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I want this to be a Galaxy Nexus case because of reasons.
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That means you'd always have to use the same ear, otherwise it'd look silly.
Oooh I want a zombie rotted away cheekbone one...
I like this many.  Not enough to become an iPhone user, though, I don't think anything would make me give up my Android-based phone.
Agreed Wil...This case would look bad ass on our Galaxy Nexi :)
Great idea.  You could also create your own if you've got a photo or graphics on

P.S. I have no interest in GelaSkins except I've used and like their products.  There are quite likely others who offer similar things.
Make it so will use your magic star trek powers I want this on my GNex as well
It can be any smartphone ever, Wil. Brilliant idea.
Because it makes you look like an elf??? Lol ooohhh now I see the real reason, it looks invisible!
Just Me
not an elf.....volcan
Android: freedom of choice, freedom of software, freedom of programming, freedom of manufacturing

iPhone: Vulcan ear decal

Yup, iPhone must be superior.
1st thought: Ooh, Vulcan ear
2nd thought: That's Zachary Quinto's ear
There should be ones of Lt. Data, but they could only make them for Android phones.
They should make them custom designed exactly matching your skin tone and ear size.
but that is completely illogical groan
You can print that out on a vinyl sticker.
You know, like those car wrap things.
If I owned a smartphone, this is how it would look.
iPhones are for people that want to express their individuality by being exactly like everyone else.
I want a lot of cases to be Galaxy Nexus cases.
+Evan Vittoriano raises a point. Mass-produced objects simply cannot be modified by their users in any way whatsoever.

This photo is a lie.
"I taste like chicken."     --Wil Wheaton
They'd use Android in the 24th Century... everyone knows that ;)
It would make sense, but a Nexus' camera would be dead in the middle of the ear.
Sorry +Wil Wheaton, the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few; or the one.  You should know that.  Shame on you.  LOL 8-P
Silly Valcun.  Talking into a PADD.  That's what your communicator is for.
Lefty version, please!
I'm sorry, but it's not logical for Spock to use an iPhone. Android would more meld his mind.
A phone [Galaxy Nexus] case with a phone-updated color e-ink panel on the back side could achieve this and more! If it's not already a patented idea, you saw it first on this thread (maybe).
By reasons you mean because its awesome and instead of an IPhone you got a good phone lol
Reasons? ... Because ... you wouldn't want people to confuse genres any more than they already do?
Only £10 in the UK I think Im going to buy 2...
For the sufficiently nerdy taking a picture of one's actual ear and head and putting it on a case like that would probably be pretty funny. Though the picture should (speaking of being nerdy...) be of only half the ear - if you hold the phone the way the guy in the picture does the speaker is above the ear. So you look right but can't hear a thing... 
No one holds phones like that.
How about a woman's version, with no stubble!? That's cool.
My one gripe about my GNex is that I never see neat cases like this for it! Price you pay not having a homogeneous form factor I suppose.

But lets be honest Wil, who makes calls anymore so that this situation could happen? haha.
+Robert Beiler More to the point, who makes calls by holding the phone to their ear in this day of practically free bluetooth headsets? :)
I don't know if they make one with a scruffy beard, +Wil Wheaton

And I'd sure like to know where these 'practically free' bluetooth headsets are, +Kimmo Jaskari; decent ones still cost a pretty penny around here.
If you can get the image you could get gelskins to do you a custom skin
If I ever actually talked on my phone, I'd totally want it for GNex, too.  But it'd just look like I was tapping on an ear.  Creepy!  :P
That'd suck for me -- I switch ears a lot.
Nobody holds their phone like that.
That photo is definitely photoshopped. But I like the idea.
nice!  a Spock to help you get through the day
That's Awesome! Like we have 2 our reasons! I do believe my awesome, weird, geekie, trekie side is plenty! Sadly, I don't have a phone that will fit it! :-(
But, I'm sure I'll find something fitting 4 me! :-P
Enjoy your new phone & Happy Birthday, +Wil Wheaton aka Mr. Crusher. B-) May you live a long and prosperous life, yourself. Keep on smiling & have a wonderful day.
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