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When your sick wife asks you to sing Soft Kitty to her, YOU SAY YES!
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Or Husband or whatever - You always do it !
Now with more feeling! LOL! Your wife is evil.
Damn it. That was cute as hell. You have now doomed husbands for eternity.
Shoulda done a death metal version of it. With wildly dangerous air guitar.
that's adorable. hope she's better soon.
you are obviously a Wonderful Husband! You sang it with Feeling!
"Nooooooo! Soft Kitty!"
HAHAHA this is awesome. By far my favorite episodes are when you and Sheldon throw down. Now you are singing his sick song. Love it!
Ah Wesley, you grown alot :)
i like all the progress you made, and you even do COOL posts like the normal geek is supposed to do so <3
The hack at the end... truly makes this clip purrrfect.
I absolutely LOST it at "How about if I sing you Rush?"
Wow, when my wife is sick, she asks me to leave the house. Typically, she asks me to take our girls with me. Of course, she has heard me sing before, so that may be why she doesn't ask me to do that.
Yes, yes you do. But letting her record it? Not so sure.

Anyway, well done!
Wil Wheaton you are for sure the best husband ever!
Awwwww c'mon....just pretend she is Sheldon!!!! LOL!!!
Aww! The sweetness! Hope she feels better soon! :)
Almost makes me wish I were sick, just so I could ask my hubby to sing to me. Almost.
You should sing Rush... any Rush song will do.
That's probably the sweetest thing I've ever seen. ^_^
I can't sing, so i offered the soft kitty plush to my girlfriend, i'm a cheater and i admire your bravery :p
I love this LOL. You are the greatest.
Either that, or you're uploading it to dissipate the blackmail material usage for later. :-)

Hope she's feeling better.
You know the Next Time you're on BBT they're going to make you do it
Wil is The Sopmeister. Nice work, dude.
Dude, I think you got pwnd, but you're a better husband for it!
Don't tell that Sheldon Cooper LOL
Awww, I also have bronchitis/sinusitis right now, and I think Mrs. Cooper's Sick Song is just what the doctor ordered.
My wife was stressing out and I played this for her and it instantly calmed her down. Beautifully timed. Thanks.
That is so sweet!
I hope your wife gets better soon. Hopefully the song helped ;)
That was sweet. Thanks for sharing. But, I want to hear Rush!
let me guess... she wants to use it for when you are not there. Yeah... I always tell my wife the camera is broken, and it won't back up.
Awww... every moment of that video is adorably sweet. I hope Anne's feeling better!
No greater love hath any man, than he lay down a sweet tune for his wife.
awww that is like the sweetest thing ever!! =P
n hope ur wife gets well soon!!
So very sweet! Hope Anne gets better soon. :)
Can't here ya, even with the volume all the way up in flash and speakers :(
Kudos to you... 1 for singing that to your wife.. And 2... For posting it on YouTube . Me... Being single... Might have given my "wife" 3 shots of Ny-Quil and smothered her with the pillow.... Lol
That's awfully sweet. You so totally rock!
You know, for a guy to do that for his wife while he knows she is filming him means something. You are a good man Mr. Wheaton.
I wish Penny would sing Soft Kitty to me.... 
Aww! So sweet! My husband wouldn't know what I was talking about if I asked him to sing that for me... o_O
Yes! Now my fiancé is going to sing soft kitty the next time I fall ill
Now the writers need to work that into an episode of BBT. That would be awesome.
+1 Internets for being such a nice husband.
When your sick wife asks you to sing Soft Kitty to her do anything, YOU SAY YES!
LOL that's why we love you, ya big dag =]
Yes, exactly. Please won't you tell my husband.
You two are delightful. Thank you for this - especially Wil's face at the end.
Suze P
aww...that was so sweet.. I love Soft Kitty.. LOL
Did she call you Buzz at the end of the video?
OMG - I'm smiling so big right now! This needs to go viral!
I'm sure Sheldon will never want to have this sung to him again from now on. :P
"Once more, with feeling"

Get well soon Anne; and when you do, sing the song in canon with Wil :P
At first I was like :LMAO: and then I was like :awwwww:
Awwww. I feel better already and I wasn't even sick. Except for maybe those soul ouchies I get from listening to The Splendid Table.
You should have called Sheldon over... offer him some plastic toy... purr purr purr! Hope she feels better soon!
@Capricia- What a fine icon you have there.
Allow me to correct that, Wil, it should read, "When your wife asks you anything, you say yes!" ;)
Cool, You have to make your wife happy.
That was very sweet of you :) You obviously love your wife dearly ^.^
Haven't listened, but, YES, that is the correct response.
dude will you sing me Rush? seriously some 2112 or Fly By Night.
Now we must hear La Villa Strangiato.
good show good show. However it is time to do something overly manly and likely stupid to balance yourself.
Happy wife = Happy life. So sing if you have to. ;-)
Oh Wil Wheaton, if I didn't already have a nerd-crush on you, this would have done it.
That's so sweet and cute!!!! XD You are a good husband!
I would have preferred a version of Smelly Cat....
That is funny. I can't believe you sang that.
love it..You a good man..
Should've gone with Rush. Then she would know the true healing power of ROCK
Just shared with my wife. The next time she's sick, she might ask me to sing her Soft Kitty now. Hope your wife is feeling better!
You both have to stop being so adorable. You're killing me here!
OK... That made me laugh, although my wife watched it and she of course asked why I never do stuff like that. My response? Because I'm not +Wil Wheaton ... LOL
My two year old just watched me watch this and says, "again, again!"
Bwahahahaha!!! Good one Wil! You're such a good husband. :)
You're an incorrigible left-wing nut, but damn, that was classy :)
Sheldon has no reason to hate you...
awwww, what a lucky lady your wife is! BTW -- you made my 12 year old son's day with this post!
D'aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw!! :3 I'd never heard that song before.
I had that too....damn

i wish her well and Sheldon ;P wouldn't like you singing soft kitty. JK Sheldon likes you now :D
Here's hoping she feels better soon.
The two of you are adorable. I hope she feels better soon!
Nice, but the end is 'purr PURR purr'.
"How about if I sing you Rush?" EXCELLENT!
Nice! I would have sung Lady by Styx, but that's just me.
yup she needs to get better! i had bronchitis a week ago, apparently its going around
p.s. feel better Anne! I'd make you my famous home made chicken soup, but I fear Pennsylvania is a bit far. :-P
You're such a good husband! Hope Anne feels better soon!
poor sick Anne, at least she got soft kitty
Awesome Wil can you come sing it when I am sick?
And you get bonus points for taking direction well from said sick wife. So demanding of the performance when they don't feel well.
Just make her sing it to you if she give you bronchitis and the such.
Nice work Wheaton, but if my wife sees this she will likely demand the same treatment, and singing voice is not as fine as yours.
As I watched this, I had a soft, warm, purring kitty on my lap. Life imitates blog! Well wishes to your wife!
my wife would have me committed if I sang that! lol
"How about if I sing you Rush?"

Mr Wheaton, you just won even more respect from me.
Question! How does Sheldon Cooper feel about that? (Sheldon Cooper's catchphrase here).
And this makes you a wonderful husband <3 Your wife has to be proud and thankful of you.
'How 'bout if I sing you Rush?' CLASSIC!!

Love it! +1 just for that part alone, wish I could '+' more...
Now that's a good husband! :)
Don L
As a husband, I commend you. That is clearly above and beyond what the standard vows mentioned. :-)
Poor Anne! I hope she gets to feeling better soon!
Good advice. Always do matter what the song is.
Dude, sing Rush "Tom Sawyer" it will make me fell better....
That was so sweet. It's so difficult for people at times (Regardless of gender) to do things for other people even when they are sick. :)
When your wife asks you to buy jewellery, expensive house, car, etc for her while she buys you nothing, YOU SAY YES!
When your wife asks you to procreate with her so u will never have time alone with her again (which was the reason you got together with her in the first place), YOU SAY YES!
When your wife asks you to never have friends again, YOU SAY YES!
Just keep saying YES!...

Then you wake up at 50 and think
"wtf happened?? I have no friends, no money, lost my entire youth - all because I kept saying yes to that spoilt bitch who would never have asked for all those things if she actually cared about me"

Game Life over
that is sooo funny need to sing rihanna rockstar 101
Don't know anyone who would feel sick after that!
I want to be BFFs with Anne.
lol, soft kitty. are you doing anymore BBT appearances, wil??
I have to sing it to my kids every night.
You're a good husband! And soft kitty XD <3
You sir, have made nerds everywhere proud.
Aww and LOL all at once.
+David Bunning is so right.
First Nathan Fillion and now Soft Kitty? You are a good husband LOL
OMG. More adorable than the word adorable can suggest!

Wil, get Anne some mullein leaf tea if you can. Alvita makes a good one. It's wonderful for clearing the lungs and sinuses, and it's helped me get over pneumonia, bronchitis and sinus infections.
Fly by night, away from here
Change my life again
Fly by night, goodbye my dear
My ship isn't coming and I just can't pretend

Moon rise, thoughtful eyes
Staring back at me from the window beside
No fright or hindsight
Leaving behind that empty feeling inside
Seriously Wil, I would have liked to hear Rush. ;-)

Cracked me up like crazy. My wife would have the exact same reaction.
I Love this so hard! :-) You are such a stud!
BEST, THiNG, EVA! You two are soooo sweet.
No one else commented that that was perhaps a little too private to post? Also, the cough made me cringe. Also also, I think +Eli Pollak earned the NUKE button! (i've been wanting to try the NUKE button, but none of my trolly posters have been nuke-worthy... yet!)
OH, man. It was +1000 before I hit the "+1" button . . . now I want to un-+1 it so it stays there!
awws. I wish my hubby would do that when i'm sick... he just brings me chocolate.
I sing to my girl all the time she loves it but if I don't she gets pissed lol but I hardy ever say no cuz I love her so much
The joys of being single !
You big mush-ball! What a softie you are... ;-)
AWKWARD! That sounded like a conversation Sheldon Cooper has with his mother on The Big Bang Theory! remember?
Lol, you should have made a duet with Sheldon Cooper! That would be EPIC..
That was awesome! Such a wonderful husband to do that for his wife.
Oh my god, Wil. That was the cutest thing in the world. You have the luckiest wife ever! :-) You rock, man. Seriously.
How sweeeeet of you! Best medicine in the house.
Awwww - that is so wonderfully sweet! (AND - with feeling!)
You're a good man Wil Wheaton, a good man. 
That was adorable.

Also, that's a really nasty cough.
How sweet is that? I've never heard Soft Kitty before.
Aw geez, with all this sappiness I thought I was in a Forrest!! sing? maybe, camera? NO!
LOL! That is fantastic! noms you for Hubby of the Year Award Hope your wife feels better soon!
mmmm, let me try that with my bana. can just imagine. thanks, wil wheaton, idol!!!
Love you, Wil Wheaton no doubt. But Gee-Dee you're a Nerd.
+Wil Wheaton Not sure if this beats your Peter Boyle impression of the Ritz, but it's close.
your a nice guy.. i would have thought about it longer props to you good sir.
Can't believe you've never had a recording contract! ;-)
I'd give you a buzz when I have bronchitis and sinusitis. LOL!
So loving!
But what does Sheldon has to say to this? O_o
That's so sweet, in a slightly creepy, nerdy way.
No! You didn't sing it right! Start again!

And Curse You Wil Wheaton!
wht ever husband says wife should listen carefully &keep in mind
I heart you and the ability you have to laugh at you. Thanks for sharing!
Just asked my hubs to sing Soft Kitty to me, cos I am sick...he wont do it. :(
Is she all better now? Soft Kitty fixes everything!
Awe man I feel so sorry for you ... hahaa and hope the wife gets better....soon !!! lol ...
also left you a message on my page.. just for you ! lol
Good sir, if there were any doubts of your epicocity before they have been crushed by soft kitty. I only wish my guy would sing soft kitty to me when I'm sick...*le sigh.
Shame on you, Wil… For not teaching your wife to turn her phone sideways before shooting video. ;~)
Ed Monk
Sing it Rush?! haha
Nice job Mr. Wheaton.
Funny Wil! Soft Kitty will make her feel better! Purr, purr, purr.
Jim Ade
Wow. And I thought I was an indulgent husband. :) You, sir, rock.
Out of pure "Man-Code" respect, I couldn't watch all the way through. BUT, I get it...if she's happy, you're happy.
You should've ended the video with a quick Rush lyric.
with feeling! dedication to a good cause :-) Especially enjoyable since I happened to have just rewatched the episode of Leverage that introduces Chaos. The idea of that character singing Soft Kitty makes me smile.
That was awesome of you. I think if I asked this of my husband he would rush me to the men with white coats.
My wife sings it to me to help me go to sleep. Sometimes she asks me to sing it for her, I always do.

What rush song would you have sung?
youre a good husband ,mr wheaton.
So, yes, if your wife asks you do. The real question is should you then post that on Google+. LOL
It takes a real man to wear pink. And sing Soft Kitty.
That was wrong in so many ways...and seriously cool at the same time.
Didn't you see da camera?
yep, it's official: Anne has become a bigger geek than you. :P
Next to my husband, of course, you are the best husband ever, Wil Wheaton!
I don't know if this makes you the best husband ever for doing that, or Anne the best wife ever for asking that, but either way good job!
Its nice that russian version is better than original, my boyfriend like to hear this song when he is ill....
I sing soft kitty to my daughter when she's teething.
Wil, my cats really like Soft Kitty and would like you to sing to them some more. They were tearing up the place and then the song started and they settled down by the computer and got snuggly.
G Menon
Wow, they're showing the Bowling Episode on TBBT with Sheldon lines like "Tweet that tweetie bird." Never seen that before.

Hope she gets well soon Wil.
Wait, did she call you "Buzz" at the end? 'Cause that would be AWESOME.
I think she said "Thanks Puss"... Still cute
unexpected comment (unless one of the 380 before me does that already): I kinda like your wife's voice. ;-)
I'm sick on my Birthday and it got sung to me. Also liking Adam from Mythbusters!
My favorite Rush song is "Limelight". I'm just sayin' is all...
Okay, I don't bother +1 much at all, but that was just too cute.
Aww... With that quality of care, you'll be better in no time, Anne! ^_^
I hope she feels better soon x
Awesome man. Very sweet thing to do. Iheartsheldon.
Such a sad cough! I hope she feels tons better soon!
I'm home today with a sick little fan of Big Bang Theory, Ben 10, and TNG, so this made his day.
my poor husband sings whistling dixie every time he has to change my bandages. lol
Ok Wil just shared this with my wife and though she is not sick I had to sing soft kitty....

I don't blame you I've wanted to be asked to do that for a while...

Oh and just because I think your pretty cool I'm sorry for bring one of those people who wanted them to "kill the boy" on TNG. You have brought me more laughs and memories over the last several years then most actors with the exception of Stephen Tobolowsky....

I will have to buy copies of your books..,

Tale care man

Hope your wife feels better....
Aw epicness right there. I actually was more touched- which you know, isnt easy after that beautiful rendition, by the look on your face when u wished her to get better soon. Genuine love there. Bless ya you soppy sod ;-)
Hey Wil, I've been home the last 2 days sick myself(Ironically enough with sinus issues)... You want to come over and sing 'Soft Kitty'? I'm sure my wife and work would appreciate it if you get me healthy sooner... :-)
lol "i love you" "nawww thanks darl- barkbarkabaknbbab5kbrb"
Would love to see Sheldon rage about this on the next episode of Big Bang Theory.
Poor thing... that cough sounds awful. I hope she feels better soon.
(Soft Kitty FTW!)
I'm not your wife, so will you sing Rush for me? ;)
That was absolutely adorable and too sweet! You're a great husband, Wil!
And like me, she held the iPhone the wrong way for video... Perfect.
OMG, this makes me so happy inside :D
Awesome! But next time I play it, I'll turn down the volume before her cough at the end...ouch!
Okay I've been sick all week and this even made me feel better! You two are that spoon full of sugar Mary Poppins sang about!
Thanks Will & Anne for letting us see how sweet you are. Happy Valentines!
Crys S
Thanks! I've been sick for almost two weeks. A smile and a laugh, and I'm on my way to getting better!
And the winner of the "best hubby ever" Award is .... Wil Wheaton! Very cute!
We all do some crazy things to please our mates... welcome to the club!
Sheldon's going to flip out if he see's this! WHEEAATTTOOON!
ho where are you sheldon, you just got to see this,,lol
don't let Jim Parsons see this or the Wheaton-Sheldon war will begin anew, or the writers of BBT might have you sing it in an episode.
I hope Anne gets better soon. Its so nice to see a husband care for his wife enough to do anything for her. so sweet Wil
clearly this is one of the many perks of being married to Wil Wheaton.
My three year old asked our babysitter to sing him a lullaby and that was her song of choice. It's now one of his favourites :D
I'll have to try that next time I'm ill; just don't ask my husband to ask me to sing; our cats will look at me and wonder if I'm in heat.
as embarrassing as it is... that you do, that you certainly do...
My wife recently was down with a cold/flu and asked me to sing "Soft Kitty" as well. But she suddenly becomes age 2 whenever she gets sick...
That is just too funny, I do the same thing! LMAO!
Wheeeeaaaaaaaaaaatoooooon!!!! Sorry I gues i´m not the first to do this. But maybe the first german... yes no?
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