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After a couple years of trying to get me and Nathan Fillion in the same place at the same time, +Felicia Day made it happen last night at the Nerd HQ.

After dancing like idiots (the only way I know how) for a little bit, Nathan hugged me and said, "When I was a teenager, you were living my dream." I told him, "When I was in my twenties, you were living mine."

Also, this happened. Yes, that's my son photobombing us.

I'll write more about comicon on my blog.
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I give this picture a +Infinity.
Superb. I love it when celebrities are nerdy fanboys just like the rest of us.
Awesome! Looks like you guys had fun!
I just geeked a little bit. (okay, and swooned).
Someone else photobombed Captain Tightpants! Awesome, he's renowned for it
Major Geekgasm! This pic is Awesomesauce! <3
I'm insanely jealous. Now is the time for me to remind you of that horrible line in TNG "Justice", "I'm in Starfleet! We don't lie."
That level of geekdom is akin to dividing by zero.
This is a thrilling photo.
How can that much awesome be in one room without causing an apocalypse?
Super Awesome shot and Super Awesome photo-bomb - lol
My nerd meter has just been broken
This area is so dense in geek that no geek could possibly escape.
Now if only NPH was there!
Nathan Fillion and naked Felicia Day?

Who says geeks can't have fun.
So much sexiness in such a small space! I think I might faint.
Too much for one photo. Epic.
That is the perfect storm of nerd-dom. Thanks!
Payback for all of Fillion's photobombs. Justice is served....
Sounds like a most excellent evening. Hope you have as much fun at Dragon*Con. :-)
Kudos to your son for the great photo-bomb!
"When I was in my twenties you were living mine." Priceless. 
is it just me or does Nathan look like hes wearing a really bad toupee in that picture?
Everything about this makes me happy.
OMFG, as if I didn't love +Felicia Day enough, you make me fall again :(
Step one: Get you guys to meet. Step two: Get all three of you in a movie together. :P
I find it strange that because of when, and at what age, you each entered public (or maybe just my) awareness I hadn't put together that you were so close to the same age (or that Felicia is my wife's age).
If you look really close, is that a little bit of side boob? You guys look great.
That makes this almost-fan-girl squee!!!!
i love this picture so much
This photo makes me all sort of happy! A whole lot of awesome!
Tremendous amount of geek goodness all in one spot.
looks as both u and your kid are photobombing
Epic. Now get Joss to direct you all and NPH in anything and we'll have discovered/created the Nerd Kwisatz Haderach or perhaps the Geekospher's Stone! 
OMG, just had a nerdgasm.
Oh goodness, the three of you together in one place. I'm sure trouble followed. Glad you're having a good time this year!
I'm surprised Nathan had such a normal face in this picture.
I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around the idea that Wil Wheaton and Nathan Fillion are the same age.
This is truly a "the circle is complete" moment 
The degree of awesomeness in this moment and photo cannot be described. Two uber-nice guys meeting with an uber-sweet gal to boot!
There's more awesomeness in this picture than my tiny little mind can withstand... Argh :)
Grinning like an idiot reading/viewing this. Totally agree, you just needed NPH there. PLUS Jonathan Coulton singin' atcha.
If you added +Zachary Levi to this photo you may cause people to explode from nerd rage.
...and then the known universe collapsed...
And thus, the seventh seal of the Apocalypse was broken...
The only thing that could possibly make this photo better would be NPH included in that sandwich.
Is Felicia Day topless!!?? PS Love the photo bomb!!
This is one of the single greatest posts I've ever seen on anything.
Well, then. Three parallel universes collide.... From a multi-universe perspective, it appears all is well.
My god, It's full of win.
The internet may just explode with so much awesome in the single image!
Put me on team Codex/Fawkes... Team Cawkes
Hey look! A hammer fairy sam'ich on wheaton...
Now if you two can just get Nathan to get with Google+...
I see nothing wrong with this picture. I see nothing wrong at all. It's all good. Yep.
Good job Felicia, this photo is pure geekdom concentrated to infinity +1 :D
Surprised the room didn't actualy collapse and transform into a black hole under the weight of this, though.
I would love this image as a print. Can you get +***** to sell this as a poster? Complete with photobomb. You do keep tweeting about how awesome your son is! ;)
This picture is so full of win, I can't express it without sounding like an idiot. Damn that's a cool picture!
Wow! That's incredible! Thanks for sharing. Tell +Nathan Fillion to get on Google+ and forward it to Twitter. I'd love to heard him talk in more than 140 characters. :D
Now if you can convince Nathan to join Google+...all will be well with the world! :)
As a guy who is comfortable with his sexual identity...I had a confused moment of unbridled lust. But not for long: I mean, c'mon, these three? What's to be confused about?
I'll be in my bunk.
That picture defines epic win!
awesome photo. Did you hear of anyone getting a photo with Matt Smith or Karen Gillian while wearing a "Fighting Time Lords" T-shirt?
There are no words for the amount of awesome this one picture holds.
I want to go to Comic-Con soooooo baaaaaaad!!!!! :(
I'm amazed the world didn't kersplode, with this much AWESOME in one room.
Why is Felicia sans clothing? What did you guys do to her?? (Just teasing...I saw in another photo that she's wearing a strapless top/dress.)
My feed has been consumed by Wheatonfillionday!
Wow. I just hit a level of geekdom I didn't think possible
Awesome picture & awesome moment that you got to share with Nathan! I think the world stopped for just a moment last night to revel in the awesome!
Awesome pic. Heh, Felicia looks nekkid!

Also, what's it like having Wil Wheaton for a dad? Your son needs a blog.
A picture of my three geek idols, AND Wil's twitter-infamous son photobombing. It may not be my birthday, but it FEELS like it is, y'know?
The 3 of you in a picture is totally awesome, the photo-bombing son is funny, Felicia Day looks naked.
This picture.... cannot be contained.
As most everyone has said - that's a photo filled with awesomeness. :D
This heads straight for the "nerdvana" folder.
Yep, so AWESOME, but as has been said, NPH, Zachary Levi and JoCo added in would only increase the epicness tenfold each
Dunno what bothers me more, the celebrity self masturbation or the fact the Wesley Crusher is older that Capt Mal. :)
Total geekgasm from me. That's a room I will forever regret not being in!
:/ Television seemed a heckuva lot more interesting back then.. I always wonder whether it's just me becoming jaded and unimaginative or something else, but I remember watching ST:TNG and Firefly and just imagining I was there. Sure, many shows today are visually more elaborate, but seem to lack some critical "soul" :/
LOL.. ah the rewards of cruising on a Star Ship..
That's EPIC talent right there.
This is too much awesome in one place. If you guys had googled Google, we could all be dead right now. You need to be more careful.
Oh god, this is the sexiest picture on the internet right now
Ok, now let's a picture of the three of you shirtless.
Irony, I feel like you photo bombed STNG:) Had to say it, I love you now cause I hated you then.
this photo is gorgeous. gorgeous people.
Congrats! Looks like a great time!
Now that is just an awesome picture. Nathan is the man. I'm wishing someone would get Nathan and myself in the same place as well.
only 2 out of the 3 in the picture have a google+ account. I think someone needs to invite +Nathan Fillion
This so needs to be on the Awesome People Hanging Out Together Tumblr!
My sensors were picking up a massive energy flux, I just couldn't pinpoint the source. Now, I know.
from the look on your face Wil, one of them is groping you ... but which one? ;)
I don't think it gets any geekishly cooler than this. Three of the most awesome people on the planet in one
hahaha! probably the best image on Google Plus
Does it get any better than this? I say NO!
You know.. seriously.. this must mean impending doom is coming. The likes of these three are not intended to collide without catastrophic consequences.

Well thats it then. We need to see a video-cast of you 3 playing video games. And of course one of them would be Halo: ODST...
I think this qualifies as the Nerd Singularity, drawing all other nerdiness towards its gravity well.
Greatest picture of the year, so far.
So awesome. Can't wait to hear more about the con. 
Wow, that goes down as one of the worst photos ever for you all as individuals, but as a group it is unmitigated awesomeness. :D
Nerd heaven I tell ya! This is me being jealous.... :)
Is Felicia NEKKID?

Overall rating
You, Nathan and Felicia are all living my dream! thankyou to you all!
She is wearing clothing, I'm thinking this was taken around the same time as this
As Wil is wearing his They Live shirt I think, and Felicia looks to be wearing the same top.
Why isn't Nathan Fillion on G+? He needs to be here. 
This is fabulous! And even though I do loves me some Felicia Day, she looks topless in this photo and it doesn't fit the nerdy awesome tone!
Unsurprisingly, this is ~ALMOST~ too much awesome in one place!
Ohhhhhhhhh +Felicia Day I know you're wearing clothes, but this photo makes it look like you're not.
That's YOUR kid? Jesus I'm getting old. 
Hate to break it to ya, Wil but that's a whole lotta naked back from +Felicia Day and no one is looking at you and Nathan...
That is the beginning of the nerdpocalypse...
Seeing this picture makes me realize that no matter how i try, my mustache may not connect to my beard for the rest of my life. I feel your pain.
This photo is 1200 shades of awesome.
Wow my dream is to meet nathan fillion! Three of u guys is beyond awesomeness!
That photo is awesome on so many levels.
Amazing photo! So much geek goodness in a neat little package.
This isn't just a Geekgasm ... this photo is the very definition of what Geek/Nerd Gasm means. It should be the default dictionary definition.
The interwebs are not designed to handle things that are this cool. Could be the reason why the lights in my house dimmed at 4:15. Coincidence? I think not.
a whole nation of geek women thank you for this story, sir.
This is the most epic photo of all time. Nerdgasm.
One room should not be able to contain that much awesome. :-)
This photo made me soil myself and my head asplode.
But has anyone given him a Google+ invite yet? XD
This picture has too much awesome in it that it might destroy the world.
I think in that picture you are living my dream :-P
My brain implodes from the coolness of this picture.
Now you guys should get Nathan Fillion to show up in the Guild
There's a lot of win in that there picture!
In some respects, posting things this awesome could be construed as a violation of Weaton's Law. But I don't blame you. Awesomeness!
Very awesome!! Looks like you guys were having a blast..
My Fav three people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Life does not get better then that lol
I realize it's the angle more than anything, but that's an amazing mexican bandit mustache you've got there, +Wil Wheaton
She is so adorable. Holy cow.
cough < choke > cough.....AWESOME!!!
My first reaction for this post is, "Good for you man, that's awesome for you.". And then I remember how jealous I am of you, and it dissolves into partial envy. ;)

Regardless - congrats. Sounds like an awesome time with some awesome peeps.
That is a lot of Geeky Awesome squeezed into one spot. :D
Will! Get Nathan Fillion on G+! :)
this has made my day, thank you!
Did you ask him why he isn't on Google Plus already?
It's Codex, Wesley, & Mal all at the same party. Or is it Vi, Gordie, & Captain Hammer. Or is it Mag, Fawkes, & Johnny Donnelly....If James Marsters was in this picture I would have imploded.
Best. Pic. Ever. Nothing more to say.
O.O...the circle is complete, CRY HAVOC AND LET FORTH THE AGE OF NERDOM
Nathan is crazy tan and Felicia looks naked. That is what that picture includes. 
Jason H
I need a bigger screen because that pic is just toooooo much epicness for a 17" laptop! awesome.!
amazing photo that contains three of my favorite celebs... and yet the thing that MAKES the photo RULE is Ryan's photobomb. Simply perfection.
I must say, you don't look old enough to have a son that old. Also, I'm insanely jealous of you meeting Nathan Fillion, I adore him.
The three of you getting together for a photo was probably bound to happen, +Wil Wheaton, but Ryan's photobomb if freaking insanely awesome. Good parenting, sir!
AAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! I'm like, so cuted out by this.
This is awesome in ways I can't even touch upon without sounding all sorts of corny.
Them some big damn heroes there
Sexyist people on the planet! If you threw NPH in there then the universe would collapse.
So I missed a party where FD was walking around naked!!!!! I need to shoot myself now.
And you are living my dream now. You are at the comicon and you met Nathan Fillion.
Oh how I envy you... to be in a picture with Nathan Fillion AND Felicia Day.... lucky bastard....
Ray A
Yep, that looks like a party.
The good captain is immune to red-eye, I see.
It's not gay if it's in a three-way! LOL :O
I wanna see the after party followed by the next day hangover.
There cant any picture that is more nerd ;)
+1'd so hard I shattered the trackpad.
Alice B
photo full of win!
Why, oh why Felicia is always so cute in EVERY photo..?
Not crazy...strategic! You guys make me smile. And that Miss Day...look at all that bare skin!!! Positively indecent. I bet she had bare ankles too, didn't she?
OH MY GOD I JUST GEEKED OUT!!! (yes caps were extremely necessary)
Okay, I SO wasn't going to say anything, but now that you mention it...
I now await Joss whedon's new series, you three vs ...


Doesn't Nathan Fillion rather look like Tony Hawk in this picture? jelly! <3 <3 <3
I would love to be photographed with any of y'all.
The world almost ended withe awesomeness contained within
So when are the three of you going to be in a film together?
I want to see the three of you in an episode of The Guild :)
Will +Wil Wheaton or +Felicia Day please have Nathan Fillion join G+ so that we geekers may follow him? Hmm? Must have all our favorites in one place!
Paragons of the culture. /salute
This picture is so happy, it makes me tear up a little! :)
Why isn't Nathan on Google+? Someone send that man an invite.
I'm surprised the universe didn't crack under the strain of such concentrated awesome.
this is a picture definition of my nerd out. also it is awesome.
FINALLY. This delights me.
Oh my goodness... just to be in that room when this happened would be amazing!
There is so much awesome in this picture, I cannot contain myself.
What's up with Nathan's hair! And Felicia looks naked
Jason H
It'd be a perfect episode if Captain Hammer went into hiding as Skipper Mallet next door to Codex's place and Wil Wheaton joined forces with her to solve the identity of this new mysterious person and bring him to justice. Of course it would be directed by Joss Whedon and definitely be a musical. I'm thinking 4 grammy's and 3 oscars!
your kid has bombing talent there Wheaton...
This is the greatest thing to come out of ComicCon.

Knights of Badassdom and Legend of Korra trailers are a close 2nd and 3rd.
No Ashley, I've seen other photos, she's just wearing a strapless dress.
Great photo, but even greater photobomb. It's so bacon.
I love that Felicia looks naked in this pic!
People who are asking if Felicia's nude... wtf kind of question is that? She obviously is wearing some kind of strapless dress, made entirely of saran wrap, no doubt.
Surely you can help get all 3 of you (plus families) to join the JoCo Crazy Cruise II?
Angie T
Why isn't Nathan on G+ yet...this needs to happen!
I may or may not have squee'ed during work. HR may need to be notified (and posibly a therapist) :(
Wil, both you and Felicia should use your infinite charm and power of persuasion to get Nathan on G+. So we could all stop using Twitter and live our lives happily ever after.
Can that much awesome be held in one image without the space-time continuum imploding??
There's a large part of me that resents people I like for hanging out with eachother but not me. Fie on thee, comiccon!!
Just saw this on Gawker. I should have checked here first! LOL
Shane E
Awesome, the photobombing only makes it better
Jared F
I only wish I could share from the mobile app. This picture is the epitome of awesome. 
So when are you getting Nate on G+ ????
God. This is so nerdy I could explode.
Nice! Are you going to the Chicago Comic Con too?
You know, that naked groupie throwing herself at you 2 looks kind of familiar....
This picture makes my geek heart so ridiculously happy.
This is adorbs. The photobomb is classic.
Thank you Hammer Man, thank you for Saving me?
This picture just made my girlfriend's week. Thanks!
There's too much sexy in that photo. *asplode*
ZOMG that looks like possibly the most fun anyone has ever had ever.
ummm... Felicia looks naked. Not complaining... I'm just sayin'.
There's a Nerd HQ..... there might be a place for me yet!
LOL. Love that show, even if your beautiful gal friend looks like she's nekkid. :-) Looks like you all had a great time!
I am fairly convinced that that is the most epic awesome photo ever. Just sayin'
good lord, too much awesome in one photo, i think my eyes are bleeding!
Good stuff. I always forget that Fillion was "The Hammer" in "Dr. Horrible" with Day. This makes me want to watch it again (and Neil Patrick Harris is win). I can't watch Firefly anymore because it just makes me angry all over again how it ended.
Why does Felicia Day look like she's not wearing a shirt...
^ Why is that a bad thing?
triple like no love this photo :) +++
its only fair will, how many pics has nathan bombed you in?
There is just way too much awesome in this photo. It's wonder it showed up at all. ;)
Why does Felicia Day appear to be naked. No, wait, don't answer that...
felicia's top melted off [note cheeky face] since they are of coarse still in eureka and stuff like that happens all the time. Nathan wanted the picture of felicia nurkeed and will was trying to block the view from his son, getting caught in the picture as well; sadly a little too late as you can see by his son's face. poor kid will never be the same.

this is at least how i think it happened... i could be completely wrong though ;P
Now we gotta get you three AND Zachary Levi in one photo
You have the perfect amount of fame and it makes me jealous.
Po Chan
+1 Felicia Day and +1 Wil Wheaton. Now where's Nathan Fillion? Someone needs to send him an invite.
why does felicia have her shirt off?
awesome! heart you two!
After watching Castle S4E1 and catching up on Eureka on hulu this photo is epic! Great to see all of yous guys.
I think my heart just exploded-- my teenage crush and my adult crush in the same photo.
How did I NOT see this until now!!!?? WHAT HAPPENED! This is incredible!
This is too much awesomeness in one picture!!
+Ray A I was doing a Google search on something unrelated and I see a familiar picture. 
Do you remember plussing this back in 2011 : )
Ray A
+Andrea H   Sort of... the picture isn't showing up anymore though.
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