UPDATED +Vic Gundotra says "We are doing exactly what you requested. We should have contemplated and anticipated how people would abuse this and how painful this could be for celebrities with large followings.

We have pushed a number of fixes yesterday (some were bug fixes that showed up at scale). Expect more fixes today. Sorry for the trouble Will."

So that's great news. Thank you for taking the time to reply, Vic.

Original post continues:

Here are three examples that I hope support my suggestion that people only be allowed to send Events to other people who have circled them.

To be clear: People who I have in a circle can send me an event. People who have me in a circle, but who are not circled by me, can not.

Why? Let's look at these three examples, which are clogging up my timeline today:

Something in Columbia. Yeah, this makes a lot of sense, Google. I'm totally going to go to something in Columbia. This should be the only example I need to use, because it clearly illustrates the uselessness of the system as it is currently employed.

Not Giving A Fuck Friday. Cute, sure, but useless to me and unwanted. Funny if you only send it to your friends, not funny at all when you're sending it to a crapton of people who don't know you. I get so many of these, I want to scream.

The Guild Wars 2 Release Date. At first, I thought this was spam, then I realized that it was someone who's really excited about Guild Wars 2 coming out. That's awesome for them, and something that their close friends probably want to share with them, but isn't something that needs to be sent to people they don't know.

Finally, the system as it's set up right now is ripe for abuse. Last night, I blocked a guy who had created an event called Watch Wil Wheaton Freak Out, which was an invitation to his friends to spam me with unwanted event invites. I should have screencapp'd it, but I just blocked and muted, because I was frankly upset that someone would be such an asshole to me like that, for no real reason than their own amusement.

So I want to know, Google: Are you giving users total control over this, or not? 
Annoying and useless Events
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