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This is just.... wow. If I wrote this, all of my editors would tell me it's "too on the nose." It's like the best game of #Fiasco   ever, and we haven't even gotten to the Tilt!
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And, listen, please: spare us all the crazy conspiracy bullshit, okay? This story is nuts enough on its own without whatever Alex Jones said about it.
Lol Will, it reads like a Clancy novel!...Ghost Recon : Rainbow Busted
It's like a real world version of Days of Our Lives.
You know that a producer right now, right this second, is salivating at the prospect of getting his hands on this project.
People like to have sex and marriage can't stop it. Not sure why he resigned.

In other news, we're bombing other countries with flying robots. Trying to hit the right targets... Most of the time I guess...
This whole thing just seems like a witch hunt. All those guys in power are sleeping around. Why punish this guy?
My god Will. These people are all nuts. :) It's like a soap opera named All Our Crazy People have bad judgement and over inflated egos.
The problem is the guys in the military aren't meant to be sleeping around, otherwise it exposes them to blackmail.
I know I wouldn't believe that story if it was in a movie.
The really scary part is that I am relatively certain that there is more to come from this.  (Not everything has come to light yet)
"the guys in the military aren't meant to be sleeping around"?
What's the whole purpose of enlistment then? 
+Sean Martin Reality's fine.  But these guys are the top commanders of your military, and any vulnerabilities they have (such as affairs) could compromise them to foreign powers.
Well, now he's blackmail proof. There's nothing to blackmail because it's all out. So let's all just put him back to work and be done with it.

That's your tax dollars hard at "work"
Its just crazy how our highest leaders let their sexual desires and organs overload common sense.....look we all know sex is awesome but if you are in the public eye beware that you are to lead by example and if you cant have integrity in your personal life it will spill over to everything else.

Im with you +Wil Wheaton theres no conspiracy its just grown ups not acting like grown ups:/
Because after all, who people fuck are the most important thing anyone ever does, nevermind any kind of peace that is made, or social progress.  Why do we even have news about anything other than who people are screwing, anyway?
So. . . everyone is cool with the drone strikes and shit, but like, oh noes, he had sex with another woman?! Priorities, ya'll. Get some. 
PLEASE someone promise me that Tom Cruise will NEVER be allowed to play Petraeus.
Lets face it. Grown ups have sex. And they often have sex outside of their marriage. Shocker!
You know if this happened in a Trailer Park no one would bat an eye.
makes for great movie...problem is should it be adult or dramatic?? of a new blend of adult that ends up getting an oscar for best actor..of yea..i go with that one. people stop taking everything so serious..its freaking funny and interesting.
I'm going to hazard a guess that the reason Petraeus resigned is because he really does know what was going on. We don't. Yet.
Just look up "the night of the long knives" classic tactic.
This story is like the Energizer Bunny. It just keeps going, and going and going and ...
I literally could not care any less about where Petraeus puts his penis.
I can't believe people in power think they are invisible or exempt from being "followed "or "listened" in on , Gen. In the Army is just as likely to get caught cheating, even more so! All I have to say I sad keep your pants on before you get us all killed!
Oh by the way Will you where great on Battle star, but on Big Bang? They should give you a bigger part!
+Jason Copeland: "Not sure why he resigned."

Straight answer: having an affair displayed a failure in character unbecoming the Director of the CIA.

More likely answer: How can we trust his ability to keep anything secret if he can't even keep a straightforward affair out of the papers? It's not the crime that's the problem, it's getting caught.
Now we know the answer to what a Chris Nolan soap opera would be like!
+John Higgins Not just drone strikes. Signature strikes. We don't even know who we're killing, and we've redefined enemy combatant to be anyone of fighting age in a strike zone. They only get to be proven innocent post mortem. I forget who said it, but this affair "is the least offensive thing he's done." I agree.
Um a little comic relief here.....notice all of the sex scandals involve people you dont want to picture having any kind of sex?! LOL

This is not news worthy....shocking someone couldnt keep it in their pants and they were married no way that happens said anyone ever!!
I think your emphasis was off a bit +Wayne Werner ... you meant your tax dollars hard at work, right?
+David Cameron Staples thank you. That's been my opinion of the issue since I first heard about it. Everyone's on about the trustworthiness of a guy that can't be faithful to his wife, but the fact that he couldn't even hide his infidelities is even more concerning to me.

And it wasn't even enemy intel that found this out. It was Google. A private company based in the very same country. 
+Wendy Lewis yeah, I've noticed that, too. Where are all of the sexy people sex scandals?
In hindsight All In was a poor title choice.
When will Americans lose their shame over sex?
Wow.  It is like a game of Fiasco.  I hadn't thought of that.
Here is the thing, the US Military still has regulations against adultery. It is a court martial offence. This isn't like a sports person stepping out. Or even a politician. He showed an extreme lack of Military Bearing and so did she.
+Brenna Bliss Were either of them subject to UCMJ rule at the time?  I haven't seen anything reported yet to indicate they were...
(Edit: also, the "UCMJ still applies after retirement" bit has dubious legal footing, to say the least...)
If it’s just because of that he (kindly) been fucking with someone just be wishing to gather some authentic material for a biography she and/or he been doing about him (all related are adults); he ain’t being disclosing vital materials in accordance to the titles he be and/or have been representing; it ain’t funny, rather very sad… …especially, when someone’s being involved that being representing the so called (moderated) civilized free world as he be/been doing via his titles as careers. Why not be cutting his dick off and be sending him to some sexual correctional prison for having sexual intercourse with someone other as some God be giving its approval for as be dragging her ass to some major public place for becoming stoned to death in witness as conspiracy of all being interested to be finding some ventilation for their own inhibited sexual manors… …be better as what we been fighting against… ...or is it in certain ways just being a big joke of having to choose sides while “Cholera be vs. the Plaque” being the only actually being listed for to be voted?
He is evidently saying he was out by then, but I'm not sure I buy that. It sounds like she would be.

I was mostly pointing out that this is not the usual "OMG SEX" thing. There is a lot more to it, even the sex part is not the same as for "normal" people.
If this got any more sordid it'd be a National Inquirer story not a Fox News type story. Wait, that might not actually be an improvement.
Who cares if he is having an affair, it's not like he was shoving cigars In Monica's privates like our disgraced but beloved ex president! He is one of the best commanders of all time, that other shit is between he and his wife. 
+Wil Wheaton  Alex Jones lol  as far as conspiracies are concerned he's an amateur.  Anyone unable to toss in a reptilian Illuminati orgy as part of their back story for this "conspiracy" and not have a straight face isn't worth their conspiracy mettle.  

What I'd personally like to see is the odds the bookies are setting up for various other Government Officials/ Obama staffers taking a fall as part of this story or as part of an other scandal now that the elections are over..
Seems so… If there’s more, other classified to be kept issues actually been playing the role, is it necessary to communicate with the child of the proletariat in a way they “OMG SEX” be doing? Can’t they just say: ”No comment to the public” “He may issue a public statement as he’s be feeling ready to do so due to his resignation as recommendations in accordance to others”. Well, we will see what the Circus got to offer.
As a friend explained the scandal:

"Excuse me while I try to sort all this out...
1 - CIA Director, General David Petraeus, resigned over an affair with biographer, Paula Broadwell.
2 - The affair was under investigation by FBI because Broadwell sent threatening emails to socialite Jill Kelley, who she perceived as a rival for Petraeus' affections.
3 - But Kelley is actually the mistress of General John Allen, who is now also under investigation (but probably no longer in line to be the NATO supreme allied commander for Europe).
4 - Meanwhile, the FBI agent who started the probe (no pun intended) is under investigation for sending shirtless photos of himself to Kelley.
5 - Then there's the child custody battle involving Kelley's twin sister with both Petraeus and Allen vouching for the sister's abilities as a mother.
6 - But, according to Broadwell's father, this is all a big smoke screen for the "real" story.
Is everybody up to date now?"

And in further news, Port Charles is experiencing a big freeze after Elizabeth Taylor's secret weather machine was put in action in order to force the government to give her a billion dollars...
+Tim Cooling Normally I'd agree with you that I don't care who a politician is having sex with and it has no bearing on their job. However, things are SLIGHTLY different when you have a Top Secret security clearance and are Director of the CIA.

The Code of Federal Regulations (Title 32, Chapter 1, Part 147) to which the CIA Director is subject, makes an affair a security concern. A person may lose a security clearance for “personal conduct or concealment of information that may increase an individual’s vulnerability to coercion, exploitation, or duress, such as engaging in activities which, if known, may affect the person’s personal, professional, or community standing or render the person susceptible to blackmail.”

In 1995, Clinton expanded that with Executive Order 12968. It stated that individuals eligible for access to classified material must have a record of “strength of character, truthfulness, honesty, reliability, discretion and sound judgment, as well as freedom from conflicting allegiances and potential for coercion.”

Basically, being caught having an affair means you're not a very good spy.
What I've gotten out of this is that Petraeus may be the most sane person in his own sex scandal.
Seriously though, guys.  Of all the nasty utterly immoral and illegal shit the CIA get's up to, it's getting a bit of ass on the side which forces the director to resign.

Good to know 'murica has its priorities straight.
Secret Service not paying their hookers, CIA directors having affairs. Where is Bill Clinton is all of this?
Shawn N
I don't understand why the media is so obsessed with this story.
+Shawn Nova Partly it's a "who watches the watchers" thing, but like almost all the crap we see on the news it's because we now have multiple 24/7 news organizations, that are in the business not of reporting the news but selling it. They need stuff to sell, which is why we get tons of news-tainment and almost no actual important news (because most of the important news could really upset the gravy train for the ruling class, and we don't want any of that. Or rather, they don't.)
Yeah. any Telenovela script editor would have been fired for this piece....
Well, with all the reality shows flooding our TVs why not make one for those guys in the White House, the Congress and the Senate, The Pentagon and the MIUs... Given all their scandals and drama? Saucy ! :)
A Clancy novel involves National Security threats.
This is the FBI poking into sex lives, which may be immoral, but none are illegal.
There was justification to look into Broadwell for sending anonymous communications with improper content.
There was no justification to look into innocent communications of the Allen family.
+Daniel Cox .  If that sounds like counter-intel, then 100% children of immigrants are suspects, including guys like Colin Powell and President Obama … oh sounding more and more like a right wing conspiracy.
+Phil Hagen There are conflicting stories when the Petraeus affair started, either right before or right after he resigned from the military.  It may not be provable.  As for Allen, he denies any inappropriate behavior, and if in fact both he and his wife share the same e-mail account, then they'd have to prove WHO sent which e-mails, him or his wife.  That can be a bit more challenging.
how wrong is it that i stopped halfway through, made a hot cup of tea, and resumed reading like it was some dirty romance novel?

jesus, Hollywood couldn't write this shit!
this really is just the policing of personal lives.  Unbelievable waste of FBI resources
Cat! Ha! I got halfway through then made myself a peanut butter sandwich and resumed and consumed. LOL
To everyone saying that grown-ups have sex, so why worry about it, consider this: Petraeus wasn't just some random grown-up, he was a general and head of the CIA. There are many jobs that deal with sensitive information, and people in those positions are not allowed to be blackmailable. As soon as you do something that makes it possible that someone might blackmail you, you're unsuitable for that job. A secret extramarital affair definitely fits that bill.

Had they done this openly, it might have been a different issue. Or not. The US Army apparently has rules about this, and that makes sense too.
+David Knox and looking somthing up for a friend has got to be a ajor offenc in any security organisation you woudl get fired if you worked for the phone company if you even looked up some ones billing address for a mate
Interesting how Mother Jones takes a piece Broadwell wrote about the US effort to rebuild a village after it was taken over by the Taliban and then destroyed by US forces, and presents it as a "sunny portrayal" of "the complete leveling of a village" with "chilling before-and-after photos as evidence of the operation's success".

(I have no dog in this race, but I dislike dishonest reporting)
The real sadness about this story is that Patraeus is one of the greatest American Generals since the Korean war. His contribution to American military history will be judged very favorably. It is very disappointing that his career has ended this way. 
I don't think anyone can deny Patraeus was on of the finest military minds in two generations; but dig on this: no one cares. Obviously, I care, but by and large the military is more divorced from civilian life than it has ever been. "I'm an expert in that thing that no one wants to talk about cocktail parties." You can't talk about tactics at parties because it either scares people or it's classified anyway. 
Not sure tatics are that secret - though there is the embaresing "totes forgot about bien dien phu" incident where a base in a vally was suroundeed by terry taliban on the hills
It depends on the tactic, of course, and yeah, that happened to. However, we digress. 
The first thing that I thought when I saw this news story was, it's 100% the girls fault. The Military members screwed up but the girl is the one that needs to be prosecuted. Seriously, two generals and an FBI agent, really?! That's defiantly some sort of malicious motive right there...
" glowing biography..."   /shudder
+Alex Klindt Are you saying that a general and head of the CIA is not responsible for his own actions?
I was going to post something about this, about how it's unfair to destroy a man's career for narcissistic behavior in his personal life.  However, this article points out that an extra-marital affair in the Intelligence community means that blackmail could be used to influence decision-making and therefore expose the U.S. to threats.  This is certainly worth losing your job over, as sad as it is to see an otherwise good man destroyed.
If the danger of potential blackmail of a leader is the reason, why did we leave Clinton in office?
You put a man and a woman alone in a room for long periods of time and stuff happens.  Doesn't make it right but we are only dumb animals after all.
Yeah, the blackmail risk's the main thing. Blackmailing powerful people is one of the oldest tricks in the Big Book of Skullduggery, and adultery is just about the easiest way to make it happen. It's worse, because that kind of thing is a vicious cycle. They blackmail somebody once for some minor indiscretion, and the victim caves. Then all of a sudden, they own him for life, since he can be now blackmailed again - and this time for actual treason. It was a huge tactic during the Cold War. Much as the hullabaloo over sexual indiscretions seems silly at first, but when you get down to it, it's tough to blame the intelligence community for having a no-tolerance policy about this stuff.
The CIA covers up EVERYTHING and somehow this gets out?
Did someone order seafood cause this smells fishy!
Did someone order a... uh... farm cause this smells corny!

If the director of the CIA can't send an email to his lover in a way that can't be traced back to him I fear for this country. He was the best of the best of the best right? The new director is sure to be a few pegs below him right?

Odd's are though it was a cover up of some sort... maybe Petraeus wanted Ms. Broadwell to write something someone didn't want getting out and someone found out and the rest is history.

Who really cares if he has an affair as long as he's doing his job?
I sure don't! We haven't had a decent president since Clinton and HE had an affair!!
+Ann McPherson Yes, but we know that he was, in fact, guilty. We found that out later, sure, which may explain how he stayed in office... but we don't seem to care. THIS threat of blackmail, we care about. His? Notsomuch.

Condemnation for coming clean. Shrugging of shoulders for lying about it.
+Robert Alspaugh ... He was using Google services, getting to the bottom of this was simple for the FBI, it was the implications of it that were complicated.  This is why conspiracy theories are absurd, people are just people and not competent enough to handle large scale intricate secretive control.  We really are all just people all slaves to the same base instincts and irrationality, with varying degrees of intelligence and self control.
+Chris Crowe: It probably didn't help that President Clinton's affair was so heavily politicized. Newt Gingrich was practically leading a witch hunt for him at the time, and (whether it was right or wrong) I think that tends to draw out a lot more defenders for the accused than a routine investigation like this that happens to hit it big. I do think Petraeus is taking it with a bit more grace than Slick Willy did.

Although one could also argue that in some ways the CIA director could be an even more dangerous position to compromise than the President.
I had to give a middle-schooler's giggle at "He eventually granted her unfettered access".  Yea he did!
so.... who's going to write the Fiasco playset for this?
Funny how no one would have known about this had she not freaked out in a jealous rage and sent threatening emails to another woman she thought was also having an affair with her lover.
+Chris Cornell I saw your name in this discussion and thought, "whoa! +Wil Wheaton is friends with Chris Cornell! That's awesome!"

... and then your pic loaded, and I realized same name, different person. 
Hate to see a man lose a job over a personal issue. If there were illegal issues, I can understand, but what anyone does in their own privacy is no one else's concern.
This will be a movie someday. Sheesh, what a story. Even with the plainly laid out writing on Mother Jones, I'm having a hard time keeping track of all the threads of this story.
This so needs to be written up as a Fiasco playset.
"Sex, Lies, and Spooks"?
"CIA You Later"?
"General Embarrassment"? -- these are terrible. I need a good name.
There is the fable that people in glass houses should not throw stones.  In other words, if you are engaged in some sordid affair(s), it is extremely stupid to report someone else’s misdeeds to the authorities, because all of yours will probably get revealed.
What an ever-loving mess.  The sex scandal part is what's got the conservative conspiracy nuts gossiping like a bunch of old hens.  But the important part is that it would seem that there was a good chance that blackmail and security breaches were involved.  Gah.  At 60, you'd think the ol' general ought to have known better.  He probably knows better now that it's too late to just pop a purple pill and go home than get all hot and bothered by someone young enough to be his child.
+Anneke Dubash The friend explanation is based on a collection of speculations which may not turn out to be the whole truth.
How many of us have engaged in occasional hanky panky, ethical violations, etc.  Suppose our private lives were plastered all over the world news media.  Do we really need to know all this about other people?
+Alister Macintyre When that person is involved in national security and has pushed a blatantly unconstitutional religious program into the military whose one supposed goal was "support marriages", yeah, it needs to be plastered far and wide.

If +Wil Wheaton decides to cheat on Anne (no Wil, I don't think it'll happen), I don't care and it doesn't need to be known. If Pat Robertson or Rick Santorum does, damn straight it does. If you are in a sensitive position and/or make ethics part of your political position, it needs to be known
"He eventually granted her unfettered access..."   Yes.  Yes, he did.
Some of you kill me, " guys sleep arouns." I hated when people said that Clinton only got a blow job. That is why are country is fucked. I see it that we should be able to fund one person of character out of 300 million to run this country. Most of you are real fucking idiots.
Wow is right. Update after update! There's no way this won't be some T.V. special :)
If John Glover ends up playing Petraeus, I'm filing for conscientious objector status. . . .
+Daniel Cox Only she knows why she does the things she does.  i have seen all kinds of theories why Broadwell sent the bad e-mails, none of them reflect well on her.  I have seen many reasons for why Kelley did some things, but the overall record seems to be greed, pride, and corruption.
Simple. david bang paula. david bang jill. paula got mad. threateed jill
I guess you can screw up your work but not at work.
"Never use they rod with thy staff," is good guide line for the officers corps. 
I still don't understand how so many people don't "get" that military and intelligence brass having affairs is bad business. Or don't "get" WHY it is bad business. Has no one ever read a John Clancy or John Le Carré novel? Remember the Cold War?

Having extramarital affairs sets you up for blackmail and blackmail sets you up as a potential leak of sensitive information.
Just because something "can" does not mean high risk of it happening.  If a military leader has a wife and the wife is kidnapped and the kidnapper says I will kill her unless you tell me classified secrets, what are the odds the leader will put safety of wife ahead of duty to nation?
What the hell does kidnapping have to do with the very real (because it has happened) possibility of a person being blackmailed into or even just freely passing information because he or she was having an affair????

Profumo ring a bell?

They have rules regarding people with high security clearance having affairs. They have them for a reason. Both these men knew of the rules without a doubt signed agreements that bound them to not involving themselves in certain things. Get over it. 
Clayton J. Lonetree... Look that one up.
Imagine if Eisenhower were placed under this kind of scrutiny right before D-Day in June 1944. We know now that he was sleeping with a female aide. But so what? Removing Eisenhower as Supreme Allied Commander would undoubtedly have been disastrous to the future of the U.S. and the World.
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