an opportunity for +Google+ to make a how to video. I'm sure +Wil Wheaton would do that for them in return for the assistance! Just glad I don't have this problem and hope I never do.
I say while you're waiting for someone who can pull strings to help (maybe), create 2 new gmail accounts and one new G+ account on one and try migrating with those as a test environment before doing it here in production
and +Aneil Johal joins the Douche club. This is Wil Wheaton you are speaking of don't be a douche to Will.
It's possible to import the data to another account?
Last time I tried to import the contacts to another account there were no circles - just gmail contacts.
As long as you keep your acc. number 108176814619778619437 everything should stay fine. Your backcirclers are just following this number.
Google really needs to address issues like this. Even if it requires you to verify your identity.
My problem is that my birthday is wrong in my Google account and there is no way to change it unless your account has been locked by Google. :-\
I've been wondering that myself - I used my personal gmail account because it wasn't available for Google Apps yet, then when it was made available, I was stuck. Just as well Google has multiple signins now.
This was posted more than an hour ago. I'm surprised someone from G+ team has NOT showed up yet considering how many followers you have (12+ million). If you can't get help, what are the masses to do?
Keith B
just upload your posts to your firomactal drive and then download it to the new account with your isopalavial interface.
Googles data liberation lets you download everything but I don't think you can import it.
+Lin Lin Yes, because the G+ team really wants to spend all their time chasing after celebrities. And that totally wouldn't bite them in the ass when the masses start clamoring for the same special treatment, given that there's like 20 of them and a billion of you.
+Wil Wheaton, could you not just set up an alternate email address and use that to sign on? The closest thing I can find to this is . I'm actually quite surprised that they don't let you change your G+ account association, as I migrated my GVoice account from one Google account to another without any problems.

Though with the alternate email address method, you might just want to use multiple sign-in. Still kind of a hassle, though. :(
I'm sorry, but the moment you mentioned "Data Liberation", I instantly pictured Brent Spinner breaking free of some chains...
I just decided to be two people. Some people find "verbose Ralph", others find "terse Ralph". A "merge tool" would be very handy.
+Wil Wheaton I tried to migrate my old account to my Google Apps Account when it became available. The thing is you can check out your data but there is no option to import it. You will loose all your post, comments and plus ones. Or to be exact they will only exist in your zip-file that you just exported once you have deleted your old account.

With circles you have to share them with your new account before you delete the old and then re-circle everyone. 500 at a time.

With photos you have to upload them to your new account.

Google has said that they where working on a migrating tool put has not produced one so far. You'll have to do this the painful way. Sorry :(
I'm mainly commenting to ask you to post when you decide if this, or something like it, is possible - I'd strongly bet no, but am curious. Good luck.
remember what happened last time you tried to fix your website, dude :)
I don't think there's any way to move your followers from one account to another, so everyone will have to follow you again. If you're going to do that, I'd setup a Plus page, because you can add accounts as owners and take them away, and then you can have a personal-life on your regular gmail account.

(obDisclosure, I'm a Googler, but not on the Plus team)
Been wanting to do the same thing. Let us know how it's done, if you get ot figured out.
+Pam Burrows I only mentioned that as a way of explaining Google's rationale for not making profile jumping easy. Obviously, famous people get special treatment. That's given.

I also have two accounts because I do not want everything I do attached to my real name. If I were going to do that, I may as well post everything on LinkedIn just attach it directly to my resume. Of course, I must then resign myself to never working again. So I totally get the need for pseudonyms, I have fought the nymwars from day one here.

And this topic is moot because Data Liberation will allow you to EXPORT ONLY. It does NOT import.
Your Gmail account and G+ account are the same single Google account. I don't think there is a way to change.
logical answer is you will lose all your followers. Would be interesting if it does otherwise
There is a way to export data from one google account to another.

Google enterprise support facilitated this, so hopefully the same is true on the "free" side 
To me this is a moot discussion because Mr. W, being who he is, could simply set up a different account, give us a holler. Problem solved. This is +Wil Wheaton we are talking about. Raise your hand if you do NOT plan on following him to his NEW account. Or wherever he's going to be next.
we lovove goggle and if i was in that position i would be googleing it too.
There are no tools to migrate, it sucks. People trying to move from gmail to gapps accounts have been promised a migration tool for about six months now. Google need to pull their finger out on this.
usually when you cannot find an answer and have a well formed question - "How do I change the account my google plus is associated with" and get no answers, that means no you can't do it!!! Sorry
This is just a gut feeling, but I think it will probably force all of us to re-circle you. My impression is that the circles are/have become tied to email addresses. Hopefully, I'm wrong.
KC Neal
Yeah, can't see El Goog wanting to make that an easy question to have answered.
As a programer, I can tell you this is the sort of thing they would have to have designed in from the start, otherwise it would be very difficult to retrofit. It's also not the sort of feature a programmer is likely to think of - your account is who you are, from a programming perspective. Why would that change?
As another programmer, that depends on how things work, really. More than likely, changing the google account associated is no more difficult than changing a cell in a database row, or a handful of cells in a handful of rows, or at worst once for each post you've ever made.
That's poor design -- I thought everyone knew better than to use anything other than an internal numeric id to track that sort of thing? There are so many good reasons not to tie internal account id to anything a user would ever deal with.
+Corey C. , I think it probably is designed that way internally. The functionality to "swap" accounts has likely just not been exposed to users.
I believe all importing your data will do is create an account with the data in it, it won't move followers over or anything else. It might include people that you're following... but who knows. hah :/

I'm wanting to switch from a gmail account to a google apps account, I was waiting for Google to create a way to move/morph/change it all over, but I need more than what data liberation gives... I need ALL of the data from every corner of Google to be moved over to the new account.
As a total geek, I get it.. As a non-tech person, HUH?
Data liberation is export only. There is no way to import that data into another Google account. Plus, you'd have to tell all your followers to follow your new profile.
Will - The simple answer it will definately hose up some stuff and I've found that the import of the 'liberated' data isn't always directly equatable to posts, images, etc. Though, you can try it before you buy it...however, I wouldn't go through the process and just migrate to a new account and then liberate individual pieces of 'ecosystem'. I believe this to be a far 'saner' process than utilizing the data import mechanism.
Bottom line: Google has absolutely no way to do this. It just don't exist. And it is highly annoying too.
Unfortunately your G+ account isn't 'associated' with your gmail account, it is your gmail account.
How about making a test account or two and trying/testing it. That way you don't break your working account.
Lori B
Hm, I know that all accounts used with one email address go inside with that one account.. I think you'd have to go to each "account" and have it go with a different "email" address... But then having two g-accounts. I've not found it easy to merge my voice with my other account and get a new voice account.... So, I guess all one can do is just share the new account with whom you want... Either that or find out how to contact the support team to get your inquiry answers.
Lys J
Notch did it some time ago, I think you need to ask a Google person directly.
You'll definitely screw everything up and be starting from scratch with circlers again - shouldn't be that big of a deal, but it will be a hassle.
I think that you're an excellent actor! You'tr really funny.
You dont sound as dweeby on yr podcast as you do in writing for some reason . . .
People change names. We should be able to change usernames, accounts, etc. I changed my ham radio callsign a year ago, which was also my Google username, but haven't found a way to change it short of starting a new account and losing everything on this one. Even worse, my new callsign is 4 characters, too short to qualify as a legit username by itself. So I'll be following this with interest. Good luck!
My guess: will screw EVERYTHING up. Don't do it unless you want up to be down, left to be right, inside out to be outside in, gravity to be reversed, etc. For the sake of us all, don't do it! .... Unless you're bored, then do it just for kicks.
Hey ur +Wil Wheaton ! If u want to make a change, call them and say ”hey im +Wil Wheaton bitches...!” LoFL.... Then the IT guy named ”Henry” from uganda will say ”didnt u read all 24 terms and conditions before agreeing?” O.o
Tara Li
I just wonder if his new account might be Usedtobe Wesley Crusher.
Just start a new one and post us the link :)
He use to switch google accounts but then he took a arrow to the knee.
If you haven't done so already put Google+ in your circle. Every now and again they do a Hangout and you may be able to get on and ask someone direct.
I'm in the same boat; getting married and stuck with a Gmail account with my soon-to-be-maiden name in it. Best I can do, as far as I can tell, is to set up the new account, give it out as my email and just set it to forward, leaving me to sign in with my old name.
I believe that the entire goal of Google is for each person to only have one account, so that your identity is tied to that account, one person one vote, so to speak...
+Turil Cronburg That's not correct, though I can see why you might think that. It is against the terms of service to create multiple accounts to evade the quota limitations, but if you want to have multiple personas on the web, you don't need to feel like you're stuck with one login/account. I work for Google and I currently have three active accounts (employee, gmail, apps). We certainly don't expect anyone else to suffer within the limitations of one account. But if you need more quota to store your info, the fees are extremely modest, and that's a big hunk of how we keep the non-search services free...
Did you ask Felicia ? She seems to find answers ...
Having created two secondary accounts last night (and then having an internet outage) to complete my "test", I have been able to determine the following:

The only transfer function available is through Gmail, transferring contacts from one account to another. This existed before G+. There does not appear to be any kind of "merge" function, or "transfer circles" function associated with G+.

Therefore, I conclude that the only way this can be done is with the help of a Google representative. My assumption is that it will be an easier process if you do NOT have the destination email set up yet (your account name would simply be changed), but I am not Google and therefore cannot tell you definitively.

EDIT: +Ross Bagley Is there any input you can provide on top of my experiment?
I have had a difficult time as well creating a separate account for my "librarian" self vs. my "personal" self - mostly due to the name issue - have to use a real name, but don't want to use my real name as that is associated with my primary account. I've tried making up names, but they don't like that either. Conundrum.
Mr. Wheaton, I'm sure you've had a fan from G+ eng team reach out to talk about what can be done, but if not, send a ping and I can forward your message on to them.
Put the keyboard down and hide behind the sofa, if you would like you system to keep working it's like the PCI game, taking boards in and out, you would like a new set-up but cant justify it until you break the old one, doing it with soft instead of hardware.
Well I am not sure of your reasons, but if it has to do with conversation notifications it's very easy to get gmail to have your messages skip the inbox and be labeled as something else, or even send them straight to the trash
Oy,I'm going through the same thing Wil.And twitter still has me listed as 2 different people because I wanted to change my email for that account.Why must they be so obstinate about somethat should be simple?
Good luck with that. Share what happens if you can.
Sounds like a job for Sparks McGee. Google Corporate will see him drive up and they'll do anything to hang out with him for a few minutes...
Actually after sleeping on it.... Data wise if you were to get in contact with someone at Google, it should be extremely easy for a data base analyst to just change the foreign keys in the database. In fact if Google gave me access I could figure it right now in a couple hours.
Sorry to be late. Have you tried contacting Vic Gundotra?
aii ironic enough for sure. diggin seeing you on Big Bang!
Yes, customer assistance from Google would probably be required, but if your followers are the issue they shouldn't have any problem following you to your new account. It's not like this account can be deleted or modified without pulling strings. Importing for Google is just creating and correlating anyway. Google isn't (and shouldn't) be in the business of modifying or deleting data.

In that spirit, a post from the new account referring to the old account should suffice until google automatically correlates all that data for you anyway. Mwaa Haaa Haaa! ;]
I was reluctant to join G+ because because I don't want my e-mail "integrated" with anything so when I finally decided to give it a shot I created a separate account for that purpose. It has its own problems but at least my main gmail account is safe.
I think Google is the most logical choice to handle your data. I respect the way they handle privacy and disclosure. And this is being written through an SSH tunnel by a member of the EFF, so go figure. Besides, what were you wearing on March 15th 1987? You're about as likely to remember that as "the internet" is, even if that data is recorded down somewhere. I'm not debating Will's choice to change his associated account, but I don't see any reason the old plus account should be destroyed. The best way to keep the bad guys from getting your data is to entrust it to those who are not.
Some sort of account redirect might be provisioned by Google, but if you give a mouse a cookie... Google's new bag appears to be 'this guy is who he says he is'. Hard to do that when 'he' won't tell you what his REAL email is. ;]
There's no way that anyone can see which email address you are using with your G+ account, right?

I really wish Google would be more user friendly for stuff like this. I abandoned my old Gmail account since they kept ratting me out to other professionals that I was replying to my (forwarded) emails from the username that I signed up years before I realized I needed a professional email account...
Not unless you want them to +Amanda Goodman and that is the key to privacy that Google can offer us in the future. Other people might not ask if you want that information shared...
Profile & Privacy > Edit Visibility on Profile > Click on your email address and a popup will allow you to change the privacy policy for sharing your email address from your Google+ profile.

And you can delete your profile, but I really think that should only be in case you intend to delete other associated Google data like if you flubbed up your whole plus account or email address, other extenuating circumstances or if you are +Wil Wheaton or his ficticious counterpart.
Turn it into a "company account" then you can have multiple people mange that account incl your other Gmail..

Its not a solution but surely a workable workarround?
Just trying to get yourself shipped to opt-out island, aren't you.
sounds like you're having problems beaming your account up. Will you execute a smooth transport, or end up create an abomination that you will have to kill or care for? Better run a holodeck simulation ;)
I don't think it will work like that. It's too simple.
NEVER Google for an answer about Google. You might create an information infinity loop and collapse the the whole universe.

I was kinda looking forward to watching nutcases go A$$Crackers in December...

So don't go and screw up the universe.... yet.

Google (and t.v.) helps: Family Guy - Wil Wheaton Not to mention I recently learned you did a voice for "The Secret of NIMH", which I adored as a way that you were much older than me, though (I'm 35).
Sorry, that was posted really for the previous thread, but you get it all the same.
Brian L
Wait, Wil is a celebrity? I thought he was just some cool chap we all liked ;)
I think that with 1.2 mil followers google will help you, if not they are beyond retarded.
Ronald Ho
Hey +Wil Wheaton sorry for the trouble. When you move to a new account we at Google are working on a migration tool to help you move your social connections from one account to another (so folks who were following your old account will now follower your new one). You won't have to be a celebrity to use it. :) This tool is still under development, but just wanted to let you know we've got your back!
You kidding. Have you tried to do something simple in GMail like forward multiple emails at once, or even get it to highlight your unread messages in a color that is slightly more different from white than off white.
this google crap gives me a headache!! needlessly complicated!
when you put it that way, the whole mad thingy is Hansel and Gretal and a hand full of bread crumbs.
Data Liberation! Didn't that happen when Data got his emotion chip? ;-)
TNG 25 yr anniversary in Vegas this year! :)
+Toxic Reverend What about using GDrive to expand your storage? Either Lifehacker or ARS mentioned GMail storage and GDrive.
Considering the Chrome doesn't even display Plus properly and you have to use an outside browser to see it correctly- I wouldn't hold my breath.
They have my name down as Paul Bennett Bennett. How the hoodleydoo that happened is beyond my wildest imagination but trying to get it corrected will take a Scientist with five PHD's according to the instructions I see and what I actually experience. I did a search on the topic and the instructions I got back don't measure out in reality. Maybe I'm just an idiot.
Clearly, your intermix ratio is wrong. Remember, the only intermix ratio that works in a warp core is 1:1. If you realign the <BANG>
I dont know what youve been smoking but give some here and we'll both get loaded.
+Jon Dye Dude, just because it was in the notice doesn't mean there shouldn't be a solution to change/merge. 
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