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UPDATED +Vic Gundotra says "We are doing exactly what you requested. We should have contemplated and anticipated how people would abuse this and how painful this could be for celebrities with large followings.

We have pushed a number of fixes yesterday (some were bug fixes that showed up at scale). Expect more fixes today. Sorry for the trouble Will."

So that's great news. Thank you for taking the time to reply, Vic.

Original post continues:

Here are three examples that I hope support my suggestion that people only be allowed to send Events to other people who have circled them.

To be clear: People who I have in a circle can send me an event. People who have me in a circle, but who are not circled by me, can not.

Why? Let's look at these three examples, which are clogging up my timeline today:

Something in Columbia. Yeah, this makes a lot of sense, Google. I'm totally going to go to something in Columbia. This should be the only example I need to use, because it clearly illustrates the uselessness of the system as it is currently employed.

Not Giving A Fuck Friday. Cute, sure, but useless to me and unwanted. Funny if you only send it to your friends, not funny at all when you're sending it to a crapton of people who don't know you. I get so many of these, I want to scream.

The Guild Wars 2 Release Date. At first, I thought this was spam, then I realized that it was someone who's really excited about Guild Wars 2 coming out. That's awesome for them, and something that their close friends probably want to share with them, but isn't something that needs to be sent to people they don't know.

Finally, the system as it's set up right now is ripe for abuse. Last night, I blocked a guy who had created an event called Watch Wil Wheaton Freak Out, which was an invitation to his friends to spam me with unwanted event invites. I should have screencapp'd it, but I just blocked and muted, because I was frankly upset that someone would be such an asshole to me like that, for no real reason than their own amusement.

So I want to know, Google: Are you giving users total control over this, or not? 
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You know, there's a setting about who can send you notifications. It's basically what you're asking, but not limited to events
Mike D
no cuz i could miss out on a sweet pants party 
While I'm nowhere in your class, I get these all the time, too. And while there is the "block" and "mute" options, I cannot find the "baseball bat to the knees" option...
i have not received any invites.. guess i have no fiends. LOL.. it's mine are too busy for this sh** and we find time when we find time to hang out.. no invites needed when your friends are close..
As long as it doesn't show up in my stream, I don't care who invites me to an event.  If things were just the same with Events as they are for posts, I think that might just work.
I think the problem is that Google did give people control over their events. But people don't pay attention to how circles work and who they are actually inviting. 

On a side note, it would be cool if you just started randomly showing up at some of the events you were invited to. :P
Dude.  I'm sure they'll fix it.  Count to ten.
Why someone you have never circled can invite you is beyond comprehension. I don't see their posts, pictures or videos so why should I see their invites.
It is not already like that? I have only received 4 invites since yesterday. Granted, I only have 1500 people I circle. So I am not sure what the issue is. I thought the random invites that happened yesterday was a bug that was fixed.
Aww, no jerks have sent me random event requests. forever alone
I have to imagine they'll put in granular controls for that, +Wil Wheaton. As you say, there's too much abuse possible with it as it stands, unless you simply block all notifications from uncircled people, which has its own drawbacks. This needs to be a separate control.
You should be able to access the invitation, but it should not show up unless you look someplace or something.
A lot of these are people being assholes, and a lot may be people inviting their Extended Circles, which includes the Following circle I guess.

Either way, this was not well thought out from the perspective of a celebrity or otherwise much-followed person.

I'm sorry people are being douchebags. Have a hug. /hug
Sadly, being an asshole can be pretty sweet. Not that I recommend it. +SheldonCooper

...or at least make it a filter.
No doubt everyone wants Will Wheaton at their party.
The problem seems to be that a given user might want to have an event that's 'public' - maybe a thing at a park or a concert, or some kind of event. Those events I can see showing up in your Timeline if you follow that person, and maybe they need to take up less room (have a smaller height or something). I think your solution for only allowing someone to send an invite to someone that follows (circled) you back for non-public events makes a ton of sense.
Just put the damn invites in their own stream, like the Games notifications. Solved.
Did you get any invites with actual addresses? I will help you go around, ala Jay and Silent Bob, and beat some ass. Snoogins....
+Edgar Doiron Hey, I'm totally on team Guild Wars 2! I just didn't need the event notification ;)
They should at least allow you to be able to turn on such a feature a noise control.  That should come with time though, but I wonder how long that will take.  This is a problem that only super popular people are having right now I assume, and may die down on its own pretty soon once the bright red NEW! next to Events goes away.  But a couple more check boxes in settings would be nice for those that wish to have them. 
We are doing exactly what you requested. We should have contemplated and anticipated how people would abuse this and how painful this could be for celebrities with large followings.

We have pushed a number of fixes yesterday (some were bug fixes that showed up at scale). Expect more fixes today. Sorry for the trouble Will.
Good to know that you don't have to have people in your circles for them to send you event invites. For a while there I was thinking you just had a lot of silly people in your circles. :(
I like the way my phone woke me up at 3am to tell me had been invited to an event
I totally understand but let me play devil's advocate?
What about events (like my photowalk) that people want to seen by everyone? I made mine public precisely because I don't want to invite only the people in my circles. I want anyone searching the term "Knoxville" to see it. I get what you're saying but, if I hadn't made my event public, at least three of the people attending would never have known about it.

It's wonky for sure, and needs to be fixed. I just don't don't know how to fix it. Maybe make public events appear in searches but not actually get plastered in people's feeds?
It's the facebook curse come to Google. People love abusing any social system to spam others instead of using it accordingly, be it tagging random people in their photos, creating random events or making "fan pages" for abstract concepts. Luckily g+ so far manages to react to feedback quite promptly and remove/fix most annoying features quickly.
I totally agree. I haven't seen a barrage of invites (yet, #knockonwood ), but I wish people would use some diligence in invites. You know, inviting people you actually want to come, rather than just everybody in your circles.
Oh, it's Colombia. I'm not far from Columbia, but Colombia is a long way to go for an event.
Thanks, +Vic Gundotra. I'll update this post, and I appreciate you taking the time to respond.
I have similar problems, probably because I have a similar number of people circling me.. Eventually it will get sorted out.  I just block and ignore. I don't even mention it. Why give stupid people a thrill?
Someone definitely violated Wheaton's law!
It's common sense. Events by people you haven't circled should never show up in your stream, and you should have the option to turn off notifications/invites by people you haven't circled (or turn them off by individual circle). I'm sure they're figuring this out now. They obviously rushed to have the events feature pushed out yesterday for the big show, and now that it's been released into the wild a tad prematurely they're finding out what's wrong with it.
I see your point here, +Wil Wheaton, but the dickholes who send this stuff out should bear the brunt of the responsibility for dicking the system.  

Google is not totally blameless, they should know the Internet, but there are always some dicks that have to shit in people's cereal
Wow. I created a couple of events for my little game store (SHAMELESS SELF PROMOTION: +Wandering Havoc Games) and made them public. Did that end up on everyone's timeline? 0_0

Not that I'd complain about the advertising, but that was NOT my intent. I assumed that anyone who had circled my business would see it. I certainly don't want to piss off the whole of the interwebs by spamming their timelines.
+Wil Wheaton For me, I'd even settle if they treated it like the "games" where you don't see ANY unless you head over to that section, since I may actually want to go to a local event, but not know (circled) the person creating the event.  In the end though, you're right...we need more control over what shows up and clutters the feed.
While you can report abuse and block event owners (look in the "Actions" menu on the event itself) that obviously doesn't scale well. I'm sure +Vic Gundotra and team are on top of this.

(Not trying to be a Google apologist.)
The G+ settings page already has settings for "Who can X".  They just need to add one for X="send me events".

Choices could be "Anyone", "Just these circles".  (Could also choose zero circles to block all invites. 
The feature will be completely useless to me if they only allow you to send invites to people you've circled.

I love that you can send invites to people who aren't even on G+ (and most importantly that they can read all the info and RSVP without having to sign up for anything!). Surely there must be a better way to deal with this than to restrict who you'll be able to send invites to?
Totally agree; the options should be there and I am VERY surprised that they aren't. I went into the settings pretty convinced I just had to change a few options but they simply weren't there. Poor.
@Wil Wheaton LOL...Epic "Not Giving a Fuck Friday" Good one dude
i get it i don't know you and you don't know me .. although you seem like a type of guy i could hang with.. but I'm smart enough to know that "seem" is not good enough .. you may annoy the Fu** out of me or visa versa.. no one really knows who's going to be a good friend until the test the waters.. until then your a stranger or just strange.. who knows.. AM I RIGHT..
+Vic Gundotra 
is there any way you could set an option to screen out Events by circle?

like if there's a circle of people I only kind-of-like, but I keep them muted and I really don't want to see anything they do?  Or will events be filtered by the normal circle filters?
Taking into consideration the issues that you've encountered, I went ahead and created a Circle of people that have me in a Circle that would possibly have any interest in the event I'm currently promoting, which is a Fundraiser for a local non-profit.

It wasn't a difficult fix on my end, but I understand that the problem isn't people like me. And hopefully Google gets a fix in place sooner than later. Cause it sucks to be excited about something that's getting so much bad Wil.
+Tove Arildsen It can be a combination of people who circle you + people you invite specifically by name or email address. 
Give a man a fish, and he'll eat for a day. Give a man an Internet, and he'll shit all over people he doesn't know because deep down inside, he was an asshole.
bummer about the ass hole Wil but Trolling is the new bully and the only way to rid ourselves i think is to hold G+ and the likes to doing something about it. by not supporting or using their services for a time to show we mean business. or some other way of getting their attention.
Wait... Isn't today Thursday?
It should be the same as the messenger settings, in my opinion. Fine grain control of which circles can send you invites.
+Tove Arildsen if someone is not even on google+ then Wil's proposal wouldn't affect them, would it.  Wil is on G+, and he doesn't want invites from people he doesn't know, so google should respect that.
I don't know for sure and it's looking more and more like I'm wrong the more I see, but there seems to be some way of 'notifying' on an invitation, just as there is on posts.  I've tried and I don't see it, but I've seen a fair few public events in the stream that I haven't been 'notified' of.

It's possible this is the issue then, rather than the ability to invite randoms.  As far as I know there has never been a fix for the ability to notify on posts, only the ability to block asshats who use it.
I'd heard people complaining about this kind of thing. Given that my Circles contain only about 300 carefully selected people and entities, I didn't really experience it. It's a reasonable suggestion though and I am always in favor of more granular controls. Good to see Google taking care of it.
Well at least unlike FB, Google is neither ignoring you nor others, nor the problem itself.
Wil, it has been one day. You really need to chill out over this. Google is not stupid or blind, they will fix the problems suitably.
+Vic Gundotra Every facility on G+ should simply have an option of scalability in terms of use. Let people choose exactly how they want people to interact with them on the micro level - then there is never a problem and people can tailor G+ to how they wish to use it
An acquaintance asked this morning what we thought day 2 of the I/O would offer. I replied that maybe we would see +Vic Gundotra apologize to +Wil Wheaton. I guess I called that one!
I've been invited to Indonesia to watch a soccer game between Germany and Italy! LOL
I'm glad to hear that Google is on the case. Allowing wide-open events invites was just plain crazy.
perhaps, instead of inserting the invites to the timeline, they could categorize them in their own area... That way the Event invites wouldn't flood your timeline. Perhaps they could set the Event area up to be more like GMail, with spam filters and all.. =p
Yes this is exactly the same reason why I love Google Plus and Google period, unlike Apple, MS and Facebook. These guys don't take themselves that seriously and actually do the up most to interact with us the little guys.
I don't know... I think blocking is the best solution. Only allowing invites to circles hampers business dealings, and you can invite anyone via calendar. 

It will make everyone just like a business page in that they cannot reach people unless they have you circled, and as a business page admin, that's a real pain in the ass. 

When we do a family fun dog event near you, I'd like to be able to hit you up and invite you. And you don't know me at all. That's what this place is about; discovering and hooking up with people who share your interest. 

There should be personalized settings allowing you to toggle the appearance of non-circled events, and a simple mute button to mute ongoing dialogue in your stream, but a blanket policy would be a bad idea, IMHO.

I'm sorry that happened to you. 
Is there a Wesley Crusher facepalm image online?

Edit: There is not. Wil, can you provide a Wheaton facepalm for dealing with idiots online?
I love how well this was handled. Events is a good idea! just needs more controls.
social networking with responsibility...welcome to G+. Facepoop is for people random inviting and spamming. This will be fixed..but just goes to show how people should treat this as a haven from Facepoop.
Wow, I'm surprised Google hadn't considered that.  That's a pretty gaping flaw.  
rudy s
+Linus Torvalds was pretty frustrated over this yesterday and was (is? dunno) ready to quit G+ over it.
You gotto give em some props for responding to the issue and trying to address it. Mistakes are made, sometimes repeatedly :) hopefully this will be a lessons learned.
Further to what +Duncan Crandell is saying, Events you have accepted could show up in the (still relatively) blank space to the right of the timeline.
Or... what if the events themselves could be set to be available to your various circle and/or public? Then any actual invitations could only be sent to people that have a mutual circle with you... If someone is interested in your business, they have the option to sign up for the event, and those that hold no interest should be relatively spam-free.
+Frank Catena Wil is using his star power to bring attention to a real problem. That is great for everyone involved in G+.
Better than just letting people in your circles add you to events (because you might have people in your circles who you don't know, but you like to view their content) - it would be great if we could choose to view events only from certain circles. So I could do a checkbox in my settings where I can choose my family circle, my friends circle and my Best buds circle - or whatever - and ONLY allow events to come from those people. That way I can still  have a "cool photographers" circle, but I can avoid events from those few hundreds of people.  But I can still feel it's safe to circle them. For example. 
Well, I understand your point, +Wil Wheaton . But don't you think you take this too serious? It's the first day with this feature, and the kids are exploring and playing. But I guess the "hot phase" will be over quite soon. And Google will give us the options to sort out. So: relax? Hm?
This seems like, y'know, common sense to me ... why on earth would anyone not in your circles be able to intrude on you? Colour me baffled.

In other news, I just about soiled myself with joy when I heard about the GW2 release date but I didn't spam you with it ... honest.
+Thomas Le Pew , wouldn't it be better to solve a problem as soon as it comes up, instead of waiting a week?  What would be the point of waiting to address a problem?
so does this help everyone or just famous people? lol seems they always listen quicker to celebrities, its good you know what youre talking about +Wil Wheaton 
This even more so renews my faith in Google Engineers.  Happy to see this have a direct impact on you Wil!  Looking forward to following you even more!
+Wil Wheaton , while I totally see your point I would prefer the event feature being not generally exclusive to people who have circled the inviting person. There are events apart from spam that one maybe would like to have a chance to invite uncircled people to, say for instance the whole occupy thing. So I'd rather have an option like "block events from people who are not in my circles" which would lay the decision in the potential invitees' hands instead of generally blocking the possibility of inviting people who are not in one's circles (yet) but might be interested in the event nonetheless.
However since I did not try the event feature yet, I'm not sure whether you can invite people without mentioning their +name (e.g. by #hashtag). If you only can invite people by +name anyway, of course I do not see a reason why this opportunity to troll should not go away asap. 
I have a general question: Is this happening because people are using the Your Circles or Extended Circles option instead of a base of Public followed by more specific circles/individual users? Would that eliminate the noise? Or possibly if these people actually used the Your Circles controls and unchecked their Following circle.
His star power should not be necessary to solve a problem. The G+ celebrities getting all upset, some threatening to leave, need to chill out.
Need Google+Translate to figure you out what your point is, Dosman.
Is "crapton" really one word?  I'm not opposed to portmanteaus by any stretch, but as one word I feel the essence of the term is changed. It's missing the natural pause needed to fully express the concept. "Crap ton", or "crap-ton" i think better maintain the concept being related.  Would one also use "shitton", or worse yet "shiton", the former being all too easily mistaken for quite a disgusting proposal.  The less ambiguious "shit ton" would certainly be used in effort to avoid confusion.
Well, +Evin Ritter . Sure the world would be a much better place if it worked this way. Problem: it doesn't.
I would normally grumble about Star Power and the umph it holds, but in this case, I agree with +Wil Wheaton, spam is bad, celebrity or not.
+Wil Wheaton I'm amazed that inviting people who haven't circled you was ever an option. That's seems like a pretty big lapse in logic on google's part. 

On another note, I have to admit the watch wil wheaton freak out event is kinda funny. I would label it as hilarious if it wasn't for the fact that you seem pretty cool. The idea would have been gold if they had chosen someone who is an asshole.
+Dosman Lotek  kind of agree, there should be a user setting for blocking public event invites and it should be set to block by default. Also, I would assume a public invite should be made less intrusive, maybe not popping up by default on your main feed or hooking into the calendar. 
The "Watch Wil Wheaton Freak Out" event. OK, that's funny. It's not cool, but it is funny.
Loving +Duncan Crandell ideas

I'm wondering if the change should happen to people who create the events or people who subscribe to groups. I'm thinking that no matter what the system ends up being, some people are going to hate it.

The fact that Google is actively responding and that most users offer suggestions on how it could/should be is just really, really awesome.
+Josh Kupke I thought I was the only one vicariously enjoying Wil's freakout and resolution over this. Now I don't feel quite so weird. XD
I am not a fan of only being able to invite people that have circled you. There has to be a better, more social, less invasive way.
+Frank Catena  If the event was public, you could invite them in other ways (send them an email) and they could join it themselves... There's no need to spam someone's timeline.
+Wil Wheaton I probably shouldn't be able to send you a Google+ Game invite to "Be my neighbor!!!" either. I've noticed your photo as well as some other celebs pop up for these, and as I'm sure I am not in your circle, found this strange. I can only guess at how many of these invites/gift requests you've received.
Thanks for complaining about this +Wil Wheaton. Any improvement in UI/UX benefits us all. On a side note, people who make global events are a)losers, b)idiots, c)desperate, d)all of the above.
They need to make an option to allow the Event to be categorized as a chosen calendar on your calender, so it doesn't use your default.  I use some 10 calendars with colors but now my Events show up as something other then my Event Calendar.  
Dante needs to add a new circle in hell.
+Frank Catena The ability to "be" invited should lie with the users.  They should be able to decide if they only want to get invites from people in their circles or if they want to get invites from anybody.
+Thomas Le Pew The world isn't what we're talking about here.  We're talking about a few programming preferences, which I'm sure is well within the capabilities of Google to accomplish.
how painful this could be for celebrities with large followings.

So those of us with small or medium followings, who aren't celebrities don't get any consideration?

I expect this sort of stuff from FB -- my stream over there is inundated with invites to events I couldn't attend if I wanted to, for games I'm never going to play.

I don't expect it from G+. I expect G+ to offer me the opportunity to have interesting conversations with interesting people. Some of them might be celebrities, but most aren't even legends in their own lunchtimes -- they're just interesting people to talk to. would be nice to have a "Public Events Near Me" and "Events Invited To" (location filtered ?)  and would help people build circles further (though most are likely to be spam/company promotion stuff anyway, sigh)
+Thomas Le Pew I think your choice of words are condescending. So you are a measuring device for what should bother other people? He already mentioned his G+ experience is different from most. Maybe you could read through the comments and see Wheaton's response thanking G+ for acknowledging and updating him on progress toward solving the problem.
This is good news. I'm sorry some asswipe did that to you just to cause you grief. Watch you freak out? Really? Fuck that guy.
Thanks for making Google+ better! Positive and constructive feedback helps us all.
All they really need to do is add a togglable option to circles for "This circle can send me invites to events" and then a "Public Events Near Me" that is independent from your stream similar to how they did game status updates.
M Smith
Mobile G+ on doesn't seem to have been affected nor effected yet
A crapton is a unit of measurement equivalent to 1/50th of a buttload.
They didn't contemplate or anticipate these abuses. Is this round about proof that they really aren't evil?
I really don't understand how they failed to anticipate this. This is not new territory on the internet. It's like they only looked at a few specific use cases and decided 'hey, that's good enough'. I take it as a sign that Google needs a greater diversity of voices on their development team and a more graduated roll-out process for updates.
+Suzanne Lewis , really? Well it wasn't meant in a condescending way. It is just my opinion that you take this thing a bit too serious and dramatic. If that is condescending then I have to apologize.
But: I still don't see the big deal. C'mon people.
Public Events to appear in the stream of  anyone who has the person/org circled... also to appear in the Events-Search section. If that is the way it ends up functioning, this will be a great thing. I'm not a google fan, but I do enjoy the way that so many things are coming together. (well, 'trying' to come together) . 
i'm sure the last one was sheldon ^_~
I don't know how anyone who releases something like this on a social network these days can assume it won't be abused. At least they were quick to deal with it.
+Thomas Le Pew Telling other people how they should feel is condescending and telling them they're "too serious and dramatic" is definitely telling them how to feel (or how not to feel anyway). And you acknowledged that you might have to apologize and then added that last line which just shows that you're going to continue insisting that your feelings and perspective about this are the correct ones.
The current system as designed is just bad UX. If it doesn't bother you, then good for you; you're lucky I guess. Or you don't care about good UX (like I'm starting to suspect some of the decision makers at Google don't). But just because you don't like it doesn't make it not bad or that it's not condescending for you to take others to task for complaining about it. 
I can see how it would be overlooked... Developers can get caught up in the momentum of the project and some things (even some that seem obvious) can get overlooked... But yes, I think the important part is that they are jumping on fixing the issue quickly. (oops, redundant statement)
Exactly, surely the first thing you do when you create something new, is ask - how will this be used for evil and how are we going to protect the good guys from that? Um...der.
and settings have been changed to only allow people in my cirlces to send my invites. Thanks Wil for getting Google to make immediate changes to their new features.
I'd invite +Wil Wheaton to my birthday, but who wants to come to Ohio :) Seriously though, Google you're usually a little more proactive than this. Fix your shit <3
Calm down everyone. Wil is just trying to snare a free pair of googlegoggles so we'll have table-level footage of next season's Tabletop. And when he wins he can pose and declare "I AM WHEATONIC OF BORG. YOU HAVE BEEN ASSIMILATED. Now here's some beer I made earlier."
Vic Gundotra says "We are doing exactly what you requested. We should have contemplated and anticipated how people would abuse this and how painful this could be for celebrities with large followings.

We have pushed a number of fixes yesterday (some were bug fixes that showed up at scale). Expect more fixes today. Sorry for the trouble Will."

Damn, I guess it really is about who you know. 
Thanks Wil for making this happen. I'm sure if a few of us would have complained this feature would have taken a lot longer to get implemented.
I think they had it made so that it tried very hard to send it to everyone in your circles, as well.
Wow, someone thought it was FUNNY to spam you? Kinda misses the "don't be a dick" point, don't it?
If even .01 percent of the people following +Wil Wheaton made an even, he would have over 130 events pop up.  Considering it was a new feature and likely to attract people to make an event, you can imagine the FUBAR bomb that went off.
Someone let me know when all the bugs are out, so I don't accidentally piss someone off by inviting 'extended circles' to something and have it turn out that 'extended circles' actually includes a celebrity that's sick to death of this....
No changes yet, got an out of circle event invitation earlier.
Dear Wil.

Thanks for taking the time to do this post and for taking it up with our tech overlords as you are spot on with regards to potential misuse.

And with regards to the screencap, yup would have loved to see that :)

Keep up the good fight!
/sniff... "no events found"
Why limit your not caring to Friday?
Wil, if you're ever in NJ, you're invited to my place for beers and kick ass burgers. I also make some killer vegetarian noodle salad.

How's that for an invite?
Perhaps a prompt saying "Do you really want to send this invite to everybody you follow? A lot of the people you follow don't live in your city..." But yeah, limiting invites to only those who follow YOU would be a proactive solution. 
+SP Munro "... If anyone asks you what you did today, you can say, "Helped Google fix the Internet." ..."

^ +Wil Wheaton should add this to his bragging rights. Seriously. Why not?? :-))
We just need a way to control the people that can send events to us the same way is already supported on G+ settings to control the people that sends invitation or messenger chats to us. I'm pretty the reasons not to have this already in G+ settings are not technical limitations, but greedy, viral-oriented design decisions...
Wil, I'm pretty sure  you've heard this over and over and over and over again... but I'm sorry that people just can't be nice. :( thank you for being you.
My favorite part of this post is that you didn't point out that Vic spelled your name wrong. You succeed at not being a dick!
+Jerri Lyn When people misspell your name often enough, you just stop caring about such silly things. I have a lot of experience with that. :)
I havent been invited to a single event. Just shows you how ridiculous it is to be a celebrity. Anyway tme to go and invite Richard Branson to a business lunch at KFC.
Gee, can't imagine why, +Jiří Zárevúcky :)  I've sort of given up correcting people who spell Heyward wrong even after I spell it for them (90% of the H*yw**ds in the USA are Hay... and/or ...wood, my family is weird).
i love the way google suggests its the users "ABUSING" it... lol nope there using it as intended. google are the ones with implementation issues... 
"I was frankly upset that someone would be such an asshole to me like that, for no real reason than their own amusement."
Well, Will, you need to remember you are not real:) And Internet is not real. And yes, people do even worse things with no other reason than their own amusement.
When I was watching a keynote yesterday, I was actually shocked, how Googlers, one of the smartest people in the world, apparently did not even think of possibility anyone might consider to abuse such great features. Seriously, Nexus q playlists editable by anyone with absolutely no security in place? Parties with instant upload of every picture possible? The list continues. And people love to be griefers. If their lifes can't be better, at least they try to make it worse for everybody else.
And Glass, with that handy POV mode? I am not a pervert, but my first thought was: The moment this is available in stores, we'll get "real POV" porn.
Really, Googlers looked yesterday like Leonard of Quirm from Discworld novels. Brilliant inventors with absolutely no grasp of what kind of people world is filled with. "But gasp no one would think of that, it is too horrible!" Oh, but they already did.
Damn, such a lengthy reply. and better than i expected. it should be a post on its own:)
+Aleksander Hropot  That's the problem, The Internet is real the people on here are real people.  Yes even actors and writers and bar tenders and quantum physicists and housewives.  All real people.  Luckily not all of them are complete idiots.  Just because you can spam people with pointless junk messages doesn't  mean you should and the majority of  people won't,  Luckily people with your POV are in the minority.
My question to this whole mess +Vic Gundotra is how did we not learn the lesson from the original hangout mess.  I remember +Wil Wheaton had a similar problem being "invited" to everyone's family hangout because why the hell wouldn't you invite him, he is awesome and if he accepted you would win the internets.
It absolutely flabbergasts me that some f-in' idiot would presume that everyone in all his/her circles would want to go to their celebrating whatever event. If I got an event invite that was near me and said "open to the public" I'd try and forward it to as many thousands of people I could so that too many people would show up.
Dan B.
I don't know you and didn't ask to see your comments. Get out of my head.
+darren rees I am well aware about that and one of my missions as a computer journalist is to educate the people in that manner. What I wrote is just an observation of said people behaviour. And when confronted with it, their typical response is: YOLO!
...followed by number of fucks they give to my opinion. it used to be zero, but now negatives are increasingly popular.
(and here i am, thinking smileys in the post would indicate sarcasm well enough)
My mom said that I'm special, so I'm pretty sure that if I invite you somewhere you'll show up.  Pretty sure.
I've seen this a few times, where Google hasn't considered the power users and massively followed types.  I'm glad that +Vic Gundotra and his elite team of sleep-deprived coders have come to the rescue.
+Dosman Lotek, I have to disagree on that. Such things can be put as a public post that is spread by interested parties and friends linking/embedding in posts, rather than broadcasting in everyones faces. That way it can be navigated to and supported but does not slap G+ users in the face.
Everything should be easily opt-out-able. That would keep me coming back. I understand the need to standardize and have things be scalable, but customization is what people want. I do give Google huge props for listening to you and trying to fix the problem you flagged. If G keeps trying to do the right thing then I will keep using their systems.
+Wil Wheaton I'm glad to hear that +Google has taken these concerns seriously.  It was surprising to me that they ever allowed people from outside your circles to invite in the first place.
To be fair, currently anyone can send you a calendar invite by email.  I suspect this was the model they hhad in mind to replicate.  It's illustrative that the differences of the medium has such an effect.
I was always under impression that one will only get event notification only if both parties have been mutually circled. SO far all the event notifications I have received are from people I have circled.
Thank you for stepping up Will, someone needs to for change to occur.  I wouldn't have taken the time to go poke at Google.

++google for giving a customer friendly respones (sorry, didn't mean to mess with your stuff, we're working on it like yeterday).
That is some customer service... uncommon even in the internet age :)
I can only imagine the stress caused by the flood of event notifications, and for such a tiresome nuisance and the associated nastiness you document, you do have my sincere sympathies. But I  think that the number and tenor your posts  of about the issue  yesterday was a little less than entirely calm and reasoned. Yes, Google screwed up, and yes, it was clear evidence of poor planning and a lack of judgement. But a whole series of posts that left the impression this was, if not evil of a Machiavellian scale, then at least a disaster of Ragnarok proportions? Your reaction did seem to be at the very least, a touch histrionic. 
Sometimes histrionics are the only way to actually get a response out of an internet-based company. It's not like Google, FB, Twitter, or any of these entities work under the normal rules of customer service.

And I'm real glad I refrained from inviting Wil to Chewy's birthday party on Saturday. Chewy will be disappointed, of course, but at least Wil has no reason to set me on fire.
All I know is they listened, and +Vic Gundotra wrote to tell you they would address the problems. Now, if 60% of things in life worked that smoothly, we would be colonizing Alpha Centauri by now.
I applaud you Wil Wheaton. I already thinking you are awesome. But somehow by doing this you made yourself even more so. I Thank you, thank you Will Wheaton.
I agree 100% Wil. It's things like this that turned me off of FB in the first place.
Wait... so if I create an event and post it as 'public' in my own stream, it sends an active invitation to everyone in my circles, including people I'm just following?  

sigh Suddenly I feel the need to apologize for accidentally spamming a large number of complete strangers with my test post. :-/
much better response than I've seen from another social media site. Hope they are as responsive to non-celebrities
+Geromy Harper I'd really hope not - their implementation couldn't be that poor, surely.  

Good job, +Wil Wheaton , on getting a response so quickly from someone so senior.  Now, if only I could get +Vic Gundotra or someone at a similar level to acknowledge that Google don't really hate my eyesight, that light grey on white/light grey on another shade of light grey is a terrible UI choice, especially when there is no actual choice available, and that yes, they will do something about it...
I think this is a good example of Hanlon's Razor: "Never attribute to malice what can be explained by incompetence"
Did you reply "Thanks Vick, my best _Wil_"?
I think you mean "Colombia"
I don't have the time to read through all of these, but have tried to put forth a worthwhile effort, so forgive me if others have previously pointed this out. But first, +Josh Kupke Dennis Leary? He IS a self-described asshole :-) / +Frank Catena true, but celebs DO get heard, and some DO try to use that voice to bring attention to things if they notice many "normal ppl", esp their fans, share their opinion; builds fanbase, helps them & their fans, but most importantly, GETS SH*T DONE!; if I didn't know +Wil Wheaton was one of the most "reachable" and active celebs on social networking sites, I'd be more cynical about the whole here's my point: it goes without saying that many of us think it'd be "cool" to "invite" or msg/otherwise address a celeb on g+, twitter, fb, etc. and have them 1)see it, and 2)reply/repost/etc. Sure, it would be awesome to have your idol "like" your sh*t, but the fact is they ARE celebs with (sometimes) MILLIONS of fans/followers...the amount of things those who personally maintain/monitor their public profiles, or use it as a personal one for whatever reason is presumably near impossible to manage...that said, lacking the ability to limit/filter things they don't want to see or get is why more celebs don't maintain their public profiles or reply to the average fan...if they're forced to endure all things from the anti-fans and the fans and the weirdos/stalkers...I can't think of a better way to drive all celebs away/cut off all contact from trying to/making themselves more available to their fans. Speculation is one thing, but without having a large fanbase & experiencing it for yourself, none of us can truly understand or sympathize/criticize their choices to connect with us or not. Long-winded, I know, but hope somebody reads this & can agree/simplify for reposting to reach more ppl. Thx.
Wil, this is the seventh post in my feed on your issue. You're approaching Flame level.
+Google+ To fix the celebrity events overkill it would be nice to have the possibility to exclude certain circles from "All circles", "Extended Circles". This is helpful in some other situations, too. I would remove "Following" from them.
If I want to share (private) photos with all the people I know, I have to add a meta-circle "all I know". Having a "exclude from all/extended" would solve this problem much faster.
+Jack Eldridge Uh... this isn't Wil's issue. It's everyone's issue.  He's just one of the more noticeable people to object to the stupid.
Our feelings are our own.  No one can make me feel anything without my consent.
really :)
... they can apparently waste your time though :)
+Wil Wheaton if you was to attend an event I hosted the next event would be something of the cardio-infarction variety...
It's amazing that we're on a social network where the developers actually listen to feedback.
I don't care WHY they care.. I just compare it to the "other" social network, and rejoice that they do care.
At least Google Plus answers customer inquiries.
That's why I barely noticed it - I have no friends. ;o)
It took a celebrity to see the problem with G+E.

You would think G! would have seen this coming.  I am sure they're proud of it, but it they're trying to be like Facebook, then why bother. FB is clogged with just like this which is why many ppl are switching to G+. 

Ohmygerd they perled a Ferceberk.
Great to see someone get stuck in and help flag up changes that need to be made rather that just let it be and leave! Thanks +Wil Wheaton !
(Wil said " I was frankly upset that someone would be such an asshole to me like that, for no real reason than their own amusement.")

Internet, This is Will.
Wil, This is Internet.
I think you'll be good friends.
I agree, I want control over this too.  I don't want to get invitations at random.  Some setting controls should be in order.  For geographic location, interests, what have you.
any way to change default cal google+ events are auto added to?
I too would like Will's suggested behaviors added to my events list
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