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Felicia worked harder than I've ever seen anyone work on anything to bring this to life, and it shows. She nailed it.

Because you asked, Felicia: my favorite part was all of it.
Felicia Day originally shared:
Hey guys!
FINALLY! Episode 1 of Dragon Age Redemption is POSTED!
Dragon Age: Redemption - Tallis (Episode 1) ft. Felicia Day

Also the DLC: Mark of the Assassin is now downloadable on all platforms!

Please let me know what your favorite part was in the comments, I've worked for 18 months to get this thing MADE and OUT THERE. I'll be posting a few times today, so your patience is appreciate (and your extra clicks and thumbs-up on the video too :) )

Will be posting the Hangout link at 1pm EASTERN stay tuned for that!
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Your favorite part was mine, too!
This woman is awesome. :-)
I agree. Felicia is the man! Figuratively speaking...
its awesome and I haven't even watched it yet. thats how awesome it is.
And it's amazing. I think it should bring a tear to any Dragon Age fan.
Should I be watching this if I haven't (and probably won't for a long time but will eventually) played any of the Dragon Age games other than the opening hour or so of the first one? I love Felicia Day but I don't want to spoil a game for myself.
It was wonderful!!!!!! I can't wait for the next one! WTG Felicia!!
I adore +Felicia Day! I've been a long time fan of Eureka and would have never thought they could do anything to make it better, then they brought +Wil Wheaton and Felicia aboard and it became ultimate perfection!
anyone else hear "Aflak" (picture duck in commercial) at 3:01..cuz that's all i heard and busted out laughing! great vid. can't wait for more
You are the best Wil, I'm so glad you are my friend :) <3
loved playing the games so when this comes out I will have to watch it .
This was excellent, way better than I was expecting... Nice job Felicia. I'll keep an eye out for the next one.
True words! The guild was great....but DA looks AWESOME!
Awesome she did a really good job of bringing the the world to life I think, really good choreography, can't wait to see the next installment.
Awesome, Great Job, looking forward to see the rest.
Coming into this without any experience with the franchise, I still really enjoyed it. Favorite: The pig scene! Full of win.
People think Dragon Age is a good game?
I think i should go buy a new mac for this one :D
That was well produced, nice scenery and costuming. bit campy but that could be the intention. kinda reminded me of the show The Seeker.
kinda short though :(
Loved it myself! Looking forward to the next episode.
It was very well done. She should be very proud of her work.
Awesome! Favorite part: "Pardon me, Plate mail"
Looking forward to more of THAT. (even my wife thinks she's hot)
Niiice. When's the next one coming? I'm kinda impatient!
It is an excellent showing of fantasy talent! Something Felicia should be proud of for sure!
Gah, gratuitous cleavage shot. :-(
enjoyed that very much, thanks for sharing. Will watch anything with Felicia Day in it. :)
I would go straight for Felicia Day!
+Wil Wheaton, can we expect you to show up in the series? Or is that a trade secret? Your careers seem to cross over and over again. One can't help but wonder.
Yet another elf with a huge chest... How do they fight well with those things? Not that I mind them trying.
Well done, Felicia. Thanks for sharing, Wil. I love the Dragon Age mythos; excellent job working within that.
I've never seen the game before now, but the story looks awesome, everything about it makes it something I will watch!
Impressive, is there going to be any more of these coming out in the not too distant future?
Felicia knows how to handle a knife. Watch out Wil, she'll get what she needs out of you, then <slash!> off goes the head!
Awesome. Very well produced.
What an impressive start! Loved it!
Just started the DLC. Tallis really looks like Felicia and the character's abilities look to be really cool.
the script is a bit cheesy but the fact that its 100% free and looks a professional tv show is truly outstanding and Felicia has once again showed her great acting potential
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