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+Cards Against Humanity reveals all our darkest secrets.
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G+'s getting quite silly...
I have a lot of friends who are playing this. It's hilarious!
One of my biggest fears. How do those cards know?
You really don't know yourself until you've played CAG
+Ron Watson It's been silly from the start. The humorous posts are the ones that get most proliferated. Thus, everyone tries to be a comedian ;p. Of course, Wil is cool and I'm not talking about him. As for this game, I have no idea about it, so am also not talking about it ;p.
Oooo, you have the real cards.  We have a couple sets we printed at Staples.
As a woman, I am intrigued as to the backstory on this death for me. But I assume it involves robots and matrix-like gunplay.
This is one of the funnest games EVER!!!
I just played this game for the first time a couple of weeks ago. Tons of fun -- kind of an evil version of Apples to Apples, but wowzers some of those cards or card combos are offensive.
Mike J.
Holy crap, I just followed the links back to their main website and I had to stifle a laugh or ten! (considering I'm at work)
That game is awesome. I still think that "We must construct additional pylons" is a trump card. I just wonder when they will have the next run ready for sale.
One of my favorite ones is.
And the Academy Award for .. Vehicular manslaughter..
Goes to.. Mr. Clean, right behind you.
In our group, "Neil Patrick Harris" is the autowin card, it never loses. There needs to be more Glen Beck cards, there's just too many ways I want to violate him.
There should be a +Wil Wheaton card! XP
I've tried to give them my money on multiple occasions, but they are always sold out. :-(
Heh. I mean, That's how I want to die...but that has completely different connotations for a female. XD
I just played this at GenCon...lots of a twisted sort of way
This card game will cost £100 equivalent to $170 there is an expansion pack, but this has got to be the most expensive card game i have seen. Is it really worth it?
Or shilling. Or whatever the hell you people have over there. LOL
+Trudy Gough Its priced that high because its being sold by 3rd parties who bought the game initially and selling it for insane mark-up since its between print runs right now. You can actually download all of the original set for free and have them printed yourself for about $10 USD. It will only be $25 USD once the next batch is available for sale.
Hahaha! I wanna play! Quick, all my gaming friends...oh wait, I don't have any of those. :P
Just played this the other night, it was awesome.
Had this exact play happen the one and only time I played it.  It was a  woman reading the black card so, it was kind of a double entendre.  Also, the best one of the night was (white card) Waterboarding (black card) _____, good to the last drop.
We need a Cards Against Humanity Tabletop episode. I love this game; my friends and I play it all of the time.
This is my favorite game ever. Hooray for +Cards Against Humanity  I've been trying to get the expansion but it sells out every time :( Many a wondrous drunken Saturday night have been spent laughing about Miley Cirus' new Disney Channel Movie where Hannah Montana deals with mouth herpes for the first time ;)
I found it on amazon, ill look for the download
This game brings hours of endl YOU MUST CONSTRUCT ADDITIONAL PYLONS.
Best party game of all time? or Mega-best party game of all time?
I like how they describe hiding a boner...makes it sound like you got a loaded weapon...oh wait..
i just ordered this game, a version of it anyway.
+Ron Watson, who Isn't silly when thier talking on the comments section of THE Wil Wheaton? He's so much win, he gives Charlie Sheen whip lash.
Love it! :)

Crazy thing, here in the UK this game to buy for Amazon costs £99.00! Yet it's $25 in the US... WTF!
I want a set of these cards so so SOOOO badly and they've sold out FOREVER pout*bitch*whine
+Holly Jenkins make sure that you getting the normal edition not the expansion, but i would just get both for the hell of it.
Best game ever.
One of the most memorable combinations from a recent game at this end was, "The class field trip was completely ruined by [shooting a rifle in the air while balls-deep in a squealing hog]." Also, flying sex snakes. Damned things get everywhere.
If the next card you get say's `Blender` then you know your not passing go.
Great advertising, that game is a lot of fun!
Another 2 of my favorite ones are [Why can't I sleep at night] teaching a robot to love & [make a haiku] lady gaga, vigilante justice, another g0d dame vampire movie.
Im gonna try to get an album going of the round winners at when i play.
Ray A
LOL downloading that right now!
After that guy in Laguna Beach, it doesn't sound like a good way to go.
LOL...perhaps I'm concealing one right now. 
i'd do an italian belt buckle... always saves the day
That game ruined my gaming group on Apples to Apples. It's just not as much fun as CAH
I assume I'd be concealing the boner in a shallow, unmarked grave.
It's a good and understandable choice :p
Love that game!! They need to make more booster packs!
I was turned on to CAH by my girlfriend +Kathleen McDowell, and DAMN, that's the most fun I've had with a group of people, clothed or not, in quite awhile. Tops "Would you rather...?" by a considerable margin.
Hey, +Wil Wheaton, I don't suppose there's any possibility that this means we'll be seeing Cards Against Humanity on Tabletop? :)
On your recommendation, I picked up CAH and the first expansion at GenCon. My friends and I laughed our collective ass off for the rest of the con playing this game. Thank you so much, Wil!
I <3 this game so hard. I am definitely playing several bourbon-infused rounds of it at Dragon*Con next week. :)
Played this for the first time at QuakeCon. LOVE this game! (Card games at the biggest LAN party in N.A.? I know, right? It's THAT good)
I had this card last night when this black card came up. I still chose "Farting and walking away." :)
V Hanes
Played this with a bunch of friends at the beginning of July, don't think I've laughed so hard in ages.  (And I know I'd never said some of those words aloud before that night! )
Ashamed to say we played it with my 71-year old mom and she won.
This game is hilarious, played it with several of my friends. It's just hilarious.
Now, that's a card game! Though, I wouldn't want to be one with whom the boner was concealed when death.. ehh comes. However, I would do my best to revive the guy or at least dress him for the EMTs. Lol
best way to spend an evening with friends!
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