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I love these games so hard. They're easy to pick up, quick to teach and play, and are perfect infection vectors for non-gamers who you want to expose to gaming.
On TableTop today, we feature not one, but three games! Watch Wil play Zombie Dice, Get Bit!, and Tsuro with this week's guests: Freddie Wong, Ryan Higa, and Rod Roddenberry. It's not one to miss!
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Do you play many old school games?
You have impeccable taste in games!
They all look super fun and easy for me to play with my kids. Love TableTop!
I'm thoroughly enjoying the serious. I'm already looking forward to the next episode to see what game you'll be playing... hoping it's one I don't know.
Zombie Dice has to be one of my all time favorite quick round games. If you get a chance, try out "We Didn't Playtest This At All" by Asmadi Games.
+Wil Wheaton I watched these earlier today and thought that they are great games. Thanks for doing a show on a couple smaller games. Tabletop alone is destroying my budget for games, but in a good way.
+Joseph DeStefanis We Didn't Playtest is one of my favorites. That game is just insane. It goes well with, uh, beverages.
So, next time Ryan gets invited, everybody except him gets tin-foil hats, right?
You've sold me on Tsuro, that looks like a blast to play.
Dang it, Wheaton, I just bought the iPad app of Small World because it looked fun on TableTop. I can't afford this "free" series! Can't you do a couple of episodes about games that are overpriced and not fun to play? ;)
I shake my fist angrily at you, +Wil Wheaton, for making me want to buy even more tabletop games... and find more IRL friends. :/
Great episode/series, though. Tsuro and Zombie Dice looked like a load of fun. Might have to pick them up in the near future.
I've been beaten at Zombie Dice by my 4 Year Old daughter and used it to get a group of 7 bored teenagers around a board game table... it's definitely a good infection vector.

Circle back now? =D
I agree with Brandon - I'd never heard of Tsuro until now but it looks like a lot of fun. As the mother of a special needs child I'm always on the lookout for interactive games and I think my family would really like that one.

I know I'm dating myself on this, but did you ever play Avalon Hill's "Kingmaker"?
My 6yr old daughter loves Zombie Dice. We bought it for her a year or so ago, and it definitely helped hook her on gaming. Her current favorite is Carcassonne. I have so much fun playing these games with her and my 4yr old son, and it's really awesome to have so many options to choose from.
Zombie Dice is a fun "end of the evening" or "waiting to get into a longer game" game. Have you tried Quarriors yet? That's another fun dice-building game.
Nice I've never heard of zombie dice. I'll have to check it out.
Picked up Tsuro a few years ago and found it a great way to go through a half an hour, even with new players. Which is great when we're trying to decided on what sort of gaming to do for any given evening.
These what I call "decompression games" - for those nights when my hubby and I committed to gaming (usually one of us running a solo RPG campaign for the other) but we just don't have the energy to really invest that night. Having a fun, relaxing backup like these is great. I had a feeling from the moment I first saw the preview for TableTop that it was going to be a terrific concept, and I suspect our home game supply is about to radically increase. Thank you again for the great demos, Patient Zero! :D
+Wil Wheaton I am loving this show. So far I want to buy... all of them. Even got my fiancee to watch and she want's to play Smallworld. Thank you for making this show for us!
I like how Wil makes swooshie noises the way we do at home.
Yeah. This show is...working for me. It works. I'm pleased, it's a pretty cool, different thing. I wasn't sure how it would play out, but it's nice, looking forward to the rpg games. :)
wil wheaton is just rockin out man
Oh and ever since I first saw that Geek Chic table featured on the Penny Arcade D&D podcast at PAX, I have been in major flaming purple geek lusties over it. That's one of those "win the lotto and build our house with the dedicated game basement" must-have furniture pieces, but for now our hobbit hole apartment just has no room. /jealous :D What model are you using?
I so loved the concept of Zombie Dice that I ran out and bought a set immediately. Anything to get my family and friends to quit asking me to play Farkle.
oh lord I haven't played Farkle in years! HAHA
umm what dude? how do you love a game hard? Do i have to send Sheldon to choke a Wil?
He tasks me.....He tasks me..-Big Bang Theroy
Loved episode 1 and 2, although I think you forgot to promote episode 2 on G+.
Just watched the three main episodes of Tabletop and loved it! Hilarious, but wow, you're super competitive--at least you're a good sport about it. Hubby and I have been playing a lot of boardgames lately (changing ISPs and our previous provider broke Wheaton's law), so this was fun.
Great show! Watched the other episodes immediately after seeing this one. How did I not watch this before
Great seeing Rod on this episode. Really cool dude from the couple times we've on a podcast together.
after watching this one i went out to buy zombie dice and loving it
Great show! Love it Wil! Now, I have to recommend my favorite games for the show: Puerto Rico and Citadel. You will play it on the show... because @@ these are the droids you're looking for @@.
Also, I'm totally going to get some Geek Chic furniture now. My current table is a massive bar height table... but it's time to get my Geek on.
You will never be as nerdy as my IRC channel's zombie dice bot. The collective you, that is. I'm pretty sure Wil could manage it.
Adam A
Zombie Dice... from Steve Jackson games?! Car Wars, INWO... and now another clear winner. All three games looked like a lot of fun actually.
I'm not really much of a tabletop guy, but I love watching these episodes. Keep 'em comin'!
Zombie dice is good but Martian Dice is better. I like games where I get to roll all of the dice by default - the mechanics are otherwise just slightly more complicated.
I so love this show. Great job!
I am really enjoying the show and this week I invited my kid to join me. She loved Tsuro and picked up on the mechanics immediately and she knew quickly Roddenberry was in trouble.

Any chance of getting extra cuts of each show with some bleeps on the naughty words or perhaps a couple of kid friendly episodes? Thanks!
If I could subscribe to the specific show itself, it'd be golden! Loved today's show and the ridiculous lucky streak!
Tsuro is one of my all-time favorite games! I'm so glad to see it on here!
Red Dragon Inn has also proven itself as a gateway game. Love Tsuro too!
This is a really awesome show! How often is it updated? It's not an official podcast, is it? I can't find a subscription link on iTunes.
I know you probably won't see this comment, but you should consider Betrayal at House on the Hill. No other board game has been a better gateway for me than this game.
Go fighting Cephalopods! Ia Ia Ia!
ogre, steve jackson games
nuff said
Wil, did you steal the mushroom sound from Skyrim for the brains??
Wish I had room for a table to play tabletop games!
Really good episode, think I might pick up Tsuro and Zombie Dice.
They looked like excellent "interstitial" games, ones you could slip in between other activities. I will probably have to buy them now....grrr... My personal favourite gateway game now is the stupendous Fiasco RPG, which I believe will be turning up on the tabletop later in the season. It gets "norms" into a roleplaying game. What could be more awesome than that.
I have put the bug in my Gamer buddy's ear about them all. He's heard of Tsuro. ^^ That one looked like the most fun, though I would gladly play all of them.
Very nice. I like the jump between short and long form games. I'd love to see some Fluxx.
E Clark
Best show so far. You three made such delightful sore losers, I just hope you didn't scare Rod off tabletop games forever!
- Zombie Dice Drinking Game -

-Each shot to the face: Drink
-Die from 5 shots to the face: Finish (first one becomes zombie bartender)
-Get 5 brains in a turn: Social
-Get 3 runners: All others drink
-Win the game: Finish and oppress the bartender by asking for a difficult beverage (old fashioned, frozen margarita without a blender...)

The last one qualifies as a house rule for those who love but routinely oppress their friends.
OMG! This sounds megawesome! I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (til' I have spare time that is.)
Zombie dice is just great. Played it for the first time at my friend's wedding and got immediately hooked
Yeah, I need to introduce a replacement for Ship Captain Crew...

Between 2 jobs and a young kid, it's hard to find new and interesting games. To me this series is +Wil Wheaton taking on the role of a product demonstrator at a kiosk in a mall. I wouldn't know these games exist and give them my money otherwise.
A couple of other great quick games are We Didn't Playtest This at All! and Flux.

Great show, and remember not to play against Ryan ever again. He clearly used magical cheating powers.
Have you guys played the card game "Bang!" yet?
YouTube was faster than G+ for me...
Tsuro looked like a lot of fun. Amazon'ed. Thanks, Wil!
JP Lang
I'm going to my game and comics store to look for Tsuro - looks awesome.

And +Wil Wheaton you totally got pwned on your own show. {{head shaking}} Next time... you'll get him next time.
Have any mathematicians in the crowd figured out what the odds were of Ryan throwing that many brains without getting shotgunned?
Love the whole series so far - any chance of doing Fluxx in the future? I just picked up Pirate (to add to my Zombie, Monty Python, and Stoner sets).
Where did the plush zombie brain tokens come from?
my 10 year old watched this today and requested all 3 games for his birthday. thanks +Wil Wheaton !
+Wil Wheaton where did you get the brains you used during zombie dice? Those are the perfect complement to this game and i would love to know!
This is a really interesting show... I've bought Samll World after seeing your episode 1 (no one in our game club owned it!).

Thank you so much... from the show Get Bit! and Zombie dice seems really funny... can you make some episode focused on party games?
(Get Bit! is only up to 4 players... I'd need something to overthrone taboo in parties^_^)
Another quick game that has a low learning time and high replay value is Blokus. It's especially great to have around when most of your other games will take ~30min to explain the rules.
Hi Will can u make a TableTop Sunday with the Game Runewars its
Huge Fantasy Strategy Game and i Think u have a lot of Fun with it
How about an episode of TableTop where you guys play different variations of Munchkin. It is one of the games that pulled me into the gaming world.
Awesome! I've been a fan of Zombie Dice for a while. Another good Steve Jackson game that's good for large groups (no player limit, in theory) and is easy to play/learn is Cthulu Dice. Also, I strongly agree with the recommendation for Martian Dice as a similar quickie filler game. We own all three so we can choose whichever we're in the mood for. Great for things like waiting for your food after you've been seated at a restaurant. We've even gotten a smallish wooden box that we can carry around so we can play while we're standing in lines.
I spent two years working in a tabletop gaming store, and Tsuro was by and large one of my favorite ways to introduce kids to board games. There's enough skill and forward thinking needed to keep you feeling involved with the game, and just the right amount of luck to keep things surprising.
I am trying to find Tsuro -- looks like a great game
I playtested Tsuro. It's not so good, once you think about it.
I play Zombie Dice with my 4yr old daughter but I told her they are "camera flashes" that the zombie is afraid of
Zombie Dice doesn't make enough appearances at our expat game nights in Korea. The other games looked pretty fun too. Really enjoying having such a high quality show dedicated to table top gaming!
LOVE this show, thank you thank you for hosting. I haven't played any of these games yet and now I want to snatch them all up!! I am also incredibly jealous of your gaming table!
Great show so far. I join friends for the occasional game night, myself, and seeing potential new favorites in the show to buy and bring with me next time.
Enjoy the show and I went out to buy Tsuro today; played 5 fun rounds soon after dinner.
Erik Ny
Loved the show, just like the previous ones. Tsuro has been our go to quick game for a couple of years now, and Zombie Dice looks fun. Have you tried Dixit? I think it would suit you...
Last two episodes are looking great. And now I need to buy Tsuro

I just was over to my local gaming goodness store and snagged Zombie Dice 2! Have you had a chance to check this out yet? It adds a Hunk & a Hottie as victims as well as Santa...yep I said Santa! The new dice are fun to use (and do not just take my word on it my 13 year old son and his twin 9 year old brothers agree!) and the new dice can even rescue each other from your clutches. Great little addition to a quick and fun game - even if probability can get stretched at times...

I think I have played and enjoyed all of those games.
+Wil Wheaton I have to admit, the last time i played board games was YEARS ago and that was monopoly, etc. but since Tabletop started you reignited our(me and my friends) interest in board games. we are getting all the games you showed so far(ordering and on their way). by the way, Zombie Dice is a free game on itunes
also, for those that want these games on ios, there is Small world(but just 2 player), Catan(settlers of catan), pathology(clone of tsuro) and as stated above, zombie dice. hope this doesnt count as advertising(or something) and gets deleted. just trying to share the board game love
Loving TableTop, but damn, Tsuro and Zombie Dice are both out of print! Can't find any copies in the UK and shipping costs for the few in the US are extortionate.
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