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At MegaCon, I announced that I've been developing a television show that I host, write, and produce. Here's a little bit more about that show.

The network picked us up for 12 episodes, and we'll start airing in May. If everything goes according to plan, I'll be on your television every week for the rest of the year. This show is really funny, and I can't wait to get permission from the network to talk about it in more detail.

Today, I met with my entire staff of writers and producers, and I was blown away by the talent and brilliance of the team I'm going to be working with for the next three months (and hopefully the next few years). I wish I could talk about this in more detail, but until I get the go-ahead from the network, know this: For at least 12 weeks this summer, I'll be coming into your home to share some funny and awesome stuff with you, and I'm really super excited for you to share the experience with me.
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I look forward to hearing what network you're on.
Does the show have audio description for the blind planned?
Best of luck to you Wil, hope all goes well with your TV show.
:D Unless you plan to offer streaming service on the internet, you won't be coming into my home.  Have fun!
How you feel about your wife lick to John Barrowman?
Hopefully your show is on a channel I get here on the east coast. My parents haven't even added AMC yet! :-( 
yea all we have is internet too!
But......wait....I thought your 15 mins were over.......I'm so confused.....
Equally excited to see what you have in store, and glad you found a network to share your enthusiasm! Been really enjoying your contributions on G&S, your blogs about life, universe, and everything here in the webs. And love the cameos past and present on Eureka and TBBT. See you more this summer, and thanks for the teaser... WW for the win, woot!
Congratulations - happy for you :)
Well, what we can take from this post is that it's a hosted show for 12 episodes in May. It could be a Talking Dead type show reaction program (those are popular right now and Wil already hosted one for Falling Skies). 24 is premiering on Fox on May 5th for a 12 episode season. Could it be a show talking about 24? The only exception is that I don't foresee 24 to produce a "funny" reaction.
Looking forward for it :) 
Best of luck, can't wait to see what you've been working on
I hope it will not just show up in the US.
Congrats man! So how will this impact new TableTop episodes? I don have US stations on my TV. :-(
+Wil Wheaton That's so amazing! I'm so happy for you that you get to return to television on what sounds like your terms (instead of what you talked about in Just A Geek) and in a way that you can be able to share with us your creativity as a writer and producer! So much win for you on a personal level and us as viewers and fans!
Will we be able to see it in the UK or online once it's aired like the BBC iPlayer. Do the networks in the US use online "catch up" TV channels?
WilW back on the TV machine all regular? Best news I've heard all day. (Much as I love TT and Evil Wil and, heck, The Guild, none of that is enough for a proper Wil fix.) 
+Wil Wheaton I hope this is something you love and that it carries on for many seasons. =)

Though, if it kills TableTop, I will be a sad panda. =(
Kev mei
I hope Sheldon and fun with flags, gets a guest spot.    :)
I hope your first guest is Sheldon Cooper for a segment of "Fun With Flags".
Hop to see it in the uk very soon wil, well done! :-)
Will I be able to watch online? I don't have cable TV. Or TV at all.
a torro
Congrats Wil, can't wait to see the new show
So you and Hardwick are going to duke it out on TV?
Congratulations Wil! I always love your appearences on Big Bang Theory! Looking forward to seeing your new show! Hope there are a few games spotlighted on your show. 
Sounds exciting. Good luck for you and the crew.
Hopefully u will have a fun with Flags Episode with Sheldon! I just saw that last night, hahaha
If I was religious I'd pray for you. I'm not so I'll just say "Qapla! " 
Nice wil, keep me updated, Looking forward. 
I can't wait! Please keep it's informed as to what network and when! 
+Wil Wheaton, very excited about this.  Can you at least let us know if it is a cable network vs local/broadcast network?
i luv da way stewie says will wheaton on fam guy! crax me up
Wait a second... I thought your 15 minutes was up? Are you telling me the Internet was spreading rumors?! That just doesn't sound like the Internet I've come to know and love. 
Cool. I graduated from Starfleet Academy before you.
Very cool! Hopefully it's on an over-the-air broadcast network and not cable-only. Or at least shown the next day on Amazon Prime or Hulu. We don't do cable, and really want to see this show!
You can't come into my home. I have a lock on my sliding glass door with an arm bar. Impenetrable fortress.
As long as it's not Fox. You wouldn't fall for that old gag, would you?
+Andy Der Tatevasion that's why he's slipping right past your defenses into your TV, which I believe is the weak spot of any modern home. =P
YES! I love it when brilliant people make good on big dreams. Can't wait to hear more about it (network approval pending).
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C Ames
But will it be on hulu? 
Good luck with this. There going to be any casting calls soon?
I hope this is on a network that is good about making episodes available online.
Good luck and all the best. I would like to audition for it.
C Ames
Blocking a troll
Please do shut up & th other guys right, you do suck & i guarantee your show doesnt make it n2 th 2nd season. You're not funny !
Will, as a Traveler, how great is your show's success in the future?
Please be a panel show. Please be a panel show. Please be a panel show. 
That's really amazing! So awesome. Congrats Wil!
It's a damn good thing I don't have cable anymore ;)
Do you need an old bald headed guy on the show
Looking forward to it. Wil was surprisingly funny on @midnight, and had no problem keeping up with, and sometimes besting the professional comics. 
That is awesome continued success to you... Hope it leads to greater opportunities ...
sp pro
That's fantastic news!
Best of luck ;)
Congratulations changing topic r u gonna apear in the new series of the big bang theory. 
Well, now I have a reason to watch the Lifetime Channel! Thanks Wil!
I'm pretty do I guess star
Wow dude that sounds incredibly good, congratulations on the project I don't know if it'll be here or  not but if it is I'll definitely tune in and wee what your up too. Sure wishing you lots and lots of success on this and may it last for years in the future.
bob k.
I dont care either way but I hope any gayness stays behind closed doors in private.
I was at MegaCon when you made the announcement Wil and I really hope this plays out the way you expect it to.  I'm a big fan of TableTop and some of the other work you have been doing in recent years, but I had not had the chance to see (and hear you) live before MegaCon.  I must say you struck me as very intelligent and talented individual... so naturally now I have big expectations of this new show.

BTW... you mentioned something during MegaCon about crowdfunding a new season of TableTop, any updates on that?  Write me down for it if it happens... 
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looking forward to it! just be wil wheaton and its going to be a success
That you host? Then is it Science Channel? 
Cast lots of unknowns!  There is so much untapped talent out there!  (And it's cheaper, since you're producing it)
Major congrats!  I love your blog and your hosting style on Tabletop so I look forward very much to what's coming up. :)
Can't wait for it to be on so I can check it out if you're in it it will be good 
Congratulations, Wil!
Not Mega-Game-O-Rama-Con?
Look forward to seeing it. You have done well in other areas. I am sure this will do well also. 
Super cool! You bringing anything of this new show to San Diego in July?
Maybe The Traveler was right, you are meant for big things (no not the perv meaning lol) 
Nice. Weird thing, was watching TNG when I saw this post.
You know I voted for you to be thrown out the airlock in a TNG Poll. Pity that never happened, it would have been extremely funny!!! However in Eureka You were actually quite good..... Perhaps it's the 
No more pissing off sheldon ....come on wil nothing like playing
I'd love to see a new star trek series. But not based on the recent movies
I'll only watch if you have Jim on from time to time. 
Damn it, I missed a chance at possibly annoying Wil Wheaton for a brief few seconds! Had no idea you were going to be there
How did it feel to be part of the star trek the next generation crew

Congratulations please thank me 
Wil wheaton your awsome but sheldon copper still has you on his hate list lol :-)
Awesome can't wait to see this new show. 
so...we're still getting new episodes of TableTop right? Or are we just going to keep getting extended versions of episodes we've seen already?
i'm not running or hiding. do you know me?
If u need more staff ,I'm just here.:-) 
You're an awesome person, so I think you'll do this just because it's something you'd do, but just in case...  Could you write about those writers and producers in your team?  People get to know actors, but not those who do the other part of production, and it'd be nice to be able to thank and praise your brilliant team.  :)
Congrats. Let's hope the show takes off though it will be sad to see you take a lesser role in Geeks and Sundry. 
That's great to hear!!!! I look forward to some fresh comedy. Good luck, I hope all the best for you and the new show!!!!
This sounds great.  Good luck Wil!
Cool. Now do a 12 week show about Beer!
Sounds good will we need more entertainment on tv
First of all it's weird I'm watching a program with you in it right now, call the Big Bang Theory you probably forgot about doing that but good luck on your show I'll be watching.
Will anyone from the big bang be guest stars on your show
Bring on the Wilberforce ;) Look forward to watching all of ur classic comedy shows! All the best mate..
Best of luck with your endeavors Wil but, we'll never forget the part, the intoxicated young man who disabled the engines then saved the Enterprise at just the right moment... :-)
What genre is the show other than comedy. Future/ past present etc. ?
Awesome sauce.... love everything you do
next time on the big bang theory: sheldons review about wheatons new show
I hope it is as gd as big bang if u need a real Scotsman for some comedy am game haha chris
good luck will I will be watching for it
I'd love to be on your show. My daughter is an actress living in L.A. and she comes by it honestly.
Sheldon will be so excited (lol)!
I'm so excited!  Do you know if it will show up on hulu?  Netflix doesn't work on my computer and I have no TV access.
if when you get up and start production if you need any pa's I looking for work
Great news! You are invited to visit my stomping grounds (Roswell NM, complete with defunct missile silos, alien craft crash sites, bottomless sinkholes, and many other inspirational sites) any time you feel the need to experience the unexpected. (Shoosh, not a word of this offer to Sheldon please!). 
Need an improvised musical underscore? 
Gregg Charles haha coloring I sure of Hong Kong game
I am hoping it will be streaming online somewhere you can get credit for me watching... I've not had a subscription to TV(cable, satellite etc...) for 11 years now. I still want to watch your show though. 
Did you like to be on big bang theory?
I thought you did ausome.
That's great, congratulations on the project. Thank you for sharing.
Congratulations Will hope you have some friends as guests such as STAR TREK updates of your co-stars. 
Wish I was the Actor you are, +Wil Wheaton. I'm a hell of a musician mind you, and a decent actor, but I am just a bit in awe.
Congratulations, I look forward to watching! :)
I hope by "really funny" you mean something other than "Big Bang Theory" funny.  Please no studio audience or pretend quirky geekyness.  But, either way, I'm truly happy and excited for you and I hope it works out.
Awesome! Looking forward to seeing it. :-)
Dear God, let it not be "Big Bang Theory" funny. Your endorsement of that show has given me serious cause to doubt your taste.
Mike N
Wil, Good luck.
Congratulations! Looking forward to the launch.
I've been following you for years, good luck and Godspeed in your endeavor, ♥♥ Nana
Good stuff but what is this "televisions you speak of? Where can we mere mortals watch it on he olde internets?
Good luck Wil. Your appearance s in Big Bang Theory are too much. 
Just saw a commercial for The Cloneversation, but that is April, not May. Looking forward to both projects!
Dear Wil you are a smart guy and a very good actor. Why can't we see you on the big screen? Maybe you could change your management.
Wil as I have learned, from my Russian martial arts friends, the best advice I could offer anyone who may be bullied is to not be afraid. Be strong we have your back. 
Dan C.
Awesome! Looking forward to it!
Will you have a studio audience? and Can we get tickets?
Congratulations and Good Luck!  Will be watching for it.
Wow, very cool!  I  WIL be watching. (ahaha snort)
Can you share the day and time slot it will show? 
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