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NOT OK! My eyes hurt now! Too MUCH CUTE!
hahahaha "Mom Stop it.... your Embarrassing me!!!!!"
Now I need to make a smiling hippo creature.
My heart is embiggened now. Too manies embiggened.
Cute. But has the glazed-over look of a Palin. Wonder if momma hippo has ever been to Alaska?
+Wil Wheaton That was a nice unicorn chaser, thank you. (I just watched M.I.A.'s Born Free video.)
if human babies were 80-100 lb when born i'm sure that'd be done underwater...
"Larry knew in his heart that one day HE would be the head float in the Macy's parade!"
Hey, my son was born underwater. At 10 pounds 7 ounces that was big enough!!! That's a cute baby :D
The noblest spirit embiggens us all.
The expressions on those hippos' faces is just gold.
Hippos are extremely dangerous animals. Especially if you get near their young. chomp ... they can bite a large Nile croc in half.
To offset the cuteness remember they are swimming in their own poo.
How can that be soooo cute and not make the interwebs explode!? I don't understand!
It pleases me that embiggen has become a cromulant word.
2million cubic miles of fresh water on earth and they are restricted to 150,000 gallons. Kinda mean in my most humble of opinions.
They kill more people in Africa than lions, tigers, and alligators. They're pretty vicious.
I wish I looked as statuesque in the water as the baby hippo!
If only the iPhone client would embiggen...
Oh my goodness they're so cute! But then hippos are the bestest animals in all the world, so of course both mama and baby are cute.

Thank you sir, but brightening my evening with hippos--as I sit here in hippo jammies, almost ready for bed.
you got to love hippos, well at least from a safe distance :D
What an amazingly cute voracious killing machine! 
I love that word lol Embiggen! Lmao
When I had a desk job, 8+ years ago, my spouse used to send me pics of baby hippos to brighten my days. This was my all-time favorite. It's been around a very long time, but it still makes me smile. Thanks, Wil. 
I just can't shed the idea that this'll grow up to be a truck sized murder machine.
Is embiggen in the dictionary yet? How would we submit the word to the dictionary? And yes, please embiggen it!
I have mixed feelings about sharing cute animal photos. I'll wrestle with them after sharing this.
When the Wheaton tells me to embiggen, I embiggen. Thusly I get a face full of Awwwwwwwwwww
The problem is that hippos are basically the meanest animals that ever lived. I mean, baby EVIL INCARNATE is cute and all, but lets keep some perspective here.
....The smile on the baby's face is priceless.....Sharing!
My puppy gets the SAME look on its face when you rub his belly juuuuust right. The I'm Surprised! And Happy! And I Farted A Little! look.
:D This looks kinda like my 5-week old super pudgy baby...
Just when I was thinking "You know, it's been a while since +Wil Wheaton posted, I wonder what is going on..."
Mother always remain a mother.. Trying to Secure and Teach !
That's good squishy.
Was pretty common on 4chan 2 years ago for bumping threads.
Bill P
Have had it as one of my LJ icons for a while.
I hope this photo was somehow taken with a massive zoom lens. You would not catch me that close to a hippo and her baby.
Go Hutto Hippos!
(sorry, couldn't resist)
Barbara Manatee! Dance with me Barbara Manatee!
Mom care her child, beauty and wise it's the nature.
It's all good until you see the Hippo projectile-spray-poop video on youtube. The romance ends at that point.
Ah, hippos. The deadliest animal on the planet... and SO CUTE!
A noble spirit embiggens the smallest man.
That is so adorable, it almost makes you forget how filthy, vicious and dangerous those things are. Almost makes you want to run up and hug it, except you'd never make it out alive.
I wonder whether your source for "embiggen" is the same as mine?
I didn't know hippos could blow balloon animals....
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