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These are two typical Chris Brown supporters on Twitter: barely-literate, vulgar, blaming the victim, and blinded by celebrity. This makes me so sad.

He beat Rihanna so severely, he put her in the hospital, and there are people in the world who are totally okay with that because he’s a famous musician who can dance. Well, I am not one of those people. Violence against women is never, ever, ever okay. It is unforgivable, and it should be unforgettable. Chris Brown should be shunned for the rest of his life, as should all batterers.
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Ken Wills
Amen, Mr. Wheaton.
I think shunning is going a bit too easy.
Agreed. What pisses me off the most are those that say shit like, "He made a mistake." Yeah, bullshit. A ‘mistake’ is when you get 2% milk instead of whole milk during a shopping trip. Getting mad at your woman and beating the shit out of her isn’t a ‘mistake.’ It’s a sign that you’re a fucking lunatic.
I agree with you completely.
Wow, are they really that ignorant? "I don't want to live on this planet anymore." You are 100% correct, by the way. Violence against women is intolerable!
there are two types of people on google plus. vulger illiterate. and real people. the vulger illiterates are all working in hollywood
All of us are lucky Chris brown didn't beat us. Dude is nuts.
Cryo G.
Thank you for saying this. I've been frankly appalled at the way some celebrities/media seem to be pretending this is a typical comeback story, when Chris Brown's actions put another human being in the hospital.
Beth C
I still canNOT believe that he was a performer at the Grammy's. What the hell? I do believe in second chances, but I don't think he has done anything to show remorse for the attack. What a loser!
Thank you, Wil. I offer you internet hugs.
Maybe you should have censored her face, as well, because I'd imagine it'd be trivial to do an image search on that and get back at least a few hits via Google Images, TinEye, etc.
Completely agree with you. It should have ended his career, much like lipsyncing and Milli Vanilli ;) On a separate topic, look forward to seeing you here in Calgary in a couple months
I totally agree, just because the President shot someone, does it make it any different? (for example, for any people who actually think the President shot someone)
Well in 25 years when Rihanna takes her gravy boat into the tub and passes, maybe her family will tell him he's not invited to the wedding like Whitney's family did with Bobby Brown today.
You are 110% in the right. And I cannot even begin to imagine what your support means to the unvoiced survivors that read you, or read you via forwards. It is about survival, it is not about "the music" (which isn't any damn good anyway...).
+Taylor Wood: Wrong. He's lucky. I wish he would try that shit with me. Hell, I'd even let him get in the first punch.
I don't know why he's in the news - and I don't really care unless he died in which case, Yay. Couldn't happen to a more deserving waste of skin and I hope he suffered. Just wanted to say you just went up a ton of notches in my book. :)
Some ignorant mofos in the world, want proof? Santorum has won 4 primaries.
If it was the neighbor down the street it WOULD be unforgivable. But celebrity is a powerful drug. It's a sad state of affairs. Thank you, Wil, for coming out so strongly against it.
Well, not to defend the scuzzbucket or anything, but saying that being a shitty human being makes him a shitty musician is disturbingly similar to saying that Monica Lewinsky was evidence that Clinton was a bad president. I mean, Chris Brown is a shitty person and a shitty musician, but he does poorly enough at both (being a human and being a musician) that I don't think it's really necessary to conflate the two.
Yeah, it's all about the music until that girl on the iPhone gets beat up, and then it'll be different. I'm not wishing that on her, but the ignorance is painful.
Chris E
I couldn't agree more. The guy's a disgrace. It shows how cowed society is (well certain aspects of it anyway) that such jerksticks are idolised, even after such heinous acts. Wake the frack up people!
Wow. and they make the essence of credible arguments in those tweets. It's all about the music. Right... The famous get out of jail free cards way to often (literally and figuratively). Or when they do time, they come out the hero, even on a reduced sentence. They are just people. They do the crime, they do the time. Period.
So very true. It is not ok, and he should not have even been up for consideration under the circumstances.
Ack, clarification: I meant that the music was not any good either - not that such was related to being a domestic abuser. Sorry for the confusion.
You should have simply replied "Don't be a dick." Best philosophy ever.
u guys are down-playing the reality of the situation...she may have pressed him to the limit or pushed him beyond regular standards....ur judging him based on wat? minimum facts? if a woman hit me, ill hit her back, if a man hits me, ill hit him back, the way i was raised....i can careless for either but ur obviously biased in her favor.....

oh by the way he beat her soooo bad that she is hookin back up with him, surely theres more to the story
As it's been said before, "you can't fix stupid".

I agree with your post, Wil. Never was a fan of Chris Brown's.
As a former child of a abused mother, I applaud you, thank you for having a spine.
+Wil Wheaton - shunned? You mean shunned with a baseball bat, or shunned with a shotgun? Shunning is for when someone speaks ill of the elders, or wears their hat in the sanctuary. This asshole needs to be kneecapped!
Forgiveness is an important part of our society. Everyone should be forgiven, but everyone takes their own time to forgive. That doesn't mean he should get off with a few months of probation and a restraining order, but after he's proven he's paid for his horrible actions, rehabilitated and is working to deal with the root causes of why he beat the crap out of that girl, shunning him will not only harm him but ourselves.
That being said I don't think he should be pursuing a public life after such a public crime.
My favorite is when he declared himself a changed man....and proceeds to throw a chair through a window at Good Morning America.
+Beth Cassar: That's not true. He threw a chair through a window, ripped his shirt off, and stormed out of an office building. Where he comes from, that's pretty much begging for forgiveness!
I wonder how this issue re-emerged. Is it Chris Brown's birthday or anniversary of some sort lately? Or did someone gave him a present of beatings on a very special occasion of him beating the shit out of Rihanna? Because that would be funny.
Men like him will never learn - denial is not a river in Egypt.
Agreed, however I think violence against anyone is also unacceptable.
Jeff G
The music should never be more important than people. Sad people don't realize that.
Very true. But how about violence against people is never ever ever okay.
I still want to know what happened between the house and the stoplight. You don't get into a car with someone you know is going to beat you. What was the catalyst? I MUST KNOW.
Adam A
Bottom line? If you're famous and someone likes you, you can do no wrong. #killyouridols
Speaking only of things I know to be true, I have been at least three or four different people in my life.
People do change. I know this to be true.
Beth C
Oh my gosh, +Andy Linde, I can't believe I forgot about that!
I wish I could understand what they were thinking, but apparently they weren't speaking English, so all I read was "everything I say is as smart as licking yellow snow and jumping out in the road to stop a bus"
I don't care how talented you are, hurting a person; especially someone you are supposed to love and is weaker than you, should get you kicked out of the human race immediately. No payoffs, no appeals!
Well, now I'm a bit perplexed. When I first heard about these tweets, I figured it was a promo campaign with bots. I wrote about it on my tumblr as a ploy to restore his career. Having tweetbots spam things like this and then afterwards make a trend, giving Chris Brown another apology tour and eventually restore his credibility. Now I'm not so sure. Meanwhile, I don't even listen to his music, nor would I buy it, so I really don't care. If there's Maury, Springer and the like then there's people who want to support Chris Brown.
Don L
Did you see the people who actively said they would have let him beat them?!!? There seriously needs to be a tax on that kind of insanity that goes directly towards victims.
And shame on the Grammys for even allowing him perform on their stage. Ever.
What's truly sad is there are women out there that have said they would gladly let him beat them like that. Some people just don't get it and never will.
jorn k
I start drooling with stupidity just reading those
I don't know. I don't care about him or his music in one way or another. I am perfectly okay with people thinking his sentence should have been more severe. I will come down on your side on that one. Guy should still be in prison for attempted murder. But he served the sentence he was given and is now (theoretically) allowed to re-enter society.

Doesn't mean everyone should forgive and forget of course. I sure as hell don't. At the same time the guy is allowed to continue to work. By making millions on record deals or flipping burgers.
Wil, I love you, I do, but you should have said "Violence against ANYONE is never, ever, ever okay." We need to treat each other with respect no matter who or what we are.
Amen. And from the bottom of my heart, on behalf of my daughter who was the victim of domestic violence, THANK YOU.
I agree wil, there were even women on twitter saying that he could beat them any day, what is wrong with people, anyone not famous that did what he did would still be getting ass raped in jail.
I don't know whether it's more pathetic, or appalling that people feel that celebrity is a "blank check" for a lack or morals or decency.
And, to use the vernacular, You're not hating, you're educating. XD
+Wil Wheaton you should follow +Randy McCall who is a Victimology and victims' right advocate and researcher.

It's best to point hatred at people who do good work in those areas, and make sure they get the spotlight they deserve.
Chris Brown got off with probation and community service. So, people believe that society is not interested in protecting victims of crimes. After all, if the judge were really serious about punishing him, he'd have gotten a 5 year mandatory with lifetime probation .
So awful. I read a long list of tweets from women who inexplicably voiced a desire to be beaten by that animal. And Brown himself seems to be under the mistaken impression that what he did was some sort of PR blunder that just needs to be overcome...
Yes People can change and most do with Age and time, The only thing I have to question is ,,Will after the forgiveness is given and time goes on do the ones that offend ever remember the ugly behavior really is always remembered?
Also this - " Men like him will never learn - denial is not a river in Egypt." could be the single most trite memebot comment I have ever read on G+. Wow.
I don't want to live on this planet anymore...
Seriously though, that kind of violence shouldn't be done to ANYONE, let alone a woman. It's the same as the Vick nonsense. Oh he killed some dogs, set them on fire, beat them, etc...It's ok, he can play sports ball real good! Talent never overrides someone's base dickishness. He should still be in jail and shunned.
So what of rehabilitation, anger management and when a person makes amends and does thier time are they still to be shunned? How does shunning a person help them not make that mistake again? and how do you parse such statement when Mike Tyson who was convicted of raping his wife doesn't get shunned?
there is no explanation for the cruelty, stupidity and ignorance of some people. I gave up long ago trying to understand. I came to a point where I was so utterly saddened at the lack of human decency I see in some people that I chose to focus my mind and energies elsewhere. To places where I find people like some of the posters here above me. People who love, think, and want to grow. You know, g33ky folk like myself ^.^
+J O'Sullivan Who says he's rehabilitated. Every word from his blames Rhiannah for her beating.
I am so fucking floored by this. Fucking really? REALLY? Holy hell.
@Michael Fay if you re read the first post, you can note that +Wil Wheaton stated "all batterers".
My Point is...... There is never a Real Reason to lift a hand to anyone if you would just sit back and think about it.. Anger is MOMENTARY and given a chance will subside. Like I said given a chance...
+James Olchak Actually he posted a tweet earlier (that he deleted soon after) that read something like, "Haterz, I got a grammy now...the ultimate FUCK OFF!"
Joshua Schisser I can sort of understand what you're saying... that in an ideal world... yes, Violence against anyone is never ever ever okay... but we don't live in an ideal world. Some people are so vile that they deserve to be beaten to drive them away from society. Chris Brown is one such person. His apologists...well THEY deserve to be shunned.
I agree with you Wil, he is a piece of shit who should be beaten as badly as he beat her. He should not have been allowed to be at the Grammys, let alone perform. People have just ignored what he did and that is just sick.
You give his musical and dance skill far too much credit!
Steven Avery: My point may have been missed. Violence against anyone is bad. A gay man that beats his male lover is JUST as bad as a man who beats his wife, or a woman that beats her husband for that matter. That is all I am saying.
Hear hear. Thank you, Wil, for being a voice of reason.
C Oh
I couldn't agree more with
+Wil Wheaton but, although it is rarely talked about, there are also men beaten by their women partners; they shouldn't be mocked, they are in the same position as any woman beaten by her partner. Violence towards anyone, male or female, straight or gay, is never excusable
This is an amazing post. If only more men were as enlightened as you.
I'm sure someone covered this earlier, but Violence is never ever okay.

What was done to Rihanna is terrible. Not because she is a woman, but because it was terrible.
I never said anything about forgetting +Don Sasso but if a person is forgiven and makes amends, should they still be shunned? By the way I am a feminist and have volunteered in women's refuges but I still can't agree with +Wil Wheaton statement re 'all batterers'. And yes there is a total fail with the lack of using the opportunity of Chris Brown performance to talk about how parter abuse is never acceptable and how there are help and supports for both the victims and the perpetrator to change their lives for the better.
+J O'Sullivan Also, both remorse and contrition are necessary for most people to be willing to offer forgiveness. Chris Brown has never displayed either. He's relying on his fame to free him from the responsibilty for his actions.
Violence against women is just as bad as violence against men. Equality and stuff.
Violence against anyone is never ever acceptable. and just cause some one is rich and famous is not a reason to say its ok. would you be okay with it if he beat your sister or mother? if the answer is no then the answer always has to be no.
Steven .. No we may not live in an Ideal world however WE as People can make it NOT ok to live with the Violence that is prevalent against whomever is in the (picture) no matter if it is a Partner or a Neighbor...
<sigh> If only more women had as much respect for themselves as gentlemen like yourself have for them.
wife .girlfriend, husband, small animals... Its just plain UGLY
Yes what he did was unacceptable, but just cos he's a lowlife that doesn't mean other people who failed and have abused a partner are also lowlifes who don't get their act together and never re-offend.
I would be careful to judge about something that’s being an issue between two individuals that, in particular when they are being famous as to have to compete in show biz, both aren’t easy to handle as to come out with. Beating a woman isn’t something that speaks for Chris Brown, even though, in my opinion, he seems to be the real talent (uncompressed/non-digital modified singing as dancing, performing as such), she only (due to her voice as somehow, even though she's trying to be crazy, not authentic touch) rather being a for certain group being interesting entertainer. By all the shit that seemed to happen, where would you quit to think about that the one you being confronting with is being a female? As when as she’s wearing a certain uniform, being hostile, beating some also being your kids or taking the key out of an car that’s being going several miles within some certain crowded street on purpose, just because she’s having some specific attitude about some fun loving club situation, the lock could have snapped, some pedestrian could have got killed, just because of some me, me, me, me, me, me… …oh, you not,… …me… bad thing, physically as psychological, may happen when you confront two demanding individuals.
normally, I would say "I don't want to live on this planet anymore"
but the truth is, what I'd really be saying is "I don't want YOU to live on this planet anymore"
not saying we should kill the man, but just saying, this is part of the reason the world's the nasty place it is
Wasn't a fan before it happened, will never give him a second thought now that it has. Well, except to remind people that he beat the hell out of Rihanna, and I agree it is unforgivable.
The ignorant and the disgusting comments in response to your tweet is just so gross.
I never comment, but I appreciate how vocal you've been about this. More men need to stand up and speak out against domestic violence.
Violence against women is, truly, unacceptable.
Yes, I agree with you Wil; well said!
You've apparently touched a nerve among those blinded by fame.
I tried Google-Translate on those replies and Google brought up pictures of a dictionary, a school, and missing parental figures.
karin k
Just shunned??? Need to make a better statement and pull a Lorena Bobbitt!! Only needs to be done a couple of times and people will figure it out...or there will be fewer people on the planet....
Woman are perpetrators of domestic violence at roughly the same clip as men(50/50), some sources say higher.
This may be simplistic but anytime someone abuses women, children and/or animals the bastard should be castrated.
Ben and E1 for that matter we are all People. and have differing opinions thats what is wonderful about a sound out!!
Notes from the Culturally Irrelevant: Yesterday I realized I didn't know who Whitney Houston was (not Mariah Carey, it turns out) and now I have to confess neither Rihanna nor Chris Brown are familiar, except maybe as a vague memory of a Stevie Nicks tune.
+WilWheaton I thank you for saying this, from the bottom of my heart, and for standing up and speaking your mind clearly on many issues. I have only recently found you here, and I will be paying attention. You and others are beginning to bridge the "us" and "them" gap quite fruitfully thus far.* thank you*.
I believe anyone who defends him because they enjoy his music is an idiot. It's like saying '...but, I sure did enjoy Hitler's dancing'.
We as a Whole may even as we blog may be helping in some small way.
Benjamine you may be right.....i too think so...
What about the new PETA add? Maybe they should have used Chris Brown in it...
Wow....there's a whole lot of MISSING THE DAMN POINT going on in the comments.
Ali H
+John Lieske I'm about 99% sure if you asked either one to spell the word "illiterate" they would fail. Miserably. The use of this sort of vernacular leads inevitably to a complete inability to spell even common words - I work with people in this situation every day. Many cannot even spell their own name, but "ur" makes more sense to them that "you are". Sad but true.
True. I'm not a fan of rap (explicit lyrics and lack of actual music don't help), and especially when people do stupid stuff like that. Violence against anyone is wrong-unless it's in true self-defense. Secondly, I haven't heard an actual apology. Yes-he should be shunned until he at least shows a lot of remorse.
Notice how both these individuals are no intelligent enough to use proper English or grammar? I laughed rather hard on their comments, especially the one from the girl. Also, +Wil Wheaton , your stance on the abuse of women...I give you massive props for that. I agree with you 110% on that.
the point isnt spelling John. it is awareness
Here, here Wil. The world needs to wise up sometimes and make at least an attempt to reestablish some ethical bar we should live up to.
Through a couple of years working in social listening, you see some real nonsense and really start to feel bad the kids they are / will be raising. Some of the stuff they post on the public web is just baffling.
Okay, this just makes me love you a little more! You sir, are awesome.
I know that a lot of the internet-facebook and other social media sites included-are informal language-but honestly. Those two comments don't bare much semblance to "English" -the American dialect at least.
I thought America was all about second chances? :shrugs:
Because it hasn't been said in the flood of posts so far: violence against ANY peaceful person is deplorable.
The piont Will is making is AWARENESS Right??
Laughing at my own spelling
+Ali H This might not be the place for it...but so what? English isn't an immutable language.
Look, I don't care about Chris Brown one way or another, and what he did to Rhianna is just terrible, but I don't think the answer is shunning him forever. He served five years probation a year DV counseling, and now you're saying he no longer has the right to work for a living?
There will always be ignorant sheep that bleat absolute nonsense because they just don't know any better. One can only hope that this demographic never becomes the majority...
Don't you mean unforgettable but should be unforgivable.
Kab Yaj
We, as human, will be judged twice in our lifetime. First, by our peers, and second, by God. He has been judged by the people and he served his time and paid his dues. Leave the final judging to God.

Those who cast stones, are you telling the world that you haven't wronged anyone in anyway?
I think violence against women is horrible but withoit all the facts i find it equally deplorable is judging someone without all the facts.
There's a classic line in Airplane that is so fitting right now.
I agree there is so much negative stuff in the world today. I just saw a documentary called MissRepresentation. It's really important to realize how bad it can be for woman in today's world.
I'm not big on violence against men, puppies, or other animals either... Just sayin'.
Well said! I think more people need to step up and say that beating anyone (male or female) is completely wrong. It's not a masculine thing or about being a man --- beating up another person is about being a coward who is afraid to use their brains in an argument instead of their fists.
I never did forgive Chris Brown for what he did to Rihanna
I had this discussion with some friends. They were all women and they blamed Rhianna. The sad thing is one of the ladies was physically assaulted.
C Oh
+Kab Yaj are you suggesting that if anyone has ever wronged anyone in any way they may not then speak out about the extreme wrongs of another?
Agreed +Justin Randall, but violence perpetrated by men against women or children is particularly heinous. A batterer represents the pinnacle of cowardice and dishonor, because, generally speaking, men are physically larger and stronger than women. It is the task of an honorable man to use his strength (physical, mental and emotional) protect and provide for those he loves, not harm them.
agree, william hall, just what I been trying to say... as with , S. Anderson and O. Alicea
Just violence against women, +Wil Wheaton ? Shouldn't you just say violence in general?
As a survivor of domestic abuse I refuse to support any thing that uses him as a sponsor! Abusers always blame the victim & the world needs to see this...
We as Humans can only Live by what We have learned and will learn in the FUTURE..
Isn't Chris Brown who apologized about the assault on Rhianna, then a few months later had a literal "throw a chair through a window"-tantrum, after being asked about the attack on Good Morning America? Yes, he's quite contrite, and we should all simply forgive, forget, and remember to buy his new album.

I have a better idea on that front. Every time Brown releases a new CD, donate to a local women's shelter instead if buying his album.
I agree with you Wil..but i think you are being a bit too judgemental and stereotypical.
I agree with you Wil and this is also how I feel about that vile Michael Vick who abused animals and somehow has fans that overlook it and cheer him on. Shame on him and his fans. Karma is a bitch.
The Blame Game only works if WE Do NOT Learn from it.
Kab Yaj
+Ceri O That's not what I am saying at all. People who replied to this post seem to uphold their self righteousness as if they cannot wrong or have not wronged anyone.
I'm really glad to see this post explode with support. It's a very close and personal issue for me, and it feels good reading all the positive posts regarding domestic violence. :)
oh my god! that's horrible! nobody should ever ever do that! :0
Not Self Righteous,, LEARNING
You got it wrong Will. Violence is never, ever, ever OK. Period. Women ain't got nothing to do with it.
And he is why I turned off the Grammys the other night.
how bout somebody superglue his lips together
+Kab Yaj beating the crap out of the person you are suppose to love is not wronged anyone and being appalled is not self righteousness, you are one of the masses.
Ken Nix
I think a lot of people agree with you. There's never any reason for abuse. Chis Brown shouldn't be forgiven so easily.
..We have such a Great avenue to learn and listen.. Our Job is to make it Better with some Hope.
i dont get the hype his music is terrible. such an insult to R&B
There are a lot of angry kids out there that never grow up, they just stay angry kids.
I believe all violence should be unforgettable, be it against women, men, children or puppies. Its a sad human characteristic that violence is so much endorsed everywhere...
If it's self righteous to say I've never beat another person or abused a defenseless animal like I remarked about; so be it. I'm perfectly comfortable being labeled with that for agreeing with Wil.
Bert, I don't think Wil has it wrong just because the point is inclusive does not make it exclusive.
bY THE WAY wILL.. gREAT TOPIC!!!! Wanted you to Know!!
The same is for R. Kelly,who is a child molester ,but yet he still sells out concerts and gets praise for his music,I do agree that they are both talented but I think everyone just sweeps it under the rug since their celebrities,which in my opinion is wrong.
Got the World Talking again !!! BRAVO!!!
She is right. It is also about the music and we should also be offended by bad music.
Look, although I agree that women shouldn't be beaten we don't know what happened in that car that day, and I do not believe she is as innocent as she would like us to believe. Forgiveness is hard but necessary. 
here here, will. Also - love your work.
+Wil Wheaton loaded topic Wil! Granted a topic that requires as much light to be shed on it to Bring awareness to the masses, but definitely a sticky one. 
Violence against anyone is wrong. Sad to say that most people don't feel that way.
Agree. He's a nobody and will always be a nobody.
I asked around, because I had the same <strike>LYNCH HIM</strike> negative opinion of the guy. But according to some nonbiased friends of mine who share the same race as the two involved. They say she's batshit crazy and probably drove him to a breaking point. I in no way condone what he did, not by a long shot, but destroy the man forever over a moment of passion? I disagree with that. Reading some posts above, they have some very good points to the contrary of popular opinion. Try to keep an open mind about things.
Chris Brown served his time.
Rihanna is dating him again.

I think that the second of those is a sign of stupidity that may be alarmingly terminal.

However...society has passed its judgement. He served his time. Rihanna has seen it in her heart (or her concussed skull) to forgive him.

Which means that, as much as we'd like to poke our noses in - it's NOT our concern at the moment.

We shouldn't be giving Brown a pass for being a celebrity. Near as I can tell, we aren't.

We can express our displeasure that he's doing public entertainment - that's our right of free expression. People who say that the fact that he beat the ever-loving shit out of his girlfriend doesn't have an impact on their enjoyment of his music are also welcome to express their opinion.

Their opinion matters more than ours - they give his employer's money.
I thought I heard recently that Rhianna may actually be seeing him again?
I disagree. We could easily pick out a mistake anyone made and shun them for life, but that's not what we do. It's called forgiveness, sir. Even people who've lost loved ones have forgiven those who killed them, purposeful or accident.

Forgiveness: My Burden Was Made Light

Ignoring religion, this video has an important message. Maybe it's one you need to listen to. We all make mistakes, big ones and small ones. but not a single one of us deserves to be shunned for the rest of our lives because of them.
a lot people are acting like nothing happened
I'm going to go against all popularly accepted norms and say that anyone man or woman that provokes a physical response deserves it.
Verbal abuse is still abuse. Why is this socially acceptable?
Someone mentally/articulately superior will use this skill to berate someone lacking the same skill level. What recourse is available to the person being berated?

You want to talk smack? Be prepared to get smacked!
Thank you! Nice to see some young men were raised right!
I grew up in a home of a batterer, it's wrong so wrong that noone and I mean noone should ever be allowed to be allowed to (forget) about it, and noone should be forgiven for doing it. I and my siblings were so mentally messed up for years even after the bastard died. I hated him for years for what he did to our Mom and our lives. We did not have a childhood because we never knew if he was gonna go off on any of us. It needs to be really an enormous deal when someone. Commits such an aweful thing to someone.
You're right - you aren't one of those people. You're a terrible dancer. :p
Well i wont listen to anyone that has beaten a women, I do not care how good his stuff is. And from what I hear, its nothing I am missing. Justice should come to all. Believing in the universe, I do not think it is forgotten. He should be in jail.
+Beverly Allred Abuse toward people is magnitudes more, nay completely categorized differently, than abuse towards animals. Sure it's bad, probably mostly because people who abuse higher animals have been proven more likely to harm humans.
i know your name from only one place: can you guess where?
Dead. Horse. Beaten. There are starving children everywhere. And the polar ice caps are melting. Etc. Etc. What sort of response are you looking for Wil? I agree with you, but what is your purpose?
It's not difficult to find these people with a search. What is funny the girl that defends Chris Brown has the following in her Twitter BIO: "Live Life and have Fun....Drama free and tryna keep it that way.." Why jump on +Wil Wheaton if you are living your life drama free. #ObviouslyUnclearOnConcept
I weep daily for US not just our Futures but our daily lives
C Oh
Sadly, it's not even as straightforward as it seems. People wonder why the victim lets it happen. The beater starts off loving, then slowly and subtly undermines the person, so they end up walking on eggshells and without the confidence left to even leave. A sort of Stockholm syndrome takes over too. The beatings are not even the worst of it necessarily, it is the fear and manipulation and loss of self worth that is even more damaging than most of the beatings, as that goes on continuously, whereas the beatings are more spasmodic. One is manipulated into thinking one has brought it upon oneself. The beater is on a power trip, revelling in the fear and control. That leaves more scars than the physical violence, even when you eventually escape it
I agree but with one caveat, violence in all forms against anybody is never ok.
The train of thought is:
"It's ok to slap bitches up if you gangstah"
Why hasn't someone punched him in the face to show him what it's like? - +Eric Starling That is as much an advocation of violence as Henry II saying "Won't someone rid me of this damnable priest?"

I understand the sentiment. I understand it well. The man did his time. If I had a way to further influence his behavior than continuing to not buy his music that didn't slide us down the slippery slope of vengeance and blood feud, I'd seriously consider it.

Right now, I'm considering getting an advertiser's list for the Grammys and writing each of those companies, saying that I hold them complicit in advocating domestic violence for supporting that show with their money when they knew Brown would be performing....
I am completely in agreement with you. I haven't forgotten about Chris Brown at all. He's a dispicable person.

Let's be honest though: Rihanna also beat him as well. They're both a peice of work...
No Seth but open Talk is always good
Didn't stop her from going back to him. There's a different cause altogether.
I met a woman on Twitter that said something similar, my response to her? let me come and smack you about and tell me how much you forgive me afterward.
The point is that people get so obsessed with celebrities and they could really be doing better things with their time. I believe in only spending my time/money on people/things that deserve it. I mean if you have been proven to be a dick, then I am not going to give you my money/time.
Dat shit is not a'ight! I mean, is such a deplorable situation to endorse violence just because it was made by a "celebrity" I'm with you in this one Wil.
Love is what makes her go back. The person begs for forgiveness and promises to never do it again. Someone with 5 kids is affraid they can't do it by themselves. That's what makes woman go back. It's not the so called drug effect.
whoever did violence or abuse to women can't be tolerate.
I believe his purpose was twofold: Raising awareness of violent criminals, and raising awareness of the capacity of people to ignore the violence of said criminals.
will wheaton is a terrible actor
Agreed. But I do think they should have to endure the same amount of violence or bad karma as they brought upon thier victims.
...I love you!!! lol metaphorically! we need more ppl like you!
Violence against anyone IS ok in one circumstance: Self-defence. If someone tries to hurt you, the have forfeited their right to peaceful co-existence.
Kab Yaj
+Nora Buchalter-Qudus I never said what Chris Brown did was not wrong. It is never right to hit another human being. I am merely pointing it out that he is just a human being like you and me...he committed the crime...he paid his debt..leave it at that. Don't worry too much what Chris Brown did or didn't do. Worry about yourself.
Not that you need it or care, but you just gained another follower and bigger fan. Kudos Will!
You are talking about the music business & this business will do just about anything to make money. The more outrageous, the more scandalous, the more repellant, violent, etc. the act the better.
That the Grammys allowed him on their stage again demonstrates how much they care, or more accurately, how little they care for the musical aspect of the business.
There is no reason on earth for this man to be permitted to perform except for the music business executives to make more money.
It's all about the music indeed. [harrumph] Sorry for going on but you hit a nerve.
Personally I think Chris Brown should be battered. Then deep-fried.
Unbelievable. Thanks for posting this Wil. Men who beat women and/or kids are hermaphroditic. They are both.
C Oh
+Eric Starling Karma always works? I've seen little evidence of that in real life
Wil, we want to be in the next book!!! lmao,,
Too bad neither of those people know proper English... >.>
So many people are missing the point here. It's not even about what he did, it's the attitude of people towards his actions. Neither issue is something to joke about.
Alex Xu
To add yet again to the above comments, why are you singling out violence against women? According to empirical studies, domestic abuse against men constitutes half or more, depending on subcategory; men commit more physical abuse (although not by a very large percentage), but women commit more verbal and emotional abuse by far.

See a simple Google Scholar search. "Despite numerous studies that report the preponderance of domestic violence is perpetrated by men against women, other empirical studies suggest that rates of domestic violence by women and men are equivalent." -
Illiterate fucktards, if they think it's okay perhaps they wouldn"t mind him beating them as well. Cult of personality( ooh he's famous and has some money) He is a talentless tool bag.
Well fuck Rihanna for going back to him after that happened.
it should make everyone ..Very.Very. sad.. this is vile... beating any woman is lower than a snake,s belly
All kidding aside and spelling etc..... A great topic to discuss,, and many others to come ,, Hopefully.. The WORLD we live in is as only as Good as WE can make it.. JMHO Peace and Love and more importantly hope!!!
Was never a fan of yours or your acting but I am now.. Well said sir... Well said. kudos
I just realised that Chris Brown ≠ James Brown. I'm so relieved but feel kinda stupid now.
" Violence against women is never, ever, ever okay. It is unforgivable, and it should be unforgettable" I guess he never had any woman attack him with a knife huh? Last time I was in Rio it was a 6 foot drag queen and her associate who looked a bit like Nell Carter if you remember the TV show Gimme a Break! I always find it a bit odd when men make these blanket statements. They must lead pretty sheltered lives or have very limited powers of observation and logic.
I have no idea who Chris Brown is, and haven't heard of him prior to this post. But if he beat up a woman just for kicks, summary execution ought to be his fate.
Violence against ANYONE is never ever ok
Domestic violence itself is deplorable, not just against women, but against family. I'd wonder if this thread would exist if Rihanna did something to put Chris Brown in the hospital, (attack him with a weapon etc.), would you say this same thing about Rihanna?.
Wil, this is a slippery slope. As someone who sees celebrities get off with just a slap on the rist for something that a person on the street would get some real jail time for, I have to ask the question. What does Rihanna think? I know what you are saying (trust me I get it), and in NO MEANS am I defending Chris Brown, but the real person who could handle this is the one who received the beating, to make sure that real justice is served. Yes he is a bad example for people to look up to or like, and yes he really should be in jail for assault right now, but it is really up to Rihanna to point out how bad this was to the public. We are a species that live by our emotions so unfortunately when you make statements like that Wil, you just look like you are picking on him, but if Rihanna made those same statements you would see a completely different reaction. You are a good man and don't change, but don't get up set when people don't react the same way you do.
Kudos Mr Wheaton, I couldn't agree more. alot of the people defending brown I don't think have ever watched their mom get knocked out like she was Jon Jones. There is no place for violence within the household when one person can simply walk away. I have never forgotten what he did, nor will I.
Exactly Chris Brown who? I prefer music played by musicians.
Why is this still up for discussion? How many years ago was this?
I'm gonna go with "Violence is almost always the worst option."
It's a shame because Rihanna is talented, and she should have a man behind her who is supportive of her, not a competitor and hater.
Finally someone else has said what I've been for a long time. Call me crazy but, I was shocked that he'd even be considered eligible for a Grammy award, all things considered... Thank you, Wil.
This is why you rock Wil! We aren't even related but this post makes me glad to share your last name, sir!
Totally 100% agree with you, Cannot stand chris or bobby brown... both a waste of human flesh.
Why is the gender of the victim relevant? is it any more acceptable to bash a man?
I wish he'd change his name, too.
haters gotta be hatin, Chris brown = Dumbazz Plain and Simple just like him simple simon.....
Goof for you Wil. I couldn't agree more. Seems silly that we even have to discuss it but we still have a ways to go apparently.
I don't really understand how people can think that what he did was ok. I really have to question how parents are raising their children today to think it's ok to forget something like that because they provide a better service through entertainment. Forgiving is one thing, but never forget, or history can and will repeat itself.
Well it just shows an unfortunate state of the lack of morals and/or simple intelligence Chris Brown supporters have. Anyone who has done what he has done should wear that brand of shame the rest of their natural maybe even unnatural life. I would also wager a hefty amount that his supporters are mainly well below the poverty line and most probably never even graduated or came close to it... that's why to them "It's about the music".. the only thing they can understand about the situation, because simple comprehension eludes them.
Well, Will, you done an real good initial shot here by having achieved some blindfolded as again rational as interesting being comments. Think about it, when you are the next time being writing or preforming a action, interrogations and/or relationship/social issue having background scene where a men and a woman are being confronted, having issues being realistic to life.

For the record pointed out to Darius Naqvi:

Dear Darius

Guess, you’re just been trying to fuck with me. Among all of those in accordance to grammar and/or phonetic being incorrect comments, you been trying to mess with me… …as this not seeming to be a grammar test and me in accordance to chatters being speaking as my mind being giving it to the hands, being a bit denglish, I please you to read again or skip my comments while sticking to the subject as me won’t be explaining myself again… … as you, whatsoever, actually been quite good be understanding what I’m been trying to say.
No woman, no one should every have to experience or fear being the victim of battery either physical or mental...
Whatever he did to her, he served his time and did his community service.( I DON"T AGREE WITH HIM GETTING OFF AS EASY AS HE DID HOWEVER I am no judge, nor was a I a member of the jury.) and if she allows him back in her life than. that's on her. Fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me.
Brian Dupree's comment is fascinating. Every single word is from the English language, and yet as a whole, it is a completely incomprehensible jumble with no resemblance to English whatsoever.
Same blindness happens with some sports fans. Many atheletes are worthy of the title "role model", but some, because of their violent actions towards people or animals, should simply be fired.
This is horrific! This is not about the music, or about the past, this is about how one human being lost it and completely degraded and repressed another one. Violence against anyone should not be tolerated, not even by the talented, pretty boys.
+Kellye- blah blah - Perhaps the second fooling will be the murder of someone's daughter. Then, even the most trite and feckless aphorisms will be useless. It is more merciful (for everyone) to end the life of a criminal than to rehabilitate a repeat offender. Don't be a victim, or the defender of a habitual criminal. And stop being naive!
In current events, some idiots say some idiot things on the internet. Nobody was surprised.
wow, and they couldn't even spell it right....nice. Violence is wrong, kudos to you!
The real problem is now he knows how to not get caught next time. People like that don't change. If you're not close to the guy, and you're just a fan, then you probably don't really know him. If people want to defend a stranger, why not the victim? I think that dude should've got HIS ass beat by someone bigger and stronger than him.

As far as the illiterate tweets are concerned, the best thing is to just delete them. Don't even waste your time on that garbage.
thats pretty sad. Way to go Will! Ignorant morons will be completely idiot morons. I totally stopped listening or buying anything of his from the point he put his hands on her.
It's funny... when I read "Chris Brown" I immediately thought "Bobby Brown." Moral of the story, don't be male pop star with the surname of Brown.
everyone gave R Kelly a pass for being a pedophile. he even videotaped and dated Alliyah when was was underage in high school and he was more than twice her age. so if you wanna pick on Chris Brown pick on "all" of them.
thank you
This is so wrong. What he did was wrong and it shouldn't be forgotten. Besides, she's a better artist than he is any day.
Although I completely agree with what you are saying, we can't put all the blame on him. She did after all take him back after it happened which not only makes it acceptable but sets a horrible standard for how we view what is acceptable in relationships....
I dunno, I think those ladies who drowned their own children for sympathy attention deserve beating. So sometimes its ok.
Thank you Wil! I couldn't agree more! As I watched the Grammy's I was so sad to see him on there like nothing ever happened.. Glad someone else feels the same.
Count in the verbal abusers. All abusers should not be tolerated. Real men do not verbally, physically, or sexually abuse women. Abusing women is a cowardly act.
violence is never ok.. period. until we work that humans are lower the fleas on dogs... any one who says otherwise is just inflating their ego to hide the true self from the mirror of their soul...
Rihanna's music may be atrocious, but Chris Brown chose the wrong solution.
Thanks for standing up against violence, especially violence between people who purport to love.
Sure the commentators are wrong, poorly illiterate and stupid. Yes Chris Brown doesn't deserve forgiveness yet. But to say that no one should ever be forgiven and women have a naturally greater victimhood status than men is also coming from an ill-conceived mindset.
Why qualify it with "against women"? Is it more acceptable if it's a man?
I had to look up who Chris Brown was. I'm not a supporter of him. I don't know his work.

I think what he did was absolutely wrong.

This just sparked a lot of thought for me about how we view art, the artists who create it, and how knowing something about their lifestyles changes how we see their art.

Can we judge the merit of their art while setting aside who they are and what they've done?

Once we've decided their art is good and then afterwards we find out they have committed some terrible act, should that change how we feel about their art?

Is there anything they can do to rehabilitate themselves and rejoin the ranks of the respected?

I'm not making any judgments on how we should act in this situation. I'm just turning all of this over in my thoughts.
I totally agree with you! People need to stop excusing abusers. Recently a news network features someone who excused the rape of our service women, and had the nerve to say it was the women's fault, "what did they expect". Sorry there is no excuse for the abuse of another person!
Will... You are THE MAN... It's not haten' if you're right. I'm not a star trek fan, but after Family Guy, and Big Bang Theory, I thought you's cool... Now you have earned a personal fan. MUCH respect for this, keep real bro. Peace.
I agree its so sad, but as they say, those are his kind of fans. I wonder the ladies who support him, what if they were battered by their significant others?
+Ed Avila Maybe it's up to the public to pay a little more attention, not to mention up to the public to stop shifting the focus after a brutal assault onto anyone but the person who committed it. Yours is a formula that's worked for decades to enable violence. It's not her responsibility any more than it's yours.

That said, I'm kind of uncomfortable with "shun all batterers." I'll bet you a dollar you already know a batterer, +Wil Wheaton; you just don't know they're a batterer. It's an action, not an identity. Not that it's OK if it's just an action, but it probably avoids the real issue of domestic violence if we think about it as something that defines a special breed of person.
You people can't forgive him can y'all?
For what it's worth, I didn't give R. Kelly a pass, and really, he's become a caricature of himself after the trial and everything that's gone on after that. He's making money but I doubt people in the industry genuinely respect him.
I tweeted as much ( query #ProudofChrisBrown or #ChrisBrown ) while he was preforming and "trending" in the featured hashtags. The only person who re-tweeted or responded in any way was a friend of 15 years...thanks for the sympathy re-tweet Marta :)
"But he's a celebrity, but doesn't that mean we should ignore all bad behaviour?"
This is why a celebrity driven culture doesn't work. No offence to you Wil, but we should look up to people for who they are, not for how famous they are.
His music isn't even any good. I mean, really. It's garbage. And so is his personality.
Sounds like that lady supporter wants to be in a relationship with Chris Brown... I hope she gets her wish.
what he did is doubt about that. but doesn't he deserve a second chance?
I'm confused. Are you upset because it happened or because you're finally getting attention again because you brought it up?
Reminds me of Onision, though he's not as popular.
Did anyone catch any of the other twettets

"Chris brown…people don't forget! #chrisbrownbeatswomen" Jack Osbourne tweeted out. "If Chris Brown had worn a wife beater, the irony would eclipse the whole show #chrisbrownbeatswomen."

Michelle Branch also added to the pileup of disbelief, tweeting, "Trying not to go off on a rant but…Chris Brown…*bites tongue* have we forgiven him? #Grammys."

Seemingly answering that very question, at least for himself, was Ethan Suplee.

"Why wasn't Chris Brown fired from 'music' (public dancing) when he beat up that girl?...Dear 'thugs' and 'gangstas' of the hip-hop industry, how is it that none of you 'handled' Chris Brown? #thuglife #prisonrules #getsome."

Of course, sometimes the best response is the simplest, which was supplied in this case by Wil Wheaton.

"Everyone who apparently forgot what Chris Brown did to Rihanna should read the police report on exactly what he did."

Funny how the Recording Academy didn't seem get that particular memo.

Read more:
wow, don't be that easy on Picasso. Thought, as even liking them around, he been hating them for getting on his nerves during his work.
It's because Rihanna isn't Black.
If this would have happened to Beyonce, Brown would be hated.
"Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent." -- Salvor Hardin
Manliness: you're doing it right. You rock. :)
yea ur right domestic abuse is totally wrong
Let's not forget that most battery and abuse is performed against men by their spouses.

Not defending this, but just to add that let's not lose sight of the reality: it's not a gender-specific thing.

This Chris Brown guy should be beaten in the street.
I'm with you there, Will.
women beaters should be in the same category as pedophiles they just take advantage of "weaker" people.
Violence against people is unforgivable.
I'm amazed, but I'm not sure which flabbergasts more: The fact that people still support his sorry ass despite what he did OR The fact you actually have people with such obviously low IQs reading what you said AND understanding it!
I was unaware that Martha Stewart put anyone in the hospital.
"Violence against women is never, ever, ever okay. It is unforgivable, and it should be unforgettable." Dude...replace the word women with "everyone"
Chris Brown is in deep need of a reality check. That goes double for the so called "music fans" who are ok with it.
im not on anyones side, but if you look closely at Rihanna's hands, she had bite marks wich proved she hit Chris Brown in the mouth multiple times, but it still wasent right for him to beat the mess out of her like that
Well its simple.Until women themselves don't stand up against violence more people like chris brown will get away with it.I think rihana shuould have put him in jail and made sure he came out dead...
Not if he was struck first by Rihanna . She admitted she hit him first . Abuse works both ways if your hit first I believe you then have the right to hit back . When you hit first you must prepare then to face the consequences of your stupid behavior . Violate someone then get prepared to be violated. 
How is it that it can be extremely complicated to spell a word as hard as "the"?
I completely agree with you, but mentioning the girl-beating S.O.B. just increases his celebrity and baits his fans. There is no win in this.
Ignorant people are ignorant. Chris Brown is a sad, pathetic man. Of course, since Rihanna went back to him, if it happens again, no sympathy there either. She doesn't deserve it, no woman does, but at the same time, she shouldn't go looking for it. Once a beater, always a beater.
I agree with you fully but people let celebrities can get away with anything. Maybe you should use it to your advantage as well.
"Forgiveness" can have many meanings. Moving past anger and resentment should pretty much always be a goal, but in cases like this, there should be no pardon and no excuse.

Chris Brown doesn't need to be crucified, either figuratively or literally, but his life and career certainly shouldn't continue as though this savagery had never occurred. We cannot undo the past, we can only learn from it.
"Violence against ANYONE is never, ever, ever okay."

No. There are people who very much deserve it, and there are people who very much deserve to mete it out. Usually, it's abusers and abusees (or their next of kin), respectively.

The Norse had it Right, regarding corporal punishment.
You're an idiot Wil. If Rihanna was smart she would quit talking to CB, but she still does. She still "loves" him. Girls are stupid. Celebrities are stupid. And nobody knows how to break up the right way anymore. I'm a fan of both of them but they are both stupid.
honestly he beat a bitch and he deserves the same treatment. I live in Chicago so if i see him ill whoop his ass for everyone....
+Wil Wheaton I liked and admired you before, but I can honestly say I love you after reading this. THANK YOU! Not enough people are standing up and saying those words...that it is unforgivable. The media treat his 'problem' like it's an addiction that he's gotten therapy for and he's now 'clean'.
Even if people do speak up it turns into a PR nightmare. Usher said something in front of cameras when he saw footage of Chris Brown jet skiing a few days after it happened. I don't remember what he said, but it was along the lines of 'dude, show some remorse'. He got so much heat for saying it he had to issue a public apology. An apology for...stating the fact?
I posted a link on my G+ page to an article where girls were on twitter saying things like, "Chris Brown can beat me any time he wants!"
Well... I don't agree with violence against women is never okay. There's ALWAYS a reason for everything if you look hard enough.

I DO, however, agree that this thing with Chris B. is fucked up.
+Quinn Burnett Their's an old saying about the best way to not get hurt in a bar fight. Be in a different bar, or don't be in a bar at all. If she 'had him up against the wall' the correct action to take is to recognize that having her around isn't in the best interests of you, or your career. Start agreeing with her, then at you're earliest opportunity find a safe way to leave. As far as her going back to him after the fact, that's far from an endorsement of his action. If you think it is, then you don't know the first thing about abusive relationships.
When I was twelve years old (LO these many winters ago), and spending the summer with my aunt and uncle in Maine, one of my uncles friends said something that stuck with me:

"A gentleman never hits a lady. Period.
But if a woman picks up her hands to a man, she ain't no lady, and he can hit back all he likes."

Seems a fair and reasonable policy to me. :)
I couldn't agree more about the fact it is morally wrong, but I have seen a very severe backlash most of you probably haven't. Here in Washington, there has been so much domestic violence advocacy that for every call even where conflict is mutual.

The state will file no-contact orders even where none are requested, and a violation of the order three times becomes a felony. Lifting the order often times cannot be done even when both parties petition the courts, so violations keep stacking up even when both people want to see each other.

What is worse, is there is a very large amount of women who know how to manipulate situations so their way of getting back at their old man whenever they are angry is to get the cops to stack charges that are completely false - and almost always result in convictions because almost all the evidence in DV scenarios really are circumstantial.

The harms of modern policing in regards to domestic violence actually has become quantitatively and qualitatively greater through the miracle of rabid activism. I abhor violence in all it's forms, but what is even more vile - erosions of civil liberties for all by so much outrage about "the women and children".

"Those who will sacrifice essential liberty for temporary safety will have and deserve neither."
-Benjamin Franklin
Wow, I really am not surprised, but this is absolutely terrible.
Anyone with a shred of humanity and/or decency, Joseph. That's who cares. "Evil thrives, while good men do Nothing."
I don't know who this guy is, and I don't think I really want to know (pop culture dunce), but all I could think of while reading that police report was about how she didn't fight back at the beginning. I know damn well if some jerk started punching me, I'd be punching him right back, or swivel in my seat and show how...accurate I can be with spike heels. I can't help but think she would have benefited from some martial arts lessons and he would have benefited by having someone mess his face up a bit.
Wow! I can't believe people.. that's insane. And I hate that abbreviated ghetto slang.
100% correct lad. He should never be allowed to perform on television as to avoid any kind of detrimental effect on young peoples thoughts and attitudes towards this kind of behaviour. Personally, I would like to see if he would be willing to step into a ring with me to see how he handles someone who can defend themselves!!!
At what point does a crime become bad enough where every accomplishment you do for the rest of your life should be considered trash?
+Wil Wheaton Hopefully, and prayerfully, Chris Brown has repented and will never be physically abusive again. If he has truthfully turned his life around and doesn't abuse another woman again, perhaps we can find it within our own hearts to forgive the man.

If God can forgive us for our many sins and transgressions, certainly we can find it within ourselves to forgive each other if true repentance and changing of lives takes place. As I said, "hopefully" this is the case - I don't know, don't know the man, or really even like him much as a person from what I have seen at this point. Let's wait and see...

But to say this is "unforgivable" - says who? God doesn't so why should we?

Just sayin'...
yes hitting a lady is bad.... But to say it is unforgivable is ridiculous. Jesus forgave Paul. A man who murdered thousands of people?
he did????? no f ing way!!!! totally unforgivable =| he should be SLAPPED i totally agree with u Wil
Wil as a woman I agree, thank you for standing up for what is right!
Lori P.
Agreed, those photos are burned into my memory forever. As is the image of my stepfather abusing my mother until the day he died. F that guy.
Violence is unforgivable, period. Gender matters not, race matters not, species matter not.
What really sickened me was that the words "proud of Chris Brown" keep trending on Twitter. Anyone who's proud of that douchebag for "overcoming adversity" should be at the very least ashamed of themselves.
alright, alright, it's over. get over it. let's hope he learned and has grown. so let him rebuild his life without rehashing old old news time after time. talk about something new for goodness sake.
I'd take it a step further and say violence against anyone is never okay, not in relationships.
I agree with you. My ex husband hit me and I don't even think of him as a man. Watching him on the Grammy's....all I could think of was....he's a ass.
Protip: Never date a musician with the last name of Brown, especially if they sing are rap, hip hop, or pop.
It's sad that when this happens to Rihanna, people get mad. When this happens next door, we like to gossip.
+Ruben Lopez Considering he isn't actually out of his probation yet... I think it's fair to say that even the law doesn't think he's exempt from scrutiny. (Though really, they did nothing when he threw a chair in to a window last year)
Thank you for standing up publicly like this and now bowing to the message the mainstream media is shoving at us right now.
You know Wil, you don't mind if I call you Wil, do you? Good. You know Wil, the thing about this is, and, take this with a grain of salt because I'm an asshole, but it all goes back to the dumbing of America. We've reached a point where we are so stupid that a decent percentage of people think that, this kind of shit is okay, as long as the person is famous, or it happened a few months ago, or... well it didn't happen tome, so who cares, right? Now, before I break out my soap box and go all political here (because I refuse to discuss politics on the internet, it's like watching fish flop around in the Mojave) I'm just gonna say that ... this kind of stupidity has been growing for a long time, and people are only recently (last half a dozen years or so) starting to notice it as a bad thing. That's my piece.
i have no idea what happened then... I think i was 9 at the time..
This makes me very sad face. Only in Hollywood is OK to support women beaters. Anything for the almighty dollar. :(
Bob O`Bob
I agree. Too many victims have been forgotten already. The minimum necessary for him to be forgiven (in my opinion) would be for him to turn his life and career into a campaign to help people not do like he did, and to assist the victims of those who have. If he showed clear contrition and change. It should never, ever be forgotten.
+Wil Wheaton I disagree on two counts:

1) I think violence against anyone is wrong, no matter their gender, size, or relationship to you.

2) I think rehabilitation is really important, and we shouldn't just write off someone who commits a crime as unforgivable forever.

I think appropriate contrition for Chris Brown is at minimum feeling like shit about his foul assault for the rest of his life. I think appropriate justice would have involved a jail sentence and extensive counselling. But permanent ostracism for criminals isn't just, and neither is perpetuating the "real men don't hit women" (but implicitly beat on other men like punching bags) thing.
Is there a +10? Sadly there is not, but we'll give it what we can.
Growing up in an abusive household; cUT HIS BALLS OFF (and maybe his supporters)
Chris Brown is such a loser. I would love to attend one of his shows with 1000 + others who hate him for his shit and everyone armed with a tomato! I think it would go swimmingly for the rest of us. Not so much for him. 
I think it says something about our society that so many people are still ok with domestic violence, that they think that beating someone they love falls under the category of "shit happens, get over it." It makes me very, very sad.
I agree totally Wil, My father did the same as Chris Brown, and amazingly none of my brothers are that way. My sister is though. Go figure,,,.
Will, you need a TV show, just you and some cameras

"Wheaton vs..."

I'd pay to see that, I'd pay HARD!
TEAMMMMMMMMMMMMM BREEEEEEEZZZYYYYYYYY all the way, people get over it man that happend like 3 years ago people do stupid thinks and make mistakes am not saying what he did was right but neither is alot of things us humans do.. Riri forgave him and done a song with him she is basically saying its time to bury the hatchett and moveeeeee onnnnnnnnnnn...... and another things people say he didnt suffer enough or he didnt do his time eh WRONG he did actually do community service and might i add he also went for help this guy had a troubled past like many of us and he didnt know how to cope..... please guys give it a rest, people doen the same to MJ and where did that get him in a friggin grave people just pick people for the sake of it, im sure alot of you people aint innocent like a said i am not saying what he did was right and he even admitted that he was ashamed of what he did, but its eh.... 2012 now the guy is still making music and dam he is good give him some credit he can put on a good show..... CB if u read this, you the mannnnn teammmmmmmmmmmmm breezyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.
I read the police report and saw the pictures of Rihanna after the fact... Chris Brown is a pice of shit that should be incarcerated to this very day for attempted murder with the rest of you neanderthals that think violence is a good idea!
+Wil Wheaton Well said. I am so disheartened to log in to G+ today and find his name trending.
This talk of "shunning" and "unforgivable" is what's more disheartening.  Was what he did wrong?  Yes.  Does this need to be communicated?  Yes.  But "shunning"?  What is this, the 1800s?  I thought we were a bit more progressive and about destroying the root than the symptoms.
My post is so low on this that I'm not certain +Wil Wheaton  will ever see it.

If Chris Brown did indeed harm Rihanna, he should be tried by US courts in a manner equal to all other US citizens. He should be removed from interaction from society for a set period of time. And when he gets out he will be seen to have paid his dues.

If he clearly has not learned from the experience, boycott him to the end of time. If he has learned from his experience, then mercy is the most socially responsible thing people can show this person. We want people to learn from their mistakes. We want other people to see that process, so they will reconsider certain antisocial actions.

A humane society tries to rescue those who have strayed and help them find a better way. I've been a mentor for Big Brothers Big Sisters and it's all about helping kids to see better ways than the short term benefits of antisocial behaviour.

Each person is responsible for themselves, but that doesn't let society off the hook for being responsible for creating circumstances that causes bad behaviour to thrive. We need to take our responsibility seriously and we need to recognise the humanity and possiblity for good in every person.
not disagreeing with +Jason Horton... but he did beat her. I dont know if I could forgive my attacker (never been beaten, just thinking in their shoes) and I'm not sure I'd want them to be forgiven. but I am of course just one man.
Wil is right. Forgiving only works if the person wants to be forgiven. If he doesn't (which I don't think he does) then don't waste your time.  Since we can't do nothing about what other people do, we have to work on what WE do and the people (our children) we CAN influence. Men should never hit women. period. End of discussion.
+Dan Plomaritis You don't always forgive for the other person's benefit. Sometimes you forgive for your own benefit: to release you from all the anger, all the memories, all the fear. The perpetrator must still stand before a court and be sent to prison, but they are who they are and I am who I am. I hope they learn, because the world will be a better place if they do. Otherwise, I just walk away and get on with my life.

Ask me, I've had to do this before.
He beats up a woman, then he gets into a fight with another popular musician, then he attacks another musician who's gay. I'm just waiting for the next chair to be thrown out of a window...
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